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6:00 PM
There should be a no cursing rule
So please don't take my earlier statement as saying something like "Fuck this shit it gonna happen again yo, fuck da police". I actually have thought about this.
@RoelvanUden Ahh, see, I assumed the statement meant that you were just going to ignore the mods and continue on
@Amy First question... (or more of a comment/question) why is the _ViewStart.cshtml file not always included by default in every MVC project?

It seems weird that you'll just have to kind of "know" to create a Empty view file named _ViewStart.cshtml in particular to create a universal default layout
They should have just included it in every project and set the Layout = null by default
@Failsafe just curious, have you seen Penn & Teller's show "Bullsh**"? Specifically their episode on swearing? They actually do some interesting research on the topic of swear words in english speaking societies.
Nah, but I would like to prevent further issues by knowing what the problem is. And thus far, all I know is that they sometimes don't take kindly to certain language. When the mood strikes. That's all I know for now.
6:01 PM
@Bon nope
That makes more sense and is more reasonable then
@Michael should be there by default
at least, mine are
@Failsafe I recommend checking it out some time. Not to try to change your opinion, a no swearing rule isn't unreasonable in a technical forum at all. But if you're engaged in moderation it might give some more perspective on the subject that you may find useful.
@Michael i'm not sure, i think the MVC project template will create it by default, but simply adding the MVC nuget packages to a project won't create the files, right
@Bon Idc if they implement it or not
Just make it official instead of inferring the rule from personal bias
6:03 PM
That's the primary issue. "Be Nice" is cute and all, but it's unnecessarily vague
> You say, "What comes out of our mouth must be kept!" I hear it - which mouth do you mean? The one from which the farts come? (You can keep that yourself!)
@Shoe I think if you select Empty MVC project, it isnt there.. it truly is empty
There is literally no official ruling on cursing
It's all word of mouth
6:06 PM
The bird is the word of the mouth.
if you don't want cursing then make a rule in the FAQ about cursing
The general consensus seems to be "curse if you want but be prepared to potentially deal with the consequences"
Which is dumb
pulls out her wand, waves it at the room and yells "Crucio!"
@Michael your app might not use layouts. So empty project is truly empty :)
6:09 PM
@Amy unforgivable
What about hexes? Are hexes acceptable?
waves her wand at @mikeTheLiar and declares "Imperio!"
those are the only two curses i know from harry potter
@Shoe still weird.. the asp.net MVC framework obviously has the convention to detect the _ViewStart.cshtml filename and make use of it if it exists. If its a built in convention, I feel like it should always be included.
@Michael I don't use it most of the time anymore
6:12 PM
@Amy Wingardium Leviosarrrrrrrrrr
let me down!
You are an overly sensitive child. — GEOCHET 5 mins ago
@CuddleBunny why not?
its not clear from the thread who Geochet was referring to
Gosh some of these meta comments are just...smh.
6:19 PM
I'm pretty sure it's right at TLM
@Michael mostly just serve index.html with some json-fed client side library
the meta post went about how i expected it would
I feel like the Q&A/comments format lends very poorly to this sort of discussion
@mikeTheLiar oh that would make sense. i assumed it was someone in the comment thread.
If I have an UserControl, Can I override .Text? I Added the override Text function but in the design, I didn't see the the "Text" under "Appearance".
I do that:
public override string Text

Its works if I remove override and change method for BtnText..
6:20 PM
I think Geochet's comment was removed
clicking on the "5 mins ago" link just takes you to the top of the page now
its not a discussion when dissent is silenced.
I mean, I updooted but totally see that it's a personal comment.
I don't want to come across as being all "ooh I got banned wah wah wah" butthurt because I'm really not (I think it was a little aggressive to go straight to a ban but whatver) but this whole thing really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
6:23 PM
same, but what can you do, right?
//So, is this properly implimented, or will it crash my codes?

private Object thisLock = new Object();

public static Object Foo
    if (_foo == null)
		    if (_foo == null)
	return _foo;
private static Object _foo;
I don't think a civil or even critical consensus can be reached regardless... I tire of this sort of thing. Runs parallel to my best co-worker and underling being exiled to work from home because someone got offended and threatened a sexual harassment lawsuit... =.=
that looks fine to me, @Sidney
i think the naming convention for the lock object is SyncLock, but its fine as is
Cool. I'm just starting to dabble in multi-threading. It's skawy!
6:25 PM
Holy shit I think I'm unhappy.
@Sippy you think you're unhappy now
@Bon behavior works just fine on full IIS locally in release mode. Azure still failing. I tried RDPing into the azure web role to look for event logs but see nothing interesting at the times of incidents.
uh oh @Sippy used a bad word
Also I guess I didn't mention: It manifests as a timeout
Oh fuck this chat
6:26 PM
New bot in Tavern on the Meta apparently:
I almost cried at work today
I never cry
Today has been shit.
hugs sippy
I'm going to try taking a dump
of memory
6:29 PM
mfw "lmfao" was flagged
I knew that shit would happen with the meta post.
So is this is new order then? We don't change anything and have to deal with a mod swinging their clock around once in a while?
my sides
I'm off
whoa, why was the room frozen?
6:31 PM
I'm gonna go make a slack channel for people who wanna behave like people
Anyone who wants to join is welcome
invite me, @Sippy
@Codeman Just...Don't bother
I invite you to invite me
@Codeman tl;dr I got mod banned for swearing, banning was debated, mod froze room
@Sippy please do
Is slack free?
6:31 PM
I have a question
soon the great C# Exodus of 2016 will begin.
So if you are working as a contractor
it's like Oregon Trail all over again
and somehow the server is down or somthing
6:32 PM
@Obviously ask it quickly because this room is about to get quiet
one of us is going to die of dysentery.
and you cant really owrk
will you still bill them?
Like you cant work
and you are just keep pinging the server
depends on the contract
every hour
Whose fault is it that you can't work?
6:32 PM
@Obviously workplace.stackexchange.com would have 150% better answers
I'd ask a lawyer honestly.
and you are doing your chores instead like cooking or watching tv
You generally should not
(I totally wouldn't charge them)
um, you shouldn't get paid for watching tv.
6:33 PM
Can I have some email addresses to invite to slack
@Sippy invite me
Is there not a link you can send as an invite
If you are not working on work things, you do not bill them for the time you are not working on work things
I ain't sharin dat
@Obviously My units of work for billing are at least 1 hour. If I work for 15 minutes, that's 1 hour billed. If you're diligent in checking for access then I'd use that kind of rule.
6:33 PM
i dont want to give my email out in a chat room
Tell ya what
Send me an email with C# as the subject
that will work
signs him up for 5000 porn sites
6:34 PM
I will happily give you my email on slack tomorrow for an invite today.
lol @Sidney
oh! I know
But this is mike
sent email
6:36 PM
C# regulars can now join a Slack channel! Ask around for details!
@Sippy done
Who is Around and why would we ask him
lol @ mods banning people who have been in this channel since 2010
at least, that's how long I've been here
if we all go to slack, we mustn't leave this room behind completely. every other day we should paste pictures of tumbleweeds
6:37 PM
I have no intention of leaving this room completely.
We can stay on topic here and chat shit on Slack.
That might kill this room dead, like it did HTML for a long time
But that is apparently what they are after :)
What is dead may never die.
Ah shit I didn't delete my email lol
@BoltClock boooooooooolt can you delete my email plsssssssss
1 message moved to Trash can
where's my slack invite you fool
Lol nice
Oh yeah
@TravisJ valar morghulus
6:40 PM
i'm on slack. behold!
stop slacking, you slackers
@Codeman join us
@Codeman Would you like an invite or are you happy here?
I'd rather stick around and say fuck the police, personally
6:49 PM
same, too lazy to go elsewhere go multiple places
i mean im not leaving either
just having a place to chat unmoderated is nice
@Codeman Cool ^_^
Join us, @Codeman. It is your destiny, say top scientists.
Slack what? I've heard of it, but never used it.
6:56 PM
slack is so slow
How is it slow
lag when typing?
discord is better but also pretty broken
guys guys
let's use IRC
SO chat is the nicest chat if it wasn't for beta
yeah, I like IRC
6:59 PM
@Codeman I use UDP
i doubt i can, @Codeman. i bet my company has it blocked.
@Codeman set up a server
they blocked ssh.

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