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12:11 AM
I'm just happy - just pushed first prerelease of Gjallarhorn
so--that's fun
and, time for me to get going ;)
though now I probably need to document the usable part of it all
which is a little bit less fun
12:23 AM
12:38 AM
why doesn't the bots google work and who's gonna be fixing it
1) google deprecated their api 2) you
is there a new api?
yeah i think so
it's less exploitable though
should just parse html with regex
12:43 AM
it was doing something like that already
so I'm almost done with my work that was supposed to take the whole sprint in my first week...
using a web version instead of api or something
I said to my lead "so I can just take two weeks vacation now right?" :P
thats cool, but he turned you down didn't he
not really, actually
I was joking though
12:46 AM
I have a lot of perf testing and legwork to do, but I finished my code really fast
@SteveG That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
damned machines can't reprogram themselves
if they could, we'd be out of jobs.
12:51 AM
I'd bet money on most business logic type programmers being out of a job within 50 years
Wix and Squarespace are definitely cutting down on the "I need a website for my small business" freelance work.
It follows that the next lowest "tier" (boring line of business applications that are essentially big ETLs with a UI slapped on) are next
1:08 AM
Hey Masters! I have a weird error about getter/setter that I try to make it public. An Inconsistent accessibility.. don't know why I got it.. all methods into this class is public..
you're probably right, @Codeman
@Jean-philippeEmond accessibility is internal by default. Did you miss an accessibility modifier somewhere?
@Codeman, well... I don't know... I have this: gist.github.com/anonymous/faca2346a79a73653717df1f048463c8
bad code..
well you have an infinite loop there :)
try this:
public List<Destinataire> list_dst {get; set;}
also you should read up on C# coding style - properties should be CamelCased
what accessibility does the Destinataire type have?
1:25 AM
@Codeman, ok i'll change my variable
@Amy, the class is public.
wrong.. no ...
namespace NotificationParCourriel
class Destinataire
@KendallFrey there's a Burger mod that lets you build rockets out of hamburgers and ketchup
Should I put it public?
that class is internal.
but the property is public
that's contradictory. either a) you must make the property internal, or b) you must make the class public
1:30 AM
the accessibility must be consistent.
I think the only solution I have it make the class public.

I create a form2 with (this).
into my form2.. I want to edit my variable in the form1.
@Jean-philippeEmond what are you trying to do? Have you done an intro to C# tutorial or anything like that?
hum yes. I code php and a little c++. I do some basic project into C#. but 1 year ago ^^
but I'm looking that: stackoverflow.com/questions/1665533/… ... to communicate between my form.
There's still people here?
it is not a label I need to edit but a custom List into the mainForm.
1:35 AM
@NicolásCarlo yup
@Amy awesome
using EF code first but this may be more of a generic SQL question/wonderment, some people (like those here: stackoverflow.com/questions/7639637/…) suggest that multiple addresses should be stored as a separate table of addresses and then related to entities via join tables...but is it BAD per se to use an address table for each entity with entityID in each address table making the relationship?
I've used the recommended approach in the past, was a pain in some instances with the joins and ended up with a ton of join tables, i guess i'm failing to see the advantage
1:52 AM
the more i read the more opinions i get on it...
i also realize i'm talking to myself...echoo o o o o ... o
I'm still here but I'm doing work ;)
and i can't think right now.
too distracted by game of thrones
@Amy the ending was very distracting
i'm also getting this from KSP:
2:04 AM
  ERROR: Error while initializing dbghelp.dll, GetLastError: 'The operation completed successfully.' (Address: 00000000)
the last error is, it completed successfully?
@Amy lol, whats the error before that? "Warning: Everything is fine"?
hold on, i closed it
turns out i wasn't running the 64 bit version
DynamicHeapAllocator allocation probe 2 failed - Could not get memory for large allocation 1158544.
DynamicHeapAllocator allocation probe 3 failed - Could not get memory for large allocation 1158544.
DynamicHeapAllocator allocation probe 4 failed - Could not get memory for large allocation 1158544.
DynamicHeapAllocator out of memory - Could not get memory for large allocation 1158544!
Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!
2:08 AM
i just thought the final error was funny
2:38 AM
hello guys
hey you got asp.net/mvc experience?
@AdanRamirez sure, but what exactly is your question
Q: How to MVC 5 drop down (multiple select) box

FluffyWuffyI'm having trouble with this drop down box, just cant seem to get it right, here's the code: View (Index.cshtml): @using EvaSimulator.Models @Model EvaSimulator.Models.ModelVariables @{ ViewBag.Title = "Index"; ModelVariables mv = new ModelVariables(); } @using (Html.BeginForm("DropDown...

that's my post on another account, but i need help with it, multiple select box and use html p's to verify the inputs
@AdanRamirez i'm too tired to think but i'm sure its a simple solution here
someone else in another time zone might chime in if you hang around
2:46 AM
it's just a drop down box, why does it have to be so complicated
it doesn't
in html5 a few lines and done, mvc i need a degree
good luck getting dynamic stuff in plain html5
@AdanRamirez hold on, lemme see if i can just copy paste something from one of my projects
can you please try, ive been looking for an answer all day, did all kinds of google searches and they all post some of the code or dont explain it :/
@NicolásCarlo thanks <3
im looking for the most bare-bones, simplest thing, so i can learn and grow it, im still learning
there are answers on your question too
2:48 AM
i tried them and i got exceptions, the thing is im new to the mvc structure
im sure theres some silly little thing im doing wrong haha, care to take a look?
did you google the exception you got?
yea, basically one of the global variables (SelectedOptions) is empty, in the controller i did not add the checked names, but i dont know how to add the names
so i know one of the problems, but not sure how to add stuff to
 public string[] SelectedOptions { set; get; }
okay, did you google how to add selectedoptions?
2:54 AM
no, im currently typing at c# at so.com
1 sec
what is selectedoptions? is it a class global variable?
did you google it?
it'll tell you when you google it
yea but what do i put on google, what is 'selectedoptions', i know it's a public array under a class
i work mostly in web api, so i can't say for sure, but if i had to guess, it'd be whats selected initially on the drop down list, but i know google has the answer for sure
2:56 AM
but a keyword woudl be easier
ListBoxFor parameters
@NicolásCarlo any luck? did u find some drop down's in your code?
@AdanRamirez no i can barely keep my eyes open but from the first answer you have to your question, did you copy paste the code verbatim?
vm.Options = new List<SelectListItem> {
     new SelectListItem { Value="MI", Text="Michigan" },
     new SelectListItem { Value="NY", Text="New York" },
shouldn't that be vm.SelectedOptions?
somewhat, and it was looking good but i got stuck when i got an exception because i dont know how to add values to 'selectedoptions'
i dont even know lol, first time doing an MVC drop down
and theres no easy basic example, ive googled all day today
there's no Options property in your VM. so i think it should be SelectedOptions and @Html.ListBoxFor(s=>s.SelectedOptions,Model.Options) should be @Html.ListBoxFor(s=>s.SelectedOptions,Model.SelectedOptions)
3:01 AM
every attempt in google has partial code or custom code with little to no explanation, i need someone to walk me through, and i have books on mvc which have 0 examples on a step by step drop down, im pissed off lol
try that, @SteveG can probably chime in here since i'm kinda brain dead right now
it's late, i'm watching tv
thanks, will try this
@SteveG anything good on?
but if you google stuff, you can figure it out
3:02 AM
@SteveG steve! T_T
i've been binge watching Fringe :p
@AdanRamirez try what i suggested
@SteveG heh never seen it, heard good things about it though
ah when i replace, i cannot convert from x to y
there is an Options property on his VM if you copied the code from the answer
3:04 AM
public class ModelVariables
public IEnumerable<SelectListItem> Options {set;get;}
public string[] SelectedOptions { set;get;}
@SteveG you're right, missed it totally
'cannot implicitly convert type 'system.collections.generic.list<system.web.mvc.selectlistitem>'to'string[]'
view model, Options and SelectedOptions
damn @AdanRamirez i shouldn't be helping you right now
no it's good, i need all the help i can get with creating a simple drop down in mvc, but i feel like i need an mvc certification/degree to use it lol
3:06 AM
all you gotta do is google how to use
ListBoxFor,and it's parameters
kk, thanks
alright good luck, i'm out
well, gg
3 hours later…
6:01 AM
Got to the office. A/C is working. Coffee machine is working. The computers aren't working.
So, I'll just sit around in the A/C and drink coffee until the electrician arrives, shall I?
Ok, I've wantonly disconnected the printer and paper shredder and a couple of people's monitors and now we have electricity for the rest of the office. Their sacrifice will be remembered.
Do you need an electrician to get the computers working?
So they are working, but lacking power?
One of the fuses popped.
But after disconnecting some machines, we could pop it back on and get things working. Still a problem, of course.
Because, you know, at some point the people we disconnected will get here and also want to work.
Or, you know, someone might even want to print something.
Probably emails, or code!
We had a couple of workstations crap out yesterday
Fried motherboards. Guess they reached the end of their life span.
and we had a server crap out last week.
6:17 AM
I've heard horror stories, but never actually seen anyone print out code.
Nothing major, but annoying
Oh, shit. The QA servers. They're in the conference room. I'll go turn them back on. :)
You do that!
Or the quality will degrade during the day
Oh, they're on. I think the server rack automatically powers them on when the power returns.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Inb4 all power goes out and x amount of peoples work gets lost
@Amy Created an own chat to discuss games!? You are going to split the crew into seperate parts? That's fucked up if any!
6:30 AM
@JakobMillah Yeah, I was surprised to find all you guys suddenly on the RPG.SE chat space where I also hang out.
what's a good templating system for generating HTML emails?
@StevenLiekens How much control do you need over the layout? HTML emails are a huge pain if you need fine-grained styling.
6:45 AM
yeah I do need to be able to tweak a lot of things
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan They're a pain either way.
I wanted to use razor but the development experience outside MVC views is a pain
the next best fit seems T4 text templates
but I've used T4 and I don't like it much
no syntax highlighting for one thing
T4 needs some serious love from microsoft if they want me to use it
it's like a neglected child
growing up to become a nobody
anyway that's the level of control that I'm looking for
apparently @LasseV.Karlsen wrote his own template engine
morning all
Just remember that in-mail HTML is very constrained compared to in-browser.
that's okay
I'm just looking to replace the mess that we have today
500 lines of spaghetti that write html to a stringbuilder
7:03 AM
My three year old son keeps talking about how he died in a car crash in Russia.
"We were in a field and there was fire and it was scary and I was old! But now I'm here and it's not scary. There's no fire here. And I'm not old."
Freaks me right the fuck out.
@StevenLiekens: I usually craft the mails as html templates, and load them up with File.ReadAllText() and populate them (putting the different 'components' together).
@StevenLiekens Yes, I did, but it's not something I'd recommend you use :)
The (dusty old) code is here: lassevk.kilnhg.com/Code/TextTemplate
@JakobMillah The fuck.
Hi. I have a question reg HttpClient api. Do all their async api's run off the threadpool?
7:21 AM
how long it can work ? does all the loop will take no more then the timeout?
Gotta catch 'em all!
1 message moved to Trash can
Format your code.
@deostroll I'm pretty sure they use IO Completion Ports, meaning that while waiting for network data to return, they don't even take up a threadpool thread.
@deostroll Yes and no. Async operations usually use I/O completion ports, meaning that they don't really use a thread until the OS is ready with the operation and sends a notification back; only then does a thread from the thread pool get used.
@RoelvanUden That kind of stuff occurs quite (I will never learn what's the right word..), frequently apparently. Kids talking about previous lives
7:24 AM
@JakobMillah Kids do have a wild imagination.
@scheien But a 3 year old saying that it was part of a car accident in Russia? Like, wtf
DataSet[] ds = new DataSet[Arr.Length];
using (ws_WSC.WSC ws = new ws_WSC.WSC())
    ws.Timeout = 120000;
    for (; i < Arr.Length; i++)
            ds[i] = ws.GetFromWebService(Arr[i]);
        catch (Exception e)
@RivaD Please use Ctrl-K to format your code.
A new plane gone missing in Eqypt
@JakobMillah Indeed thats wicked
7:26 AM
In my app I've actually use the threadpool for SMTP communication, I really don't want IO completion to run off that...
how long it can work ? does all the loop will take no more then the timeout?
Dunno, depends on the implementation of ws_WSC.WSC
Whatever that is.
@deostroll Why not? IO is usually the slowest link, and blocking a thread waiting for IO to complete is pointless.
@JakobMillah Another one from EgyptAir. Think they've had around 3-4 crashes / incidents the last decade.
7:27 AM
@scheien Don't fly to Egypt
@RoelvanUden I'm guessing a SOAP webservice proxy created via Add Web Reference.
@JakobMillah Don't fly with EgyptAir :)
I don't see a reason why to either.. Mainly due to the enormous amount of tourists and beggers and what not
@RoelvanUden This is webservice, how should i know how is the implemention
I mean I the threadpool is booked...
7:28 AM
@RivaD So you did 'Add Web Reference' as @AvnerShahar-Kashtan said?
@deostroll I/O completion ports don't use a threadpool thread.
That's the whole point of them.
@deostroll Oh, I see. IO completion ports are an OS notification system. The actual IO runs on separate OS threads, and notify your code - grabbing a threadpool thread - only when it's complete.
@RoelvanUden We really should stop doing that. Or at least synchronize a bit more and take this show on the road.
"IO Completion Ports - and now, in stereo!"
@JakobMillah true.
But when IO completes I kind of want the notification logic executed, but not on threadpool...I get the fact that IO completion doesn't require a thread bound to my app....
@RoelvanUden Yea
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Haha pretty much.
@RivaD Then it's a timeout per call. So, timeout * arr.length
7:31 AM
Do you guys have any travelling plans for summer!?
What are my options if I have a file I need to have on GitHub is just a few mb's over the 100MB limit? Am I boned or do I have any alternatives?
@JakobMillah I do, actually, My brother and his family are in Poland for the summer, so we're all joining them for a weekend at some place on the Polish/Czech border whose name I can't pronounce.
@Sie You could pay for it, compress the files, remove other files, etc
@RoelvanUden Enterprise you mean? I don't think I could compress the files as they terrain files. I can look into it though. Also I think the error (as it reads anyway is on a per file basis).
I do have the Personal edition thanks to being in college but that doesn't seem to make a difference.
7:35 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Do you know what my reply is to that?
Ohh kurwa
Compress it, and add a step to your build script that decompresses it locally, then add the decompressed file as ignored.
Not like Katovice?
@JakobMillah yeah, we're going spending a week in Crete. What are you up to?
I've been to Kudova Zdroj near Katowice on the Polish/Czech border. It was a bit dull, but pleasant.
JagniÄ…tków, apparently.
No oneboxing for google map links?
7:47 AM
Perhaps not for italian links?
You mean Israel?
Israeli, indeed.
Nope. Nothing here either.
No, don't think there's anything for gmaps.
@scheien Nice!
No idea really :) I thought about renting a cabin somewhere up north and just sit there for a couple of weeks.

Hopefully me and my friend are going to finish the app as well. I thought about portugal, but might wait till next year :)
@JakobMillah I hope it will be. First time for the young ones travelling outside scandinavia. Probably be stuck by the pool for a week. :)
@JakobMillah That sounds nice. Spending time in the middle of nowhere is really relaxing.
7:54 AM
@scheien Fuck that I hope not. Better go off seeing stuff :D
It sure is. Never really done it, but I think I need it
Murican Sniper
8:11 AM
Skills arent that easily transferred from Battlefield to real life I guess.
Ok, Resharper's Run Configurations feature is stupid.
8:22 AM
hahahaha that fat kid
There was a nice video, but I didn't feel like spamming :P
@JakobMillah I want that video hahahaha pm me XD
o/ all
8:29 AM
@RoelvanUden Thanks
no one never knows what this 07 is
have a 1000 cookies @JakobMillah
8:37 AM
damn it not even like that lets me play the damn video
@Mr.Toxy it's a salute, right?
@Squiggle yes :D 1000 cookies for you too ^^
oh ^ Jakob already said
its the army salute 07
-1000 points for lack of observation
+ 7 points for effort
putting me on a total of... 08.
8:38 AM
+1 for "preseverence"
but... I'll give 992 for friendship points
giving you a total of 1000
what is this, MLP?
screw you and your friendship points. If you really liked me you'd pay me in beer.
my little pony?
@scheien shhh! You'll waken @Amy
Oh, I forgot.
@Squiggle hoe dare you? :o that was so mean
8:41 AM
We are, We are Walmart!
firstly hi
I've just had what I'd consider to be a strange request
Tell me more tell me more
Did it get very far?
@Sippy You shouldnt reply to those spam emails.
8:42 AM
We're introducing globalisation into this web project
And the architect has just told me that they want to use the culture of the server
Not the culture of the current client
How the fuck does one do that.
OK. That's perfectly feasible.
Force it with the globalization key in web.config?
My google fu is not strong :(
I dunno. I'm about to implement i18n myself for the first time. Let me know how it goes for ya?
8:43 AM
yeah that sounds good way to do it...if servers are located in countries
@Squiggle wat r u on abowt m8
why is that the shorthand for internationalisation
@Ggalla1779 That's the client culture.
Thats how we do it.
8:46 AM
@DanSmith who are you and what were you doing in my house
@Sippy i18n. i[nternationalizatio]n.
but I would be checking if all servers are same countries as apps using them...as thats not standard nowerdays
@Sippy That's reasonable. You just provide a way for the client to set the culture on the server to a limited number of options. For example, we allow clients to choose Dutch/German/French/English through a box (sets a cookie, updates the thread culture) so we restrict to exactly what we want.
I don't care if you're Danish or whatever, you can choose those 4.
You'd still have a fallback if the clients language isn't supported.
Now I've actually taken time to think about it, seems easy enough
8:51 AM
ye, it's not hard at all.
The site is hosted by a few diff companies
French one wants french language only
You'll also need to look into ResourceManager.
English one wants a bunch of languages
For the localization
We're already halfway through it :P
8:52 AM
ah, thought you said you were just starting with it
Nooo, they just throw new requirements at us half way through development of features because agile.
@mikeTheLiar dunno if anyone cleared this up for you, but Ramadan is a month of fasting, which explains the consuming .. still not sure if that is a good way to use the phrase
Was the speaker Indian? Might be an Indian turn of phrase that doesn't translate very well lol
If they were american as I'm suspecting then it's probably just culturally insensitive hahaha
@Sippy Because agile is the best reasoning ever. Have a star.
@RoelvanUden I'm 23, and the number of times I've already heard managers say "but we don't need proper planning, we're agile"
Words to that effect, anyway
In my last job the manager literally said "I know that you guys like to have lots of written requirements and specifications, but we are an agile team, so we can't expect to always have that from the client"

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