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10:00 AM
Got a lot of experience using libgdx and box2d in java. So i thought monogame would be a good start >.<
@genaray start with "Hello world" :p
go form there
Already did that ^^ just a few minutes ago :P
hehehehehe :D
so now you need to learn cycles
By the way, is the performance of c# much better than java ? :)
You're asking a biased room.
But to answer it, absolutely.
10:03 AM
you do this: while(Panini.Count > 0) Panini.eat(Person me = new Person());
Won't compile.
tha damn object
@genaray look at the tags. do you see a tag called "java-hate"? :P there's you answer all > java
Java > PHP
all > aspx hahahahahahahaha
and PHP > classic ASP, from what I've heard
10:06 AM
php is rather used
still beats coding webpages in brainfuck or malebolge, though
why didnt they made web simpler?
aspx just sucks
Lol i just see that monogame is the same as libgdx ... the only differences are the name of the classes and the language
I did pacman in c
and space invaders
and chess
and naval battle in c#
I should really finish my unity game
I might do that actually.
10:09 AM
@Sippy yes you should :D I wanna play
I should really start on my game
Would gimme something to do lol
why no one uses far cry engine?
it's such a gr8 engine imo
How are you not discouraged by your utter lack of artistic skill @Sippy?
@Mr.Toxy It's not open?
I think I have been for like 3 years lol
10:10 AM
I wrote the game back in uni
What type of games you are programming ? ^^
It works as a PoC but it's a bit shit
@RoelvanUden oh yeah that, but its so damn gr8, I've worked a little with it, it blew my mind its capabilities.
Would probably rebuild the whole thing
10:11 AM
unreal engine isnt open?
I think it is
My ice sliding physics were perf ;D
@Mr.Toxy Unreal Engine is open and free, CryTek engine is open and free, Unity is open and free. With these 3 great choices, honestly, fuck whatever Far Cry uses.
naaaah Cry engine > Unreal Engine > Unity > CryTek
CryTek.. is cry engine?
yup but the company sucks
the engine doesnt
10:13 AM
Far Cry 4 uses the "Dunia Engine 2"
Aka fuck it.
Frostbite > all
hmmm kinda of agree
I love frostbite
So smooth and sexy
still Cry engine is awesome
but frostbite is amazing
If I look at editor capabilities, I am still amazed at UE4 and CryTek5
Unity is a little more "meh"
10:14 AM
I went to Soundcloud with a fr-FR language header ONE TIME
unity is not that big of a deal compared with others
And now they think I'm french
@Mr.Toxy The Unity ecosystem is quite incredible though
unreal engine is amazing as well
Others don't even compare.
10:15 AM
@RoelvanUden I can certainly vouch for that
@Sippy French, not even once
I dare you to see that without bleenking
@HarshilShah I assume you've included a reference to jQueryUI and the dialog method is available if you call it from the command window / debugging tools?
10:19 AM
bleenking hahaha
that's my fav one yet
guys i have this code
Button btnfunc = new Button()
                            Height = 100,
                            Width = 100,
                            Background = BtnItemsColor,
                            FontWeight = FontWeights.Bold,
                            Margin = new Thickness(2),
                            VerticalContentAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center,
                            HorizontalContentAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center,
                            Content = txtblockfunc,
how do i set the text color to white
in the button
Try assigning a white color to the Foreground property
Anyone here worked with QuickGraph library?
Hmmm ... what does that mean = origin : -45f; Does that mean, that -45f is casted to origin?
10:35 AM
Phil - If you are able to send me the code for your cricket game thing, ill take a look
@Phil.Wheeler yes i have included JQueryUI.js and .css both files. i didnt get you about dialog method. can you explain little bit what you want to tell me ?
10:55 AM
@genaray with a colon? Erm...
Is that a parameter?
Named parameter maybe?
Doesn't make much sense as it stands now
Oh yes so it is
Yeah need more context
good morning, got one last donut in office, should i be the asshole and take it?
@genaray that looks like a default argument, it means if the call to that method doesn't specify a value for that argument it's treated as (float)-45
Need go see where you're seeing this though
@tweray of course
you wouldnt be an asshole for grabbing it imo.
11:01 AM
it's currently like a cold war status in the office
everyone glance at the donut box for like once every 2 minutes
and nobody dares to standup and take it
Just grab it.
alright, now the whole office is going to hate me
11:17 AM
I would take it
And I would loudly say "Ohhh damn, there's one left for me!!!" :D
Smiley face looking at all the people staring
walk away like a baws
good morning and happy friday
remember kids, don't click on any kendall links on this fine day
ppl can only learn from pain and blood u know
Which approach provides better support for test driven development - ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Webforms?
11:22 AM
and for whatever deity's sake, don't even consider Webforms
can you please elaborate on this?
@JakobMillah hitler!
damn, you got me :<
@Learning well, since unit testing is easier in mvc, one would assume mvc would be better for tdd
11:24 AM
@tweray Amen brother
that sounds like a college test question
^ for a good friday laugh
for webforms, everything is build upon a "Page", which all UI component and crap and shit need to be all constructed, which basically means it is going to be dead heavy to test any method in Page class, but you still have to do that
on the other hand, a Controller in MVC is much lightweighted and don't contain any UI bullshit, you can construct a controller is much lighter manner without any problem
@Learning did you write that down, your professor will like that answer
11:28 AM
not on the outside, only on the inside
@JakobMillah jesus she's more excited than I was about my rift, she must have grown up in poverty
@KendallFrey Such genuine laughter. Made me laugh :D
i will only click a link on friday after 15 minutes wait and make sure nobody throw f bomb to the poster
Mine's legit!
And you can always trust me
I totally plan on watching rebecca black in my rift today
11:38 AM
If you open your browser's web debugging tools, go to the console and type $('#result').dialog() what happens?
Why don't you post what you have into a JSBin window and provide a link for that? This can't be that hard to get working.
Who you writing to? :o
@JakobMillah click the arrow
Oh kurwa
@JakobMillah Conversation from about an hour ago (if you're asking me)
@JakobMillah lol you're on the front page of that sub
11:41 AM
@mikeTheLiar I'll soon drop to the bottom :P
!!tell jakobmillah lenny
@jakobmillah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
It's hard to interact with Cap on mobile
@KendallFrey non C# chat people, of course
11:47 AM
because they're flagging stuff like a bunch of douches
oh no, somebody dropped the f-bomb, call in the mod
that's not gonna stop it
no but they won't be able to talk, and who likes sticking around a room with no talking privs
Hi everyone.
what room? i wanna watch the dramma
yesterday, by Amy
For those who earlier expressed interest in forming an online D&D/Pathfinder group, see https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/39976/c-chat-gaming
11:51 AM
Hello, people. I have a list of units _units = List<Unit>. Unit has an OwnerId property. I need to group _units by same OwnerIds and form _unitsByOwnerIds = Dictionary<int, Unit[]>, where key would be a value of OwnerId and Unit[] - an array of units with equal OwnerIds. What would be the best way to implement such logic (I am looking for nice and cute suggestions, not just a bunch of loops :) )?
lol really?
why does anyone even care about that room
lol idk
Probably something to do with HashSet...?
@Denver GroupBy
or ToLookup
depends if you need to access the list by id
sigh... got a cap america there
he literally said language
11:54 AM
lol i know
is this situation possible: I have a method in which I create another thread - can I finish the method in this new thread? and skip all the code that's in the main thread of method?
they banned me for 30
@KendallFrey That hurts. Did not expect it to be so easy. Cruel world. Thanks tho. ^^
i guess we should really just lock the room and only send invite here
thats what i'm sayin
11:56 AM
@user3662546 yes, but you need to write it as such. don't try to combine them into a single method
@tweray I have a feeling that will only make it worse
people can still view chat and flag
@KendallFrey can you elaborate? I don't really understand
shit, so ppl allowed to flag things in a room even they can't talk there?
@user3662546 Just create a thread and run some code. what are you having trouble with?
@tweray sure
@KendallFrey don't know if you were here when I explained the problem, so here it is:
Q: Request execution time WCF

user3662546I have my WCF service in which one line of code is problematic - 1 in ~50 requests, this line of code is executing without end and when that happens, WCF service is hanging until it timeouts. Since it has: [ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.Single, Concur...

anyway I want to check if one line of code is executing too long, if so, then finish the method and return error or something
@user3662546 just set request timeout on client side
or server side, either way has right to set timeout
12:00 PM
@tweray can't do that, there can be many requests to service, and each one takes ~15 second (if there are no errors) and service is qeueing the requests. If I set timeout the ones furthest in the queue are going to receive timeout
@user3662546 this might be relevant to your issue stackoverflow.com/questions/7822477/…
omg yay next company outing is carting :D
@TomW I don't think it relates to my issue - I have 1 instance and 1 thread
@user3662546 you can only set receiveTimeout
@RoelvanUden carting as in karting?
12:03 PM
which only start to count when operation starts
@user3662546 well then what do you expect?
@tweray on server-side?
yes, server side, in binding configuration
You're basically asking "how can I make it faster without doing any of the things that make it faster?"
That's what he wants to know!!!!
12:07 PM
@TomW I don't want to make it faster, I want to ommit the line that makes problem, if the problem occurs. And since it's happening in one line of code, and it cannot be catched by exception, I am trying to find another way. It doesn't have to be thread even, I just don't have any other idea
well, if the long run operation's result doesn't really affect the response, you can simply fire and forget
morning gents
@tweray can't do that, if this error occures, the webservice is halted until it timeouts, and the next requests are still standing in queue
@user3662546 do you really understand what fire and forget means?
12:10 PM
@tweray it seems I don't:P
fire and forget: Mrs Mainthread throw some job to Mr TaskFactory and says "just do this and don't even tell me the result, just make sure you finish it if you can". then move on with her life
@tweray then how the client will know that his request was succesfully finished or not?
maybe I still don't get it:P
that's what i said in pretense, they can't know if it success or not, that's the tradeoff
5 mins ago, by tweray
well, if the long run operation's result doesn't really affect the response, you can simply fire and forget
@tweray oh, sorry, you are right, seems I skipped the first part when I was reading it:P
and again, if you just want to keep the wcf in single threaded mode and simply don't want any operation to take longer than certain time, just do what i said, set the receivetimeout on binding
12:14 PM
@tweray yea, I will try it, thanks
@KendallFrey if you room owner me over there, i'll mute-kick those mods
you can't
oh it won't let me?
i can't wait to see deadpool in the next cap america movie now
I can't wait to see Youtube stop shoving me deadpool videos everywhere
12:27 PM
^ that's simply not going to happen
morning all za beoblez
@KendallFrey as in that yes
ooh jelly
yeah, awesome, racing around in karts.
so much awesome.
I would like to build up an own licensing system (a small one) for some tools of mine. I've thought about something like HWID, but not HWID itself. Theres too much about faking the hwid around the internet.

It has to work for virtual machines too. I've already tried to pick the CPU-Version and hash it. But thats not available for virtual machines. Getting an error the object is null. I know, CPU-Version is not save blabla. Was just a try.
12:33 PM
You know there is one super easy way to do license checks.
Without a server? ^^
Give them an actual key and verify it on your master server.
Without a server it's always utter crap regardless of what you do. It's better to not give a license whatsoever then. :D
Keys and passwords arnt fitting my thing. They could share it.
Not if you use a master server.
But im not doing so.
And I wont.
12:34 PM
Then you can deal with the fact that your system is always broken.
Thats a point I already know.
Better dealing with some geeks that can break it instead of every idiot that can share it.
Then what's the question? What's the least bad way? :P
Something similar to HWID that stays a bit unique but not HWID itself ^^.
Can you at least do a first-time-over-internet auth?
>.< not even that.
12:37 PM
I give up.
XD shit.
Then how do you even get, say, the HWID if you can't use internet?
The problem is, my income is quite low on this side of my projects. So holding up a server has more costs than income.
Write it down?
Nope. Im sending a licensing-tool.
12:38 PM
If you don't make enough to keep a server up of 0.50euro/month I pity you.
♪♫♪ if you're happy and you know it clap your hands ♫♪♪
That shows the id. Im reversing it for my own and converting it to hex so the users, if reverse engineering, cant find it inside the source.
I don't get it. It will never work if you can't even get the <unique thing> to work of.
hello people I'm in dire need of help with regards JWT authentication.
Does anyone here have any experience in such?
trying to make something that people can't reverse engineer? good luck with that
12:39 PM
Never said that.
Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityTokenSignatureKeyNotFoundException: IDX10501: Signature validation failed. Unable to match 'kid': 'xxxxxxxx' I'm at a loss.
A licensing tool that enables you to hand out license keys without knowing what computer it runs or, nor can that said computer connect to the internet, nor do you really know what kind of computer it is. It's impossible.
We dont have to talk about reverse engineering. I know that part quite good. I know everything can be reversed.
Can you reverse years of nicotine abuse?
Now we get off topic...
12:42 PM
that's okay
this room isn't required to follow a single topic at a time, and this one has been going a while without resolution.
get onto my topic! It's fun!
/me jumps around a bit
me likey bouncey! me likey bouncey!
Not finding a solution can be a solution.
12:44 PM
@SteveG jfc I was just reading the transcript and it's horrible out there in the wastes.
Can you not just give them a special hashed file that the system validates on startup? With an encoded expiry date for renewal (If applicalbe)
"Language please" fuck you you're not my real dad
What's the risk of people reverse engineering?
12:44 PM
he could be your dad
have you seen him and your dad in the room at the same time? checkmate
Well Hello my name is Loca and I'm a little pug!
yaaay new foosball table
@DanielDawes Sure I could. But whats inside that file? How do I get it? How do I restrict the content to the computer of the user?
@Amy hmm that's a good point. My dad is a giant nerd
12:45 PM
@DanielDawes It uses time and is generic across all devices. Aka, super weak.
@DanielDawes If they get it, they can share my tools. Therefore no income.
@Squiggle So cute
The file would be issued by yourself, via a key they would generate
You can prevent that being shared
They can't send the key to you because no internet.
12:47 PM
Who said no internet?
Ever. That's what @C4ud3x said.
You did.
No I didnt. ^^
We talked about using a server.
I assumed for validation, but for installation etc.
14 mins ago, by C4ud3x
Without a server? ^^
10 mins ago, by C4ud3x
>.< not even that.
12:47 PM
Second was in response to my "at least a first time internet"
Where the "no internet" part?
In the context of valdiation that was ^^^^
11 mins ago, by Roel van Uden
Can you at least do a first-time-over-internet auth?
You said no.
Thus no internet.
Against a server.
12:48 PM
Good god why do I even bother
Auth via internet sounds for me like auth against a server. Just "first time" instead of "every time". Thats the same point.
No server available.
Im in direct contact with the person when giving out my tools.
Yeah you basically want a licensing system that uses no server whatsoever, not even to generate a first time key or do a first time auth or anything. That means the entire fucking system is self reliant and not depending on anything outside of the actual computer. Aka it won't work at all.
If that was your question :p
recently people told me about "help vampires" :) I think I see one in action right here
Nah Im in contact with the person. ^^
12:51 PM
Get the user to generate a key
Send you that
Cockwombles. JWT argh ;_;
Now we are back to the beginning.
What kind of key.
You generate something that is sent back to them
beer time cannot come soon enough.
Does anyone in here use umbraco?
12:52 PM
no but i've heard its a solid cms
It's not bad no, I'm having a mild issue with it
whats the issue?
they could do that? Are you on-site at their location?
I'm trying to access it's ContentService but I can't seem to get my code working
I keep getting a nullObjectReference exception
12:53 PM
hi,some one knows here multiple distinct in a linq
I used to send them a licesing tool that shows up their id. I converted it for security reasons and inserted it into the tools that should get licensed for this user. The tools at startup picked up the id from the computer they are running on and compared it to a list of allowed-users.

That was what I've got before.
with joins
Well, if you are happy to re-write that, then asking them to generate and send you a key
which you use to issue some kind of hashed key back
Virtual machines havnt got the most of the hardware-properties.
12:54 PM
they then have to load that file to use the software
Every 1-2 weeks theres someone new coming where my tools are crashing.
It's a shame you can't have a checking service but doing what I've suggested is a common approach
So I need something hardware related thats available on EVERY system (windows). Even on virtual machines where for example the whole cpu-properties arnt saved.
Every users key will be different
why does it have to be hardware?
@JonathanYanivBenAvraham your contentService is null, I'm assuming you already knew that, make sure ApplicationContext.Current actually returns something
12:55 PM
just get them to generate a random key
@DanielDawes What if the user shares his file?
doesnt matter
@mikeTheLiar right? lol glad i'm not the only shocked one
@NicolásCarlo it doesn't throw the exception ("contentService is null") though
@DanielDawes Then I dont get it.
12:56 PM
Oh i see what you mean now
If they shared both your licence file
and their private key
@JonathanYanivBenAvraham object reference is not set to an object = the object on which you're calling a method is null
So I need to link this key in any way to the computer of the user.
I dont want to restrict it to users but to computers.
12:57 PM
Ok so
@JonathanYanivBenAvraham it is one of the worst error messages on .net but that's what its telling you, contentService is null so calling SaveAndPublish on null throws an exception
Im giving my tools into groups of users. If theres nothing... I dont even have to wait for it to be shared.
When you get their key, can you request their machine name/MAC address ?
And build that data into your returned licence file
@NicolásCarlo so how can I make sure it's not null?
@DanielDawes Everything. I dont ask for special IDs. Im writing a small tool im giving out first.
12:58 PM
debug your program, i have a feeling applicationcontext.current is null
@DanielDawes This small first-time-tool will show them their ID.
@NicolásCarlo should I be using newBlog.SaveAndPublish instead of contentService.SaveAndPublish
So they dont know where its coming from.
So if you are writing that tiool, jsut get that to generate a key and take some sysinfo with it
that generates a hashed file they send to you
which you can decrypt and issue a licence file
12:59 PM
YEAH. But the problem is this FUCKING system-infos are missing on virtual machines.
which your tools then check
My tools are crashing.
That doesnt make sense

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