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7:02 PM
mmm pathfinder - there is a site for video role playing?
@juanvan the one Kendal posted has video support
that is cooler then the one I knew of
similar to foosball, what other fun office activities do you think IT people would enjoy?
ping pong
@Jean-philippeEmond any luck?
7:03 PM
we have a table in both offices
board / card games
not a bad suggestion @ken
air hockey
lots of table games like that
7:04 PM
@Michael. no.. I tried to allow user modification.. etc.. read this: stackoverflow.com/questions/21651580/… but I try to drag-drop from desktop..
I played a table shuffleboard game once
but I fail
@Jean-philippeEmond but your's isnt even working in debug mode
Should I make a Trello board for organizing a Pathfinder/D&D game?
For those who don't know pathfinder/D&D, but would like to learn, I would be happy to run 2-3 games so you can get the feel of it.
7:06 PM
games = sessions?
that would be nice
each session, IRL, would last between 4-6 hours. online, probably the same, but won't get quite as much progress each session.
@Michael, its true
hmm that's a long session
7:07 PM
@Michael, well I don't know what I can do ^^
@Jean-philippeEmond try adding a temporary picturebox to your form, and handle the DragEnter and DragDrop Events, See if those events fire at all
Its a long session but it goes by quickly.
@Jean-philippeEmond are you absolutely positive the DragEnter Event isnt firing at all? like you set a break point right on DragEnter?
I'm interested in learning it. The last D&D I played was 2nd ed
7:12 PM
@Michael this SQL problem is really starting to piss me off. I know there's an easy solution but I can't remember how aggregates actually works and I'm just frustrating myself
@mikeTheLiar oh please dont worry about it
Oracle cannot win
Some of the BEST campaigns I played were adventures written by Gary Gygax himself.
@mikeTheLiar seriosuly dont worry about it
7:13 PM
A: SQL Select only rows with Max Value on a Column

Adrian CarneiroAt first glance... All you need is a GROUP BY clause with the MAX aggregate function: SELECT id, MAX(rev) FROM YourTable GROUP BY id It's never that simple, is it? I just noticed you need the content column as well. This is a very common question in SQL: find the whole data for the row with...

they were written for early edition D&D, but can be converted easily.
we completed Acererak's laboratory the week after he died, as a tribute
@mikeTheLiar thank you for helping!
@Michael boom
create table Student
  StudentID int not null
  ,College varchar(1) not null
  ,Campus varchar(10) not null
  ,Term int not null

 insert Student values
 (1, 'A', 'Red', 1344)
 ,(2, 'A', 'Red', 1300)
 ,(2, 'B', 'Green', 1344)

 select * from Student s
 inner join
     (select StudentID, max(Term) 'Term'
          from Student
     group by StudentID) ins
 on s.StudentID = ins.StudentID
 and s.Term = ins.Term
@mikeTheLiar ah ok! let me try this out
7:16 PM
@Michael, got it I enable "allowdrop" on myform1
@Jean-philippeEmond literally... i already told you to do that
That was the first thing I said
@Michael that answer that I linked was very helpful
It explains exactly this problem
That's the one I was looking for!
yes but I have also "unlock" dock
@mikeTheLiar thanks Iwill study that answer
7:18 PM
Hi all. I'm looking for suggestions for an idea I have, but its two phase. I'd like to take an image of a person and a set of photos of articles of clothing, detect the models measurements and overlay the clothing, and render a new JPEG for each article of clothing input. How would you go about detecting and marking the locations on the person and clothing?
I thought @Michael's problem got solved with the partitioning
don't know why I tried at the first time. it doesn't work but now.. is ok.
Thanks for you time @Michael!
@Jakotheshadows we were looking for something just a hair simpler
@Jakotheshadows It did, but there is an alternative
Looked at some openCV things but maybe thats unnecessary?
7:19 PM
@DanSmith that's a tall order
@mikeTheLiar, I know.. I have alot of time to research and build, just looking for some ideas of starting places.
for what its worth, I build the UI already
Start with image processing I guess? You're basically talking about building a Pixar type renderer
But with IRL people
Plan on spending many years working on this
For sure. It's definitely a large task, and I've never worked in image rendering before.
FWIW I just googled "C# image processing"
I considered alot of possibilities- pairing each image with an XML file with the measurements, or just detecting edges (which wouldnt work)
that image processor has an overlay function at least, so thats a good start
7:24 PM
Sounds like a hard project.
I can hardly organize my slns and library, let alone do that
I imagine it will be, since it has to detect the clothing images as well, and that might prove a pain depending on image resolution, fabric texture, pattern, color, background
or i could enjoy a nice cup of cyanide
That's the attitude we like to see
@DanSmith, is this a personal project
Seriously though this is going to take a lot of work
it would be years, with multiple people
7:28 PM
@mikeTheLiar, it IS a personal project, however its a product design that I would like to market. I am open to freelancing the majority out, but Im pretty picky about freelancers with crap code
@DanSmith, good luck with that.
@DanSmith take a look at this for what you're getting yourself into: stackoverflow.com/questions/10168686/…
the crap code, or finding freelancers who know what theyre doing? or the marketing for that matter..
all of it
back in a second, reading your link
7:34 PM
@DanSmith, here's what you need to do. Get a third party software to create the image of the person from photographs. This already exists. Use third party software to create clothing models. Render the photos in third party software.
Unless you really know what you are doing.
I cannot stress enough that I don't have a background in image processing, however your solution stops me from marketing the concept. I can easily render these images using photoshop, but its time consuming. I think its worth some time to look into, perhaps.
@mikeTheLiar lol bad news
(5 years and 23 books later, I will change my mind)
lol lay it on me @Michael
so that query actually boils down to being the exact same as what I originally posted in the gist. (I think).
7:38 PM
Basically you want to make something without knowing how to make it
@DanSmith at least you're going into this with your eyes open
The issue is on this last line:
on s.StudentID = ins.StudentID and s.Term = ins.Term
@DanSmith simply detecting the model's measurements from an image will be complicated, unless the image has an item of known size to use for scaling
@Michael looking at that gist again, yep, they're the same thing
is it a big person from far away? or a small person from up close?
7:39 PM
@mikeTheLiar It really needs to have an AND s.College = ins.College AND s.Campus = ins.Campus
Is it a bug on the lens?
thats the idea, shoe. mike, i've worked some other complicated stuff before, and though sometimes I have had to take months off to research or read, I almost always complete the project.
but thats not possible because of the inner Group by
@amy, the person would be 3-6 feet from the camera, with a decent (8+mpx) camera
@DanSmith so you'll take the pictures? i assumed you would have users upload pics of themselves
7:41 PM
that is workable, then. you can do a little math to get the right scale.
@Michael definitely see what they have to say at The Heap. This is clearly above our pay grade if we've been struggling with it for so long
@mikeTheLiar because the Inner join will Join where all IDs match AND Terms match...
this means that there will be rows that include a student where the IDs match, terms match, but the college is different or the campus is different
In most scenarios, the end-user would take the photos, though, in some use-cases I suppose a user might have the images provided.
Yeah, you're basically creating a Pixar rendering engine that's going to run on the fly. Good luck.
Yeah, that's going to be very hard.
7:43 PM
@mikeTheLiar Thanks though. I'm happy that I'm actually able to dissect the query and know what is wrong with it now. having such stupid issues makes me learn, even though it takes me an eternity
Story of my life man.
@DanSmith I've waited for a system like the one you propose for a long time. its hard to impossible to get clothes that fit properly online. to be perfectly honest, your software will be easier to make work for men than it is women
well, thank god I am not talking about doing something like 60fps
women's clothing has too many different cuts, I don't think its reasonable to propose clothing based off a 2d image.
@amy i realize that from having done some of these in adobe manually. A dress fits a woman, doesnt fit the next 3, no matter how I skew the image.
7:45 PM
@Amy let's be honest, a lot of that is to do with the fact that women's clothing is stupid
@mikeTheLiar yes, it really fucking is.
Is there a Windows 7 VM that I could use in Windows 10? Or a clean version of 10 anyway without anything installed, so I can test my program.
whoever posted that link above, related.. thank you.. this thing is way full of relevant research
My wife is always saying shit like "I can't put that in my pocket, it will ruin the lines!" whatever the fuck that means
Do you always get stuck carrying the cell-phone too?
7:46 PM
@DanSmith there's a similar type thing for programatically finding Waldo
now waldo can run, but he can't hide
@mmf1102 hyper V
@Sidney actually usually not, thank the panini
7:47 PM
@mikeTheLiar lmao why does this exist..
you know what would be better? upload my measurements to a computer, it automatically makes a garment just for me, and mails it to me. guaranteed fit.
!!panini @DanSmith
May 4 at 14:23, by Caprica Six
Jan 12 at 16:55, by Markus Werner
to all stupid put all "Panini" in your asshole
okay well, i am also not too into robotics..
that would take like a 3-4-5 axis CNC
7:48 PM
I actually think that Waldo question was featured on NPR once
wow mike
I wonder if a robot tailor wouldn't be easier though. Time to get out the Arduino.
Q: Stack Overflow mentioned on NPR's "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me" and NY Times

duffymoWow — stackoverflow.com was cited by "Wait, Wait" as a reference this weekend. NY Times picked it up, too: It was a big week in science. Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider say they may have found the “God particle,” and one computer scientist came up with a new way of finding: A. W...

For anyone interested in doing an online D&D/Pathfinder thing, I created a room where we can discuss. chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/39976/c-chat-gaming
@mikeTheLiar one of my SO answers got mentioned in a podcast
7:51 PM
Very cool. My SO answers usually get mentioned in comments about how shitty they are.
I think marking some articles wouls be easier than others. A strapless dress wouldnt need to find the face, just the breast to knee length and width, maube some other points inbetween
Even then, with the wide variations in breasts and knees out there, good luck.
@mikeTheLiar And knees that look like breasts.
And moobs.
7:54 PM
How would it handle it if I uploaded an upside down picture?
good question @Sipp
@sidney rather.
Where is Sippy anyway? I don't think I've seen him today.
Prolly got thrown in a cioppino or something
thanks alot, tab. Actually simple, algorithmically... find a face (included in opencv), find the floor, and if the floor is higher in the image than the face, its likely upside down
@Amy if I understood this I'm sure I'd be impressed :)
ok so,
yep. time to go read.
8:01 PM
@Sidney openknit.org
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
!!roll d6
@KendallFrey That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@KendallFrey I think I heard something that said that only works in the JS room?
!!help roll
8:07 PM
@mikeTheLiar Command roll does not exist.
Nevermind then.
I tried to teach her over in the sandbox earlier, but no luck.
8:09 PM
in Sandbox, 18 secs ago, by Caprica Six
@mikeTheLiar rand: User-taught command: (\w+) (\\w+) <>$rand($1,$2)
@Sidney That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
!!rand 1 6
8:09 PM
@KendallFrey Please go and play in the Sandbox
@mikeTheLiar you fucked up
your command doesnt work at all
8:13 PM
43 messages moved to Trash can
@Michael what command?
4 mins ago, by mikeTheLiar
in Sandbox, 18 secs ago, by Caprica Six
@mikeTheLiar rand: User-taught command: (\w+) (\\w+) <>$rand($1,$2)
!!info rand
@KendallFrey Command rand, created by crl on Fri, 08 Jan 2016 12:07:11 GMT
@Michael lol, I didn't teach it to her
8:14 PM
> created by crl
That was the result of !!help rand
If I have two projects in a sln sln0 , A and B, and B references dlls produced from A, and I am building the dlls from B and putting it in a different solution sln1, I have to copy the original dependencies from project A sln0 into sln1. Is there a way to keep all the dependencies in one dll??? This is so annoying.
8:19 PM
Hi guys, I have another issue with my gridDataView.. I added 2 columns in front end.
I would like to add a new data. On the web, all people suggest to do: "DataTable dt = gdv.DataSource as DataTable;" And fill a row and add this DataTable like DataSource.

the prob. I have is that command return null.

If I create a new DataTable, add Column. add my data into this DataTable, when I merge it, My gdv will add column..
@Jean-philippeEmond it is called a DataGridView (First of all)
-_-' true sorry
thing as SomeOtherThing returns null if the cast is invalid
@Jean-philippeEmond second of all I'm not sure what you are asking.
@Jean-philippeEmond you used the Design View to create 2 columns on your DGV?
and then you want to add more in the Code-behind?
!!rand 1 6
8:23 PM
@Michael, yes, I add 2 columns in Design View. I want now, to add Row and fill it in prog.

I tried to used gdv.Rows.Add();
but I have an error. on the web, I need to add row before fill it.
well, the solution I found is using DataTable
I comeback in a while
8:43 PM
For those who earlier expressed interest in forming an online D&D/Pathfinder group, see chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/39976/c-chat-gaming
Any room owners wants to pin that?
sorry, wrong room
We're trying planning poker and the management is involved and trying to push down our estimates.
@Sidney The best way to reduce estimates is to break tasks down into smaller tasks
8:51 PM
@Sidney ffs
Walk out
Ask them if they would prefer accurate estimates, or estimates that feel good
We can acquire estimates down the road.
If its the latter, just let them make their own estimates and leave.
they don't need us to feel good. that's what drugs are for.
@Sidney first skooma's free
8:54 PM
"Sure, we can tackle 20 user stories in this iteration"
Of course, 8 to 12 will wind up in next iteration.
Is there any thing wrong with initialing your ienumerable like this
IEnumerable<SomeModel> someList = new List<SomeModel>();
@Sidney at which point you say "Why did you not just accept it when we said this would happen?"
I am sending this list back from controller
no, why would there be something wrong with that?
its perfectly valid code.
8:56 PM
why i am initlaizing ienumerable by a list
Because you can't instantiate IEnumerable<T>
ienumerable doesn't specify an implementation. you have to provide one
    any MVC Pros around? I have a controller with the following two actions:

            public ActionResult EditSalesPerson(int Sales_Person_ID)
                SalesPerson model = ctx.GetSalesPersonDetails(Sales_Person_ID);
                model.PossibleSchedules = ctx.ShowSchedules();
                return View(model);

            public ActionResult SetCommissionSchedule(int Sales_Person_ID, int? CS_ID, CommissionScenario CommissionScenario)
Interfaces do not have implementations.
except none of the validation errors are coming up. I have an @Html.ValidationSummary(false) outside the form, but that isn't showing anything.. Any thoughts?
8:58 PM
oh gotcha, stupid me
oh yeah, for those who care, my Rift cleared customs and is due to arrive tomorrow
Apparently duty will be >$100
butt fuck it
I'm getting this thing if I go broke
yeah, I've tried googling a few things including "asp.net mvc hide form show validation summary" but no luck so far :-(
does it work if the validation summary is inside the form?
9:04 PM
@Amy I doubt it, since the form has style= "display:none;" but will try just a sec
@Amy thats a negative
I even checked the source, and there were no visible <li> elements generated in the validation summary
even though I'm definitely getting a call to ModelState.AddModelError("CS_ID", ex); in my action
ooh, I think I might've figured it out
I think it might be because the keys I use in the call to AddModelError are incorrect
Weird Q maybe. but lets say you have a 20MB flat file (.txt) with data. You insert this data into a SQL database, remove the flat file with data. What happends with these 20MB?
yeah, since CS_ID is not a property of SalesPerson
9:12 PM
Do you save space?
@Froxer what?
what, @Froxer? that question doesn't make sense.
Does the allocated space remain the same?
No, a DB containing 20MB of data will not be smaller than a flat file containing 20MB of data. The DB adds a lot of data structures that the flat file does not have.
From the start you only have a text file with 20MB worth of data.
9:13 PM
Maybe if the file is UTF-32 or something, and a lot of the padding bytes can be eliminated
no like a file worth of 500k rows of data = 20mb ish.
That's irrelevant
You don't store things in a DB to save space.
No, i am aware
9:15 PM
and this is ignoring the space the DB server itself uses
SQL Server is many gigabytes. you don't need such a large program to read a flat file
And all the functions, logic, and table execution generation code that lives there as well
I am trying to explain how I make the eventlogging more efficient. I have stated that it is now much easier for a normal user to browse through the data with ease compared to a flat file doc. But idk how i can answer that i make more room for space
now, if redundancies in the data can be found and eliminated, then you might be able to save space.
> make more room for space
9:17 PM
xDDDD that came out so fucking badly
knock out a wall
How do i translate this to English without it sounding fucked.
i've always wanted to do that.
@Amy it's pretty fun
no doubt!
9:18 PM
well, I'm actually speaking from destroying windows. Who doesn't want to destroy Windows?
We (my dad, my brother, and me) once had to tear down an entire cabin
With nothing more than a few crowbars and sledgehammers
@mikeTheLiar I'd vote for driving a really heavy vehicle into it
or a regular vehicle really fast
Directly translated by google. I have written
How can a new web application streamline event logging and expand storage space ?
Well there was ocean on one side and a rather steep mountain one the other
How the fuck did i even come up with the expand storage space ? part :O
9:20 PM
@mikeTheLiar a boat is a vehicle
if you want to expand storage space, add a hard drive
or download more RAM
It wasn't that close to the ocean. Maybe 50 feet away
YES ! lets simply describe how to download more ram
!!convert 50 feet to m
9:21 PM
@mikeTheLiar 15.24 m
@mikeTheLiar like I say, a regular boat really fast
lol :)
I've heard that in the instruction manual for the Tiger tank, there was an admonition that even though the promotional cine reel showed the tank smashing through a house, that this was not a sanctioned use of the vehicle and should be avoided
Po-faced German spoilsports
9:37 PM
Is it easy to integrate another harddrive into a existing SQL environment?
@mikeTheLiar do you have any thoughts on how to recreate a sort of terminal window in Winforms using a multiline textbox?

I want to show status updates to the users, a constant blinking cursor at the end of the current textbox line when Its ready for user interaction OR flashing "..." when the loading is occuring
@Michael I would ask why you want to do that. Why are you recreating a CLI in Winforms?
I think Kendall did that once
clone his repo and take credit adapt it to your needs
@mikeTheLiar lol idk. I wanted a simply way to display the steps that my program is performing
I think you probably just want something like a progress bar
And maybe an updating label
9:42 PM
@mikeTheLiar yes, i suppose i could do it the boring way
A powershell console might be embeddable as a control
Try that
@TomW not in winforms
That also sounds insanely unsafe
Visual Studio does it
9:44 PM
I dont think VS is winforms
or maybe that's not powershell
@TomW it is
it is powershell
@TomW the intersection of people using VS and people who know how to use powershell is probably pretty high
How hard is it to integrate another disk into a SQL Database environment to expand storage space?
9:49 PM
VM or physical machine?
phys machine
            Repeater1.DataSource = workTable;

        protected void Repeater1_ItemDataBound1(object sender, RepeaterItemEventArgs e)
            if (e.Item.ItemType == ListItemType.Item || e.Item.ItemType == ListItemType.AlternatingItem)
                DataRowView drv = e.Item.DataItem as DataRowView;
                Literal col1 = (Literal)e.Item.FindControl("LitColOne");
                Literal col2 = (Literal)e.Item.FindControl("LitColTwo");
And you want to add another disk? Not just put a bigger one in there?
Just speaking theoretically right now.
(I am writing a thesis)
I don't get it. I just can't seem to get into the if(string.isNullOrEmpty...)... Even though I know the column got data
9:51 PM
i hate IE
@Froxer How theoretical? Are we talking about a specific rdbms?
@Amy and it hates you
the people who wrote the IE rendering engine need to be cast into the machine of unspeakable doom
@Froxer Relational Database Management System
We are talking a Database holding Data for a Rail. This Database holds tables per day (around 500K rows of data / day)
SQL Server
9:54 PM
@Froxer in that case it's not too difficult I don't think but you do introduce potential performance bottlenecks
They have access to sql management studio
But in theory just slap another drive in there and then change the DB configuration to put some of its physical files there
Alright cool. So what i wrote that it would be easy to just slap in another drive if need be and integrate it easily stands
Thanks @mikeTheLiar
what bottlenecks btw?
I'm thinking if you split your logs or something like that. Just having to deal with multiple physical disks and all that.
Well, 1 table = 1 log = 1 day of data.
from 00 to 23:59:59
9:57 PM
As always, I will pitch The Heap for all of your advanced database questions
They really are quite helpful
I think they think I am retarded.
When i explained that i used dynamic SQL.
^ they were like that
@Froxer if you mean what I think you mean, well, they're not wrong
I do use sp_executesql combined with it tho?
I parameterize everything
9:59 PM
That's not really the issue. It's fucking impossible to debug
Anyway that's quittin' time o/
oh ok
well, it seemed pretty doable to debug :D
i ran into a bunch of shit on the way
1 hour later…
11:01 PM
hmm... how do you get fully qualified name of a class as a string...
typeof<YourClass>.FullName ?
that all you want?
if it's an instance: var name = obj.GetType().FullName;
@ReedCopsey yeah :)
I found it, I was just being dumb, lol
now I'm wondering if there's a smart way to execute some anonymous code N times apart from Enumerable.Range().ForEach()
for loops make me sad
@ReedCopsey know anything clever?
I'd use a for loop, probably
11:13 PM
You have a ForEach extension method?
to me, that's ... not so great :p
List<T> does by default
well, tbh, I'd use F#, and just do [1..n] |> List.iter (fun _ -> // my stuff :p
that's not a List<T> though
yeah that's basically what I'd like to do ;p
IEnumerable doesn't have it
plz to come port TFS to F# for me
11:14 PM
I'd probably take a job to do that :p
that'd be a cool ass job
you never know ;)
I doubt they would want to port to entirety
but we're pretty laissez faire with how people get their jobs done here
I think if you came in as a principal and wanted to do your stuff in F# as long as you delivered nobody would care
gotta be careful with your hyphenation there
cool-ass job


cool ass-job
I've been spending this week writing a job to go clean up several terabytes of data in Azure... pretty interesting, actually. Learning a lot :)

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