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8:04 AM
well ... this post has 4 del-votes again: stackoverflow.com/q/16356420/727208
5 :)
why ?
@tereško I've put your answer in a gist in case it gets deleted...
Also, I voted to reopen the question
hey, who likes sql? :p I'm in doubt here
@tereško I guess the question was too broad/asking for off-site resource recommendations
I don't think it should've been deleted though, closed was fine
8:13 AM
@TOOTSKI nice patch
aaah, luckily I saved the answer :D
@HamZa Yeah, you could add to the name and description of the gist something in the lines of "MVC resources" for avid googlers
@FabrícioMatté I made it secret...
@Jack oh yay. my excuse :D
8:16 AM
@HamZa ohh Just noticed that, my bad :P
@Jack why delete that question?
from 6 people, who voted to delete, only 2 where with php experience ... the rest were c++ or c#
as a question itself it's OT although the information provided by teresko's answer should be part of the language wiki
@Jack What language?
That information doesn't necessarily apply for PHP alone.
Also, if the answer is very useful, like this one, that alone is enough to not have the question deleted.
Closed, but not deleted.
Now, I'm guessing one is mine, the other is @tereško
Who else here has 10k+?
@SecondRikudo well, it's about 3-rd party stuff, no?
8:20 AM
yep, we're just losing resources
Then perhaps the question should be edited to reflect the "approval by committee" status.
@AlmaDo It should be closed but not deleted, because the resources there are very good.
@SecondRikudo other is from Alma
@tereško yes, it's from me
@tereško You can't vote to undelete?
@Jack It doesn't need to be edited or anything
The question is bad.
But the answer is excellent.
but - I'm not sure, actually. So I'll ask: is closing enough?
if yes, I'll un-delv
@AlmaDo Why not?
And it's already undeleted
You can't vote to undelete twice IIRC
@SecondRikudo because we've deleted many questions about 3-rd party stuff
@AlmaDo But not with such a great answer!
You people lose track of what deletion is
Deletion is about removing crap.
This question is not purely crap, so it should not be deleted. Period.
8:22 AM
hm. ok, I thought that deletion or closing is about question & not answers in it
The question is (crap), the answer is not. Which is why I think it should be part of the tag wiki.
The fact that I'm coming back to it for reference every once in a while proves that point.
The 2nd undelete vote was mine, if that helps clearing up anyone's assumptions
@AlmaDo , here is an example: stackoverflow.com/… : deleted should be almost every question, except the canonical one
@Jack So does @HamZa 's canonical
And so does our error cannonical
8:24 AM
@JoeWatkins anyone with an account can create a new pecl package AFAIK
@tereško well, makes sense. Noticed, thank you
also, even in that list, there probably will be couple good questions
@tereško It's a bit different in the case of a duplicate.
8:25 AM
@SecondRikudo I can't really think of a way to make the question "on-topic"
When you have a highly known and highly voted canonical
@LeviMorrison I haven't had a chance to read through it of late, remind me again tonight. :)
It makes more sense to merge all of the questions with good answers back to the canonical
(Moving all answers to the new question, deleting the old)
btw, about my just asked question. It's a dupe - yes (but not easily googleable). Ok, we'll close it. Should it be deleted?
@AlmaDo No
8:27 AM
Duplicates shouldn't be deleted, unless there're literally hundreds or thousands of them.
Easy, because if someone thinks like you and will look for the questions same as you did, he'll find what you couldn't.
morning @JoeWatkins
Because it's now linked at the top.
btw, answer there is bad :\
If you delete it, someone who has the same question tomorrow will not find the question with a good answer.
8:28 AM
but my question hasn't good anwers
I have no idea how this got upvoted. ONLY FULL GROUP BY prevents the (non-standard) use of non-aggregated columns. GROUP BY NULL will yield a single record in the resultset, but not because it has limited the results to a single record - rather because all records have been aggregated into a single group. As @a_horse_with_no_name corrected me above, it is standard SQL. So, pretty much, everything in this answer is wrong. -1 — eggyal 4 mins ago
@AlmaDo Your question serves as a signpost to the one with good answers.
ok, so be it then
@AlmaDo That's a rip from another answer (the one from the dupe in fact)
@AlmaDo I don't think you can delete a question which has positive score and upvoted answers
You can flag it, though.
8:30 AM
@FabrícioMatté even if I can't, others can
@AlmaDo 20K+ rep here and no delete link :(
@FabrícioMatté Needs to be -1
Oh they are downvoting the answer
@AlmaDo There, you can delete it now heh
So refresh, now it can be.
8:31 AM
hm.. yep. I thought to do it, but.. there are opinions that I shouldn't. I partly agree
I don't think your question is a much better signpost than the dupe.
It has the same keywords.
Well, we've got rid of the misleading answer, up to @AlmaDo to do as they pleases with their question
just me or using "they" as gender-neutral pronoun feels really wrong
nah, "they" is awesome.
well, if I asked SO, then it's one of the case:
$answer = ($a = search(google))
  :($a = search(SO))
        :($q = ask(room11))
that was about !question(IS_PHP)
And now I see why everyone says to avoid ternaries
Though I managed to read it without problem, must mean I've used too many ternaries already
8:38 AM
Ternaries are fine, nested ternaries are evil.
yeah, btw without parenthesis the result would surprise you
assignment has lower precedence than ternaries, heh
Hmm, I'm wondering now if group by null is really standard SQL ...
it isn't. You can use group functions without group by at all (if there are no mixed columns, of course)
Getting close to 6am here, starting to get cold. I should make another coffee.
8:41 AM
It feels like group by <an-imaginary-column-that-will-always-be-the-same-somehow>
morning @bwoebi
@Jack it isn't unique..
edited :)
@Jack it isn't same..
what do you mean?
8:42 AM
@salathe well yeah but usually you have to announce packages before you get a pecl account ...
| a    | b    |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
sql noob
@JoeWatkins Santiago got his account for the sdl package.
@AlmaDo Google "IS NULL"
@SecondRikudo lol (: you missed all the sense :D
8:44 AM
@AlmaDo :P
@SecondRikudo oh yeah. if about mysql, then we have spaceships for that :p
@JoeWatkins what about phpdbg now?
will have to wait till tonight bob
8:46 AM
Hebrew bug is still unresolved
@JoeWatkins sorry, I'll have school tomorrow… and a test.
sorry what ?
@AlmaDo y u no use ?: ?
@AlmaDo you need to use some isnull function to check for null values IIRC
8:47 AM
@JoeWatkins I won't have time in the night…
@FabrícioMatté is null is for noobs. I have spaceships :p
@NikiC huh?
I have time until 23:00 I think…
time for what ?
if u have time, do some stuff, if not, don't ;)
$answer = search(google)
  ?: (search(SO)
@JoeWatkins to review before it's merged into php-src.
^ That should happen today… for beta2
8:50 AM
I'm working today
@AlmaDo nice, I don't remember seeing queries with <=> before. Long time I haven't written sql code anyway
@JoeWatkins when?
I'll find out when tagging ...
I'm working right now ... and should be all day ...
Apparently field IS NULL is faster than ISNULL(field) stackoverflow.com/a/17555439/1331430
learned something new today
That's assuming an INDEX, surely :)
8:58 AM
Oh, so there wouldn't be a difference if the column is not indexed? mhm
I should make some test cases on sqlfiddle sometime
Though I'll be working mostly with nosql/mongodb in the upcoming month
Yeah, because IS NULL is just a special case of = :)
okay, makes perfect sense :D
hey guys good morning
if treat NULL as "absence of value" - and not some "special value" - then sense is obvious
9:01 AM
hate null treatment in this context

* a = NULL
* a != 'something' // is false in SQL
am I right
it will be NULL
if any part of your expression is evaluated as NULL, then entire expression will result in NULL
and is NULL true or false?
null coerces to false in a where clause, I think
yes, no, maybe.
nether is it
9:03 AM
@andho The correct answer is that it can't be said for certain whether null is either true or false ;-)
It is:
mysql> select * from t;
| v    |
|    0 |
|   -1 |
|    1 |
| NULL |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select * from t where v;
| v    |
|   -1 |
|    1 |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select * from t where !v;
| v    |
|    0 |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)
so, NULL is not false
well yeah I mean I'm just glad we are able to talk about NULL (nothing) at least.
@jack i think i do have the right idea - i know what u mean - but hes talking about maximum chars per line and not cut after 15 + rest of the word
@Maggz > As you can see, some lines like [1] really should be cut in that Stevia cr but since the cut is in the middle of the last word, it is still allowed to be included in this chunk.
Anyhoo, gtg
NULL is mainly useful when dealing with constraints & referential integrity
9:07 AM
yeah, seeing null as absence of value makes more sense than as an special value
@Jack which results in more than the MAXIMUM of allowed characters per line
@FabrícioMatté because it is the sense of NULL in terms of SQL theory
@Jack i see what you're talking about - but i dont think it's what OP wanted ^^
@AlmaDo Yep, I should read more about SQL theory sometime :)
Right after I finish studying ES6, express.io (express + socket.io) and a handful of JS gaming engines
right now I'm reading about PHP hash table..
9:11 AM
Right now I'm feeling the regret of procrastinating for two whole days
same here >.<
9:32 AM
I've refactored the LALR parsing code to a potentially human-readable state: github.com/nikic/PHP-Parser/blob/master/lib/PhpParser/… :)
@bwoebi Can't name something of which I don't know what it does ^^
@NikiC hehe, me neither^^
naming a variable or a function will always be the most difficult thing from programming
9:38 AM
@bwoebi Before that all names were like that ... yygbase, yylhs, yyastk, ... :)
I know ;-)
I wonder whether there is some nice way to rewrite this code without using a separate function:
$idx = $this->actionBase[$state] + $symbol;
if ((($idx >= 0 && $idx < $this->actionTableSize && $this->actionCheck[$idx] == $symbol)
     || ($state < $this->YY2TBLSTATE
         && ($idx = $this->actionBase[$state + $this->YYNLSTATES] + $symbol) >= 0
         && $idx < $this->actionTableSize && $this->actionCheck[$idx] == $symbol))
    && ($action = $this->action[$idx]) != $this->defaultAction) {
} else {
.. how else could I explain that there are no ways to optimize spherical horse in vacuum?
There's no any strategy. As follows, from answer to point 1, proper indexes will reduce count of rows. But what if you have SELECT * FROM t? That's why in common case we can not say anything about reducing count of rows. What else it could be? Use partitioning. Or adjust database structure so it will fit your application requests better. That's it. No magic, only hard work. — Alma Do 1 min ago
@NikiC why should that be rewritten?
@bwoebi It looks quite ... ugly
Reminds me of the conditionals we have in std read property :D
9:49 AM
Hehe, I know what you mean… but these are worse^^
10:00 AM
anyone tell me, how
to convert php project into .exe file?
@Illaya Change all the file names to .exe and hope for the best?
@NikiC macros >D
@SecondRikudo thankx for your reply. But I need only one .exe file
@Illaya Change only one .exe file and hope for the best?
I'm trolling by the way. What the hell are you trying to achieve with that?
@SecondRikudo I have developed a mini game in PHP, so that I want to a single setup file
10:04 AM
@Illaya PHP runs on the server. What are you trying to accomplish?
It has GTK bindings too =p
@Jack GTK means?
@tereško Now accepting delvotes.
10:06 AM
so that's how weird question should look like :p
@SecondRikudo my PHP codings are just login and registration only
maybe setup like wordpress
@Illaya ... You said the game is in PHP. You are not making sense.
ok anyway. then how do I change this into an single .exe file?
10:09 AM
@Illaya ... You are not making sense.
What do you have, and what do you want?
@SecondRikudo he wants to have .exe file which will launch his php-written game
If your game is in PHP, it cannot run on client. If your game is in any other language, it's not a PHP question.
@AlmaDo s
10:10 AM
@SecondRikudo I would like you to allow me to say thanks.
@TOOTSKI Permission granted.
@AlmaDo That doesn't make sense.
@TOOTSKI yw :)
@rdlowrey dude, get out of bed ... where the fuck is ayres already ... I just got handed a project and I want it ... like now ...
@SecondRikudo who said anything about sense? :p
10:11 AM
@SecondRikudo exeoutput.com try this
@JoeWatkins It's private :>
here php project is converted into .exe
I know, I'm talking about the beta
Use it while it's beta alpha, live on the edge!
well I have the guy who wrote it like right next to me ...
10:12 AM
@JoeWatkins He was a weekend off now…
nearly every day ...
plus its not sourcery, php does this stuff but nobody put the effort in yet ...
You can't write a PHP game and expect it to run locally without some sort of setup and from the browser.
What you're asking is not trivial nor does it make much sense.
If you want a game to run on a PC, why the hell did you write it in PHP in the first place?
A language like Java or C++ would fit the description much better.
10:15 AM
@SecondRikudo it's... possible :p it just will include whole php & it's libraries (.dll) into the resulting project (:
but it's something that should be mentioned only to freak children :p
@AlmaDo It's possible to write your entire application with nothing but Gotos, it doesn't mean you can practically do it.
Nor does it mean you should.
@SecondRikudo it means that I can. But not that I should
@Illaya A game requires some sort of interaction, isn't it?
and of course, not that I want
How do you get your input?
10:19 AM
I don't believe this should be closed with the up to date SOF rules?
Q: PDO support for multiple queries (PDO_MYSQL, PDO_MYSQLND)

Gajus KuizinasI do know that PDO does not support multiple queries getting executed in one statement. I've been Googleing and found few posts talking about PDO_MYSQL and PDO_MYSQLND. PDO_MySQL is a more dangerous application than any other traditional MySQL applications. Traditional MySQL allows only...

@GajusKuizinas SOF?
Stackoverflow ...
oh.. suddenly I read that as Size Of Fail
@GajusKuizinas That's just called SO :)
@GajusKuizinas SO or [so]
10:22 AM
> Make sure PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES is set to 1
@tereško Wait what?
you know why it was closed, @GajusKuizinas ?! Because the answer that was given is completely retarded and actively harmful
@AlmaDo Soldier Of Fortune ;-)
@tereško Sure, now we know it. This is not clear (was not clear) from anywhere in the docs at the time.
@tereško Oh, to preform multiple queries.
10:23 AM
This can be demonstrated from the number of views.
@GajusKuizinas which would make it a good reason for deletion
because it spreads BAD CODE
Wow, really. A stonner?
I'm also in favor of deleting.
who the fuck is that Illaya and why did he just now invite me in 3 dumb rooms ?!
@tereško The same guy who wanted to compile his PHP game into an EXE?
10:25 AM
@tereško sorry.
@tereško your fan?
stackoverflow.com/questions/6346674/… reason: answer advises use of harmful practices
@GajusKuizinas The answer is crap. Having more views only makes it worse.
@Illaya please stop inviting me to different room
@tereško ok.
10:28 AM
also, I need to start setting up the coals for shashlik
@tereško Mmmm. We're having some too
Cheers to that
10:42 AM
@tereško Do you suffer of a light coprolalia? :)
@needaname Nah, welcome to the Internet.
@SecondRikudo Hah! Being on the internet doesn't mean 'leave your good manners home..' but whatever :)
^ awful
@AlmaDo correct
You are suggesting to delete a closed question because the answer is not great. That makes a lot of sense.
10:52 AM
Again, whatever. Actually it would be better to express those reprimed emotions in another way like doing a sport (even running for a good half hour when it's evening).
@GajusKuizinas We are suggesting to delete a closed questions because the only answer spread bad and harmful code. Yes.
@SecondRikudo Because no one cannot leave another answer. The question is closed.
@tereško 5th
Q: Using Python vs PHP for Web Development - When and Where

Brandon WamboldtFirst of all, please don't make a comment that is based on your opinion or preferences or some magic hatred for PHP. I work at a web development company and I'm going to write a new CMS soon. I'm currently using WordPress, but I have lots of experience with Python/Django. My question to this gr...

10:55 AM
@GajusKuizinas There really isn't a very useful answer to this question. What do you want us to tell you? "You shouldn't have two queries at the same time" anyway?
@SecondRikudo You are not in position to tell what PDO should or should not allow. Restricting access to a resource describing PDO behaviour is not going to alter what PDO can do. Instead, you should focus on meaningful answer suggesting the solution and warning about dangers.
@GajusKuizinas I am in a position to tell what a developer should or should not do with PDO.
Downvote for added efficiency :)
Also, there are several individuals in this room who most certainly are in the position to tell everyone what PDO should or should not allow since they develop the PHP language.
10:58 AM
Yes, I'm here.
/me lol
The fact that you can do something doesn't mean you should do it. Multiple SQL statements is most certainly and completely objectively, a bad practice. Regardless of how you try to use it.
The fact that the answer simply tells you "Oh, just don't use prepared statements or use emulated prepared statements" doesn't really help your case here.

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