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12:05 AM
Hey what is the name of this datetime format?

Hard to google something like that ;p
@MechaStorm Not sure, but probably a link from here will have it - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601
Or it might just be ISO 8601
Thats the one! - Thx!
yeap - now i can figure out wat to do next
@TOOTSKI I messaged you in another room :3, not sure if you got the notification.
Post here.
It's public anyways.
Ohh kk, got my interview tomorrow, they're pushing me for technical support. I reviewed all my information, mind giving me a pointer on how the interview process goes? It's my first job over the internet.
Sorry for being annoying about this :P
It's fine, unfortunately I have no idea, probably you'll be asked few technical questions, over the Skype I think (voice). Nothing unusual, same as every interview :) Sanity check.
@TOOTSKI Yeah, it's a voice interview. Perfect, thank you!
12:32 AM
Just be yourself, don't lie :) (much)
@TOOTSKI Lol, thank you again for telling me. Can't wait, hopefully I'll get it.
Good luck!
oldie but goldie
win32 only
12:39 AM
^ online interview :)
Yeah, all of the Windows.
@reikyoushin I know :P It was Spyke for me since the first time I saw.
@TOOTSKI @reikyoushin Oh god X_X my nervousness just went up
Dat anxiety
I am always happy, even when sad, LOLOLOL
1:11 AM
PHP.net: A or B?
i like dark colors but that part seems off..
if the whole sidebar is dark, then yeah i like it more..
@LeviMorrison I like B
@LeviMorrison Too much contrast IMHO, seems off.
1:23 AM
@TOOTSKI seems off ++
@TOOTSKI bucket list options?
@crypticツ just a list of questions so we can track if there's e.g. delv spree, it's easier to track... like ... cv-pls.com/y7x9z ... makes sense?
@TOOTSKI wouldn't that need to be integrated into the plugin then?
@DaveRandom talked about making a central database for all cv-pls services to use.
@crypticツ I don't know, it doesn't need to be related to the website per se.
That would be nice I guess.
The lame problem is this... we e.g. cast 5 delv and 1 is missing... and then it gets forgotten... this way we could pin the list here so everyone who is able and want, can vote.
Too tired, not sure what I'm typing.
1:40 AM
@TOOTSKI Well v2.0 of the cv-backlog will fetch delv-pls posts as well as a list of other *-tags and they will show up in the backlog. You will also be able to sort the columns, so sorting by the delv column will order them by that count. I should have it run a calculation to determine how many votes are needed so the column will read x/y votes.
2.0? Didn't even know about that. Nice.
well its basically the 'master' branch
Do you need better server? More IPs?
no, just more time to work on it. I'm the only one doing it =o(
I haven't had time for awhile to do anything with it.
Such unfair.
What are you doing anyways? :P
It's 10PM, you come here late.
1:43 AM
I haven't seen you around as much, cryptic. I hope that's a sign that a day-job is going well.
just busy doing "stuff" =oP
@LeviMorrison It can't go well if she comes at late evening :D
Neither is mine when I'm awake at 4AM, heh.
I've joined a lot of local groups, so doing a lot of volunteering, meetings, etc. I kinda have a life now, I guess.
not that I didn't have a life before =oD
Good for you!
@TOOTSKI github.com/cv-pls/site/pull/1#issuecomment-40909468 would this make all subdomains point to server?
or can I just add broom.cv-pls.com ?
1:47 AM
Yeah, you can, add A record with IP and "broom".
* would point all subdomains.
Take a screenie of your DNS management if you're not sure.
k, I hope to have other rooms eventually host their own version of the backlog configured for their room and tags and then give them their own subdomain so like javascript.cv-pls.com for example.
Yeah, yeah, that would super cool.
v2.0 is configurable so other rooms can just git it and edit config.
@TOOTSKI done, all it shows is a sad face =o(
ooooh sweet!
1:52 AM
That "It wasn't me" face goes nicely with broom.
@crypticツ change the stackoverflow.so to cv-pls.com when you have time :)
I don't own that domain
> Appending your avatar URL to http://broom.stackoverflow.so/?
Concentrate, young man.
Your work here is done.
almost, gotta add another post to the QA which @PeeHaa wants.
oh, nvm. Someone already did.
why does it not show up in the canonical list then? =o\
2:05 AM
Current is fine, you are overdesigning it.
I want more contrast.
2:27 AM
do we have a canonical for this?
@TOOTSKI More darkness! =D
@Jack I think we have it covered in "what is this error message" one
let me take a look see
ahh yes
I'm trying to figure out why some of them are not showing up. I think it has to do with the IDs being represented as integers in the object arrays. 4 canonical posts are not showing up. I think the ID has hit some integer limit in JS.
not sure =o\
the largest IDs are not showing up
2:49 AM
3 messages moved to Trash
@PeeHaa fixed! The API defaults to 30 entries per page. Since we only request a single page we only get the first 30 results. So 31+ never show. I increased the pagesize to 100 so they all now show.
@crypticツ Btw, what's this stuff? !)94yI_.r0i6M'?
@Jack that's the API filter created here api.stackexchange.com/docs/create-filter
coolio :)
3:27 AM
Sad, even gold php users fall for the empty() trap.
@Jack What would use as an alternative? empty() with isset()?
@AmalMurali Just isset() and an appropriate "empty" function
I'm not sure who screwed it up, but the #toTop thing for PHP.net is fubarred major.
Oh it was me.
I can vote on php.net comments as many times as I want!
3:43 AM
close as what?
I've never seen that error message before btw.
> Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 10
Oh. I thought I'd casted a CV
@Jack As a dupe of this question.
Yeah I saw :)
4:02 AM
Hmm, does anyone know a clean way to build a URL given the parts array from parse_url()?
I'm thinking of a switch() with multiple cases, each checking and adding the parts of the URL
Part of the RFC talks about building a URL from its parts.
Which RFC?
Hmm, seems pecl_http has http_build_url()
@Jack: Cool. I also found this function by DaveRandom.
4:12 AM
Yeah, my code is largely based on stuff that Chris wrote ;-)
4:55 AM
Morning everyone.
5:07 AM
I wonder if search engines are banned in the OP's country.
What's that weird stuff in the question? if(if(is_set($POST('method'))))
@Jack: You gotta verify it really works!
@Jack copypasted code from the internets
if(if(if(if(if(@$LOG))))) {
    echo 'log on succass';
5:38 AM
With that kind of code you don't need enemies ;-)
@Jack: BTW, I updated the answer.
Maybe there's a better approach to do what I'm currently doing?
@AmalMurali I came up with this :)
You ain't no man if you ain't got Iterators heh
Cool. MultipleIterator. Haven't even heard of that one before!
It comes in handy sometimes.
I just wish it took the iterators in its constructor instead of having to call attach several times.
5:43 AM
True that.
Is it possible (sensible) to compact this code:
$a = array(10, 20);
$b = array(1, 2, 3);

$smallArr = min($a, $b);
$largeArr = max($a, $b);

$smallCount = count($smallArr);
$largeCount = count($largeArr);
$smallCount = count($smallArr = min($a, $b));? :)
Hmm, what if both arrays are equally big?
Then the results are going to be the same
Oh wait, arrays will be compared value by value.
So it should work okay.
Yeah, I think it should. Either way, the OP hasn't said anything about it in the question. So I assume it should be enough :D
5:46 AM
Yeah, they write their question and go to bed or sth
Like most of the askers
Average developer: Ask a stupid question on SO, go to sleep, wake up next morning, find ten answers with different approaches. Problem solved. Repeat!
6:04 AM
anyone alive?
nope, all dead.
i'm having this really weird problem with php
i have a form that submit's to itself
and when i don't include a if ($_POST['submit']) {
it works, when i do, it doesn't
What does print_r($_POST); output?
wait i think i found the problem
Yeah, talking to me works wonders! :P
6:09 AM
i think it does :)
yea i found the problem
Q: Hi guys how are you?

user3559103How are you all? let's chat here. Where are you from? <h1>Hi guys, How are you all?</h1> <?php echo "<p>let's chat here.</p>"; ?> <?php echo "<p>Where are you from?</p>"; ?>

i needed to include a <input type="hidden" value="submit" name="submit" />
with my button
submit button*
Destroyed in 30 Seconds ™
such a shame that guy looked lonely
6:24 AM
@AmalMurali Are you doubling as rubber duck now?
I got the reference, but I don't understand what you mean.
lol I have not written auto-biography even when I was applying my first job. ^
6:43 AM
Today I have reached 80k ... hurray ;-)
Congrats, @Jack. celebrates with a +1
lol ... that answer doesn't have enough upvotes yet heh
Offer a bounty! :P
Just like this answer ... Add bounty because we want to see when the counter will break :)
I wonder why was that answer downvoted. I've never read it fully and have no knowledge on the subject, but I think it's awesome.
6:53 AM
Which one?
The branch prediction?
Yeah. 7 downvotes.
Weird, but on the whole that's a very tiny fraction.
People like to rage downvote someone for no particular reason, though.
And the typical approach is 1) find best scoring answer 2) downvote it (with rage)
sick people
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. To execution time. (with apologies to Robert Frost) — maditya Apr 5 '13 at 20:43
Best comment under the answer :D
Looking for old RSS.
7:05 AM
Well, night guys
@Jack think it's okay to call a bug reporter a dick if they are being a dick ?
@JoeWatkins Ehm, what?
Good morning!
good mornings!
7:17 AM
@JoeWatkins what a clown.
Actually, how come the Git commits tab is not updated?
when I commit to phpdbg ??
don't expect it to be ...
Would be nice, though.
If the commit gets merged into php-src it should be able to pull the bug id from the message.
it'd be nice if phpdbg were a submodule and we were using git properly .... but we don't seem to have that option ...
Hmm is there a way that print_r($some_var) spits out multiple top level arrays?
urrrm ... don't think so ... what do you mean exactly ?
just about to go on school run ... will look when I get back ...
7:26 AM
@JoeWatkins in his defense though, the bug he linked to was rather annoying.
and if something is not merged, is it really done?
yes, phpdbg is not developed inside php-src, and he knew that because he linked to the phpdbg repos ...
> i suppose it's common issue with php-src that they have no control and lose patches :S, they do not even respond why it was not applied, no shame
if you spoke to me like that in person, I'd punch you in the throat ...
I only use my hands for coding, but can head butt
no seriously, the other bug he linked is hilarious
@crypticツ Thanks! <3
mornin' everyone
7:39 AM
morning @tereško
morning @all
@PeeHaa You were quiet this weekend -_-
7:54 AM
I haven't been on much. Mostly because I was sleeping :|
Sleeping? Pffrt, there's no time for that.
Yes, because sleep is for the weak.
True I am weak
Watching GOT!!
7:58 AM
@tereško you mentioned not using rsa. What should be used?
@salathe heya
morning Joe & Salathe
hey @JoeWatkins
8:01 AM
You guys use RSA?
I have been moving to ECDSA .. using RSA only for github nowadays
I think the sorts of answers that go above and beyond simple "do this, even if it's a bad idea" are important to the community. Explaining better ways of doing something to educate the user to use more best practices is great. This isn't only a question and answer site. We are not Yahoo answers. — Jimbo 1 min ago
8:11 AM
BitBucket doesn't support ecdsa
@Jimbo I don't understand your comment
@SecondRikudo I'm trying to explain that we don't just answer if someone has asked how to do something that is not a good way of doing it. Explain better ways of doing what they're currently doing and why
@Jimbo Ah
I don't want to work today
8:13 AM
Just saying we're better than that :-)
@tereško It rains and you have feeling you should be sitting at home drinking tea beer? :)
Yay. I have the running elephpant again as php.net logo \o/
@Leri sun is shinning, it's 21°C and I have a feeling that I should be outside drinking beer
@tereško wet and miserable here but I have a feeling also I should be outside drinking beer.
It's going to rain here soon, so a wine would suit me better ;-)
8:24 AM
It's already raining here.
Erm.. Although it seems that room 11 is not the place where one can get any feedback, but at least this time there is just one paragrapgh to read. github.com/colshrapnel/thebestpdowrapper/blob/master/… What would you say?
I was thinking about how people may not enjoy their jobs. Or at least not love it. To spend 7.67% of your working life enjoying a full 24 hours. (Holiday).
@YourCommonSense Unfortunately, you can't create a better wrapper than the best pdo wrapper .. so I guess we'll be stuck with singleton mayhem ;-)
YetAnotherPDOWrapper may have been a better name.
that's some sort of self-irony, but you're right, people tend to take everything too literally
especially on this blessed site
8:34 AM
@YourCommonSense One thing that irks me about the implementation is that I see no easy way to "import" another PDO instance.
@YourCommonSense This can result in quite unintuitive calls, imho.
Hey @DaveRandom
What would be the right pattern to parse this {{ product_bonus_1 }} {{ product_currency_1 }} for example as two different elements. So that matches array would have both, product_bonus_1 and product_currency_1.
it's really inteded for these bebies in the woods for whom even global operator is a mystery.
8:37 AM
global is and should remain a mystery.
If I do '#{{ (.+) }}#', then it returns product_bonus_1 }} {{ product_currency_1
@Leri I can't think of example. Can you?
@PeeHaa May I be so rude as to request your services for a short time at your own liberty in regards to PitchBlade routing. There's no urgency for this.
@Leri If parent::execute() fails it will throw an exception.
@Jack Seems to me, that usage of this operator solely rests with the architect of the application.
8:39 AM
@YourCommonSense I accept your point about using singleton to reach the masses, but could I get the instance and use it "properly" if I want to? (with the shiny wrapping, not just getting the raw PDO)
@YourCommonSense Some folks may do: while (...->execute()->fetch())
@Eugene you need to use an ungreedy pattern .*? instead of .*
@Jack yet even concept of variable scope is a new thing for those who are coming in PDO tag in great numbers. as a result they end up with multiple PDO instances and multiple connects from the same script
Also, ...->execute()->someMethod() seems bad to me.
@Jack I know and that was not the case. :)
8:41 AM
@HamZa thank you. Will remember.
I had to guess :) @Leri
@Leri In exception mode there's nothing wrong with method chaining IMO
@DaveRandom $pdo = DB::instance; or I didn't get your question?
@DaveRandom he has a fair point with this example.
@DaveRandom I am not against method chaining in general. However, I expect that method with name execute (or similar) is void.
In some cases (broken APIs), returns result code.
@YourCommonSense Oh sorry I read the paragraph and didn't look at the code, I assumed there was more to the wrapper (like, by getting the \PDO instance directly I would be bypassing some wrapped methods)
@Leri I agree in general that "do something" sounds like it will do something and not produce something, but I don't see the harm in the fluid interface given that the way you detect failures is to break the program flow
Well, perhaps a DB::import($pdo) could be something to consider ;-) @YourCommonSense
@YourCommonSense kill it with fire before it lays eggs
@Leri only difference between returning void and $this is, returning $this is more helpful.
Which would set the attributes to some kind of (assumed) sane defaults ;-)
@SalvadorDali your avatar is distracting :)
8:51 AM
@TOOTSKI I hate you so much for that
@DaveRandom If we put aside unintuitive/less readable code that API leads to, look at this potential usage. In most cases this won't throw any exception but would cause logical errors (I am not saying anything about unnecessary db calls). Am I missing something here?
@Leri Whoever does that deserves everything that's coming for them :)
@andho Let's return $this in every void method then. :)
@Leri Yeh but that's just an RTFM problem. On the flip side, you could do foreach ($db->execute() as $row) { /* ... */ }
I agree .. let's create ... the FluidProxy class :D
8:56 AM
a question for PHP guru's here
perfomance wise, what's the fastest way to convert an array of string numerics to a query-string using implode ?
@KarelG It's irrelevant
string numerics?
Even the slowest method would take a matter of milliseconds
fe ' ... WHERE foo.id IN ( ' . implode(', ', $myArray) . ' ) AND ...'
@DaveRandom It is... but API is also pushing to that. Anyways, for people stuck with global, who are the audience of that lib as @YourCommonSense mentioned, this would not make any difference. However, I discourage them to use this kind of wrappers since they are just adding another maintenance hell.
8:58 AM
Ohhh, that kind of query string.
@KarelG That's pretty open for sql injection.
@KarelG Did you cast the elements of your array to an int?
@KarelG What other method is there, exactly?
@DaveRandom Prepared statements =D
@Jack (... that just uses implode)

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