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7:49 AM
I hope we'll be able to exchange a couple of PHP-specific ideas here. :)
8:35 AM
are there any good screencasts for PHP?
8:47 AM
I'd be interested in some too is good for Zend Framework screencasts
cool.. are these related only to ZF? or are there more general PHP topics? (browsing at the moment..)
they're ZF only i think
what kind of things are you looking for?
9:05 AM
I'm looking for general PHP screencasts. Maybe discussing tips and tricks, what's new in the PHP world, talks about the current available frameworks, tools, etc. I don't think there's something like that yet.
What about free videos of PHP conferences? I only found a few videos on the net. Do you know any good sites?
hello everybody
i just notice there is a chat box, holy kernel.
@Shiki test, have you tried youtube ?
I did, found some there. And vimeo too.
9:26 AM
hi people, are you using any php template engine? which one do you recommend me? thanks
@xaguilars for what ?
@AdamRamadhan for any type of content
@xaguilars have you tried smarty ?
quite now im useing, but its not so recommended becouse im still new at it.
I've tested Twig, but it does not have syntax highlight support on any IDE and It's difficult to read code
I'm interested in Smarty3, but I think it's in beta yet
9:33 AM
Twig is very good, but I wanted to know what people are using
Sounds interesting
@Shiki It sounds interesting
haven't tried it though. But it looks pretty good.
I'm learning Yii, and I will give it a try along with SASS.
There's a Yii extension supporting both SASS and HAML for PHP
Thank you shiki ;)
sure. I'm also using Yii at the moment :)
9:51 AM
I like the idea of haml -looks like it's used all over the place
2 hours later…
12:07 PM
Is anybody know better tutorials about the php include the oop pattern etc?
@rubyid10 OOP is not a pattern by itself, but I can tell you one thing...
@spoulson yes
This is the defacto standard book for learning OOP patterns:…
I have it and it's full of wisdom
But it takes a lot of practice to get good at using them.
thank you very much,have dream day
great day?
12:12 PM
Dream day means your dream in night
Ok, if you say so. :)
nice, SO chat!
@DavidCaunt First time using the chat system?
for SO yeah, it's about time
@DavidCaunt I agree with that!
12:14 PM
me, too.
me too
12:33 PM
So let's get the PHP conversation going!
In fact, I have some suggestions for this room. Who's the owner?
php rocks
PHP is ok
I love PHP. But it's not loved by all...
@pestaa let me know when you're back. I have some feed ideas for you
12:46 PM
PHP is hated by most.
It's even fashionable (and proper!) to hate PHP
@VinkoVrsalovic Woah there
Some of us code PHP for a living you know
I have done so too
Let's spread the love in here, not the hate :-)
I'd rather keep my spreads for the bread!
Fiar enough :-)
12:52 PM
@Josh Do you know many other languages besides PHP?
I used to hate PHP by default, but I've since upgraded it to "OK" since doing a project in it last year.
The ubiquitousness and community support is hard to beat.
I hate PHP haters :p
@VinkoVrsalovic I know JavaScript, Ruby, C/C++, some perl
bash, if you could consider that a language...
PHP gets a bad wrap, like VB, because a lot of novices use it, too. (IMHO)
My view is, it's not so much the language, it's the author and quality of the code
1:00 PM
I found there's plenty of experts out there using primarily PHP
@Josh right
@spoulson & @ Josh : both true :)
Does anybody here use CodeIgniter 2?
There is a great question on SO and answers about this subject.
It is a wildly controversial subject though
I'm curious about how stable the framework is right now
A: Defend PHP; convince me it isn't horrible

Vinko VrsalovicAll your criticisms (and some more) are valid. You are allowed and even expected to hate PHP. But, then again, it has some benefits: Ubiquitous Fast (especially using opcode caches) Huge community (and great documentation) Works Finally, you can overcome many if not all the downsides by wri...

1:01 PM
@VinkoVrsalovic It is. Too much so if you ask me. It's not very productive
Complaining about parts of PHP that you want to be improved is productive. But if you think it's horrible, don't use it
@Josh Well, it's at least as productive as chatting here :)
@VinkoVrsalovic Haha, this is true. Speaking of which I am wandering AFK again. I'll be on and off throughout the day.
@ Yi Jiang: CodeIgniter 2? explain
1:35 PM
Anybody fans of CakePHP?
I was fan of Eocene
Until what? It gave you an STD?
Until it disappeared from earth. In retrospect it was a fairly appropriate name
1:53 PM
@VinkoVrsalovic : niiiice !
@kevtrout CodeIgniter 2 is in beta I think, and the forum indicates that it's stable enough to use in production
Which is why I'm curious if anyone's using it
I'd wager that some people in the forums are using it
2:07 PM
sweet this chat room has got a fence not a door, people are jumping in from the top lol
hahaha and falling out through the ground
Gordon, u just fell in
Maybe we should recommend a user-specified swagger when you join a room
whats a user-specified swagger
I bet the C# room will be filled to brim
A bit more prople there, yes. :)
Maybe I want to do the worm when I join a room
anyone working with MODx lately ?
2:12 PM
I wouldn't call that valid php.
that is not php at all
@xaguilars I've found that a lot of stuff has highlighting support for Jinja, which is syntactically very similar to Twig. I actually enjoy using it.
Jinja is python, this a php room
/me wonders if this has any support for markdown or IRC-like commands
2:16 PM
@Gordon read the faq:
@Gordon Markdown support is similar to that in comments. Go to the sandbox if you want to play around with it
@Fosco @YiJiang thanks
Is there a rule about asking for direct help in here?
Anyone make use of Haxe?
Wondering if it's gone beyond proof of concept yet.
@DaveKiss I didn't see that rule anywhere so go for it.
2:25 PM
@AllainLalonde oh wow, haXe is a crazy concept
Not sure what use it would really have.
@spoulson Yeah, just looking at it, sounds interesting, but am I really going to be able to use the same code to make my mobile web site (on PHP) and a mobile app (on whatever?).
@spoulson seems interesting
Too bad the notepad++ plugin is outdated :(
Seems it's similar to GWT but cross compiles its own syntax to various targeted platforms.
2:42 PM
@Gordon Also see:
Q: /me command for chat

The Unhandled ExceptionI love the "action" command /me found elsewhere, and think it would be fun to have in the chat. A message like: /me loves the new chat system Would show up as: Josh loves the new chat system Rather than: Josh: loves the new chat system I'm trying to think how it would work with ...

@Josh Well, if enough people uses it then it'll become an informal standard
@YiJiang Or, if everyone uses the userscript :-)
or bookmarklet
Can anyone help me out in PHP fil copying ?
Hello ?
Ant one can help me in file copying ?
@5416339 Sure. Use the copy command
2:50 PM
My question is quite big
5416339 why not do it dynamically
this is bad practice
Dynamically ?
And why is it bad ? You mean this ?…
@Thomaschaaf Use @5416339 to reply to someone
except if you have +5MM Views or something
@YiJiang thanks
/me testing
2:52 PM
@5416339 yes
@NullUserException go test some where else
@Thomaschaaf What do you mean ??
"except if you have +5MM Views or something" ??
@5416339 5 Million Page Views per Month
@5416339 as far as I understand you are trying to pre render the search results correct?
@5416339 as you can see… people are confused what you are trying to do.
@Thomaschaaf Why whats wrong I'm not saving the results.I'm just saving the iframe source.So technically its not static
2:57 PM
hi guys, just checking out this
@Thomaschaaf I have change the question now
I have made it more clear
So any clue anyone ??
@5416339 Sounds like you can play with output buffering
"output buffering" Didn't get you there ..
search.phtml will output the results as expected, then at the end make a call to ob_get_contents() to get the output buffer and save to the .html file
Ok.Thats fine
But how do i get all the contents of the file
3:17 PM
What file?
You want to do something with "SEARCHED TEXT" and a file, but you're not clear what.
yah i want to make that file
fopen() ?
thats fine
but what about the content in it ?
You're being vague
I don't know what you're doing with "SEARCHED TEXT" and what you plan on putting in this file.
3:23 PM
Oh, so you're not writing the code for search.phtml, you want to do a web request from it?
What will that do ?
It downloads content from a URL
hi everyone
But if it does download then the same file will be opened and created again and again
Just image..
The function will run again and again
It will nver end
@5416339 I'm still confused
Are you writing search.phtml?
3:34 PM
Yah I'm wrting Search.html
You mean search.**p**html?
3:46 PM
Hello everyone.
@shamittomar Welcome
Nice - chat... A less efficient form of Q&A
@VanceLucas LOL. Depends, it can be very useful for interactive help
I've found it to be effective in a few cases
Formed The Roach Motel for that very purpose
Yeah, it can be useful for some things
I think it would be a lot more effective attached to particular questions though
4:17 PM
@VanceLucas I think those are called comments
4:31 PM
Anyone know of a PHP "console"? either web based or native to OS X?
@tb Console? Are you looking for something like Zend Server provides?
@nvoyageur Something I can run arbitrary PHP in and generate output. Like an interactive console with a GUI/highlighting/error reporting
@tb @tb Have you tried
@Gunjan Slick. Thanks.
this is awesome hopefully ..will use it.
4:40 PM
4:59 PM
@spoulson Hey!
5:26 PM
5:46 PM
The fun thing with codepad: you can experiment with different languages, without needing an environment.
Is jpgraph the best at creating plots with php?
/me 2
I've used pChart
6:02 PM
hello, dropping by to check out this chat site
@Chris hello :D
Hey there, fellow PHP coders...
6:29 PM
anybody there?
I am
6:56 PM
since when are these SO chatrooms public?
Earlier today afaik.
nice, i hope they'll attract the same attention as SO did in general. even faster answers than SO :)
hello everyone! now SO has chat! that's wicked!
yeah, its like IRC, only via a web interface :P
7:12 PM
i've written a few web chats, but as always - it's not about the technology, it's about the community... and SO has that in spades
no doubt. i think the net result will be the same though-- interactive and collaborative debugging with strangers!
and lots of snarkiness. dont forget that
i don't know nothing about snarkiness, or double negatives
this is like IRC in a browser
So what's the backend for this?
No idea, AFAIK they haven't told us yet. There will probably be a blog post on it eventually
7:20 PM
Hello, all =) Just popping in to say hi. Not sure when SO got a chatroom, but I logged in today and it said I gained chat privileges suddenly.
can anybody recommend a framework for reading Excel 2003/2007 files in PHP?
I actually answered the Excel question before. Found a framework for opening/editing/saving Excel 2003 files. I don't know if it supported 2007, though. I'll go find that post for you.
Here's your PHP Excel answer:
The download comes with sample scripts which you can use to learn how to use it.
@Aeon from what I can see, this chat functions very similar to phpFreeChat (, but much smarter. I'd imagine jQuery front-end and PHP back-end. Maybe a custom script.
@Kyle No problem =) Any other questions, feel free to ask.
7:30 PM
Evening all.
Good evening =)
Hows things steven?
Well, today is going well. Life isn't. But today at least is wonderful =)
I'm worried this chat is a little laggy. Or if not that, at least inactive. I haven't seen a single response in under 10 seconds.
@steven_desu: i can't even imagine the load that one would get by running a blocking or polling chat written in PHP... but then, i'm biased towards node.js for comet stuff...
Gotta live for today eh?
7:32 PM
A single response anywhere?
@ivans I actually saw 20-30 active members simultaneously on phpFreeChat and responses tended to come within 2-3 seconds of posting. The most recent 10 messages were cached server-side so it was pretty much just like serving a 1kb webpage
@Toby So how has your day been?
@No one in particular: I really hope they release this chat as open source. I must have spent weeks modding the phpFreeChat source only to end up crying on the floor and giving up.
i thought i was skilled with PHP, but i'm not sure how one could cache something in PHP directly without resorting to something like redis...
@steven_desu: i doubt this is phpfreechat, wouldn't be performant enough to handle hundreds of users stackoverflow has.
@ivans it's just a matter of using file_put_contents() and file_get_contents(), actually. When someone posts a message you have a folder of the last 10 messages, each one a file whose name is the message id.
@steven_desu: besides, SO is written in .net/ASP afaik
7:35 PM
@steven_desu: i would be hesitant to call that "caching" or "optimization"
@ivans Since the files are named by id, you can just delete the one with the lowest number (oldest), then open a new file and write the contents of the post.
(er, hundreds of simultaneous users, probably thousands down theroad)
@ivans I didn't say optimization, I said caching =) If the values are pre-computed for quick re-sending, it's a cache.
hahaha! :)) shame on me for not paying attention :)
7:36 PM
@Aeon I didn't say it was phpfreechat, just that is functioned similarly. In other words, I believe it's a javascript front-end and a one-time running back-end script like PHP/Perl/ASP/etc. I just didn't feel it used open sockets or Flash
hello everybody
yeah, no flash
i am not so sure about sockets though
@Aeon SO does have lots of users, but I wouldn't say "hundreds *simultaneously*". Look over the right. This one room has about 20 users, probably 3-4 of us are active.
yeah but it just launched
i'm sure as it spins up, we'll get a lot more
7:38 PM
@Aeon You'd have to have 50 rooms to hit 200 simultaneous users.
established irc channels like #php or #rubyonrails or #java have at least a few hundred users simultaneously
hello everyone
granted SO is not as big as IRC
Most users are generally 1 time just want my question asked, plus all the rooms that can be created
but i'd be surprised if it stayed around this usage.
7:38 PM
I actually doubt it'll get a lot busier as time goes on. Usually sites have a single thing they're dedicated to, and any extra features fall to the way-side
i agree with steve_desU
I expect a few people will come to chat for social interaction or entertainment, but most people will use the main features.
I doubt I will come on to here anymore. If it was IRC, I would just add it to IRSSI and be on all the time, but the webbased stuff gets annoying.
besides, it already has at least 4 pages x 20 rooms each, so already 80 rooms
web based does get annoying and IRC is just too easy
7:39 PM
yeah i prefer irc myself
IRC is just too anonymous, which is why they did the webbased.
freenode is great for all sotrs of resources
it's easy enough to require auth on irc
and not impossible to tie it into existing user system
7:40 PM
@Aeon 80 rooms, but a lot of those have one or two people in them. This room with over 20 people has 3-4 active. Those 1-2 person rooms may be entirely inactive waiting on a third person to come in and spice things up
Maybe they just didn't want to run an IRC server I guess.
but like i said, they only launched this morning :)
I think more than not wanting to be anonymous, using the web-based system they have more control over everything.
7:41 PM
I think its been out for a while, they just made it available this morning.
Haven't you noticed that the chat is parsed like SO questions/answers? Backticks escape, astericks bold or italicize...
anyway, pretty nice work :)
It would be interesting to have a chat room on here for a specific question, that way you could directly interact with OP/responders
I thought the Meta Chat was public for awhile now
and it's pretty responsive
i am definitely not seeing 10 second lag times @steven_desu mentioned
7:41 PM
Chris, thats why you can create your own chatrooms I am sure.
@Aeon, wait till more of us get here
@Chris We have done that for specific issues. Domain Picking on Gaming and other stuff
I don't think chat room per question would be that effective. Usually it's a couple of hours before you get a good response
7:41 PM
Most people wouldn't sit around that long waiting.
yea Brad for that reason I see it as a great thing but if you hav any presence on any IRC chanenl like #php, #jquery, #linux, etc those are just as easy and you will find the same level fo knowledge and skill there
I saw 10 second lags before. Now people are talking more. It was just inactive.
is this thing on? poke
IRC is a rough community though for newbies asking a question with halfass details
7:42 PM
I help out on a few different #php irc servers.
but it does force you to laern to read and ask proper questions quickly
But yea, I am generally an asshole for stupid questions or people who cannot read the manual.
whcih ones brad?
I never got into IRC, honestly. I downloaded a client, started it up, and had no idea what I was doing.
I stopped going to freenode's ##php because they forbid public logging. I'm also a regular+op on EFNet's #java...
7:43 PM
Local ones,
So is it just a bunch of chatrooms? Or am I missing out on anything? And how does one find the specific chatroom they're looking for?
steven_desu rtfm
its just a chat
@Chris =P Thanks. I may look back into IRC. Looked into it 6 years ago and decided it was overwhelming. I was 14 then XD
@Chris Also, "tfm" didn't help much when Googling "IRC" returns everything from bots to servers to chat logs
@steven_desu, go back to IRC it'll be like being 14 again!
7:46 PM
mmm 14
I don't think I want to be 14 again -.-
Did the wet dreams scare you?
No. The muggings and the school bullies took care of that for me. Geeks don't do well in public schools.
I'd go back to 14 if I didn't have to go to school again. More time to get more projects completed.
I though we were in the PHP room
7:48 PM
I leave for a few hours and when I return the conversation has turned from PHP hating to wet dreams... what, are we on MSO chat and I didn't notice?!?
Dunno, never been to it.
hmm that didn't work :-/
You know, sometimes you feel like a nut. And sometimes you don't.
oh yay it did
7:50 PM
backwards g?
/me claps for sally.
sometimes I think I'm a peanut
but it quickly passes
=\ no /me command, makes me a sad panda.
@Josh Pics or didn't happen
/me = [[status-declined]]
oh wait, nope still gone.
/me waits ( :( )
7:51 PM
@steven_desu Pics of me doing errands before my vacation? Man, those would be boring
/me wonders if you can invite people to a new chat room. That would be interesting.
[php] needs some more fun questions
@salathe Agreed
I think we should add a PHP feed
I would but I'm not a room owner :-(
@BradFJacobs apparently you can.... but only to the room that you created
7:56 PM
I think that's a bad idea.
@Aeon I'm working on an XMPP version
How many php questions does SO get on average?
@Noctrine because of volume?
@Josh nice!
7:56 PM
A lot :-)
You can ignore the feeds user. But I think we could probably find a way to have a specific feed which is low-volume
Every 10 or so seconds (or whatever the time is) you'd be bombarded with questions
really? the php section isn't that active (unless, I'm doing it wrong)
@Noctrine I'm not sure if PHP questions are asked that much
But if so, we can make the feed more specific, like only unanswered PHP questions, or only PHP questions with >2 upvotes or something
Something to keep this room on topic :-)
but that's just my $0.02
7:58 PM
If you want the room on topic, just ask me to leave :)
hmm, if we feed Qs in here, no-one would talk because they'd be answering!
@Noctrine I think SO gets like 30 PHP questions per day
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