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2:01 AM
@bwoebi I think allowing Traits to formally implement Interfaces would be great.
2:24 AM
Hello everyone
6 hours later…
8:05 AM
dude it's like, way early ...
@JoeWatkins totally
Also I'm not sure when this became a Bill and Ted movie, but I like it
Happy God Bothering Day
is it ... happy ... really ... wasn't someone crucified and isn't that an unimaginably horrible way to die, and wasn't he killed for ridiculous reasons, and wasn't he also clearly an unstable megalomaniac ... happy ... is it ...
I don't buy that its happy ... if you believe these stories are true, it's a terrible story, if you believe they are not, it's a terrible story ...
8:15 AM
8:29 AM
Hi everyone, I have a question about how should I approach a tool I'm trying to make with php
Basically I'm going to have a big list of things that a user either can or can't do based on certain values that are already known, and all I want to do is display the list of things in different sorted fashion (can currently do, already completed, cannot do, etc). I'm a Java programmer expanding my abilties, so naturally I'd use OOP to do this with Java by creating a custom object and checking some conditions. Not sure how to approach this in php
8:54 AM
Use OOP in PHP by creating a custom object and checking some conditions.
Use Things in Some Environment by creating a custom implementation and doing other things.
^ pretty much the same advice ^
9:33 AM
@JoeWatkins Having time a bit later than originally announced… Easter day... pfff...
@bwoebi cool
Good morning
Hi, how are you? Having a good Easter?
Yeah, peace on earth. Polands training of Euromaidan armed forces have just been reported, it's all NATO's fault :) Can you imagine a better day for peace?
10:14 AM
@JoeWatkins having time now…
Hello anyone great at mysql?
I'm using php.net/manual/en/class.recursivedirectoryiterator.php to list all images with this function gist.github.com/Enijar/11110429. When I change the function to list all files I keep getting hidden files in the list. I've used $files->setFlags(RecursiveDirectoryIterator::SKIP_DOTS); to remove '.' and '..' form the list. Does anyone know how to ignore hidden files?
I need to do SELECT * FROM table WHERE columnvalue doesnt exist in othertable
Is that possible?
Have you joined the two tables?
@Enijar Hidden files under linux start with the dot e.g. .htaccess or .gitignore or even .git. If you do not want to list nor traverse them with RDI you need to create (or re-use an existing) RecursiveFilterIterator for that.
10:23 AM
@hakre I was thinking of re-using the preg_match() function in my previously linked function to see if the file starts with a '.' but I don't have much experience with regex and I can't seem to get it to work.
@user3123545 which columnvalue? You've just wrote * which can mean all but also nothing. You're probably looking for a LEFT OUTER JOIN and checking for NULL values in Table B (see: blog.codinghorror.com/a-visual-explanation-of-sql-joins) or some NOT IN with a sub-select (start with LEFT JOIN if you ask me).
@Enijar Well, you can also just substring the first character of the file or directory name and check if it is a dot or not. That's pretty easy if the encoding of the filename is us-ascii, latin-X based or UTF-8.
good morning @PeeHaa!
heya hakre!
@hakre Ah thanks, didn't think of that. Good morning @PeeHaa
10:30 AM
good moonings, @PeeHee
hey enijar
@salathe sir
@PeeHaa aren't you going to search for some eggs today?
@hakre What if I want to check if specific column in other table equals to something ?
Stackoverflow answers are using web sockets? the content reloads but never sends any ajax requests
10:39 AM
@user3123545 First of all define the relation to that other column, then see if that relation is 1:1 or 1:n, then formulate your WHERE accordingly.
hello, room 11..
god mroning
happy Easter, everyone
10:41 AM
strange idea of happyness ...
3 hours ago, by Joe Watkins
is it ... happy ... really ... wasn't someone crucified and isn't that an unimaginably horrible way to die, and wasn't he killed for ridiculous reasons, and wasn't he also clearly an unstable megalomaniac ... happy ... is it ...
@TOOTSKI well, today I realized that he exists
it's not Easter, it's (U|Va)skrs :D
@AlmaDo So you're a believer now? :P How exactly?
@TOOTSKI no, not in this sense
@JoeWatkins we're happy because it fortunately was wrong :-)
Portrait monitor feels weird. Giving it a go though
10:47 AM
@Fabien propz to you man, tryin' new things ...
never tried it ...
@Fabien Really? I want that.
yeah code is that shape !!
Well it made more sense for playing Air Gallet on MAME
tell us of strange side effects ... I could fit another two monitors on here the other way up ...
Some people do triple portrait. So might try that as well.
10:50 AM
@hakre SELECT * FROM players LEFT JOIN punishements ON players.username = punishements.username WHERE punishements.punishement != 'ban'
@hakre Is that right?
@Fabien Shut up and take my money.
doesn't look like I can remount these
@user3123545 SELECT * normally never is right. Always say which columns you're looking for. Apart from that, it should work already, just test your own, for example with the commandline-client of mysql or phpmyadmin.
the mounting plate is on the bottom of the stand rather than screen ... dumb ...
10:53 AM
@JoeWatkins well, there is more history in easter than 2000 years of christianity sectarianism.
@Fabien so you discovered the pivot functionality of your (new?) monitor?
@hakre I don't see what you're trying to say ...
@Fabien Wow, you don't have problems developing over dropbox?
@HamZa lol. For small things no.
@hakre Not discovered. Just trying for the first time.
@Fabien I used that Darcula theme for a while and it nearly turned me blind
@Fabien Bitbucket.
There's no excuse.
10:57 AM
That theme is Obsidian.
Looks very similar to Darkula
@TOOTSKI I have a bitbucket for it too. It'll be moved once the basic set up is done.
@David Aye. Both are nice but Obsidian was a little better for me. With a few tweaks.
@Fabien Great, because someone needs to fix that code of yours :P
You mean @PeeHaa then as it's his PitchBlade :P
@Fabien Bright colours on a dark background and staring at it for hours at a time I learned is not good for your eyes long term lol
10:59 AM
@David My room is dimly lit. Usually most people have an issue looking at a bright screen all day I though.
@HamZa Just finsihed eating two :)
hehe :)
Apologies for the darkness.
@JoeWatkins That before such sad stories appeared, there actual was already reason to celebrate.
What do you use the side ones for mostly?
11:01 AM
monitor 1 = sFTP et al
monitor 2 = IDE
monitor 3 = Browser
@David chatting and surfing as you can see. the center is used to manage screenshots :)
Monitor 1 being portrait now will change things.
this has not really been answered: stackoverflow.com/questions/23180757/…
@hakre I still don't know what you are trying to say ... don't mince words .... I have no time for nonsense, the whole thing is nonsense ...
@JoeWatkins then perhaps we better shouldn't care further. it was your comment, mine just a replique. no need to hit this nonsense any further.
11:03 AM
All 3 monitors are supported by a triple monitor stand. So changing it up is fairly swift.
@hakre Is it possible to create "booleans" in sql? so bool = table.a = table2.a, so you use it as SELECT (..) WHERE bool; ?
anyone defending these ideas is on the wrong side of reason ... I am driven by logic in everything I do, I quickly loose respect for minds that can entertain nonsense, in any form, whether they are terrible at reasoning and never write good code, or believe they were made by a man in the sky who cares who they fuck and what they eat ...
my kids have each eaten a kilogram of chocolate today, in "celebration" of something I find abhorrent ... if I do not allow them to do this, I'm the bad guy ... I wish the world would be reasonable, we have no need for this anymore ...
It's more about the chocolate IMO
ya hello
i have a question with no answer thts why i'm asking
@Fabien I don't like chocolate, hehe
11:11 AM
@bwoebi I'll have yours then :P
lets ask question
if u dont like choclates thn pls dont purchase it
@xxxy2j was that your question?
So that's where he was going wrong!
no till now i didn't asked any question
well t's not that I don't want them to have chocolate, of course, but nobody ever lets their children do this to themselves ... I'm sitting here looking at another 12 eggs, if at any point today I say "please stop", I'm the bad guy because they've spent weeks at school with their idiotic teachers talking about the significance of all this chocolate and with their friends about how much chocolate they will get ... this is fucking crazy, why am I the only one who thinks this is fucking crazy ...
11:15 AM
but can u tell me how can i ask question from my account..unable to ask question it says "u cant ask question"...i just want to remove this restriction help me pls
@JoeWatkins Nah. All you can do is wait till they're developed enough to also come to the same rational.
@JoeWatkins everybody thinks it's fucking crazy, but they all fear to be the bad guy ^.^
I'm never having kids but one thing that always got to me was attributing presents to some guy in the North pole rather than the hard working parents who paid for them.
@xxxy2j don't ask a question: problem resolved
no this is not a sol. don't tease me just tell me sol. if anyone know it\
11:18 AM
@xxxy2j try to improve existing questions
how can I????
Damn, I can't start nor end the process of eclipse. It's driving me crazy >.<
Also I don't want to reboot my pc...
ok Hamza can i ask a question??
Thanks @hakre
11:19 AM
@HamZa..can I
@xxxy2j go to your downvoted questions, click on edit, improve it
Maybe also try to actually answer some questions
@Fabien we don't do that, we had santa for the first three years of our first childs life, soon as she was old enough to reason and asked us the question we asked it back ... and she wasn't going to let anyone make a fool of her little brother, so he's never had it ...
i have 10 rows in a table...i want when i take my mouse on a particular row,,I just want to show the full record of that person infront of that row in a div.Unable to do that if u have any hint or code for this question pls tell me. If this question has been already asked then pls send me the link
and she is old enough to reason, but little girls cry when they cannot play with their favourite toy, it is not as simple as reason with her and she will stop, she is emotionally incapable of dealing with today in any way other than a childs way ...
@HamZa...if u have any solution for this pls tell me
11:25 AM
@xxxy2j the solution is: learn to code. How can I ever guess what in the world you're doing?
Psychological Child Development is quite an interesting topic. One I enjoyed at Uni
yeah I'll bet it is ... I watch them a lot ... lots of times my jaw has dropped when they done or said something completely unexpected ...
Morality is a good topic. I know it's an about.com link but still...
I wonder what stage is expected for different ages ...
A question often posed to kids to get an idea of where they're at is "If a man steals a loaf of bread for his starving family, is it right?"
11:39 AM
@Fabien is it?
There's no right or wrong answer. It's the rational of the answer that matters.
I see...
I'm confused about this version issue gist.github.com/KyraD/163df9c6d092f08bfac4 I have the latest version. I just did a distro upgrade and now trying to compile latest PHP 5.6 beta and having this issue.
my eldest at 9 can understand the question and implications and would reason and I believe act at stage 6, the younger with a similar kind of question like yours suggested ^ ... he's aware of the same things as his older sister, but he would not act in the same way, he would be stage one, ie, he would say the man is wrong to break the rules, unless the question impacted him directly, and you asked the question "is it okay for mum and dad to steal for you if you are so hungry you might die?"
Tis interesting stuff.
11:43 AM
Anyhoo, off to watch Spiderman! bbl
couldn't resist asking them ... used the bread question ...
OMG the boy said it's not okay even when it was him that was going to die
awww so cute
"you have to have pennies when you go shopping" is the actual, adorable answer ...
^ due to discussion with OP, it turned out to be a duplicate of the suggested one.
12:21 PM
@JoeWatkins I am not sure, but chickens in UK lay chocolate eggs?
@TOOTSKI seems so…
@TOOTSKI I'm from the UK and I can confirm this.
@TOOTSKI Nah, every kid knows that chocolate eggs come from bunnies.
That's right @hakre!
12:22 PM
@hakre That's just what the corporations say to keep you from the true truth!
@hakre Just on the continent… In UK everything is special
No one where I am mentions bunnies or chocolate eggs on Easter. So that must be UK thing.
Your PhpStorm theme?
@TOOTSKI default. It's great, so why change…
Dark themes are hard to read in daylight IMHO.
@bwoebi Sort of, kind of...
12:33 PM
@bwoebi Reminds me of the story with the chicken that lay plums and the tree that had eggs.
@TOOTSKI Alloy. I don't have time to theme thins thingy actually, I guess it's the default.
@Achrome if I make the frontend with frameworks like backbone.js and handlebar.js is it necessary to make the backend with a php framework or simply raw php will do?
Yet again you post some cricism without showing how to mitigate these problems and help / nurture the newbie into using best practices. It might be common sense, but you really need to up your friendliness - you're well known for being an assh*ole on here and aren't liked because of this. This is a frankly rubbish answer in its current form - HELP the user, not just tell them how rubbish their code is! Tell them WHY. — Jimbo 4 hours ago
This guy is a nob, so I put some effort in an answer
Oh srsly
FU StackOverflow. I spent 30 minutes writing a post and the captch asked if I was human, I passed, and it's cut like half of it out
It's really not letting me post my epic long post... -.-
Argh! Is anyone facing the problem of 'An error occurred submitting the answer.' right now?
12:50 PM
Yeah I am, at the worst possible time
Maybe gist it next time :P
okay, it works now.
1:37 PM
Is it possible to make a request I send arrive to the target server from a specific IP?
@SecondRikudo request from that specific IP probably?
@hakre Yeah well, I'm on a VPS, and I have a list of IP addresses, is it possible requesting from IPs on that list?
@SecondRikudo with spoofing
you don't have to spoof anything
you just make the request using a specific interface
1:46 PM
if you're on that VPS then yes. if not, then not.
good mornings
@hakre And I can just set any IP address I want to send my request through?
Can't the receiving server see that it isn't the actual IP address?
1 min ago, by Joe Watkins
you don't have to spoof anything
I really suck at networking and network terms in English, so bear with me please :P
got curl ?
1:52 PM
Probably, it's a VPS, I can install whatever I want
few minutes ...
But I was hoping to use Artax
(never used it, searched source)
AsyncClient::setOption("bindto", "dotted.address")
@rdlowrey unfriendy api that has got ... why so much private ?
@JoeWatkins Encapsulation
@JoeWatkins And what's unfriendly there? Private functions are internal functions... not destined to the end-user
yes but what about inheritance ...
not inherited but it's strange to have the same method with the same name doing slightly different things in two places ...
and it's not friendly to use private functions and properties because you cannot reasonably extend those objects if everything is private that should be protected
can't really think of a time you really want to use private ... except final classes, but you shouldn't assume your implementation is all you will ever need and so make internal functionality protected so it's useful for those who want to extend your code, not just use it ...
(yourself included)
@JoeWatkins Not sure why you even would want to extend these classes
are they final ?
@rdlowrey please mark these classes as final...
2:06 PM
they exist for extension, not just externally, but I don't see why you wouldn't extend those classes ...
they're not designed to be extended, even if they're not explicitly final...
Artax is a library, not a framework.
I don't see the important distinction here, you can describe it as a library, or a fraemwork for nonblocking requests, whatever the description, object orientated code exists to be extended by default, that's how you build a library or a framework in the first place isn't it ...


You don't see why you might want to extend Socket at some point ??
Package contents
@JoeWatkins you surely like:
The Easter Bunny is a ridiculous myth that completely detracts from the factual reality of the Son of God rising from the dead.
2:16 PM
that guy is pretty funny ... sometimes ... must be effort to keep thinking things up normally ....
fascination wore off quickly ...
G'd afternoon!
2:25 PM
@crypticツ Good to see you here again. How're you?
Was a particular technique ever implemented (any language) to edit a page without calling the database?
I'm looking for every Google search result and there seem to be nothing like that, in any language..really?
If it's true it sucks that nobody did.
for editing a page I mean to actually get the values from the previous request rather than submitting its post-edited values.
3:03 PM
hi guys I want to create a captcha can anyone provide me with LOGIC on how to do this (NOT WITH CODES)
@MikeM. Ask a question and see if the user answers it correctly. The question should be of such type that only humans can answer it. Enough logic for captcha?
No I mean background logic not visual logic -.-
like creating another file and call it from there or creating another file and include it at the point of the captcha etc.etc.
@MikeM. You need to have some kind of state between the response that is asking the question and the request that is answering it.
@Jimbo Actually, I am agree ^^
Ye okay but what would you preffer inline of the script or include at the point...
3:07 PM
Lookout! There goes a Spiderman.
ROFL - Win8.1 logic : Runtime Error! Program: C:\WINDOWS\Explore.EXE
@MikeM. I would not differ on that already but defer the details.
Mhm Okay and what would be strong?
@MikeM. It's a trap, it should be explorer.exe :P
@MikeM. A strong captcha is strong. You can try recaptcha from google. they take care of it incl. the strength.
3:08 PM
xD TOOTSKI I think windows is trolling me nothing happened after the error occured rofl
hakre I want to create it myself rather then getting free hands of google :P
@JoeWatkins find your todo in irc, it's what I haven't yet done. And find a good (=user-friendly) way to make opline-by-opline breaks and steps (instead of line-by-line).
If I don't reply then I am working on my navigation.php script...
and again 15 rep plus rofl
the answer didn't even solve the issue (I guess) stackoverflow.com/questions/23183711/update-query-logic-in-php/…
ot I need advice... Want to pick up a new language, I'm familiar with C# already though I can't do a full project in it without looking at references a time too often. So, options are C#, Java or Python. Which should I go for first?
And you do know you;re in a PHP room right ROFL xD
3:17 PM
I use php comfortably...
there are experienced programmers here that can help me shape up
as far as it goes it's really what you want to do... if you want to create something possible on every OS use Java if you want to use .net framework mainly use C#
@MikeM. Regulars here program in several languages and quite proficiently so his question is perfectly sane. :)
I never meant it badly I just meant to say why
'* why php ain't in it xD
@iroegbu C# is the nicest language I worked with so far. I recommend it.
@MikeM. There's a saying. "If it can't be answered in Room 11, it can't be answered."
3:23 PM
xD Fabien never knew that... so this is like the Master Room of all Rooms
@Leri Thanks.
@iroegbu I'd say Python. It's way faster and cleaner than Php ;)
php isn't on my list :p
@needaname LOL
3:25 PM
@iroegbu You're welcome. Also, take a look at this. It reports potential architectural mistakes and makes you better programmer at the end (well, there're few stupid microsoft guidelines though)
@needaname Benchmarks or it did not happen. -_-
Gona work with an array instead putting a shitty switch for the navbar
hey, I have an issue with Ajax and Form post, where cancelling all AJAX calls made earlier don't help in the speedy form post, not able to understand whether client side is the issue of concern or the server side
too much work copy pasting xD
technically after AJAX.abort(or cancellation of XHR requests), browser shouldn't wait to post the form, though it seems to be doing so
has anyone come across a similar issue before?
replacing the form post condition with clicking on a hyper link poses the same issue
also, this issue is replicated on both Chrome and Firefox
ROFL my array is working :)
I am happy now xD
guys if I have an array as home => index.php how would I check if a var is in this array
so $var = home if $var is in array equals true then do...
3:43 PM
does that work? I though about if(in_array($var)){...
but that doesn't work because of multi dimensional..
Countless number of answers about that
Round 1 – 2,000,000 Passes
PHP = 21.4227 sec
Python = 9.8737 sec

Round 2 – 2,000,000 Passes
PHP = 21.1122 sec
Python = 9.7241 sec

Round 3 – 1,000,000 Passes
PHP = 9.811 sec
Python = 4.429 sec

Round 4 – 1,000,000 Passes
PHP = 9.857 sec
Python = 4.280 sec
3:45 PM
ye but key two is unknown only key one would be set...
@needaname And code that was tested is?
where sec is the time taken to run the script
Does key_two change name? Or is it always called key_two?
wait a sec I will share a pastebin
@Leri It's a simple script which loops through a FOR statement 2000000 times, calculating the MD5 hash of N + N, N where N is the number of passes.
Let's face this, Php is fast for trivial jobs. Python for larger calculations, which makes the latter better suited for scaling.
3:48 PM
pastebin.com/9PveHaqZ this is the paste for that
I was a Php developer. I'm rewriting the Php app I created in Python.
Guess who's got more requests/sec?
@MikeM. Are you trying to check something is set or if a value exists in an array?
if the value exists in the array but the second key will NEVER be defined... for the check..
With the Php app I got a max of 68 req/sec whereas with Python I get a monstrous 500-1000 req/sec and that's without caching.
There is no second key. This is a normal array, not multidimensional.
3:51 PM
=> $locationSubscribe equals multidemensional right
if $locationSubscribe was an array
oh sorry then
but I still can't check it
@needaname apache or nginx?
@Leri Nginx, with every possible parameter tuned.
user www-data;
worker_processes 2;
pid /run/nginx.pid;

worker_rlimit_nofile 65535;

events {
	worker_connections 32767;
  #	multi_accept on;
	use epoll;

http {

	# Basic Settings

	sendfile on;
	tcp_nopush on;
	tcp_nodelay on;
	keepalive_timeout 65;
	types_hash_max_size 2048;
	# server_tokens off;

	# server_names_hash_bucket_size 64;
	# server_name_in_redirect off;

	include /etc/nginx/mime.types;
	default_type application/octet-stream;

	# Logging Settings

	# access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log main buffer=16k;
pastebin.com/cB5kLup9 it's updated with more info/better info what I want
3:55 PM
@needaname did you use fpm? This really puts limit up for php processes.
So I actually have to switch the locations with the input
I dunno what your goal is.
ofcourse because "home" will return into the location so if I want to check into the array I have to turn the location into the name of it
he's trying to woo users :p

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