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12:17 AM
root@uvps3:~# service apache restart
apache: unrecognized service
root@uvps3:~# service httpd restart
httpd: unrecognized service
root@uvps3:~# service httpd2 restart
httpd2: unrecognized service
root@uvps3:~# service apache2 restart
 * Restarting web server apache2
I suck :D
Why apache?
Couldn't be arsed at the time.
Will everyone here at the moment please read the return type RFC and provide feedback? Thank you for your help.
What type of feedback? I'm reading it.
Pieces you think are missing, things you found hard to understand, etc.
Unresolved questions you have.
12:27 AM
IMHO very well written, short and to the point, major plus is patch from Joe. YES.
I got nothing to remove or add, just me.
Did you notice any phrases that were hard to understand or clunky?
> Delcaration of UserGateway_MySql::find should be compatible with...
is the typo on the error or on the RFC?
Updated my navigation bar ;) it looks better now when you login the login link will be removed and acp links added so now you can actually get on everypage :D
@reikyoushin I am not seeing the typo?
also when logout the login page will be returned and the acp links will be removed
12:32 AM
@LeviMorrison Delcaration
I think it might be the patch ^^
Check it out: ssmailsubscription.tk/index.php #Check_The_NAV_Change ;)
"This proposal specifically disallows". Disallows sounds more like it should be "Does not support" or "feature". But that's just nitpicking.
@LeviMorrison I had to google definition of covariant, but that's me not knowing what it is. I don't know if "example given" is written "e.g." but you wrote it "eg".
@MikeM. how long have you had a .tk domain? I've read bad reviews about them taking the domain and such..
12:35 AM
@Fabien Noted, thank you.
I use them for testing and starting up projects so I don't need to buy a .com/.org or .net domain
I am working with dot.tk for like 1,5 year(s) now without any issues...
but remember dot.tk is for low visiting sites only...
> The following (tiny) patch makes this RFC compatible with suggestion 5 while retaining compatibility with the syntax used for this RFC, but must add the parser token we wanted to avoid “returns”:
> One cited issue is that many developers wanted to preserve the ability to search for function foo to be able to find the definition for foo.
Is this addressed?
@LeviMorrison This could be reworded maybe, it's hard to understand at first look (the part after comma could be another sentence, maybe).
@MikeM. just so you can show it to the outside world? hmm.. for disposable domains i think it might work. :)
12:37 AM
I'm not native speaker of course.
@TOOTSKI Many voting members are not native speakers :)
I was hinting ^^
Ye like websites I actually don't have appache or anything running to test my scripts because skype or something else is using the 80/443 port so I actually don't want to bypass that issue cuz I am lazy so I just get a shitty free host and a dot.tk domain and test it XD
@MikeM. there's an option in Skype settings to not use port 80
actually ssmailsubscription.tk and speedosoftwares doesn't have a shitty host (I am hosting it well kinda then)
@Fabien even then it still gives me that issue
12:39 AM
It's never not worked for me.
so ye I rather keep it like this then messing with my laptop or pc xD
@MikeM. it's not that hard to remove skype from port 80 XP
Once I had to instal windows server 2008 but I installed the full server rofl so my whole laptop turned into a win server 2008 and removed my damn win 8 OS xD
@MikeM. what free host do you use?
@MikeM. there is this thing you call virtual box :)
HostileHacks.net (own hosting - kinda then - reseller ;))
I hate virtual box
it's ignorant xD
I have to use it @ networking with school but I hate it xD
12:41 AM
@MikeM. own as in you maintain that?
I own the Domain and the reseller account but the rest is all reseller
@MikeM. so it's not free then?
can't say anything about who owns the servers I have a contract that holds it so shusz
well yes it kinda is... I pay x per client per month.
But I might gona stop it in 6days
Since I barely have time to check for tickets OR hold the domain up.
blocked vip purshases already. and also emailed all vip clients
serving clients in a free hosting is kinda err.. i dunno. :)
so it's kinda like youhosting eh?
every month that is not given in the vip will receive their money of those months back..
youhosting? I don't think so that's for new people to start reselling I have another company that does this for me...
their control panel theme is bit fucked up tho atleast with the logo
12:50 AM
if (file_exists($file . '.jpg'))
    goto read;
I use it for fun on small scripts.
@TOOTSKI goto hell; // :P
Will be using that along throw $up;.
12:55 AM
throw new Ball(); catch(Ball $b).. yey!
I have (hopefully) improved the wording in many places in the RFC. The only known flaw is the typo of 'Delcaration'. Any other feedback?
This is my navigation.php xD pastebin.com/jRspNNDL
Look better to me @LeviMorrison.
1:18 AM
Cheat dead?
I dont get y do php frameworks make things look to complex
what you mean?
like the command line interface
its PHP
it makes it look to stupid
php artisian serve
I use notepad++ who else uses it?
or if you dont use it what do you use???
@MikeM. sublime text
i used to use notepad++
1:27 AM
don't reallylike how thateditor works
seems easy to use tho'
@MikeM. what don't you liek?
the way it works with the array stuff and popup stuff
You rang @TOOTSKI?
yo @PeeHaa
heya @CSᵠ
1:33 AM
@PeeHaa Did I? :P Just asked about the Factory stuff if you can scrollback, I lost the tab.
what up?
lol since when can you ring?
once you know the landline of someone who still uses an oldschool phone
@meWantToLearn Yes. This is stupid.
Don't use frameworks that do that.
@PeeHaa You have PHP voting privileges, right?
@LeviMorrison if you 'had' to use a framework what would it be?
1:35 AM
@CSᵠ One we rolled ourselves at the company.
@LeviMorrison Correct
@LeviMorrison except that, unfortunately....
something available 'in the wild' ?
@CSᵠ Choosing the right tool for the job needs context. Without more context I can't give anything more specific.
@PeeHaa Do you have some time to review my return type RFC? I'm specifically interested in what you think needs to be polished before sending it to internals.
@LeviMorrison indeed
@TOOTSKI It's were the server is built github.com/PeeHaa/WebSocketDemo/blob/…
1:39 AM
@PeeHaa OK, was confused there's no ->create()
@LeviMorrison what about for a custom internal cms
@PeeHaa Sure... you don't use AbstractFactory anymore? (recently)
@CSᵠ Absolutely would not use a framework for that use-case.
@TOOTSKI What do you mean?
1:42 AM
This *Factory thingy.
Haven't seen in your other projects.
Maybe there was no need.
@TOOTSKI In my last / current projects I don't really care about the tight coupling that is going on :)
@LeviMorrison i agree, but that's besides the point... i would consider a fw for that usecase since performance isn't such a big issue, why would you say it's a no-no in this case?
@PeeHaa Bro :)
@CSᵠ The "custom" factor. At work we use a wiki to document things. It's not really critical what wiki we use or what framework, etc. However, it sounds like what you are doing requires custom logic. That's a sign to do it yourself in many situations.
And notably CMS code has been historically bad ^^
hehe, very true :)
1:47 AM
@LeviMorrison At first sight the "overloading" of the return type of the interface looks odd
But I see why it has be possible
Yeah when no return type is declared in the interface
Ah. Ideally it wouldn't be allowed but that renders it basically useless for any existing code.
1 min ago, by PeeHaa
But I see why it has be possible
*to be
@LeviMorrison returntype sounds great, i just have a problem seeing it... i'd prefer array function name($param) { }
1:49 AM
@CSᵠ What about the visibility modifier?
^ looks odd, but then again, may need to get used to it
public array :) :)
strange, but would be least strange
going to sleep its 4am
Good night all
Looks good @LeviMorrison. Although I am still not sure about nullable return types. I think I will need / want that
I think we will too.
Notably for future ideas ^^
The only real issue I see is the reminder that php sucks and scalars are still out of the question :(
1:54 AM
At first it was just to appease people.
@PeeHaa Yeah, I'm not touching that dragon. Not yet. Maybe not ever.
what's the opposite of null ? :D
Other than above the RFC looks fine
@CSᵠ Everything else ;-)
@PeeHaa it would be 'anything' (+ 'nothing' in php)
how about nothing vs. null ? :)
1:57 AM
That reminds me of VB :P
forget those memories, drink more :)))#
BTW FWIW @LeviMorrison if this gets in I want to have little @LeviMorrison's :)
I'm trying to do everything I can think of to work around past problems.
I may try making a video that talks about the RFC as well. Some people just like that format better.
I don't know.
2:07 AM
I can't find it for certain, but Lester Caine doesn't have a PHP.net account?
I wanted to compile Phalcon, but then I got urge to go to bathroom.
Apparently not @LeviMorrison.
Hey @salathe, do you have any concerns with my return type RFC?
@LeviMorrison who approves events? Bjori?
As far as I can tell, lots of people can but mostly only bjori does ^^
OK; I approved php[tek] for fun ^^
2:18 AM
Which reminds me that I need to look at conferences for fall of this year.
See if I can somehow manage to be a speaker about my RFC's or something.
Do it.
I'm signing off. Night all
Good night.
Also, I can't help but think that this RFC made it in because of its voting window: wiki.php.net/rfc/crypt_function_salt
Only 14 votes on a BC issue? Really?
Yeah :D I think there's no reason that return type hinting not to be implemented.
I would be amazed at against reasons.
Can't wait internals flamings ^^
Internals is a strange beast. I'm really trying to get this through it as painlessly as possible.
Wait... we have an RFC in voting phase?
There wasn't an announcement on internals, I don't think.
2:28 AM
I opened it and my browser crashed.
No one voted?
Not yet.
I did find the announcement. I asked for voting to be extended.
> Apr 10 (11 days ago)
Poorly written RFC compared to yours.
Thank you.
Looks like a blog post not serious business :)
I'm surprised that the rfc author didn't vote for their own rfc ;p
2:44 AM
He can't? :)
Of course he can.
He would need an account, right?
How else would he have written the rfc?
Isn't voting the same as wiki?
I have no idea.
I meant @php.net account, VCS usernames are shown for voters.
Seems reasonable.
2:52 AM
Hey, Jack. How are you doing?
I'm developing in Objective C ... =/
At least you have return types there.
We sure do =D
Return types will significantly help external tools; I am very excited.
I'd probably definitely vote for it :)
2:57 AM
You have a php.net account, don't you?
Ah yes, I remember now. You do.
Of course :)
My memory is not nearly as good as it once was. This is worrying to me because I'm only 25.
I couldn't remember recall the credit card PIN @LeviMorrison
I typed it in 100 times.
One day I can't recall names, other, numbers ^^
PhpStorm Darcula is really pleasant at night, but on daylight, I can't see shit.
3:20 AM
There are some passwords that I can't remember, I can only type them ;-)
I went to ATM at night and starred at the keyboard to remember the motion, finally figured out by photographic memory :)
8667 :D
In case I forget, again.
@Jack I have some I type by the "formula" too.
But mostly I reuse few ones, sadly.
my pin is easy to remember, and extensible ... Fibonacci :)
3:24 AM
But the others I have to memorize ... shared bank account, child #1 account pin, child #2 account pin ;-)
And they're all 6 digits
I wrote them down and shifted digits, so I "encrypted" it :P
Yay I've been the victim of serial downvoting :D
Somebody likes me!
"require" : {
    "symfony/http-foundation": "2.*",
    "nikic/fast-route": "dev-master",
    "zendframework/zend-cache": "2.*",
    "zendframework/zend-config": "2.*"
Best framework ever :D /cc @niki @levi @rdlowrey
@Achrome Morning
@Jack It comes with popularity :P
@Jack NSObjectiveC *fuckThat = [[NSObjectiveC alloc] init];
3:35 AM
@Achrome Nah, NSObjectiveC *fuckThat = [NSObjectiveC objectiveCWithBalls];
Objective C is the most verbose language that I have seen.
@LeviMorrison +1 for return types
I also went through the WIP nullable return types RFC. I personally feel that Foo? makes more sense than ?Foo, but ?Foo is compliant with Hack.
2 hours later…
need support for this stackoverflow.com/questions/23130284/… question
@Jack I just updated the RFC to include a bit about returning by reference. What are your thoughts?
@LeviMorrison Hmm, moving the & feels counterintuitive to me.
It seems odd to not move it.
Both feel odd.
Conclusion: remove references!
it all depends on what you consider to be part of the type.
This is not C whereby MyType and MyType * are something else.
@LeviMorrison I see only one advantage in return type after function name - backward compatibility. But that's still odd syntax for me. Quite confusing :\
6:33 AM
Hmm. My general feeling is that I should move it.
morning room
If I don't move it now but we decided to move it later it is a BC break. Right now it is not a BC break.
it makes sense to group all return type information, just like it makes sense to group modifiers, we would never introduce the syntax

public function name() static {

also moin chaps
answer: first the gun shop, then the bank ...
6 figures is a vast amount of money in this country, I guess in america is about half that ... but I don't think I'll earn 6 figures in my lifetime ... less I take that trip to the gun shop and find a bank with lax security ...
He's talking about 6 figures a month, right? :D
@JoeWatkins It might be a better idea to rob a bitcoin exchange heh
yes ...
6:40 AM
Less risk of actual bodily harm ...
okay, new plan ...
also I just read to the bottom, hes just a php guy ... not happening, not happening, not ever ...
Guys very urgent git crash. Anyone familiar with git. Giving 250 bounty reps for resolving problem. stackoverflow.com/questions/23159417/…
hmm, that's certainly an odd issue
but perhaps better suited for serverfault.
or superuser
@heron df -h ?
6:48 AM
df = "disk free"
-h = "human readable"
disk is free. aboyt 9-q0 gb free
prefer output from computer, humans are prone to error
ps aux | grep git
also pretty busy, move faster ...
@heron "very nice question you got there, would be a shame if anything were to happen to it" ... random musings
@andho ?
I was just thinking about how irrelevant the SO question guidelines are in this case. This is a very genuine issue, but it seems very local to you. As an SO question, it seems like it won't help anyone else. But just my musing. Don't worry about it. Also, it's a reference to dinosaur comics too.
@heron have you isolated this for your machine? or have isolated it to the specific repo?
7:14 AM
Q: Max Function of Mysql not returning maximum value of coloumn. Order by limit also not working

user3405312I have a table structure as follows: HISTORY_CARD +----+-----------+---------+--------------+ | idhistory_card |equipment_id | sr_num | +----+-----------+---------+--------------+ | 1 | DU 201 | 9 | | 2 | ...

Oh my, so many bugs in mysql ;-)
so many morons
Vignesh that repwhore
hello every one,,,
7:29 AM
i have one question ,,
i need to share text of facebook from php...
for that what i do..
is i use this ,,
@JoeWatkins were there any changes to the CV/DELV requests here?
none of those questions or answers related to php at all ...
If anyone can help me with this .htaccess password protected directory it would be much appreciated. I just have a quick question - not sure if it goes in php
@JoeWatkins oh alright.
I'm not really looking at the tags, terribly low quality posts should be burninated one way or the other.
yeah but there are C# and javascript rooms and those people are thinking about c# and javascript already and can make the judgement you need faster and probably better than anyone in here even if you can get them to switch trains of thought ...
7:34 AM
YCS is so modest when he writes projects like thebestpdowrapper
@JoeWatkins oh you're right, I'm not complaining -- my last comment was more of a bit too-loud thinking.
pecl.php.net/package/opengl <- if this was any good, it'd be really good ... it's not any good, probably the worst extension I ever saw ... but a proof of concept it is ...
@FabrícioMatté np np
I password protected a directory using .htaccess and then just to test it I tried entering in the wrong username and pass. It redirected me to 500 internal error as expected. The problem is, when I refresh, it still gives me the 500 error but it does not give me a second chance. I have reset my cache and history as well.
500 error is the wrong response.
probably means your .htacess is messed up or you don't have the right overrides set.
Ohh, I see what I am doing wrong. Simple typo. Should have investigated before asking the question - I apologize.
7:40 AM
he'll have a good morning
Nope still 500 :P
The logs will tell you why.
> Were written with three main goals in mind

1. static singleton implementation
2. fix for the execute() returning boolean disallowing method chaining
Ehm ...
@salathe how did that opengl ext get a pecl account ?
(also, morning ;))
cv-pls still works? >.<
Hai, good morning everyone.

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