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5:00 PM
over the network, or whatever ... it doesn't have to be a process on the same machine anymore ... and usually isn't ...
@SecondRikudo you should know how to open bz2 and tar files from the top of your head
zxf and jxf
@tereško I don't do it often enough to remember :(
i have not used tar in ~5 years , i just have a functioning memory
@SecondRikudo sed or awk would have been a significantly better choice'
@JoeWatkins So why the 'yuk' on proc_open? What am I missing here?
5:05 PM
that only scales so far doesn't it ...
it's an option, the better one, and one we normally end up using would be network, we write backend services as networked services and communicate with them using xml/json/insert format here ...
3 month review today ...
> In last three months with Joe we had more activity and changes (inspired by him) than in last year alone (without him).
Hi everyone '
> It's krakjoe
Sooo close... 80 rep left. Someone post a stupid question please
"Dating VIP"
5:13 PM
@ircmaxell some kind of trading name, employed by company named firstbeatmedia I dunno why they use that name everywhere ...
So you're connecting to a process over tcp instead of a unix socket?
It's not so much of a process that I need to push it off to an entirely different machine. The proc_open can be configured with limits and I could push it off to another machine when that day warrants - an easy solution by then(?).
@JoeWatkins hi : I need some help I am developing a small app in android . I am using a group radio button it contains 3 buttons . I want the program whenever I select a button to count how many times is the button selected and also sums up the total adding to the previous selection . Here is what I have tried
I don't do android (because I have a choice) ... dunno what made you think I did ... hope you're not pinging random people ...
Incoming "what I have tried"
5:15 PM
am sorry I thought u do
@JoeWatkins Ah, I thought it was your title ;-)
omg I should have gone with that ... much funnier ...
anybody else u can refer me too in here ?


Join to become part of the community, not to simply ask questi...
5:17 PM
@ircmaxell can u help with android stuff ?
stop it, we don't do anything but php in here
@JoeWatkins Isn't the biggest limitation of pthreads our understanding of how to use it? I thought initialing a process and keeping track of it on the backend (zts, pthreads) while servicing ajax requests for status was a perfect scenario...
@humphrey this is a PHP chat room. There is an Android chat room for dealing with android questions
@ircmaxell there are no people and I know most php programmers they know a lot of languagues compared to others
5:20 PM
sorry, this room is PHP specific... Try asking on the main site if you can't get help on chat. Or try at #android on freenode
sorry, #android-dev
@Ricalsin probably, there's a lot to be said for code that works don't forget, but if you ask me a technical question I'll give you the correct technical answer ... there's not much more I can do to educate, I'd be no good at writing books and nobody is paying me to learn ... the best advice I can give you is seek to change the way you write in light of the fact you can take advantage of threading, don't just take the way you would have written something before and jam threads in the middle
think carefully about what you are doing, what resources are being used, how you can use less, always less, the fewer threads the better, always ...
lata, shops ...
5:34 PM
Tumblr won best user experience last year? winners.webbyawards.com/2013/web/website-features-and-design/… people know what that word means, right?
@ircmaxell What, UX? I think it means "I didn't use Bootstrap"
Thanks Joe. I appreciate your advice and expertise.
And thanks, @chao
@DanLugg emmm ... why the hell would you use Bootstrap
unless of course you have no clue how to write CSS
^^ that sir, was the point.
5:53 PM
That being said, I have seen some nice templates using bootstrap.
Meh. The problem with nice bootstrap templates is; if you can tell it's a nice bootstrap template, then there's still too much bootstrap.
I use it without concern, but only for internal applications.
5:56 PM
Though there's also compass in there too.
Compass as in Sass+Compass?
@ircmaxell E_TOO_MUCH_SCRUM
> ...and aspects are written in all caps (CAPS) to distinguish them from elements, ...
In my experience SCRUM stand for "we have no spec, no real clue of what this will even entail, but there is a deadline in two month"
6:01 PM
@tereško LOL
@DanLugg scrum?
@DanLugg Yeah
ignore and read
No, there's a lot of good information in there; it's just the development model.
6:06 PM
This pointnorth.io is excellent @ircmaxell :)
I used to work with him. Really good guy on UI/UX
I'll definitely be spreading this around work.
Also this guy:
Added to watchlist.
@ircmaxell He's a frequent contributor to Sass. A lot of good ideas from that gentleman.
6:17 PM
@DanLugg he's one of those guys that is changing the industry
Great responsibility.
I wish I could hire him again :-)
N/A to your current role?
Few people must turn google down.
@ircmaxell He draws excellent bananas.
Of wide renown for it.
@Fabien it happens. I'm sure. I almost did...
6:23 PM
@ircmaxell What age are you?
@David 30
Good to know. I'm 22. I have 8 years to keep learning
Still puts you 4 years older than @NikiC :P
@David It won't stop at 30, just so you know ^^
Would you consider yourself to have improved a lot from when you were 22 to 30?
6:26 PM
"What's that? Sorry, no. I'm 30 -- I'm done learning."
@David I've improved a lot since 29...
I think one of the most interesting things is that you used to be a fireman :)
It's scary how much you can learn in a year with computers but it still seems like its only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately
@Fabien And 5 or 6 six behind bwoebi ^^
@Fabien and a pilot, don't forget that
6:27 PM
@TOOTSKI Damn kids these days :P
and I worked security at a hospital ;-)
@ircmaxell I didn't know that. What kind of planes?
I bet that ircmaxell is superhero name :D
{| |} The Piper PA-28 Cherokee is a family of light aircraft designed for flight training, air taxi, and personal use. It is built by Piper Aircraft. All members of the PA-28 family are all-metal, unpressurized, single-engined, piston-powered airplanes with low-mounted wings and tricycle landing gear. They all have a single door on the copilot side, which is entered by stepping on the wing. The first PA-28 received its type certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration in 1960, and the series remains in production to this day. Current models are the Arrow and Archer TX and LX....
that family I have the most time in...
But I do have some time in one of these as well:
{| |} The Yakovlev Yak-52 (Як-52) is a Soviet primary trainer aircraft which first flew in 1976. It is still being produced in Romania by Aerostar, which gained manufacturing rights under agreement within the now defunct COMECON socialist trade organisation. The Yak-52 was designed originally as an aerobatic trainer for students in the Soviet DOSAAF training organisation, which trained both civilian sport pilots and military pilots. Since the early 1990s and the fall of the Soviet Union, many Yak 52s have been exported to the west. Of the approximately 1,800 produced to date, most now...
Nice. I've been in a plane similar only once. Feels tiny.
6:30 PM
it is tiny
@TOOTSKI Oh lord. Am I going to need to do a talk dressed up in a cape and mask now?
And a deep voice :D
@TOOTSKI I can do a russian accent (a bad, culturally insensitive one)
@ircmaxell bring sharpies ;]
actually, your russian accent is legit
6:34 PM
@CarrieKendall :-D
@CarrieKendall yay! When you coming back to NYC?
not sure, this year for sure
I have seen many scripts that add a hidden input, with a token value which holds the session id, I don't understand how does it help the security? Can somebody explain
i'm expecting a tour of the new workplace with complementary chromebooks
@CarrieKendall try to come when it's not snowing
@CarrieKendall I can execute on 1/4 of that request
@user3123545 It doesn't.
6:40 PM
pft, by far the best night was walking back hammered on frozen sidewalks
ha! yeah.
@ircmaxell which quarter?
@CarrieKendall part of the tour. The building has places visitors can't go ;-)
@SecondRikudo Why they add it then? Why does stackoverflow chat use that too
@user3123545 There are several ways of transferring the session ID from the client to the server for identification.
You can do it in a cookie, in the URL as a query parameter (?sid=adjfhsdhkfsfksd), as a hidden input, whatever.
It really doesn't change much how you transfer it.
Not security-wise anyway.
@SecondRikudo no, please no. We finally killed url session ids. And you bring them back up?
hello can anyone find me tutorialon how to upload image to database after select the main category ist and then subcategory 2nd in select list.
Google might be able to. One for handling image upload, one for CRUD.
My brains hurt. :(
6:49 PM
i googled but i couldnot find exctly
what do you mean by One for handling image upload, one for CRUD ?
No you probably wont find exactly what you're after but there's enough general information out there to figure it out.
(He just posted the same question after the old one was closed, ...twice)
@user3123545 if the form is submitted via POST, a hidden field (as opposed to, say, sticking a session id in the url) makes it a bit harder to trick someone into logging in your session for you. but both approaches typically suck compared to cookie-based sessions
@cHao Let's say someone knows my user's session id somehow, I can prevent him from using it on the site, by saving the IP that have received that session id, and check if IP is equal to the user, right?
@SomeKittensUx2666 this question has menus i want to populate my list with categories from database something like this(yourinspirationweb.com/example/maurizio/select_en/select.php). and then upload images in selected sub categ under selected main categeoty.
6:54 PM
@cHao that's not why it's in the form. It's a cookie based session id. The session id is in the form for CSRF protection
@user3123545 you can't trust the IP not to change. i mean, you could check IPs, but it'd cause problems for someone roaming around using wifi, for example...or in some NAT situations
@ircmaxell that does make more sense :P
@user3123545 back when AOL was big, for example, tying sessions to IPs made a lot of stuff break for AOL users
@ircmaxell So I didn't really get it, you need to put the session id in the form, or a random generated number? because in your example, you're generating a 64bit long string
Or are you using the token as your session id?
can anyone guide me , i am creating image gallery project .
i need to create upload images to database after choosing main category and then sub category , what pages i will have to create ?
@user3123545 I talk about using the session id in one of the examples, and potential problems with doing so
@JunaidAbdulSattar Create a document that describes each step of the process in obsessive detail from the user's point of view. What they click, what it does, what it doesn't do, where they're taken next. At the end, you will have a complete list of all the things you need to build.
7:13 PM
hang on, amazon won't let you browse with SSL???
Apparently not
Hi! why doesn't this work? $p['custom_field_values']->{Date: PSC Start}
So, I have a real question. My session provider is slow.
->{Date: PSC Start} ??
I need to avoid caching at all.
This is because hitting the session and then getting the data from the cache is two cache hits. I need one.
7:26 PM
When I print the array it looks like this @Fabien
            [custom_field_values] => stdClass Object
                    [Date: PSC Start] => 2014-Q2
@JacobRaccuia You want the "variable property name" to be a string in that case... {'Date: PSC Start'}
@salathe you are heaven sent, don't you dare forget!
thanks :)
I wonder how long you can be stuck on not using apostrophes...
@PeeHaa How's the PitchBlade documentation coming? :P
@JacobRaccuia *must… resist… urge… to… star…*
7:37 PM
yeah , he was UPSed by airmail
@salathe couldn't resist I take it?
@ircmaxell Resisted so far, I'm being strong! :)
(Thanks, whoever did star :) )
Sometimes I wish isset was is_set, because then the variable expression would line up with the subsequent return.
@salathe :-P
I'm imaging @salathe updating his CV with it now.
7:40 PM
@DanLugg ?
if (isset($this->foo[$bar])) {
    return $this->foo[$bar];
if (is_set($this->foo[$bar])) {
    return $this->foo[$bar];
@DanLugg isupset(DanLugg)
What returns if it's not?
@DanLugg But, but... when we add a set type to PHP, we'll need is_set()!
@CarrieKendall Trust me, I need the silence operator.
7:41 PM
i c wut u did thar :>
@salathe It's that kind of thinking that has us knee deep in poo to begin with!
Alternatively is_a_set()
I was thinking that the Return Type RFC will need a nice IDE linting update.
@CarrieKendall lolol
7:46 PM
Q: Multiple models in one controller, coding practice in codeigniter

BrugsenI'm building a website and I haven't done MVC before, but I feel like I'm understanding it (hopefully). I have controllers, and models, and views for different aspects of the website, like register has its own controller, model, and view. The website has a login panel on the main page, and acco...

those tags ...
i bet you have a noticeable dent atop your desk @tereško
@tereško at least it's not
it should have shown "invalid tag combination", when validating the question's post
@salathe This is a friendly reminder to read the return type RFC. Added bonus: I think we'll probably submit this one with only minor changes for discussion.
We changed two things today after some discussion.
So that's a request for feedback for everyone: if you have a moment please re-read the return type rfc.
@LeviMorrison Thanks, I'll have a proper look-see later :)
7:50 PM
@Fabien The syntax totally wrecks PhpStorm.
It breaks so many things ^^
@CarrieKendall I have s woolen scarf on the desk, which I use to avoid messing up my elbows when watching/reading something. It doubles as "head protector" in these cases.
at least you're prepared :P
7:52 PM
@LeviMorrison Heh, you really can't work with experimental syntax in a proper IDE :D
Headdesk Preppers, all new on National Geographic HD.
@SecondRikudo I mean it totally breaks it. Completely unusable. It no longer recognizes function declarations ^^
@TOOTSKI Am I the only one who thinks those people are absolutely insane?
@SecondRikudo we all think @tereško is insane ;]
@SecondRikudo Everyone not making money off of them as a result is completely insane.
7:53 PM
@LeviMorrison Of course. It's uncommon to make a "syntax mistake" on this scale.
@JoeWatkins any updates on phpdbg? Want to go to sleep in 1,5 hours… and then I'll be unavailable until tomorrow afternoon (when Ferenc probably will tag)
I mean, I'm all in for stocking on food and firepower in case you need it
But what are you preparing for? Economy collapse?
@bwoebi not yet, just finished with levi ... let me breathe in and out for a while then I'll look ...
@JoeWatkins I'd really like to see any updates by the time I go to bed… 22:30 BST
At least here in Israel there's a chance for a freaking nuclear/chemical warfare, so it makes sense.
7:55 PM
you only think they're insane until it happens
@SecondRikudo well .. it's america. Secession is never too far from their limited minds in deep south/deep bible belt
@LeviMorrison they will surely already be working on it for hhvm support anyway
@CarrieKendall When it happens, I'll look up one of the people on those shows, exterminate them, and take control over their entire carefully prepared resource :D
@SecondRikudo i hope your generator lasts long enough ;]
i don't prep, but i don't think its crazy either. i personally think its naive to think it woudn't happen
@CarrieKendall Are you forgetting who you're talking to? I can power the entire US with my freaking EYES
7:57 PM
it's kinda part of USA culture
@SecondRikudo Pretty much, I've seen American Blackout and in 10 days everyone got dead or shot or something, it's sad because they weren't in a war. When war started in 1992, we had $500 and supplies for few days, and we survived for 4 years (of course not counting grenades and bullets).
But that shows are exaggerated also.
@TOOTSKI Most probably
The not good part is that everyone has guns, and if some intra conflict occurs, shit will hit the fan.
The police/army would be helpless.
@TOOTSKI Not in Israel.
7:59 PM
Yeah, because everyone is IDF :P You don't shoot on yourself!
Israel is a very militaristic country.
also, why is there "preppers" show on National Geographic, "ancient aliens" show on History Channel and "ghost hunters" on Syfy ?
@tereško Haha

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