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10:00 PM
it mocks literally everything
dicks, they named it wrong, c plus equality would be C+ == what they have there is c plus assignment ...
ugh i am leaving cya all!
'double '=>'fatpride ',
'throw '=>'post_on_tumblr ',
'else '=>'perhaps_and_equally_valid ',
10:01 PM
People that have nothing better to do in life.
/me is laughing too hard right now
There you go @TOOTSKI moved that repo out of Dropbox on to bitbucket :P
/me is out, laterz
I played CS1.6 online yesterday, and they called me names, "bot", "noob", "camper"...
@ircmaxell Laters, baby.
@TOOTSKI hehe, you've become rusty :P
10:03 PM
@Fabien You won the interentz! :D
@TOOTSKI Get Source. We can play together.
lata @ircmaxell
me too, lata chaps ..
night @JoeWatkins
See you
but it's always fun, when you pown them they wine and yell "cheater" and when you play bad they call you a noob
10:04 PM
@HamZa Actually, I pwned de_dust2, IDF is pretty precise for headshot.
I think I was second out of 16 in team.
de_dust2 is so classic :D
I used to get up at 5AM to play CS and school was at 8AM.
Back in 2002 I think.
Do you know this song ?
@TOOTSKI I like to surf in CSS.
BTW that guy is a beast.
@HamZa LOL!
@Fabien :D I need to get teh Source. Do I need Steam and stuff?
10:07 PM
@TOOTSKI Kill one man, you're a n00b. Kill a thousand, you're a pr0. Kill them all, you're a hacker.
Steam is fairly light though. Not to mention pretty awesome.
@Fabien damn he's practically flying
@HamZa Surfing is tough to start. And incredibly hard to master. But really fun to do :P
The best maps are on CSS.
Some levels are increasing difficulty. Example. It has stages. Plus awesome Eurotrash music.
I uninstalled CS for being addicted to it
Surfing isn't too bad. I surf for about 10-20 minutes then go back to what I was doing.
There's DM maps too.
10:11 PM
lol 20mn will turn out in a few hours, can't control
:P Worth it.
BTW this is INSANE surfing. Shame it's hard to see in parts but great soundtrack. Quite long so feel free to skip parts.
any cs player must have watched this
lol not in years
I remember watching streaming CS on Winamp when I was a kid :P
@HamZa Where's your montage? :P
This thread is now hijacked.
Mine Mostly GG and DM though.
@TOOTSKI You got Source yet?
10:21 PM
Nah, need to finish source I get $ for.
@Fabien I didn't do any I think...
-_- It's an essential part of being a CS player.
Honestly though. MW2 was my best FPS.
I did some cool moves, but didn't record them.
It was also funny that people would insult me for being good without realising I'm the owner of that damn server :P
heh. The best compliment was always being called a cheater
Oh and when you set some people as admins and they don't realise that I'm the owner when I change my name (wondering why they can't kick me lol)
10:53 PM
For the first time I just encountered sleepsort: dis.4chan.org/read/prog/1295544154
I wonder if any devs love Laravel so much they'd get a tattoo of it. Example
> dicksort()
@Fabien maybe it's one of their devs :)
11:24 PM
Remind me, is this blocking and can it be unblocked?
If you want to wait for response, which in this case, he wants. — TOOTSKI Nov 16 '12 at 18:44
Googled and found my own comment. Great.
Well, I know it's blocking at cli...
Dunno if it's blocking in the other sapis, but I assume so.
stream_set_blocking(STDIN , 0);
$input = stream_get_contents(STDIN);
Also blocking it seems.
I just want to exit if stdin is empty.
@TOOTSKI Shirely just fread?
oh ....nope.
I just got hit by a car while riding a bicycle.
Shit, you okay?
11:36 PM
It was really slow speeds for both parties. I'm perfectly fine.
But my heart is racing.
@Danack Nope, same.
@LeviMorrison Whoa!
@LeviMorrison Car stopped I presume?
Yeah. I think she was more worried than I was.
They usually are. Was she at fault?
A: Non-blocking on STDIN in PHP CLI

MartinHere's what I could come up with. It works fine in Linux, but on Windows, as soon as I hit a key, the input is buffered until enter is pressed. I'm currently trying to find a way to disable buffering on a stream, or specifically on STDIN in PHP. <?php function non_block_read($fd, &$data) { ...

but probably flaky.
11:38 PM
Also, bike okay?
A: STDIN is only working randomly [PHP CLI]

WrikkenReading non-blocking might not have the data there yet. Another option is only to read STDIN if the input is not an interactive terminal: <?php $args = getopt('s:'); if(!posix_isatty(STDIN)){ $stdin = file_get_contents('php://stdin'); } else { $stdin =''; } echo $stdin.' '.$args[...

@Fabien Details are kind of shaky. Now I understand why people on the news can't always keep the details straight.
But yeah, bike is fine.
Yeah. Adrenalin does that for you.
Buy a helmet cam, gopro or something.
^ that
Invaluable for if it was serious.
11:39 PM
I have a really, really short commute.
Also makes drivers more aware of you.
It's like, .5 miles.
Who'd have thought, eh?
Something like 30% of accidents happen within 1km of peoples home or work.
You have a helmet though yes? :P
I remember seeing a video on reddit of a guy on his moped in traffic. He's not really paying attention but the traffic is at a standstill. He timidly nudges the car in front and rolls sideways off his moped. No more than 3-5 mph. Goes under a lorry and dies. It's crazy how quick and fragile death can be.
ProTip: if drivers are cocky, crush a spark plug, use ceramic, break the windows.
11:42 PM
I also lost a friend who used to cycle to work. He was hit by a lorry.
It's important to be vigilant at all times. The right of way doesn't mean you can safely go etc.. etc..
I once smashed a cab driver window.
Why? -_-
He almost knocked me off the road and I was going 30km/h (speed limit).
By law, he doesn't have the right to overpass me.
11:45 PM
I'm going to take a shower. I think that will help.
Yeah :)
You got kid and wife, don't mess around, dude.
Time helps. Everything you feel is normal.
Wear the f* helmet.
But that's bulky.
I don't like to ride a bike via normal road, too fragile.
Drivers don't want to slow down a bit, but they accelerate intentionally.
When passing you, they should go in another lane, just like when passing regular vehicle.
11:50 PM
I always made sure I did nothing to annoy drivers and always assumed they had the right of way.
For instance I never skipped cars at traffic lights. I sat in my place so that they wouldn't have to overtake me again.

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