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12:13 AM
@NikiC that _bad_state_ex() hack, wat
I'm not 100% sure what the hack is here. Basically, it's enforcing that the constructor is called, right?
@LeviMorrison I did not look deeply into it, just saw the commit on php-cvs, but if thats the case it should be an easy fix as most other objects save their state in the object struct, like ext/sqlite3 for example
1:04 AM
@MátéKocsis You'll be fine! :-)
1:41 AM
@IMSoP WSL works quite well, only thing you'll get as failing tests are Linux sockets/permission related tests
At least on WSL1
2:23 AM
@DaveRandom ping
@MátéKocsis practice in the mirror, take a few deep breaths :)
@MátéKocsis alternatively, if you're stressed, try progressive muscle relaxation
Something I've been taught in therapy to help with anxiety, no prescription drugs necessary :)
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6:11 AM
I like the recent RFC about the tokens as objects and was wonddering if similar approach could be adopted to debug_backtrace() with returning an interator instead of an array. The iterator itself could return objects which share common interface for eg. TraceFrame the same could be applied for Exception::getTrace and there could be some predefined specialized classes like EvalFrame, RequireFrame, IncludeFrame, RequireOnceFrame, IncludeOnceFrame...
The iterator itself could create objects on read without a need to rewind all and populate all trace if not needed
Looking at Symfony source code you can see many places where debug_backtrace() is called but only some chunk of the real trace is used or even more only for eg. file names. Which in current approach requires to populate all the data from zend_execute_data but as objects these could populate data on demand when actually reading for eg. filename.
Specialized classes could be extended to FunctionCallFrame and MethodCallFrame. Dunno if more is needed, probably not.
Any thoughts?
2 hours later…
7:53 AM
What a silence here today :/
8:24 AM
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8:56 AM
Madainn mhath!
o/ morning
@brzuchal I like that approach with debug_backtrace(), I did a similar thing for a common set of functionality I had many years ago and even integrated it with Reflection. Being able to skip some frame can be essential for readability as it shows all the way down to where the debug_backtrace() is called (so multiple if triggered from a set_error_handler() callback). I would all in all be very happy for any improvement to that area to allow removing boilerplate code
@Kalle Cool, I agree there is a lot of boilerplate code when dealing with debug_backtrace() frames, the same goes for Exception::getTrace() cause the output there is the same
9:11 AM
Yeah it even uses the same code internally. The only thing I could see as a potential issue is the DEBUG_BACKTRACE_PROVIDE_OBJECT option (if the intend would be to replace the old functionality in long term)
Going further some may think of introducing magic variable $arguments handled like the getThis() which could be an ArrayAccess like object with ::getTrace() - similar approach is used in JavaScript where arguments is an object with callee available in that, given that no additional function might be needed,
Treat it like a loose thoughts
I don't think Exception::getTrace() populates that internally (but I could be wrong), but it will increase the refcount
Hi, for everyone who use Symfony, I invite to the chat chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/208543/symfony.
if anyone looks into how backtraces work on exceptions, perhaps they could tackle my long-standing bug-bear that they increase refcount on any object that's been passed anywhere in the stack (because they capture all arguments)
^ That is exactly the issue with provide_object
9:22 AM
it messes up RAII patterns, because destructors might not be called until the exception is handled and destroyed
it also prevents making exceptions serializable, because you can't know if one of those objects is unserializable
I thought to do not extract arguments from zend_execute_data unless someone asks for it explicitly, that's where frame objects can be created with specific zend_execute_data and provide for eg. arguments only when asked through the method like Frame::getArguments() or something like that
but particularly with an exception, isn't that too late?
didn't go that far yet
@IMSoP zend.exception_ignore_args=1
@NikiC oh, cool!
I either didn't see that being introduced, or completely forgot
9:40 AM
On the topic of exceptions, and on the theme of debug messages, can I add a new method to Exception for getDebugMessage and have it do:

[Exception] [Message] at [file]:[line] (Previously: ...)

I seem to use that pattern a lot. Because it frustrates the holy hell out of me that the stack trace doesn't include where the exception is actually thrown. (I do appreciate the error itself is not on a new stack frame)
(Basically just add a method to return the top line of __toString?) ... or am I missing something entirely obvious
10:10 AM
@NikiC That setting already caused bug reports for Xdebug: bugs.xdebug.org/view.php?id=1745
Huh, it's snowing
@NikiC why is this still undocumented :-/
10:33 AM
because we're bad at docs
@cmb Is there anything we're not bad at? :P
well, we're good at being bad, at least ;)
@cmb the best at it, actually :D
@cmb yay
10:48 AM
migraine's gone finally, back to whatever I was working on before I was interrupted with sheer brain pain
When I get migraines it feels like I've got a fork shoved in the back of my eye socket. Tis rather unpleasant.
I want to curl up in my bed and die
Guys, I politely want to ask why nobody wants to join the Symfony room. Is it so unpopular framework?
because it's not room 11
room 11 is <3
curl -X DIE bed
10:50 AM
So what, it's the room 208543.
if people want to join the room you've created, they will join
Is it even legal to advertise that room here?
No. Very illegal. The overflow police will come and arrest you.
And throw you in so-jail
It's like a forced labour camp, but instead of breaking rocks, you have to answer questions about VBA

Trash can

Like the recycle bin, but trashier.
I want to answer questions about Symfony.
I work on this framework.
Yeah, I know, but it might be useful for growth to talk about it also in chat.
So today I've reached 100 reputation and decided to create a room.
About it.
it's not going to become a popular room in a day
(if it's popular at all)
I know that it's not very popular framework, so I'm afraid that it can be deleted for inactivity. That's why I'm inviting people.
create a chat bot that gets the word of the day off a site that does that sort of thing, and posts the wotd in the room each day
it's how I got around keeping a room active I wanted to keep active, until I stopped caring
granted, I used the already-provided room11 chatbot, Jeeves, when he was still working
@Clarity and FWIW, it won't get deleted, it will get "frozen" and you can ask a mod to thaw it
Do I need an alternate account for chatbot & write sort of browser plugin for it? Or there is a built-in option in SO?
11:03 AM
Ayup Joe o/
@Clarity this is what we used originally github.com/Room-11/Jeeves but some of the plugins are bugged and don't work, it's in the process of being rewritten github.com/Room-11/async-bot-jeeves
dedicated account - preferably, but you can use your own
Ok, thanks.
11:18 AM
11:54 AM
I think ... there are now so many emoticons in the world that they have become the &nbsp; of the people ... 10 years ago when someone said ":)" I knew what they were feeling, now I never find out if I can decode the stream of letters into an emotion because I skip over them completely ... discuss ...
@JoeWatkins :P
12:08 PM
@JoeWatkins that's what "lol" has become for me. Whenever I see it or type, rarely does it translate to actual laughter IRL, it's more of a "this amuses me" feeling
type it myself*
:-þ is my favourite
@Tiffany it might be a weird question, but how do I use PHP-written bot on SO-chat? I thought I can't upload PHP files to server.
Maybe it's just easier to bump the chat manually.
12:28 PM
@JoeWatkins :-D
Yeah, a lot of people are exaggerating their usage
@JoeWatkins 🤔
@Gordon or just "hm" instead of that emoji
@JoeWatkins I think that people in chats may show emotions which they aren't currently experiencing IRL. For example, I can write "hahaha, lol, :)" or something like that, but remain completely calm & emotionless behind the screen.
Do my ping work at all, by the way?
12:50 PM
Unexpected length of unicode string returned ・ *Unicode Issues ・ #79308
I recently added emoticons to our corporate webinar platform because clients were demanding it... one of which requested the poop emoji
Morning All!
@Clarity it needs to be ran on a VM, server, computer, docker container or something with which PHP is installed. The machine would have to be on 24/7 for it to be of use.
@Clarity it displays a notification, but I have sounds in SO chat muted.
Nothing is more daunting while in the middle of code and music than the bloody SO ping noise
1:07 PM
Got it, so I think that it's easier for me to write a message every day/week in the room to bump as I can't run my machine 24/7. By the way, the room already has 3 users
1:19 PM
Can someone reference me to a more detailed run through of Preloading. More like can i squeeze out more performance from it?
1:36 PM
@Clarity Probably not.
@ZobjoysJeirmov is it me you're looking for?
I can see it in your eyes
1:55 PM
2:14 PM
3 of 5 answers contained emoticons ...
2:44 PM
@JoeWatkins oh, you
how often are scripts/pages on 3v4l cleared? I bookmarked a page, wondering how long it'll "last"
Any thoughts on me adding a method to Error \ Exception which returns the top line of getTraceAsString ?
[ExceptionType] [Message] @ [File]:[Line]
3:15 PM
__LINE__ . ': ' . $e->getMessage()
That would be the line of the catch, not the throw
@Tiffany I think not at all
At least I've never had it happen to me that the code disappeared there
@bwoebi thanks
3:36 PM
That's kind of what getTrace()[0] would give you. It's easy to build a string out of it
If I wanted to repeat the same pattern over and over I'd just compose it from getMessage, getLine and getFile
It just seems like it would be a useful helper to have
3:51 PM
@MarkR IIRC, code base at former employer had something similar to this. I remember reading docs on getTraceAsString to figure out why that was used instead of another method (I forget which), and the answer was simply: it didn't give me the info I needed.

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