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12:37 AM
If you want to block access to a certain folder, the most reliable way is obviously to put it outside of the document root. But what if that's not option? Because of shared hosting for example. Would htaccess be the best next solution? Or is there something better?
Never mind. Found a great answer about it :)
3 hours later…
3:25 AM
did another hour ish of running, 10km/h
4:05 AM
ugh. I can't run unless it's when playing cosom hockey or something.
Hi guys
4:26 AM
i can't run even. i can't keep a constant pace. i mostly alternate actual run and walking :B
also the hills. just a slight degree change makes me die :B
4:46 AM
5:20 AM
good morning programmers.
What do you call a sketchy Italian neighbour hood? The Spaghetto
6:19 AM
@Jimbo eh, that's already my blocklist btw
posted on June 24, 2017 by trowski

Initial release on Amp v2.

6:35 AM
@Ocramius what happened again?
Eh, don't know the details, but the usual laravel folks discussing with Josh Lockhart, who deleted his twitter account
Josh said Adam Wathan's code/docs are bad (which they are). Laravel guys took it personal and Taylor Otwell called Josh an asshole.
No week passes without new laravel drama...
oh well, back to writing slides then
7:09 AM
any good laptop preferences budget $800
a 19'' with a full blown keyboard :B
a 19?
yeah, i don't like tiny shits :B or a 17
anyway depends on your needs. do you want a battery that lasts a lot? or you are using it mostly plugged?
:P i don't want it for me it's for brother and he is not even a programmer.
so long lasting battery will work
mainly requirement is graphics,autocad and 3d modelling software are to be used ...
posted on June 24, 2017 by kelunik

Initial Amp v2 release.

8:04 AM
@Linus then you need a proper gpu, not an integrated one
no shared memory...
@Ocramius Now run the same benchmark with Aerys on your system. :P
It would probably outperform the one I ran - where can I get a "hello world" one?
@Ocramius git clone https://github.com/amphp/aerys && cd aerys && composer install && php -d zend.assertions=-1 vendor/bin/aerys -c demo.php
@kelunik oh yeah, it's 2 times faster :D
If you want to run with 1000 concurrent connections, you'll need an extension.
@Ocramius :D
8:11 AM
well done, I'd say :D
@WesStark ah you means instead laptop need to assemble pc?
@Linus no
@kelunik does amp utilize the reactor or proactor pattern?
@WesStark then?
8:19 AM
@kelunik btw, I'm fairly sure that the OOTB servant doesn't come with any threading or asynchronous processing
@Linus also notebook have integrated or dedicated gpu
dedicated could be soldered on the mainboard or be an actual card
@Gordon Reactor.
you need to look for the nvidia or ati logo
@Ocramius So that's just one core and Aerys uses all?
@kelunik do you know any framework that uses proactor in php?
8:20 AM
but depends, because amd has some ati gpus that suck
Hello all, has anyone worked with paypal rest or nvp sdk to transfer payments
I have used it but due to unstability of versions it gives error.Some times creditcards does not work.And process to create an is ?
@Gordon I didn't even know the term until 2 minutes ago :D
@kelunik not sure at all, but it only gets to a CPU load of 1 on my machine, so I don't think it's threading at all
you better ask teresko. i know nothing (jon snow) about notebooks
damn I want PHP 7.2 and the object type hint >.<
but avoid for sure stuff that has intel graphics, those are ok for office use but certainly not for 3d modeling
Ahhh ok :) thank5
@Ocramius Yes, if htop only shows one CPU full, it's probably that.
@Ocramius Is that merged yet?
not sure, but half of doctrine is is_object() :P
@Ocramius what for?
8:23 AM
I want to get rid of all that bs
ah yeah, so you really want either interfaces or generics :P
Unlikely - UoW can't really be typed there :-\
@Gordon There's no API for that in PHP currently.
@Ocramius you're trying on your mac?
Hello all, has anyone worked with paypal rest or nvp sdk to transfer payments
I have used it but due to unstability of versions it gives error.Some times creditcards does not work.And process to create an is ?
8:27 AM
@bwoebi no, ubuntu box
!!welcome user3826569
Welcome @user3826569, please read the Chat Guidelines
if I try this stuff on my mac, networking crashes
posted on June 24, 2017

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

@Jeeves thank you.sure will follow the guidelines
8:29 AM
@user3826569 You're welcome!
@Ocramius uh, how many vcores does your box have?
cat /proc/cpuinfo  | grep processor | wc -l
@Ocramius … and also only one process is spawned too?
or are there 7 in idle and 1 working?
8:32 AM
well, talking about servant btw
only one process running
@Ocramius May I bet that nproc isn't installed on your machine?
it's there
and returning 8?
that function directly determines how many workers to spawn by default…
8:37 AM
I'm still talking about servant - didn't check if aerys spawns processes :P
I think there's some miscommunication :D
what do you mean with servant, if not the worker processes?
no, haskell-servant
that's the thing going only to a load of 1
yet serves 6k req/s
yeah, well, then run aerys with -w 1 to just use one core for comparison…
8:39 AM
Good morning. Any idea why automatic scroll here in chat doesn't work for me?
@bwoebi 4.9k/sec

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