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Hello :)
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@DaveRandom sleep is for the weak
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ext gd.so, built & linked with freetype2, missing freetype support/functions – #78314
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@DaveRandom lxr has gone ... panic
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cogent appealing forcibly to the mind or reason : convincing
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¡pןɹoM oןןǝH
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moved to australia?
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posted on July 19, 2019

I bounced a basketball this week. I've never been one for organized sports. I know I know, all artists and software developers are supposed to excel at physical activity. I like to go against stereotypes. Dribbling a ball is one of those things that I haven't done in at least half a lifetime. Yet somehow, I found myself in the middle of not one, but multiple games of horse, even th

Anyone know of a more efficient way to solve this problem? gist.github.com/srgoogleguy/d84d4ea025bc43024482feb753ffe1d8
I feel like I'm overthinking this, but I'm pretty sure it can be done in linear time
or close to it
11:02 AM
different approach, not sure it's faster - if you benchmark it tell me the result :-)
@ThW Well, it's definitely slower given that it'd take O(n**2) for the reduce alone, but it's also wrong.
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Sara Chipps on July 18, 2019

“Caustic community for new users. There is no excuse for not being kind!”  – 6 years coding

“It feels too scary and unaccessible for new developers” – 3 years coding

“People could be less brutal” – 6 years coding

“The attitude is not beginner friendly. Askers are expected to have done a lot of research before asking a question (re: both question format and content), even if they are completely new to the community or topic. Not everyone can understand or even know to look for documentation when they’re completely new to programming.” – 12 years coding experience  …

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@kelunik any advice on what to do when I get a notification from letsencrypt about a cert expiring soon, when it appears to be not expiring on my server?
@DaveRandom I brought lxr back up, but I'm not sure what's going on, /var/run/nginx was missing and nginx had crashed
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English derp moment: How do you call, in English, the phenomenon that after a high of some sort (specifically, Adrenaline) in this case, you have a period of recuperation/deficiency that results in the opposite effect? I vaguely recall a specific name for it.
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@MadaraUchiha crash?
@Sherif Yup, that's it, thanks :)
oh look at me. I can speak the english very best
@Sherif English good yes!
Good day!
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@MadaraUchiha or less severe, the comedown. Or withdrawal, if the effect make you want to do the thing again. Or, more sciency - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refractory_period
I have table projects_locations of following columns
My .php page has the following code
$sql = 'select * from projects_locations';
$statement = $connection->prepare($sql);
$projects = $statement->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
foreach($projects  as $p)
echo  $p->project_name_english ;
echo $p->location_name_english; }
the output is
project1 location1 project1 location2 project1 location3 project2 null project3 null
I want the output as

project 3
I dont want the project name to repeat in output
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5:53 PM
@PHPFan Look up "DISTINCT" (SQL keyword)
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7:37 PM
Included schemas don't adopt the targetNamespace of includer – #78315
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9:45 PM
@ThW It gives the same output
 $sql = 'select distinct project_name_english,location_name_english from projects_locations ';
10:42 PM
@JoeWatkins weird, I've been messing about with it a little bit and I had created that dir and moved the pidfile into it, but no idea how it would just vanish like that :-S
btw I've figured out another way to do the thing that caused me to look at the getsockopt() stuff, but I plan to pick it up again in a week or two because I do think it's still a valid thing to have. I totally get where you are coming from with the argument that (paraphrasing) "it's too niche", but the fact remains that atm there is no way to access arbitrary non-integer options so I still thing it's a worthwhile thing to add
if it were pretty much any other ext then I would completely agree with you, but sockets is a proper bare-metal wrapper over an API that's already very not-portable so I think it does actually make sense in this specific case
I will also add a few "officially supported" opts alongside it, though - nevertheless, it simply isn't practical to add every possible thing that anyone might ever want to do on every weirdo corner case OS, the string buffer would provide a way for anyone to do basically anything anywhere if they can be bothered implementing it
I'm all in favour of making PHP support stuff cleanly, but sometimes I'm just hacking something out and I don't want to patch php-src and wait for a release in order to do it
sometimes unpack() is "good enough" :-P
10:57 PM
opcache_invalidate() doesn't work as expected – #78316

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