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12:10 AM
the bar in front of my screen
@Wes take a guess at what I'll be doing in five minutes? (Not that, thanks)
watch hockey, eat maple syrup, ski
ride a moose
watch hockey!!
gosh you are good
i hoped for the moose
actually, me too
wish I had one of those, to park in my secondary igloo
ever rode one?
12:13 AM
.... no
ahaha damn
this is, to my great pain, actually not a thing here :p
it's how i picture canadians in my mind
ofc your mind is the overseer. sorry.
boooo so disappointing
12:16 AM
That is marvelous
and, all jokes about pasta are not stereotypes
they are all the truth
no exceptions :B
you mean you actually live for weeks on pastas and tomatoes?
some people might actually do that
but while it's extremely possible that we eat pasta every day, it's not always with tomato
12:20 AM
heh. pasta actually helps playing hockey. gives the energy right when you need it
that is, when the puck hits your stick while you're speeding through the slot
annnnnddd that sounded as wrong before I said it
meh, obviously canada is leading the game against europe
wth is a puck and a slot
Search for "pucjk" (https://www.google.com/search?q=pucjk&lr=lang_en)
• Puck - Wikipedia - Puck kan verwijzen naar: … Puck (Shakespeare), ook bekend als Robin Goodfellow, een figuur uit A Mi… (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puck)
• Puck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Puck may refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Objects; 2 Fictional characters; 3 Literature; 4 Places; 5 P… (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puck)
• Puck - Weg van jou - YouTube - SVP stem op Puck bij de KidsTop20 via: http://www.kidstop20.nl/stem/ Zie ook Puck haar nieuwe … (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo4lDJ_7i4g)
Search for "puck" (https://www.google.com/search?q=puck&lr=lang_en)
• Puck - Wikipedia - Puck kan verwijzen naar: … Puck (Shakespeare), ook bekend als Robin Goodfellow, een figuur uit A Mi… (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puck)
• Puck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Puck may refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Objects; 2 Fictional characters; 3 Literature; 4 Places; 5 P… (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puck)
• Puck - Weg van jou - YouTube - SVP stem op Puck bij de KidsTop20 via: http://www.kidstop20.nl/stem/ Zie ook Puck haar nieuwe … (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo4lDJ_7i4g)
A hockey puck is a disk made of vulcanized rubber that serves the same functions in various games as a ball does in ball games. The best-known use of pucks is in ice hockey, a major international sport. == Origins == Many tribes throughout North America played a version of field hockey which involved some type of "puck" or ball, and curved wooden sticks. Ice hockey was first observed by Europeans being played by Mi'kmaq Indians in Nova Scotia in the late 17th century. It was called ricket by the Natives. The game was played utilizing a frozen road apple as the first puck. Eventually, they began...
12:23 AM
the slot is that place just in front of the goalie where 75 percent of the goals are scored
call it disc damnit
we call ball ball
that is for frenchies
12:24 AM
looks.. legit...
today i did nothing again
just got depressed by js
12:33 AM
but... but, I was... I only meant to do a waving guy, instead!
@Wes I was actually saying don't give up
js understanding gets better after a while
@Wes you're doing it wrong
also be sure to try all these bleeding edge new frameworks
i sadly understand it pretty well @FélixGagnon-Grenier that's what makes me depressed...
12:42 AM
Hello People! O.o
Anyone up for a quick question?
only if it's reaaaal kwicq
<form method="post" onSubmit="window.location='index.htm" action="https://rest.nexmo.com/sms/json?" class="login">
that is not a question
This form is returning an API file, trying to get that read and depending on the status returned in the file, display a javascript alert with either success or failure..
that won't work
12:54 AM
you need to use xhr, assumed that you are allowed to do that because cross origin
your code will abort the form submit and just redirect to index.htm
what..? did my network eat some messages again?
wat wat
not so sure where you are taking dem xhr stuff
oh. you actually wrote you need to
yeah I might be a bit drunk
it's ok, i'm both drunk and tired
i have a drinking problem though
i'm not joking
i should really drink less
can't end up collecting empty beer bottles on my desk every day...
1:05 AM
Damn .. I cannot sleep :-( thinking of interview doesn't let me sleep !
beer solves everything @Shafizadeh
@Wes :-) ... You know, I did not drink beer so far. I don't even know what's that ..
Because of my country restrictions.
@Wes I know the feel bro
good morning
1:49 AM
is it poor naming convention to call an array: featureList because it is not technically a list?
If you're using the array as a list, it's a list.
for instance ['list item 1', 'listen item 2', 'list item 3'] ?
integer contiguous indexes starting from 0: it's a list
thank you
2:45 AM
@NikiC If you mutate the things you close over you would have to switch anyway ^_^
Also, someone downvoted you for this: reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/54rzp5/…
I counter up-voted.
What? I got downvoted on this too. Maybe someone didn't realize that I linked v1.2 and not the current draft?
1 hour later…
4:11 AM
How many apples grow on a tree? All of them
@Jeeves <3
@Linus I love you too :-)
mornin Gordon
5:43 AM
Hello All
Do anyone have idea about milstar payment gateway?
I'll say this about Phack: It may or may not turn out to be entirely viable, but it's a hell of an experiment.
what is Phack?
Anyone have any ideas why require wouldnt work in PHP? serverfault.com/questions/805464/…
5:58 AM
@Zinc Have you checked who is owner of that particular file as pietrop told?
@Sameer - it looked ok but will check again
Now let's find some OSS to contribute to for https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/
6:24 AM
@Zinc Ok
6:42 AM
or just off-topic ?
meh, flagged it as spam
@Epodax Post has been deleted :)
@Sameer Well I certainly hope so :) But yeah, my spam flag was marked as helpful.
6:51 AM
@JoeWatkins yo
morning Joe
7:04 AM
@Danack Haha, how's it looking? You prepared?
today is your talk?
@Sameer - I fixed it.. total idiotic error, simply lowercase letter in another filename - windows to Mac sharing... DOH!!!! simplest things always take the longest. Thank you for your help
@Zinc wc :)
morning PeeHaa
7:11 AM
@PeeHaa yomomnin'
Do anyone have idea about milstar payment gateway?
7:26 AM
Q: Why Php 7 is consuming more memory compare to PHP 5.6

developerCKI was doing a benchmarking, i found, PHP 7 using more memory as compared to PHP 5.6 so i did a test i run a script , that is only having $a=10; and below are the results when i used PHP cli without any module (php -n) php 5.6 = 222600 Bytes php 7.0 = 350448 Bytes PHP 5.6.23 (cli) (buil...

is it true?
Php 7 consuming more memory than PHP 5.6?
@SagarNaliyapara questions like yours are exactly why I am voting to close that question. People will read it and take it for a truth, then go to their friends and say they read it on Stack Overflow so it must be true. And bam! it becomes truthy…
@SagarNaliyapara In some cases yes, in many cases no. Anecdotally I've seen a lot more "look at this massive drop in resource usage when we switched the PHP 7" graphs than I've seen claims that PHP 7 uses more memory than PHP 5
@Gordon that's why SO has user like you, so PHP alive still :P
As you can see from that SO question, it's a very contrived example and not representative of real world code at all
7:33 AM
I am looking as inspiration for good cashback websites for any product, I just want to analyze the flow of it, if you have visited any or you know some products with a good UX .. shoot! :D
Oh nice! :D
@PeeHaa @DaveRandom Should we add hacktoberfest labels to @Jeeves issues?
@SagarNaliyapara Well that's a bit one which is 'overarching' different products on 1 site. Im looking for a 'stand-alone' brand page to claim a cashback.
So far I am here: kopy.io/ZZvTa
7:42 AM
8:03 AM
ormin 2
> This occurrence has been logged, and a highly trained team of monkeys has been dispatched to deal with your problem. We're really sorry about this, and will work hard to get this resolved as soon as possible.
posted on September 28, 2016

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

@kelunik sure. It won't make any difference to when stuff happens but it makes it look like we are 1337 pr0s so go for it.
@DaveRandom ;-)
8:18 AM
Hi. I´m using MySQL and have some issues with my insert. I have personalNr which look like 00005 but if I insert them i get -> 5. Which datatype should i use here or what could also cause this issue?
@kelunik I don't mind either way. So hit it :)
sorry for asking database related Q here, but there is no db room ;)
@elsololobo You should probbaly just store 5
00005 is just the presentation
but my boss want it as I said :P
8:19 AM
also for evaluation purpose
cause he said
evaluation wat
how can i achieve that
Never Underestimate The Power of Good Morning Texts, Apologies and Random Compliments.
I gave you the imo optimal solution. Will let the imo suboptimal solution open for somebody else to answer
@SagarNaliyapara u suck
Random insult :V
8:21 AM
@SagarNaliyapara Good morning. Sorry about @littlepootis. You look good today
@PeeHaa so does @Jimbo's Mom
good today? then what about yesterday? and all past days?
You're not easy to please
8:24 AM
@PeeHaa so I've come around again to the issue of un-encrypted rooms in Jeeves. Is there any good reason to support it, given that SE do provide HTTPS for All The Things? Sure, some of their web front-end stuff needs work in the regard, but everything we ever do works fine
Q: MySQL adding leading numbers to existing IDs in a column

user1742161I got a mysql database column named country_id, like: country_id ---------- 1 2 59 435 2714 What I'm trying to accomplish now is to add leading zero's to each ID, so the result would be: country_id ---------- 0001 0002 0059 0435 2714 Each ID should have max 4 digits. That's it. Is there an...

It just bugs me that we end up switching protocols sometimes
@DaveRandom Everything in the entire network supports it?
An alternative solution to that problem would be to make the setting per-domain
8:26 AM
@PeeHaa I've yet to find something that doesn't
@DaveRandom Just drop it
BTW @DaveRandom you guys or not schengen right?
Too lazy to search on the web :P
You need a passport
More asking for smokes :P
I think outside of schengen I can bring more
Oh right, you can bring 400 cigarettes in without issue, I think that's the limit before you have to declare it though
Otherwise I will just smuggling my own packs :P
@DaveRandom kk
8:29 AM
I have a string that looks like this $string = '"string.string"';
how can i remove the " at the start and end
$string = 'string.string';
Holy shit. I'm going to start a business
PeeHaa , lol
The variable i cannot change
Oh @DaveRandom bring me a usb -> your retarded wall socket plug thing btw please
8:36 AM
if i do this - str_replace('"', '', $string); will that error if it doesnt have a " in the string
@PeeHaa just for phone charging?
@DaveRandom Well it would be tits if you have retard plug -> sane plug thing, but I don't assume you have one of those lying around
I'm just happy and somewhat amazed you don't have a different usb standard :P
@PeeHaa I may have, I will look. I've been meaning to buy one of these (obviously you would get one with euro plugs on :-P) for travel purposes, that might worth doing if you can
because kettle leads are easy to come by in any country with any plug type
regardless, I can certainly find you a USB charger at the very least
and if you are bringing a laptop I can just give you a kettle/fig8/clover lead for the PSU
8:40 AM
Yeah I assume you have a couple of hundred of them
@DaveRandom Oh right. durrrrrrr
Yeah that would do :P
Let me know what you need there, I have loads of kettle/fig8 but if you need a clover I will have to dig one out
I will have one somewhere, but not lying around on my desk like the other 2
I'm having lunch right now. Will check it later when I get home
/cc @bwoebi all of this ^ btw
@PeeHaa ...it's not even 11am :-P
it's not even 10am here...
8:42 AM
Wat? I was thirsty
Also client meeting in 30 mins
@DaveRandom why cc me?
Ah, that kind of lunch
@bwoebi because I assume you will also need to plug stuff in while you are here
@DaveRandom ah… yeah, just two things…
8:44 AM
phone can be charged via laptop … I mean the charger for the accus of my speech processor
@Jimbo Getting there. Taking this afternoon off work to do some practice runs.
Cool. All issues fixed. https://t.co/MfbykVx7pA
@Leigh Still going to get some
@Danack @DaveRandom some of you is active on codefights.com ?
8:47 AM
@Traxstar no, I don't have enough time as it is
I have a huge list of FOSS to work on already :-P
@Linus Saturday.
@Danack all the best for that :)
@Traxstar same as Dave - if I'm going to be coding, it's going to be stuff I want to get done.
@Danack If you wanna go through it in Fri night we can probably sort something
okay :D
8:49 AM
what is a code fight ?
throwing code at each other?
users post coding challenges that needs to be resolved. you start coding it and can mess with other users.
Or you can code against a friend.
hey hey, i have a file that i usually include, include _FN_TPL_DIR . $this->_template_to_include; how can i put it into a variable instead ?
can you post code ?
@Joseph $variable = _FN_TPL_DIR . $this->_template_to_include; \o/
8:53 AM
holly cow , that was hard to figure
or did you want the evaluated contents of the file in the var? because $variable = include _FN_TPL_DIR . $this->_template_to_include will do that
@bwoebi ah OK, is that an all-on-one plug thing (so you need a euro socket to plug it into) or does it run on e.g. a kettle lead?
I can try and dig out a UK->Euro charger thing but I dunno if I have any
also is you laptop a mac?
@DaveRandom I have one, no worries
@DaveRandom that would be pretty cool.
@bwoebi ok cool :-)
8:57 AM
@DaveRandom sure :-P
@bwoebi OK I can pick you up from the airport but that will have to take it's own taxi
(j/k, obv)
@DaveRandom where are you going?
without me ...
8:59 AM
Why Joe? Why!?
Please drop your documentation tool feature requests here: github.com/kelunik/daas/issues
@JoeWatkins Well, … you still can come
@Leigh no i just wanted to assign the text in the template to the variable

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