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12:01 AM
@bwoebi @NikiC thanks for your help, got it working now
12:51 AM
how can one possibly do rest if html forms don't support other than get and post
i'l stick to my shitful api
@Shafizadeh It kind of does.. but there's really none.
1:49 AM
is there a phpcs sniff that would detect 'too many blank lines' in code? (i.e. function call, blank line, function call, blank line, function call, blank line...)
2:33 AM
2:43 AM
!!remind me ship that bio already tomorrow at 11:30am
Reminder set.
I really wonder what timezone that will be in
Is it in working state now?
!!remind me.to use dad plugin after 2 minutes at 8:22am
Reminder set.
2:51 AM
looking gorgeous @Jeeves <3
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I love you too :-)
:) Felix you are looking gorgeous too..
ahem.. yeah that's my new perfume. hum, it's a bit awkward, but thanks I guess?
3:05 AM
errm, I guess I should've done something about the "me" there
!!reminder list
Registered reminders are:
• get beer → Id: :33152527 → Thursday, 29th September 2016 10:35 (UTC) - Set by PeeHaa - Seconds left: 26947
• me ship that bio already tomorrow → Id: :33156802 → Thursday, 29th September 2016 11:30 (UTC) - Set by Félix Gagnon-Grenier - Seconds left: 30243
• me.to use dad plugin after 2 minutes → Id: :33156816 → Thursday, 29th September 2016 08:22 (UTC) - Set by Linus - Seconds left: 18963
also if you'd like to set it on your timezone, just modify the time accordingly :-) ie. for UTC-3 use 08:22-3:00
yeah, thinking back on it, I guess there is no sane way Jeeves could guess a timezone based on who sets the reminder
aand when in doubt:
!!reminder examples
3:09 AM
• !!reminder foo at 18:00
• With timezone: (ie. UTC-3) !!reminder foo at 18:00-3:00
• !!reminder bar in 2 hours
• !!reminder unset 32901146
• !!reminder list
• !!in 2 days 42 hours 42 minutes 42 seconds 42!
• !!at 22:00 Grab a beer!
!!in 15 hours hey, do something about using "me", will you?
that is actually an broad range of commands. awesome!
Reminder set.
looks promising
3:11 AM
!!reminder eat da potate at 8:45+5:30
Reminder set.
!!reminder list
Registered reminders are:
• get beer → Id: :33152527 → Thursday, 29th September 2016 10:35 (UTC) - Set by PeeHaa - Seconds left: 26588
• me ship that bio already tomorrow → Id: :33156802 → Thursday, 29th September 2016 11:30 (UTC) - Set by Félix Gagnon-Grenier - Seconds left: 29884
• me.to use dad plugin after 2 minutes → Id: :33156816 → Thursday, 29th September 2016 08:22 (UTC) - Set by Linus - Seconds left: 18604
• hey, do something about using "me", will you? → Id: :33156929 → Thursday, 29th September 2016 18:10 (UTC) - Set by Ekin - Seconds left: 53931
is that correct? I kinda left that to strtotime :D
3:13 AM
yes, it is
nice :-)
@littlepootis eat da potate
1 hour later…
4:19 AM
@tereško lol that moment around 25:08, when op just loses their nerves and starts inventing speech over the original parody :D
Good Morning
5:05 AM
@PaulCrovella um.. I got a somewhat strange reaction from my window when voting on the question.
clicking the close-vote button opened the link from op's question (as far as I can tell)
... made me all paranoid about rogue js scripts hax0ring my close vote button
no idea
I'll blame alcohol
when flags contradict (unclear, too broad, recommend library) isn't that the best indicator of a poor question?
5:37 AM
Hi good morning
5:56 AM
i need help in php if u can
6:22 AM
good morning
!!are there any things to do on Jeeves for Hacktoberfest? @PeeHaa @DaveRandom
I think so.
6:30 AM
ormin @Ekin
for the first time in ~6 months, my brain wants to code as soon as I woke up ...
hey Joe :-) I guess that must be a good thing
it is, very good ... I like
\o/ great
@Traxstar still my prob remains :(
6:39 AM
good mornings
Morning to u too..
morning decision problems: which HTTP response code to send if I want to forbid sending authorisation headers over HTTP?
403 Forbidden might be misleading as the user might think the credentials provided were just not correct.
But it's just that for http:// I want to forbid sending credentials (but for https:// it's okay)
@hakre 405 Method Not Allowed?
Method is POST / GET etc. so that is allowed
Maybe something like invalid request
6:44 AM
Or maybe 505?
413 Payload Too Large - :)
@MazharIqbalRana give me a few mins to get startet
@MazharIqbalRana give me short info what was your problem pls
Hmm, I think if available I'll go with "400 Bad Request" not much I can do wrong by that.
Sure @Traxstar
Only leaving the user puzzled as hell ^ ^
6:48 AM
@hakre 400 is not as good for seo aspects
Well good that there is absolutely no SEO aspect at large wide and far
@hakre okay then no prob, sorry then
I've never seen robots sending Authorization headers btw.
@Traxstar I am creating radio button on client side using :

var optiondiv = document.getElementById('option-div');

document.getElementById('create').onclick = function () {

var input = document.createElement('input'),
newopt = document.getElementById('new-option').value;
label = document.createElement('label');

newopt = (newopt == '')?'No Entered Text':newopt;

input.type = "radio";
input.setAttribute("value", newopt);
input.setAttribute("checked", true);
input.setAttribute("name", "radio-name");
No idea which SEO aspect you mean, sorry
@MazharIqbalRana: Please don't dump code-fragments in the chat. Link them instead to some gist / bin.
6:50 AM
@hakre if google robots detects an 404 page it give u negative ranking... so if you are creating a header that return 404 you should maybe think about redirecting it
I just read some code for an event driven echo server, which inexplicably used a pool of 128 threads ... wtf is going on ...
@Traxstar well fine then, as google robots never send Authorization headers they'll never get a 400 response.
Instead a 301 to the https:// URL which then gives a 401 Authorization required which AFAIK does not give any negative ranking at all.
@Traxstar http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39738053/radiobutton-created-dynamically-to-be-inserted-in-db-php-using-ajax/39743683#39743683

Here i updated in comment new code
@hakre oh i was missunderstanding you, im sorry
@MazharIqbalRana there is no post value called "ex1"
@Traxstar null problemo my friend.
6:54 AM
@JoeWatkins maybe it's running on a beefy server
you must be new at this ...
it'll be running on a single core vps, probably ...
pfff.. I'm sure it'll be put on this thing tomshardware.com/news/…
@MazharIqbalRana your post param is called "equip"
@Traxstar it is not? ... data: {"ex1":radio_button_value},
@MazharIqbalRana yeah belongs to the ajax call..
but not to your html form
6:57 AM
an event driven anything that uses a pool of threads (more than one) doesn't really make sense
@Traxstar it is called below where form is ...in form div
it's difficult to call it event driven even ...
I could show you the code ... but you'd probably die, and I don't want blood on my hands ...
what happens if you echo ex1 in php form ?
fair enough
also, I can't remember where it was ...
history ftw
7:01 AM
@Traxstar Nothing it showing
than you catch the wrong data
do a print_r on it pls
@NikiC @bwoebi do you know any particular reason why __CLASS__:: access seems forbidden? 3v4l.org/hVF16
> I tried "windows" on writing a multi-threaded "server"
what could go wrong
@PaulCrovella i dont understand that question :D
@marcio looks like a purposeful omission today, not sure about history though ...
7:05 AM
@Traxstar nothing
HHVM is also disallowing it.
maybe look to the spec ?
it could be explained there, possibly
@MazharIqbalRana try to debug with phpstorm pls, set the breakpoint before your ajax call and then look whats into your data array
let me check...
@PaulCrovella ikr, it's all so scary ... lots of pthreads bugs are like that ... "I tried to create a million threads and this strange thing happened" ...
in JavaScript, 24 mins ago, by towc
turns out PHP guys can be fun sometimes
@Traxstart thanks lemme check
@MadaraUchiha fuck that javascript dudes :D
!!reminder grab a coffee in 5 minutes
Reminder set.
7:11 AM
@Ekin ty
@MadaraUchiha lies
@MadaraUchiha no real php guys would be seen dead at a javascript conference ...
@Gordon I think @kelunik was going to add labels
It's not Hacktober yet.
you could make it more bot like @Gordon
we need to know when it fails ...
7:14 AM
Or like Joe
easy ...
@MazharIqbalRana !?php error_reporting
Just replace every period with " ...".
@kelunik it started two days ago
@Gordon It "started". It says PRs start counting on Oct 1st.
7:16 AM
@Gordon grab a coffee
> You can sign up anytime between October 1 and October 31.
@kelunik true
^ But sign up is also already possible.
I signed up already
Same here.
7:16 AM
that's without doubt the most useful thing @Jeeves does ...
but yeah, PRs in october.
github.com/Room-11/Jeeves/… < I added labels to some issues.
@Traxstar have installed phpstorm doint ig
**doing it
@Gordon yw :-) it was a great idea, thank you too, it really made me learn so many nice things
@kelunik +1
7:20 AM
@Gordon is there any chance to join the development of jeeves with you ?
what to do for it ? ^^
just submit a pr.
so you are all just submitting to git ? though you got like an internal dev team or so ^^
@Traxstar anyone can contribute
7:22 AM
@Gordon yeah i thought you got maybe like an internal to do list or something like that
to do list?
@PeeHaa haha thats what i was looking for ^^will have a look at it later, thank you :) to early to see the issues point :D
Err.. does this website suggest reading about PSR-0?
7:29 AM
@Traxstar cant debug from storm .. never used dats y can i try firebug?
@littlepootis there is a part for code style guide where they mentioned the psr standarts from 1-4
@MazharIqbalRana yeah you can
@JoeWatkins actually this is correct 3v4l.org/kZ9kN and HHVM is behind.
@MazharIqbalRana you know how to debug a software problem ? doesnt seems so
@MazharIqbalRana have a look at: blog.teamtreehouse.com/how-to-debug-in-php
@MazharIqbalRana are you able to push the whole project to git or bitbucket ?
7:36 AM
Don't you get the feeling that we aren't spending enough time fussing over syntax? https://t.co/CE2tOGInEt
@Traxstar error states

ReferenceError: $ is not defined
[Break On This Error]

data: {"ex1":radio_button_value},

equipments.php (line 385)
ReferenceError: radio_button_value is not defined
[Break On This Error]

data: {"ex1":radio_button_value},
@MazharIqbalRana yeah you got your referenceerror first -->invalid php, and you try to acces a non existing value
@Traxstar but how this Ajax is working then? I mean radio creating?
@Traxstar now what i have to do?
first fix your php error, than have a look at the names / values you are assigned to your form, to your js and which you want to acces in ajax
@Traxstar this is code for creating radio at client side. Why in php radio will be created? alreay there is button created which clicked and give radio the same value as that given in textbox before it.
7:42 AM
@MazharIqbalRana i got the feeling that you are not understanding your problem. firebug gives you exact info about first problems. 1) Syntax Error 2) ReferenceError
yo sean
@Traxstar I got it. I am adding wrong info but my question remains same. Pls see there now I eddited the question fro the end. Pls see there at stackoverflow.com/questions/39738053/…
Doing well 11?
7:46 AM
@MazharIqbalRana u removed your ajax call ?
@Sean for sure, u too ?
@Traxstar Aye, excited about PHPNW tomorrow!
@Sean i cant join :(
@JoeWatkins ping
@Sean will be at phpruhr in about 40 days :)
oh before I forget. I have one of those 3 leaves clover things @DaveRandom
7:47 AM
@Traxstar Yes. Becuase I was making it wrong I think
@MazharIqbalRana whats your actual question then ?
@Traxstar Oooh, sweet! Not long to go ^^
@marcio because there's no class access by constants, and there's an exact equivalent: self.
@Sean yep, therefor my boss is paying it ^^
Good morning everyone
7:49 AM
@Traxstar Now I have textbox and button whatever i write in textbox it create radio of same name making it as radio text. I want to save it so that when i refresh page radio stays there or in simple words it shows there. I am not able to make proper ajax call for this.
o/ @DennisB.
in your data array in ajax you need to grap the value of the radio button. submit this to the php file and then in php you need to evaluate your result and then update database...
On Succes you may return a div with succes message or so
@MazharIqbalRana have a look at tutorialspoint.com/ajax if you are not well with ajax
in JavaScript, 1 min ago, by ivarni
@MadaraUchiha no real javascript conference would have anything but dead php guys
@Traxstar OK u mean data: {"newopt":radio_button_value}, for taking value of my radiobutton because input.setAttribute("value", newopt); is there right?
7:55 AM
@PeeHaa seems kinda strange ^^
@MazharIqbalRana i think so, i cant test it at the moment but seems correc
@Traxstar Idiot OP doesn't even know the language he is using...
That's how low it goes
@PeeHaa kinda sure it was a kiddi that startet in this and got questions... :D
@PeeHaa that is not a tag that should exist
ok @Trasxtar now you said second step i.e. $_post['newopt']
@Traxstar is it?
7:58 AM
Sorry wrong link @Traxstar
yeah just test it :) test --> debug --> test again :D
@PeeHaa np was kinda irittaed :D
@Trasxstar I will no worries just writing as per u said
@PeeHaa what the fuck. just ban this morron..
7:59 AM
Again that's how low the bar currently is :P
@Traxstar what is meant by evaluate your result? You mean any if check?
if the people are not able to google they shouldnt be here
@MazharIqbalRana yeah print it and check if right result is in
morgen pmma
7:59 AM
Why is he a mor(r)on?
typo? not best in english ^^ :D
Ok @Traxstar then it wil be update my table set column=newopt right and final will be success: function() {
alert(""+ radio_button_value);
@Traxstar is it?
do it !
@littlepootis If you don't even know what the programming language is called you are using and use a random tag and can't google you probably have some issues.
8:01 AM
ok let me try now :) @Traxstar
That question is better than most PHP questions on this site.
@littlepootis Hold on to the mic. I want to hear more
brb meeting
Moin ver-alpha2
Reckon it's rude or a necessity to store endpoint WSDLs & XSDs locally?
it's not rude, do it
8:14 AM
@PeeHaa OK cool I'll dig one out
@Linus me.to use dad plugin after 2 minutes
@Traxstar this is my php file ...

$query2 = mysql_query("update accessories set is_accessory='$q11' where id='$id'");


is it correct?
@Traxstar and my ajax is

type: "POST",
url: "equipments1.php",
data: {"newopt":radio_button_value},
success: function() {
//alert(""+ radio_button_value);
//$("#option-div").html("value Entered");
there is actually a class on posting shitty questions to SO meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/335482/…
@MazharIqbalRana no
it is really really bad
what will happen if $_POST['id'] contains: 1' OR '1' = '1 ?
8:27 AM
notice something on that page?
and learn about sql injections before you write another line of code
Hi guys :D
@Traxstar dint get
stackoverflow.com/questions/39764301/… anyone able to help me with this? :3 its falling really far down and nobody has replied yet
@MazharIqbalRana I would recommend for you to look at "prepared statements" for SQL, THAT IS THE POINT RIGHT? @tereško :D
@SagarNaliyapara haha well said :D
8:34 AM
@SagarNaliyapara teach me moar
I've just been diagnosed as colorblind I know, it certainly has come out of the purple
any one there ?
nobody here
8:38 AM
@Jeeves meh
@MazharIqbalRana i really wanted to help, but there is not input coming from you and i am not willing to give you the solution
@Traxstar he probably didn't even understand what you said
8:48 AM
@tereško dont be oversmart.. If i am not saying anything doesnt mean u speak anything.. mind ur own business ...
@Fabor internet!
@Traxstar Thanks. I will figure myself.
@tereško isn't it clear what i am meaning ? my english isnt the best ?
@tereško dont be oversmart he says
8:52 AM
@Traxstar if I thought so, dont you think I would have said something to YOU about it?
@tereško yeah you are right, sorry. got the feeling that @MazharIqbalRana just waits for a solution...
he does
i dont like to support that
2nd part is that most of his questions referr to javascript
looks awesome
8:57 AM
@marcio ah, explains it ...
@bwoebi pong
@tereško look at his last postet questions: stackoverflow.com/users/6730814/mazhar-iqbal-rana
9:15 AM
@tereško Oooh, powerful.
someone switched the days, today was meant to be friday
@Saitama Happy Prebeccaday!
9:34 AM
I still maintain someone switched the days @Jeeves
plus, you're a bot ... what do you know ...
If today was friday, I shouldn't be at work...
9:49 AM
you have my permission to go home
does someone know a pdo or mysqli version of this class (fpdf.de/downloads/add-ons/table-with-mysql.html) or an as easy as this to use alternative?

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