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12:12 AM
guys, guys .. I have a interview date (to be hired as a PHP programmer) .. Please share me your experiences. I mean
- what questions they ask?
- What kind of clothing should I wear?
- Should I talk quickly or slowly?
- Should I just say "hello" or also do a hand shaking?
Honestly that's my first date .. I am nervous.
@tereško three great points .. thx
1 hour later…
@Shafizadeh The questions they ask depends on a lot of factors.
wow. I know this is four months old, but this [pun intended] is a really nicely voted rfc.
1:47 AM
In case anyone ever needs a file containing every possible valid UTF-8 encoded character, here you go.
that is a huge txt file
only ~4MB .. it's not all that huge
meh not so much
shit that is a lot of asian characters
like 90% of what's in there hasn't been mapped by Unicode yet so expect to see a lot of nothin'
it has 1,112,064 code points total, of which 128,237 are specified in Unicode 9
out of curiosity, how did you ended up with that?
1:58 AM
I generated it based on this table (the bottom one)
wanted to test something and didn't find a file quite like that online, so made it
2:51 AM
> PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 164035 bytes)
is that overflowing so much the bytes count is messed up?
it's telling you how many more bytes it tried to allocate
so... I just learned the hard way that freeing result sets is not optional.
2 hours later…
4:54 AM
Good morning!
@Shafizadeh Just be yourself dude you'll be okay.
posted on September 27, 2016

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:14 AM
@Shafizadeh the questions vary wildly by company. I had interviews with no technical questions at all and interviews where I had to draw on a whiteboard. It helps to have a clear understanding of why you are applying for the job and what you expect to do there and what not. Remember to ask questions yourself. This is as much an opportunity for you to ask them the very same things. You want to find out if this is a place you want to work for. Talk as fast or as slow as you would normally.
@Shafizadeh Don't pretend to be someone else than you are. You won't be able to hold up the sharade when they hire you. Just be yourself. Regarding clothing: depends on expectations. If it's old economy, they might want you to appear in a suit. If it's a tech statup, they likely don't care as long as you wear pants. I usually wear sporty casual, e.g. jeans and white shirt (not t-shirt)
@Shafizadeh whether to shake hands depends on culture. You usually do shake hands in a western country. dont know about other cultures.
@Shafizadeh and what @ArianaCarter-Weir said
5:49 AM
bon mot: a witty remark or comment; clever saying; witticism.
Dad, I'm hungry. Hello, Hungry. I'm Dad
6:11 AM
HI guys
Good Morning...
What are the advantages of AJ over javascript/jquery?
6:28 AM
@JoeWatkins o/
@Saitama Angular Js
oh.... well basically Angular is a framework, while jquery is a library, and js is a language ...
and is is self-explanatory
@Exception you know, there is a JS room ;)
6:47 AM
@Gordon Yes I know .. I though it will be better if someone from php side explain me better..
I have drop the same question in AJ and javascript room as well
6:57 AM
You thought it would be better to ask a Javascript question in a chat room about PHP?
Let's let that one simmer for a minute.
@JoeWatkins what is the <7 equivalent of ZSTR_EMPTY_ALLOC?
if I just add #define #define ZSTR_EMPTY_ALLOC() CG(empty_string) I get a warning about empty_string not being in the globals struct
struggle to remember how php 5 works ... but I think you just need to Z_TYPE_P(zval*) = IS_STRING; Z_STRVAL_P(zval*) = NULL; Z_STRLEN_P(zval*) = 0; or memset(zval*, 0, sizeof(zval)); and then Z_TYPE_P(zval*) = IS_STRING;
@Sherif I saw people sometime discuss about perl, python in this room ..So I though if you guys do not have problem discussing JS question..
it is probably an idea to have an empty_string in your globals struct in 5 actually ... if you're going to be using it a lot, you don't want to repeat alloc/free
@Exception Yea, but the operative word here is "better". Why would you think it was better to ask here rather than a Javascript room? Obviously that escapes all logic.
7:11 AM
Is there a way if a package in GitHub is for PHP version "~7.0" to use it on PHP 5.6
I remember someone saying that ruby was like the lovechild of perl and asm ... I don't think that counts as discussion ...
The thing you are asking about is strictly confided to people who would be intimately familiar with Javascript. There's no reason to believe that people who do not live and breath those problems every day would be better equipped to answer that question.
@Sherif Better because most Sorry all of us use client side language along with php ,so somebody may have better words about this comparison.
7:15 AM
@Exception Better isn't the right term there. Perhaps what you mean to say is that you were looking for a different perspective, sure. I can understand that.
all of the people in here that could answer the question with any authority are also in the javascript room ...
we could try summoning them, but probably better to just ask in js room ;)
@Sherif thanks..
@JoeWatkins already did that.. going that room now
@Shafizadeh since it's your first interview, I would recommend to do with "business casual" (or your local equivalent). Whether you shake hands is not up to you, because in formal meeting it would usually be initiated by the person with a higher station. As for talking, start by speaking formally, and only switch to informal style, if person interviewing you does it first. But it's all kinda secondary. Important part are the questions.
@Exception No, problem. For future reference, a better way to pose a question with such a dichotomy would be to just focus on explaining your existing understanding of how Angular pertains to your back-end development with PHP, and ask others how that view might be pretty inline or too far-removed from their own. At least then you will get somewhere. The way you asked that question just implies it does not belong here period.
@JoeWatkins thanks. will try
7:21 AM
@Sherif Yes I will .. I will take care of that next time .. thanks
@Shafizadeh They will ask about your future plans, some basic questions about security, about your previous experience. If you dont know an answer, tell them that and only then try to speculate about how you would try finding an answer or try solving the problem. And if they ask "why are manhole covers round?", it is a sign that you don't want to work there.
7:41 AM
Yo bitches o/
UK’s Top Police Warn That Modding Games May Turn Kids into Hackers: archive.fo/uOqlV
hehe ^
buy your kid a console, or he will become a hackzor (and be able to change clock on your oven)
8:06 AM
that's a really stupid thing to say ...
not @tereško, I mean the article, it's dumb
not the article, whoever it was that made a logical pathway from cheating on mmorpg to criminal .. that's idiotic ...
"We're trying to reach out to the children who always want to be banker when playing monopoly, as we believe they will develop into armed robbers, with murderous intent" ...
@JoeWatkins it's on Vice. What the hell did you expect?
they are only reporting it though, someone in law enforcement has been awarded a large budget, and staff, to go waste time at a gaming convention and hassle people who are probably smarter than they are ...
@JoeWatkins well, their "original articles" are not much better: archive.is/AyZKy
it reads like a child wrote it ...
8:15 AM
hey wes
@JoeWatkins probably a college graduate with a degree in communications or gender studies
yomin new peepz
@PeeHaa pieter.
8:24 AM
Mornin' everyone! EGX was a blast! Bonus is the missus only went and won ECG and a free trip to france \o/
exg. ecg. france. What do all those words mean? :P
moin jay
mornin peeps
8:26 AM
I finished fate/stay night in one day! \o/
It was noice tho
@PeeHaa EGX - Euro Gamer Expo, ECG - European Cosplay Gathering
Oh god. Did she go as a PHP developer?
8:30 AM
@JayIsTooCommon Hackathon tables have been announced. As expected none of the projects are interesting, some aren't even worth maintaining. So we'll have to find our own table to do something interesting.
@Leigh What do you find interesting?
Besides @Jimbo's mom
8:45 AM
Good moaning! (speaking of @Jimbo's mom)
@DaveRandom ping
@PeeHaa I have been running for 16 hours, 32 minutes and 10 seconds, since 2016-09-26 16:16:27
jeeves gump
8:54 AM
@PeeHaa yo
@DaveRandom yo biatch
what did I break now?
I tried inviting @Jeeves to the sandbox but nothing happens :P
invite is disabled on master I think
let me check
ooooh :P
That would explain it :)
8:56 AM
it's disabled to stop people abusing it
importantly there's no way to tell the bot to leave atm
we don't want people inviting it to a load of rooms just to troll them...
if you want to play with it, play with the branch though, there's more stuff in there than just it being uncommented
I will play with your branch ;)
8:58 AM
k I'm going to rebase it in a minute though so wait a few mins
I have work to do either way
@DaveRandom Why is packagist.org/packages/daverandom/addr not marked as abandoned?
because I forgot that it was even on there
^ Just found it while generating docs for amphp/dns. ^^
9:01 AM
I think I will just index docs based on the main branch name instead of the package name I find in tags.
@Leigh noice! \o/ again, I'll be a bit of a chocolate tea pot but I'm up for watching and irritating. We could just make Jeeves AI, that'll kill a few hours /cc @DaveRandom @PeeHaa
@JayIsTooCommon You mean Terminator improvements?
9:07 AM
No no, completely AI :D
> what do you think (?:of|about) (?:singletons|globals|javascript|js|node|mongo|laravel)
@Shafizadeh I spoke to the Iranian guy who sits next to me. He says you need a tier 2 visa + employer sponsorship to come to the UK to work.
@Jeeves what's the meaning of life?
@Saitama 42
9:14 AM
Think it's worth giving teriminator the option to use a callable value for a pattern. On match, it's passed the captured groups & full message.
Or would that be a bit overkill
@Sean You mean callable replacement?
@PeeHaa Wouldn't be a full replacement, it could either be a string or callable if that's what you're getting at
So e.g. 'you suck' => [$foo, 'bar'],?
@Jimbo mombo
9:17 AM
@Jimbo \o
@PeeHaa Usually, breaking things
@Leigh there is also such thing as umbrella companies who sponsor your visa, for whom you legally work and they put you in your real work place as a contractor and get a cut of your salary /cc @Shafizadeh
@PaulCrovella You were saying?
I knew it'd be @PeeHaa, I -1'd him
9:18 AM
@PeeHaa oh fuck you
Did any shorthand closure RFC ever pass?
@TomaszKowalczyk don't flag that shit please
Seriously wtf
9:20 AM
@PeeHaa what? I didn't do anything?
Who flagged that? Wanker
That's odd because you are the only one I can think of in the avatar list
Promise not me :-)
Can do though if you like
@Jimbo Not directed at you :P
what have I flagged? seriously, just opened the tab and read some messages, didn't click anything?
9:21 AM
Was it @Jeeves?
Sorry in that case but somebody is flagging in here and not a lot people could have done it
@Jimbo lol that would be a troll commit
@PeeHaa Speaking of things that interest me :)
you know it's pretty hard to click that small flag icon and I'm pretty sure I didn't do it accidentally :)
He knows where it is! Definitely him.
@TomaszKowalczyk heheh yeah sorry if it wasn't you :)
In that case it has to be @DennisB.
9:22 AM
@Jimbo didn't know beforehand, had to look it up :)
I flagged many questions on SO, literally not a single msg on chat :)
@TomaszKowalczyk Yeah those should be flagged by default
-14 and counting ^^
Damn that's a bit excessive
and people complain that "StackOverflow is sinking"
IMHO vast majority of questions that could have been answered already are, and there are not many that can be added to the pool
Hey. @PeeHaa I've been flagged in the past for something that made perfect sense in context. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody or a bot was scraping all messages and filtering on profanities. So the flagger might not be in a room to begin with (much the same way that you can star stuff from outside)
9:26 AM
now SO turns into regular forum and no asker has any incentive to ask a good question that has any value apart from solving his/her problem
haimish: homey; cozy and unpretentious.
I'm reading a book on the history of glue I just can't seem to put it down
@AndrasDeak Neh not a bot. Unless it's a very new one. I'm not very often flagged for my shit gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/…
9:27 AM
Also in all cases up to now I guessed the person who flagged in one go
ah, I see
@TomaszKowalczyk I think the thing that people often forget with StackOverflow, or just aren't well informed of from the get-go, is that it sucks as a tool for communication. It's impressive, however, as a tool for knowledge sharing.
I just saw the brief discussion in the transcript, and thought I'd share that I had seemingly-out-of-context flags in the past
i.e. StackOverflow does not scale.
9:28 AM
wow, nice curse word list you have there
@PeeHaa 0.66% … I seem to have an exceptionally low percentage of the regulars here
@AndrasDeak That's sadly one of the biggest issues with the current broken flagging system. Utter lack of context :(
and a lot of trigger-happy people
and that under certain assumptions anything can be offensive:D
@bwoebi You are fucking shit when it comes to hardcore swears moron
See @bwoebi that's how you make it onto the list proper :P
@PeeHaa :P
9:30 AM
@AndrasDeak Yeah. People get officially offended by anything these days
@PeeHaa So now I just have to quote it to push my place on the list as well.
@kelunik Does that work?
@PeeHaa I'm just wisely choosing my vocabulary…
That's not fair
I guess so.
9:31 AM
@bwoebi Me too :P
Later @AndrasDeak o/
Think I'll have some fun scraping that data at lunch lmao.
Is it Monday again?
Q: How to Integrate office 365 for edit Document in office365 to php built website

AppyHow to Integrate office 365 for edit Document in office365 to php built website. please give me solution of this question as soon as possible

It must be.
9:35 AM
> please give me solution of this question as soon as possible
Well I was really planning to wait a couple of days once I found the answer but since he asked so nicely..
Please don't flag stuff that hurt your feels. Just grow a pair m/f. Or notify one of the room owners. All 10k+ users in all rooms thank you.
@Sean Please drop what you're doing and do my work for me!!! I need it urgently man!
@PeeHaa +1
Man, if my job was to just outsource my work to SO ... I'd have such an easy job.
BTW, I estimate that the tag will hit 1M questions by December. Let's see how good my statistical analysis skills are ^^
Does Jeeves support any kind of persistent storage?
9:47 AM
what do you want?
If it's for a plugin, just ask for a KeyValueStore in the ctor, you will get one that is ringfenced to your plugin
i.e. setting the key foo in one plugin will not affect the key foo set by another plugin
however make sure that you store assoc arrays and not objects
it gets stored as JSON, and it's decoded with json_decode(..., true)
Eh, just another one for the bucket list - some sort of reminder plugin
@Sean We already have that
@Ekin you gonna merge that or what? :-P
9:51 AM
Wasn't that hanging on the time thing?
dunno, maybe
I thought it was complete
the important point is that I'm going to make her merge it herself to try and "help" her get over her slight fear of git
Are all my issues resolved @Ekin? I think both @kelunik and I need to sign off on it before it can be merged
which I totally understand, btw, but the only way you can get over fear of git is to just do it and trust that it's pretty hard to severely break things
@DaveRandom Nobody helps me get over my fear of git...
@DaveRandom that sounds like a challenge
9:53 AM
yeh I realise it's a sort of passive-aggressive flavour of help
@PaulCrovella well obviously you can git reset --hard HEAD~300; git push -f
btw is there any way you can disable force push for some users on github?
yes that probably
ima set that up now on Jeeves master
I didn't enable the reviews thing atm, just disabled force push and deletion
no-one should ever need to do either of those
But how can I be super annoying now by rewriting history? :(
10:04 AM
@PeeHaa do it in a branch. That's what I literally just did. feature/invite is now rebased on current master :-P
10:15 AM
I only use master because I'm badass like that :P
you have to be responsible because git branches are too easy to mess them up :)
Is there a PHP equivalent to Perl's LPW::UserAgent? Or do I have to fiddle with the curl_ methods?
@DaveRandom Yes, protected branches.
@Demnogonis curl and file_get_contents natively. Or Guzzle as 3rd party lib. Or Artax
Guys, consider this. I have a functionality in which a user can execute a procedure, while at it the procedure execution status is in_progress, a user can pause a procedure and the status for that is paused, he can also abort a procedure and the status is aborted and when he has successfully executed the procedure the status is completed. I have an issue with a user closing the browser while he is executing the procedure. Can i detect that some how ? maybe prevent him from leaving the form ?
See when he force exit, the procedure status remain in_progress when it should be paused or aborted had he followed the normal workflow of things. SO my question is how does one prevent such things ?
10:23 AM
@TomaszKowalczyk Yeah. Problem is I am not very responsible :P
Fastest fix would be some sort of timeout check I think.
@Gordon Ok Thanks.
I.e. if the procedure has been in progress for x amount of time, abort it. Browser wise you can give a warning when a user is about to close a window.
@Joseph It's called a deadlock
Ideally though those sorts of operation requests should be queued and executed server side. The client side shouldn't be relied on unless user response is required. The client can poll (or WS can be used to push to the client) updates on the particular operation periodically
10:27 AM
I think it's something like a multi-stage form (queues probably overkill - sounds like it needs a cleanup job)
hello , all of a sudden my digital ocean server is displaying 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.10.0 (Ubuntu)
but i have not changed anything , does anyone know what this may be
@kelunik it's just a screenshot but i know it's gonna look good :P
@PeeHaa All people that don't have admin (dick)
Surprised hovering over a message to a starred message doesn't highlight the message in the sidebar. It's possible to do.
@Jimbo ?
10:40 AM
Apr 4 at 9:09, by Jimbo
@PeeHaa I'm not an admin on here, but I want to do the Jeeves tweet thingy
Wanted ability to star some quizes without asking
@Jimbo You can abuse @Jeeves to pin stuff I think
!!admin list
Adil Ilhan, Andrea, bwoebi, Danack, DaveRandom, Ekin, Fabor, Florian Margaine, Félix Gagnon-Grenier, Gordon, ircmaxell, JayIsTooCommon, Jeeves, Jimbo, Joe Watkins, kelunik, Levi Morrison, NikiC, Paul Crovella, PeeHaa, rdlowrey, Ronni Skansing, Saitama, salathe, tereško, Wes
@PeeHaa Or just add me to the non-jeeves list as that's what I'm after :P
!!unpin 33114095
I'm still planning on !!whosmom btw
10:43 AM
Wanted ability to star some quizes without asking
I will keep repinning message #33114135 until someone tells me to stop
@PeeHaa You must supply a valid message ID to unpin
!!unpin 33114095
@PeeHaa You must supply a valid message ID to unpin
!!unpin 33114135
I will no longer repin message #33114135
@Jimbo What is the non jeeves list. RO?
10:44 AM
@PeeHaa Yes
Ask @NikiC :P
Wait isn't there a !!repin
@Jimbo I just did?
Missed it /retarded
!!unpin 33114135
@Jimbo I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that
10:48 AM
@Jimbo oh that's already unpinned
odd error message though
Can you try !!repin some chat url pls
!!repin 33114176
@Jimbo I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that
Wait it's repin a url but unpin a number
@Jimbo I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that
10:51 AM
@Jimbo I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that
@Saitama I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that
!!admin list
Adil Ilhan, Andrea, bwoebi, Danack, DaveRandom, Ekin, Fabor, Florian Margaine, Félix Gagnon-Grenier, Gordon, ircmaxell, JayIsTooCommon, Jeeves, Jimbo, Joe Watkins, kelunik, Levi Morrison, NikiC, Paul Crovella, PeeHaa, rdlowrey, Ronni Skansing, Saitama, salathe, tereško, Wes
You are good for nothing @Jeeves
10:59 AM
i wish languages allowed throwing in expressions :\
$foo ?? throw new FooEx();
var s = foo || throw new FooEx();

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