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4:01 AM
> I've got a newborn, and I'm working on limited sleep, so I apologize if I'm missing something obvious here.
Oh come on
would anybody notice if I never go to proper fullscreen on win7, and just pretend windowed fullscreen is proper fullscreen?
@melak47 yes they would
@Cicada how?
skype notification showing over your game for example
if I force the window topmost, and switch it out of "fullscreen" when the user leaves it, it should look the same
4:03 AM
well, nothing prevents other windows from stealing focus
ooooo i can hear an owl!
@Cicada Did I disturb you?
@melak47 This is called fullscreen windowed mode and it's not the same and don't call it fullscreen
@CatPlusPlus I called it windowed fullscreen
Also stop being bad
4:10 AM
General lounge advice
Generally doesn't help
Why are you up so late
I'm working
Uni stuff? è_è
No, work stuff
I only do all-nighters for uni at the end of semester
Well okay not really
4:11 AM
Oh you have a job in parallel? Or some custom project
But it hasn't started yet
@Cicada Yes
That's what I would have answered too
I'm a certified ~professional developer~
What do you work on if I may ask
(Certificate is self-signed but whatchya gonna do)
4:13 AM
@CatPlusPlus I think I should do that
Bit of everything really
Mostly web
Now I'm working on a pesky Ruby/Rails project
Not you too
Also one Unity game
And last year I've done Android
4:14 AM
I wish I had a job in parallel too
And is that your last year of studies
I'm starting 6th semester out of 7
I've been working since 2011 though :v: I'm that good
Oh so we're exactly at the same point
I know you're that good
Anyway I'm implementing something I barely understand in a project I can barely navigate and the deadline is like Thursday and today I have to have something so SNAFU
I wish I was asleep
How are you even holding up
Duct tape
Rails is hilariously bad
And Ruby too
irb(main):197:0> nil.
Display all 11047 possibilities? (y or n)
4:23 AM
@CatPlusPlus Worse than php?
I've heard RoR is nice
I can't stand the syntax
@CatPlusPlus Dear lord this (y or n) reminds me of Prolog
Have I told you that we do constraints programming this semester
In Prolog
nil.methods.count is supposedly ONLY 114
Also, knowledge learning
In Prolog
And finally, code verification
In Prolog
@Cicada Why Prolog?
How is that gonna prepare you for any kind of real work?
So I guess it has 10933 methods/fields/whatever that are not public or something
4:25 AM
Because a) it's French b) it's the teacher favorite language
Unis should teach in Haskell
@Cicada Right.
@CatPlusPlus Actually, that would be a great fit. Because it's a language that has no real use outside of academia.
Robot's did and look how smart he is
@CatPlusPlus yes
4:25 AM
@EtiennedeMartel I don't know? I'm wondering the same. I've asked the teachers, they said "we are teaching you how to learn by yourself so that you'll learn the things you need on your own"
@EtiennedeMartel Bullshit
@CatPlusPlus :v
@Cicada Something that could be done with C++. Or Java.
@EtiennedeMartel Pff. The java teacher doesn't know Object is ontop of the hierarchy.
@Cicada That might be a problem.
4:26 AM
Using high-level languages is better, because low-level details are not that important
C++ teacher doesn't want to teach C++11 because "compilers are difficult to install"
@CatPlusPlus my uni teaches functional programming. not haskell though, their own little language
What can I even reply to that (considering they have VS2010 and G++ 4.6)
@melak47 My uni taught me functional programming with Scheme (or, more precisely, Racket).
@Cicada lol. GCC?
4:27 AM
@EtiennedeMartel Here we did it with OCaml. Oh, French again.
@Cicada you could always dump that and leave France.
Not that OCaml is bad
@Cicada It's so good that only the French use it.
It's like French cars.
@MarkGarcia I use GCC/G++ interchangeably
@EtiennedeMartel At least they don't teach Merise
(French UML)
Used in as much as 1 country
4:28 AM
@melak47 Is that a reincarnation of BASIC?
@Cicada I should have guessed with the name.
Anyway I don't have the energy to complain about it anymore
I had to use this
Oz is a multiparadigm programming language, developed in the Programming Systems Lab at Université catholique de Louvain, for programming language education. It has a canonical textbook: Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming. Oz was first designed by Gert Smolka and his students in 1991. In 1996 the development of Oz continued in cooperation with the research group of Seif Haridi and Peter Van Roy at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Since 1999, Oz has been continually developed by an international group, the Mozart Consortium, which originally consisted o...
@MarkGarcia lol :S
4:30 AM
@CatPlusPlus 624 questions tagged Oz
^ that's what they teach us now (8hours/week)
> Only 1 comment allowed per 15 seconds; timer reset.
Fuck you SO
@MarkGarcia no, it's functional
Jesus & for monadic bind
If only these programming languages can easily interface with C and C++ libraries...
@Etienne Je vais voir une psy demain, j'espère que ça va bien se passer :x
4:34 AM
@Cicada Cela dépend de si tu es, comme on dit ici, FUCKÉE DANS TÊTE
Selon toi ?
Almost nothing can easily interface with C++ libraries, because too much is undefined
@CatPlusPlus: More code!! ;-) You have a wicked sense of humor. — Alok Save 2 mins ago
do you get reputation for accepting an answer? o.O
Needs more smileys
@melak47 Yes.
4:35 AM
@Cicada Aucune idée. Pourquoi tu vas voir une psy au juste?
@melak47 +2
And things that can interface with C++ libraries can only interface with specifically compiled C++ libraries by virtue of using the same compiler
@EtiennedeMartel FUCKÉE DANS TÊTE
Like C++/CLI or Wide
> Wide
4:36 AM
@Cicada Ben criss.
It says something when your language is one of two supporting C++ interop on source level~
@CatPlusPlus At least, interface with C. That I can do OpenGL stuff.
Everything can interface with C
Well except things that are not production-ready I guess
Q: How to resolve CriticalWarning, Certainty for DoNotCallOverridableMethodsInConstructors "

Vara Prasad.M public ValidateDBServerDetail( TollPlus.TBOS.DataContracts.SAC.DashBoard.DBServerDetail objDBServerDetail) { AddRule(new ValidateRequired(objDBServerDetail.ServerName, "Error Message")); } I am using the parameter then how can i resolve this issue I am getting the warning as ...

Critical warning
4:38 AM
"Certainty 95". Complaining about win95?
We need fatal warnings
Internal compiler warnings
Sort of. I do C/C++ on my embedded stuff. Headers fill of ifdef cplusplus, extern 'C' etc. Let's just say I don't enjoy it.
@MarkGarcia No, it's FxCop who says "I'm 95% sure you're doing this wrong"
4:41 AM
Too bad. No earphones.
Ahahahahahah youtube.com/…
Oh god
keep gettin' bigga
I'm fairly certain he doesn't have the right to use the N word.
where is your facepalm gif when i need it
You have to be black for that.
Honestly, though, it's not that bad.
4:42 AM
@EtiennedeMartel I use it all the time!
The guy has his tongue firmly in his cheek.
And it's fairly harmless.
> religion
> harmless
why yes of course
Religion is harmless. People aren't.
4:45 AM
@MarkGarcia eh. yeah technically that's not false
@CatPlusPlus ...why
@MarkGarcia Guns don't kill people. Bullets do.
@Cicada It's people that makes religions.
@EtiennedeMartel is it the bullets or is it the kinetic energy in them?
@doug65536 Good question.
4:46 AM
Bullets don't kill people, physics does!
are people alive anyway
We should ban kinetic energy.
Haha. I'm feeling there's a loop in this reasoning.
@Cicada Eh bordel, ça me rappelle mon boss qui me fait chier avec de longs débats sur le constructivisme.
@EtiennedeMartel Je parie qu'il est frenser
4:47 AM
guns don't kill people, air increasing volume by 3 orders of magnitude kills people
No. Shock and bloodloss.
@Cicada Pire. Nord-Pas-de-Calaisien.
I'm sorry
> As a photographer and experienced Photoshop and Lightroom user I can tell you that is not photoshopped other than post-processed in terms of enhancing the picture's colors, contrast, exposure and such
"I can tell by the pixels"
Why am I reading youtube comments
you must be pretty bored.
weren't you planning on going to bed? and then there was something about cooking rice...?
i don't plan going to bed
and i made rice with salmon corn, olives, mayonnaise
i'm eating it right now
i think i'll register a reddit account to spam the arenanet developers my cv
4:52 AM
even the dumbest users of stack overflow are 1000x more intelligent that 90% of youtube commenters
@doug65536 I wonder sometimes
@Cicada The wut?
@doug65536 I'm sometimes a youtube commenter. What would that mean?
I love how random fights break out in comments. like debating hitler in a video about people stealing shopping carts
Well, that's internet-related, not youtube, actually
4:54 AM
Godwin's law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies) is an argument made by Mike Godwin in 1990 In other words, Godwin observed that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably makes a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis. Although in one of its early forms Godwin's law referred specifically to Usenet newsgroup discussions, the law is now often applied to any threaded online discussion, such as forums, chat rooms and blog comment threads, and has been invoked for the inappropriate use of...
continues underscore
this is genius
@CatPlusPlus Woa
And I am, noooo! Blocked by admin!
%^&$%##^$%^!! freaking xcode freezes on me again. why apple why!!!
5:02 AM
By the way
We should try synctube sometime
unkillable not even through kill -9
it is like the ghost of a zombie
@Telkitty If you can't kill it, it's probably already dead. Kill its parent
@EtiennedeMartel Aww... the OP's comment got deleted...
Why are we all in the IDE dark ages… XCode has a great compiler but interface is hopeless, Eclipse and Netbeans are sluggish and unstable, have a good compiler (GCC) but mediocre interactive parsing, and MSVC has a shitty compiler but the best interface… (I haven't been able to try it, since I'm not using Windows.)
5:04 AM
@Cicada yeah, I can't restart my mac either
inb4 vim
@Potatoswatter Hahaha. Dark ages. The rise of Visual Studio.
did a ps -ef | grep xcode
nothing to be found
unplugging battery, errr
5:05 AM
OSX is best OS
@Telkitty Just start XCode again. If the Dock is reporting it's still running, it's probably the Dock that's crashed.
found it & killed it
And ps doesn't report anything? Get a real OS
you can only do iphone app development on OSX
5:07 AM
sucks I know
Why would you do iphone development
@Potatoswatter "A great compiler"? It's just Clang.
doing Android & window's phone on my PC
@Cicada coz I need to develope my apps on all phones
Aahahahaha OSX the OS that can't be restarted
5:08 AM
@EtiennedeMartel I'm a GCC contributor and backer, but Clang has the best compliance these days
Clang also barely works on Windows
@Potatoswatter Clang wrecks GCC on every front but Windows support.
Does Clang optimize better than GCC?
Reminds me of Win95 that would refuse to shut down if there was a fatal error in a program or something
Alright, I admit, I'm only saying that because Clang has a better design philosophy.
i.e. not shoving his fucking ideology down your throat
5:10 AM
@Mysticial I don't think it does. The Kernel guys have tried it and reported slower perfs. It's still very very young though.
Clang uses LLVM
@EtiennedeMartel Here, have some GNU
@Potatoswatter couldn't start it either ... it is a bit like Android debuggging, if for some reasons you have to do something else while debugging, IDE would freeze after a while. Weird ...
@EtiennedeMartel No, I actually don't know which optimizes better, Clang vs. GCC.
@Mysticial Me neither.
But GCC is GNU, and GNU sucks.
So fuck GCC.
Sucking is a transitive relation.
5:11 AM
@EtiennedeMartel lol
all compilers are crap
All C++ compilers are crap
just takes a while to find out what sucks
Why do I keep seeing "lol" but no stars?
5:11 AM
All C++ related tools are crap
@doug65536 And so, you're dealing with crap everyday.
@EtiennedeMartel lol
pretty much
There you go stars
No stars?
5:12 AM
gcc linker is a bad joke right?
Did I seriously get starred for "lol".
I mean, hell, how I am going to win the Star Wars (har har)?
GCC doesn't have a linker, it uses binutils :v
who wants to tear apart my build I'm making
someone on binutils mailing list plz let the ld team know I have more than 1MB of ram. thanks
5:14 AM
@doug65536 it's ld
Or gold but that probably doesn't work on Windows yet
@doug65536 Uh. Pretty sure they know. You know how much linking a huge program can use?
left to right linking? is this 1980?
There are switches for that
@Rapptz insert semicolons everywhere
5:15 AM
Oh I meant PC build.
@CatPlusPlus Are there?
-( ... -)
i wish i knew that earlier
5:27 AM
yeah, we need switches, because putting an implicit loop around all archives that breaks out when no new symbols got added and breaks out when no unresolved symbols are left "has a significant performance cost"
best to error out and make me screw around with my makefiles
They're all funny
We never landed on the moon and God exists
I don't get that logic
Q: I want the c code for lee's algorithm for a binary matrix where 0 is the obstacle and 1 is the route

Parimal BiswasI want the c code for lee's algorithm for a binary matrix where 0 is the obstacle and 1 is the route. That mens the c code will find the shortest path using lee's algo

I want it and I mean now!
that guy isn't bad. at least it isn't a list of demands
5:51 AM
Hello. soooo... If I wanted to create a new object and store it an array do I have this right? `Rail *newRail = new Rail();
attachedRails_[numOfAttachedRails_] = *newRail;`
@atomSmasher No.
That leaks.
What is that
5:52 AM
attachedRails_[numOfAttachedRails_] = *newRail;
This stores a copy of whatever's pointed by newRail into the container.
They're zero indexed, so that's probably out of bounds too
@atomSmasher why not just do attachedRails_[numOfAttachedRails_] = Rail();
Actually, the new is completely unecessary.
Oh wait you're assigning
if it's really an array of Rail, then they're already constructed
5:53 AM
@doug65536 I bet he used to be a Java programmer.
This and this. sigh. I really don't know what to do with this guy.
@MarkGarcia Ignore him.
@EtiennedeMartel Android tag so probably.
good question. the default constructor is going to define the local members, but I will need to go back to each of the Rail objects once the phidget is attached
5:54 AM
@atomSmasher can you show the declaration of attachedRails_
should i put it in a fiddle
@atomSmasher Phidget? Urgh.
pastebin or ideone or whatever and put a link here
5:55 AM
this is C++ right?
like cfiddle
lol Mississippi finally ratified the 13th amendment ending slavery
@Rapptz It's about time.
The movie 'Lincoln' inspired them to do it.
5:57 AM
@Rapptz Hahahahahahaha
@atomSmasher that is Rail, what about attachedRails_ itself?
sorry, one second

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