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12:00 PM
Hah. Well, it wasn't that stupid, if there's boost for it
@FredOverflow That question sucks.
The duplicate is better.
Hi there ppl.
A: Platform independent /dev/null in c++

XeoEdit: Taken from @Johannes Schaub - litb's mail here with slight modifications: template<typename Ch, typename Traits = std::char_traits<Ch> > struct basic_nullbuf : std::basic_streambuf<Ch, Traits> { typedef std::basic_streambuf<Ch, Traits> base_type; typedef t...

How do you replace all characters in a string?
std::ostream nullout(nullptr); :)
12:01 PM
This is what I am trying to do
@BartekBanachewicz Have they released boost::income and boost::confidence yet?
but it is saying it cannot find replace.
@Dreamer78692 replace is a member function. Go figure.
@Xeo <sub>metawankery</sub> Oh, that's great!
Also boost::filesystem::path.
12:02 PM
Also, search SO.
std::ofstream stream("/dev/null"); // and forget about inferior operating systems
And what the robot says.
@Dreamer78692 You need to call member functions on objects, not classes.
@Zoidberg I think I'll also forget about inferior forms of life, like lobsters.
12:03 PM
I'm just a human with an avatar and a nickname so I don't really care.
boost::onullstream works perfectly, i.e. it doesn't work
@FredOverflow Everytime I google for boost::irange, I get suggestions about boost::orange. :(
@Zoidberg Do you have Windows around?
But you probably want the std algorithm:
12:04 PM
I'm using it right now.
std::replace(filename.begin(), filename.end(), '\\', '/');
@Zoidberg Try creating a file named nul.
I know what NUL is.
Note the std:: instead of string::
@FredOverflow dude. he is supposed to learn
12:04 PM
I used it when experimenting with machine code.
as -o NUL etc...
I tried std::
@Dreamer78692 did you google?
@BartekBanachewicz alright, I think I mostly have everything now. I've gotta go right now but I'll see if I can get cmake/gcc to build this later.
12:06 PM
@BartekBanachewicz looks pretty cool so far
@doug65536 sure. Maybe I'll fix some problems with build in the meantime
it says std is not a member of std?
@doug65536 thanks :)
@Dreamer78692 included everything?
@Dreamer78692 no
that's C string
you want C++ string
#include <string>
12:08 PM
I also have #include <string>
and #include <string>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
well, don't just put random includes there -.-
You have to import Data.String and import Data.Char.
only <string> is C++ standard
@Dreamer78692 do you have using namespace std;?
remove it
12:09 PM
lol using namespace std;
lolololol noob
then i have to use std:: everywhere
qualify individual names
using std::string;
@Zoidberg hey, let's be nice, mkay? :)
@Dreamer78692 yes.
12:09 PM
That's good.
using std::replace;
You want that.
Otherwise everything will fuck up.
And don't listen to the lobster, he can't C++ and is just trolling you
Never ever do using namespace whatever; except in small scopes that you don't export.
12:10 PM
although that ^ is right
I still prefer explicit qualification
using namespace std::placeholders; for example is fine if you do it in a function body.
Is there an easier way, to do this... what you mean by qualify individual names
@Dreamer78692 you don't have to, as @BartekBanachewicz said, but honestly, I much prefer using the std:: prefix. It doesn't take much time to type (and my typing speed isn't the bottleneck when I'm coding anyway), and it makes the code easier to read
It's the easiest way.
std::string very_easy;
12:12 PM
because I know that when I see std::vector, it is the standard library vector, and not some other weird vector from some library you imported
Q: Why is 'using namespace std;' considered a bad practice in C++?

ManaI've been told by others on numerous occasions that my teacher was wrong in saying that we should have using namespace std; in our programs, and that std::cout and std::cin are more proper. However, they would always be vague as to why this is a bad practice. Why is `using namespace std;' consid...

it allows me to easily, at a glance, see whether a type comes from the standard library or not. I find that useful
I tend to strip glm:: from my code, but it's very clear that I'm using it. Got it?
@Dreamer78692 exactly what he showed above. You can do using std::vector to import vector, and nothing else, into the global namespace. Then you can refer to that without std::. So you control exactly what gets to pollute the global namespace, and what doesn't
Time to feed myself.
12:14 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I guess I have to use std::map ? hm is there a container for a type I want which can return unique ID's to manage the data? Like: container.push(MyStructure); and it returns an unique ID which won't change when other elements are removed?
@GamErix it's called hashing
@BartekBanachewicz I guess I have to use std::map?
@GamErix no.
and how am I going to hash a struct..
12:16 PM
Thanks people.. it works now.
whether std::map hashes or not is implementation defined
@GamErix is it POD?
@Dreamer78692 always there to help :)
just struct name int int int;
@GamErix I'll ask again
is it POD?
Do you have any pointers or std::string or whatnot inside?
@BartekBanachewicz you mean "A Plain Old Data Structure in C++ is an aggregate class that contains only PODS as members, has no user-defined destructor, no user-defined copy assignment operator, and no nonstatic members of pointer-to-member type." ?
@GamErix yes.
12:18 PM
@GamErix You mean, like, a pointer?
it has no user defined constructors, destructors, etc
@DeadMG don't pointers change in a vector?
@GamErix so you can just hash it like any other data
yes, but vector != all containers.
@DeadMG and in which container pointers don't change? ; o
12:19 PM
when removing, adding elements, etc
@GamErix why don't you read the standard about that?
@GamErix anyway, if you give me full use-case, I'll be able to tell you if it's ok to use plain hashing
I have bread with chicken and letuce and egg and tomato.
12:20 PM
You know what hashing is, right?
yes I know
well what I want to do is create a container where I can insert and remove elements, but each element needs it's own ID because it needs to be referenced in the future, for eg changing the color of the background in that certain element. or any other variable in it
Bartek I found out what nubbery was causing it not to build
I didn't build engine xD
12:22 PM
my parents decided to start charging me rent
@DeadMG suckx
not really
they spent all their money on renovations and extensions
because the script just does something like "var x = CreateSomethingNew(data);//returns ID" and then sometimes it needs to remove data like RemoveData(x); and change data like SetVariable(x,1,1,1); etc
12:23 PM
@GamErix map would be the easiest then. Why can't you use it?
@DeadMG doesn't suck
@GamErix For a script, that's a completely different thing.
I really need to fix my internet
why not just use an index into a vector or whatever.
the script doesn't need to see the actual type.
@DeadMG makes sense
12:23 PM
@Ell s/my/the/ FTFY pun intended
@BartekBanachewicz I can, just, the best way to ensure a id is to make a global and increment it by one and make that the key?
@sehe I agree.
@GamErix can be, why not. Or use GUIDs
hm oki
@GamErix Why not use an index into a vector or deque?
there's no reason to use a global just because you want to refer to something later.
hell, even a pointer into a linked list would be better than a global
12:25 PM
@Ell it should fail at link, right?
I don't see why deque is called deque.
@BartekBanachewicz can't really save guids into a 4 byte variable
@Zoidberg double ended queue
@Zoidberg double-ended queue
@GamErix make a bigger variable sigh.
12:25 PM
But why.
... because it's a queue with two ends.
@Zoidberg oh goddamit
@BartekBanachewicz my pawn is compiled for only 32 bit variables
12:25 PM
@GamErix then GTFO. I told you numerous times to not use it.
I more like a linked list of arrays.
I still don't understand the problem
@Zoidberg Implementation detail.
Oh. :P
also, it's an array of arrays.
12:27 PM
@bartek missing header files too, I'm such a dingus.
ill try again when I get home
@Ell Did I mention raycasting works? :3
@DeadMG Oh. :P
Ray tracing is better.
Awesome :D
Sacrifice performance.
12:28 PM
I know, right?
you can mine now
Is raycasting done in CPU?
or gpu?
works fast enough anyway
12:29 PM
I had some serious eeks with floating point numbers, but fixed it this morning
I now wonder, because I have two options
Was that the increasing z by 1?
either return all hit cubes
or pass the lambda that will be executed on every cube
a CPU implementation would be impossibly slow
it would have to be GPU.
Sigh it's just for mining.
Or both?
12:30 PM
most of the work would be GPU-side.
But if it was on gpu then I guess the lambda thing wouldn't be possible?
Oh just fo mining
what lambda thing?
Ell, please forward the shouted message
maybe he will change his mind :(
I hate it.
@deadmg passing a lambda which will be executed for each cube hit - would that be possible on the gpu? But now I realise just the raycasting Would be gpu and the lambda still CPU so ignore me
12:37 PM
"Whence" and "whither" are my new friends.
I feel thrown away.
It makes me sad.
I'll return the vector for now.
10 days to review gold badge!
@R.MartinhoFernandes Just don't abuse "whence"!
I guess "whither" doesn't tend to get abused in the same way because no-one knows about it
12:46 PM
good question
1018: In Poland, adulterous men have their scrotums nailed to a public bridge - and are given a sharp knife to free themselves. [Thietmar]
yea, just in
My roommate, who happens to be history fanatic, says it can actually be true
it "can" be true?
it doesn't seem surprising to me
society reacted rationally to crimes back in those days
12:48 PM
is that different from actually being true?
before the liberal movement came and softened everyone up, causing the current mess of immorality and crime
well, in one scenario, it actually happened, and in another, it didn't
so I'd suggest that yes, they are different.
@DeadMG no; in one scenario, it actually happened, and in another, whether it happened or not is not stated
@LightnessRacesinOrbit You mean how most crimes have been declining every year for about the last 20?
@DeadMG but if it didn't happen, then how "can" it be true?
12:49 PM
@DeadMG they went up a lot first
and if it did happen, then the fact that it can be true isn't very relevant, because it's kind of overshadowed by the fact that it actually is true
also it's debateable whether crimes have actually been declining or whether reporting figures have gone down, since the margins are so tiny
i just wouldn't get too attached to those gov-reported crime figures "omg 2% fewer burglaries in 2012"
You hate me, or you can hate me? :D
12:50 PM
it doesn't really tell you anything
It's probable, you fuckwits.
although I guess it makes more sense there. It's possible to be capable of hating someone without actually hating them, I guess
@jalf Yes. I am capable of hating each and every one of you, but I only actually hate around 90%
Obviously we should make all crimes punishable by death
12:51 PM
because you're
that'll take care of the chav problem pretty quickly.
@CatPlusPlus I agree. These terrible persons should learn their mistakes.
Don't say persons it's weird
It is correct, IIRC
it's been years since I heard anything about any chav problem.
also, in this context, I think more appropriate
12:52 PM
2003 called; they want their prejudices back.
It's still weird
@LightnessRacesinOrbit you seem to like those words eh?
@CatPlusPlus like most of the things in this room
@TonyTheLion perhaps you forget the context of them
@TonyTheLion they are lounge words
@LightnessRacesinOrbit huh?
what am I missing?
12:53 PM
@DeadMG um, are you kidding me? have you been into a British city lately?
I deal with the "chav problem" on a daily basis, and so does absolutely everybody I know
perhaps you're blind.
perhaps you're massively overstating it.
perhaps you're wrong
perhaps you're wrong
12:55 PM
We have a particularly bad time in this appt block; the car park shutters are vandalised three/four times a week (and I'm not exagerrating; really) and then the chavs come in to smoke their weed and steal cars
perhaps you suck
your anecdotal experience does not make for any sort of argument in favour of a national chav problem.
fortunately CCTV which includes the ability to actually make out faces is going up soon.
I don't have chav problems, mainly because I live in a shithole
@DeadMG no, but neither does your anecdotal experience of being blind make for any sort of argument against it
12:55 PM
@DeadMG > national chav problem - lulz
@DeadMG but I happen to have the truth on my side, so I win!
Thanks for reminding me why I had the guy on /ignore. And for reminding me how hateful and prejudiced some people are
you're both chavs, your arguments are invalid
seriously though, come spend a day in my city. then spend a day in the neighbouring city. then spend a day in Bristol, or Gloucester, or Birmingham
@jalf which guy?
12:56 PM
or pretty much anywhere that you don't live
omg Newcastle
I did spend a few days in Bristol recently.
and even in London.
Sadly, chav-hunting is now banned, plus shotgun shells were getting expensive anyway.
you can barely walk down the street without some thug spitting on the pavement where you walk
12:57 PM
@TonyTheLion LightnessRacesinOrbit
@LightnessRacesinOrbit my word, exaggeration much?
@jalf that's not a bad suggestion
@TonyTheLion No, not at all.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit last time I had chav problems was 10 years ago
@TonyTheLion Everywhere you go, people are spitting on the streets like it's some kind of okay thing to do. It's like they lack the ability to swallow saliva.
@TonyTheLion Where are you, roughly?
12:58 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit generalities much?
@TonyTheLion No, not at all.
@TonyTheLion is... that a trick question?
@TonyTheLion Did you use traps or poison?
@jalf no
12:59 PM
I am sat here telling you that not a day goes by when I do not see that. You don't have to believe it, but that is the case.
spitting on the street isn't even against the law.
Perhaps you live in some posh area
@DeadMG so? It's disgusting. it's what chavs do
except in that one random council where they just put up penalty fines.
no, I live in a shithole, as in, nothing ever happens here

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