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6:02 AM
Ask a mod
I reduced something but the (full) backtrace is different from what I have
I think that’s because I only grep for the top of the backtrace, and that’s an error-reporting function or something
it really feels like using a fuzzer cc @sehe
A fat woman next to a giant pie - this is awesome!
Better question is why did they put a flapping flag on the moon, instead of a rigid flag?
6:10 AM
@GregorMcGregor I have more experience with C restrict, but shouldn’t that be fine?
It can only apply to pointers or references
for various values of 'should'
Note that the 1st line does not compile, but forcing the template arg makes it compile
And clang rejects both
T must be pointar or raffarin
should I file a bug
6:14 AM
@GregorMcGregor dunno, take this into account
that’s the other value of 'should'
lol this is silly
what is
it’s a feature™
I don't understand
Is it actually a feature
6:17 AM
the const thing yes, it’s an explicit exception in the Standard
since __restrict__ is not standard then well you have to look into the manual
where of course it won’t go into such details
@LucDanton for what purpose ._.
does it just magically remove the const
& is kinda like * const, is why
it makes sense in Rust
didn’t see that one coming did you
Yes but why would you disallow explicit & const but not when it is reached through template instantiations
inb4 "ease of use" but meh
does the function template template<typename T> T const& as_const(T& arg) { return arg; } make sense to you?
6:21 AM
there’s also template<typename T> reference_wrapper<T const> cref(T& ref);
@GregorMcGregor what if I pass in int const i = 0; as an argument?
Well I see two options
1) "collapse it" as it seems to be done now
2) error out and require the user to provide a specialization for when T is const already
aw wtf it reduced the same thing again, how2grep
@GregorMcGregor what does the second half of that sentence mean?
template<typename T, EnableIf<IsConst<T>...
is that an overload?
6:24 AM
u wot m8
write full program
I wrote my as_const, show me yours
yeah it's an overload actually
another way to look at it
T const means add_const_t<T> in a generic context
that’s it
what the fuck how do I match a backtrace in the output of my compiler
compiler crashed?
I need understand this -> If the original parameter was declared with a reference declarator, the substituted P type may be more const/volatile-qualified than the A type.
hey so i just earned the chat privilege. Is the chat for programming questions only or is it also for just general chatting?
exclusively for non C++ questions
can anyone provide little example illustrating above sentence ? Thanks
Got another essay from a student of that stupid teacher that has the same name but always fails to give the right e-mail address to his students. Send canned reply saying it's the wrong address. Student replies "oh sorry, and thanks". An hour later... Dumbass sends the essay again... to me.
@AngelusMortis Try it. It's a good exercise.
6:43 AM
Reply and say "Dear student, thank you for your essay, I have received it. I will now proceed to grading".
@R.MartinhoFernandes Thanks , so does it says like if original decl is like -> template<typename T>void func(T& x); and &T could become like const T&
ok he left :D
7:06 AM
@Xeo fortuitous
> TypeScript 1.7 adds a new polymorphic this type. A this type can be used in classes and interfaces to represent some type that is a subtype of the containing type (rather than the containing type itself). This feature makes patterns such as hierarchical fluent APIs much easier to express.
@Morwenn this might interest you
@Xeo I like the multiple inheritance idea.
7:51 AM
Making GUIs is hard because my GUIs looks like crap. Are there automatic layout engines that prevent me from making crap?
Yes you can use WinStool + GNU/Rope
I like "box" layouting. Like xul's vbox and hbox. or css' flexible boxes
I'm kinda partial to the ribbon for the stuff I make but I can't find a free qt implementation
In america, 1/3 < 1/4 ¬_¬ fucking morons.
8:00 AM
in a completely unrelated note, prices as McDonalds have been going up. It costs like 5 dollars for a big mac
reduced & filed, that was quick
like fuck that shit, one big mac or a 5 dollar sub
@StackedCrooked I discussed that one here a long time ago, IIRC
8:19 AM
C++ makes you shoot yourself in the foot. C makes you shoot yourself in the head.
@Mikhail That's a bit silly
@GregorMcGregor isn't that close to generic extensions, in some ways (but more limited)
@LucDanton hehe. Good workings
> A left outer join will give all rows in A, plus any common rows in B.
8:32 AM
What are A and B when you have two left outer joins in a single query?
I thought that was 2 weeks ago
@Elyse They're A, B and A', B'
Different pairs. It's no different from functional composition
(A <lj> B) <lj> C
Or A <lj> (B <lj> C)
8:33 AM
For some reason, it still skips rows in A.
Execution plan is up to the engine. Good news: referential transparency allows this
1 min ago, by sehe
I thought that was 2 weeks ago
Time for the SSCCE and ... on to Stack Overflow
@thecoshman ;lel
I'm so confused.
@Mikhail you know that in recession, people eat more potatoes right?
it's a known economics phenomenon
the CPI normalizes the recession part, the cost has grown drastically divergent to CPI
At the end of the day the Big Mac is one of the worst values in today's fast-food restaurants
8:43 AM
r.i.p. the dollar menu
@sehe I got it.
I moved a condition from WHERE to ON.
@Mikhail It was never really that nice a burger. ffs, the tried to make a big deal out of the fact that bulked it out with more bread!
Say, I hear in America you might be starting to get 'Super Macs', and Irish bugger chain
If it is actually similar to here, I'd recommend it. Usually costs a sport more than McD, but is so much better imo
More reason to hate Bootstrap: its documentation is so lacking (it only has examples, nothing else), that cargo culting is the only possibility.
It's like, Sol, but slightly less bad.
8:52 AM
oh hey, an -Og-exclusive ICE
I feel so privileged
@Elyse you don't have bootstrap as much as people who've had to deal with its !importants :P
Semantic UI is the new hype
How to make this hurt the eye less.
less red.
9:01 AM
pale blue instead of red
@Elyse remove checkboard stripes
less intense colors overall
@LucDanton is easy pleasing children
Also want a white background colour, I think.
that's p racist
9:02 AM
Nice. Thanks.
@sehe if that’s all you can say I’ll pout!!!
@GregorMcGregor lol, what?
am I missing something, or is that utter horse shite?
yes, it is
> [Ce bon d'achat] est valable sur votre prochaine commande passée* avant le 30 nov. 2015.
reçu : le 30 novembre
9:07 AM
Ils ne précisent pas dans quel calendrier !
Which other one has Novembers?
Vive le Québec libre
Not sure if hungry... or feeling sick still :\
@R.MartinhoFernandes Still 578 years to go before 2015 in Muslim calendar
@R.MartinhoFernandes every year has a November?
I say carry on
There needs to be some annoying campaign for the years to adjusted so that they are not based on when some guy supposedly lived.
@GregorMcGregor Yeah, but it doesn't have November, so it can't be that one.
They say nov not november
Could be acronym of something else??????
> I did this setup several time, never had a problem like that.
You could add log in the authentication function to make sure it is really trying to authenticate against LDAP.
Rubyists are the worst.
"Works on my machine; please printf-debug our code".
9:17 AM
Same thing here but by C++ programmers
"Just add logs everywhere"
"Guys you realize we have a core rite??"
@набиячлэвэлиь I wasn't planning on doing it, and luckily I didn't
"yeah but I don't know gdb"
well then
to be fair, properly logging code is something people rarely do
especially when you have a situation where you can't just ask the customer to let you hop on and run it with a debugger
the problem is people put log calls in all the wrong places
<sarcasm> I wonder how many major countries leaders (except French) have arrived Paris climate change's summit, and not on a dedicated plane. </Sarcasm>
such 'dedication' is so worth of 'admiring'
9:23 AM
Q: jpg-script.py --jpg image.jpg --exe executable.exe --output girl.jpg

zana maselutaI know can put 1 executable file in 1 picture jpg bad i don't now how is comand in python. I see a 2 years ago bad no't find I ned put in jpg 1 executable file I try find doc from python bad no't find. My girlfriend i get the impression that cheating me and I want to find an infection before I k...

@chmod666telkitty Seems pretty logical to me that country leaders travel using private vehicles
And, hi guise
@R.MartinhoFernandes wait, are you blaming rubyists for printf-based debugging?
The actual debuggers aren't even half bad :\.
@fredoverflow Good god
9:41 AM
WTB C#'s readonly
@Rerito precisely, but if the leaders don't show examples, why would anyone else cut their energy consumption?
@GregorMcGregor I will have a look, but research papers aren't always easy to read :p
@GregorMcGregor isn't that the same as const?
@AndyProwl TIL
No actually no
Because you can only initialize the field it in the init-list rite?
readonly is anywhere in the constructor's hot body
I meant C++'s const
also it was a genuine question - I don't know C# very much
9:46 AM
readonly is "const after the constructor has run"
C# also has const
yeah, I know it does, I meant to compare C#'s readonly and C++'s const
I now realize it's not the same thing
const seems better to me
const is love.
const is life
9:48 AM
Donald Trump scares me
@GregorMcGregor @Morwenn I'm a bit surprised by their branchy eytzinger implementation
Because you're a filthy foreigner. :/
@Ven No. For being terrible at everything.
it could be simpler
Write shit code, write shit workarounds, offer shit "fixes".
9:50 AM
I fondly remember how they "fixed" the memory leaks of sidekiq or what was it
Yeah. Ugh.
We have a cronjob that restarts gitlab daily just in case.
@GregorMcGregor Do tell :D
@R.MartinhoFernandes Reminds me of some code base we got here at work
Aug 4 at 8:57, by R. Martinho Fernandes
> Are the sidekiq memory leaks an entirely different beast than the unicorn leaks?
Old discussion
template<typename T, typename I>
I eytzinger_array<T,I>::branchy_search(T x) const {
    I i = 0;

    while (i < n) {
        if (x == a[i]) return i;
        i = 2*i + (x > a[i]);

    I j = (i+1) >> __builtin_ffs(˜(i+1));
    return (j == 0) ? n : j-1;
9:52 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes well, seems like today isn't a good day for you
@R.MartinhoFernandes I assume it's this wonder
@GregorMcGregor "We have so many leaks that it is too annoying to find them, so this is no longer a priority for us"
Closed as TOOANNOY
Jun 4 at 11:48, by Luc Danton
@Mr.kbok Putting the 'fesse' in 'proffessionall'!
9:54 AM
@GregorMcGregor "Our code is so bad we gave up on even reproducing the bugs"
@Rerito Their "Sidekiq Memory Killer" even has configuration options doc.gitlab.com/ce/operations/sidekiq_memory_killer.html
"our software was never really meant to be used"
Enterprise "memory killer"
@orlp I love the built-in for-fuck's-sake function.
Aug 4 at 8:54, by Griwes
tl;dr debugging is hard, we can't into it
oh well
"This is a robust way to handle memory leaks" is my favourite quote.
9:59 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh shit that just killed me xD
sounds like java's garbage collection
I've found this horrible attitude towards actually fixing shit instead of wanking around with the latest hipster UX bullshit in pretty much every other Ruby application I've used.
"Getting back to the stone age is a robust way to get rid of software bugs"
> I recently rewrote its internals and made it six times faster.
> [...] In other words, the optimizations result in 8.3x less garbage.
Well it must have been pretty shit before then
10:01 AM
I guess GitHub is the one exception, but then, I'm not running it, so who knows.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm looking to rebuild my Wide website instead of fixing all of the broken Wide tests.
> Advanced Data Structures in Ruby
> [...] heap, queue, stack, tree [...]
The original Go compiler often called malloc but rarely called free because the compiler would terminate quickly anyway.
to be fair though, my website is so badly out of date, nobody could really use Wide to complain about the broken tests
10:04 AM
well clang for example never frees anything
@Elyse I considered taking that approach in the Wide compiler but decided against it because incremental re-analysis, re-parsing, etc.
@GregorMcGregor Yeah, but it's not a long-running application.
yeah that's the rationale
@Puppy Boehm!
10:05 AM
Removing memory leaks in a short run is an optimisation; in a long-running process it's fixing a bug.
on the other hand, maintaining memory management is a lot easier than adding it
you can't take 100k lines of code that never calles free and remove all leaks
sure you can
just put all mallocs into smart pointers, then fix all compilation errors.
@EtiennedeMartel So, spices.
Am I the only one that looks at spices as essentially flavour enhancers? No one would eat pepper on its own, and it doesn't have any interesting nutritional value. The only reason people put it on things is to enhance flavour of otherwise shit food.
More Java pet peeves:
10:11 AM
calling a variadic method with an array doesn't require suffixing the array with ..., obscuring code.
void f(String... ss) { ... }
void f(Object ss) { ... }

f(new String[] {}); // ???
@R.MartinhoFernandes hmmm not necessarily, it can be part of the taste too
@orlp easy, s/malloc/GC_MALLOC/
then link in Boehm and call GC_INIT
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'd eat salt on its own.
(In fact, I do, sometimes.)
10:15 AM
it's not a spice, it's a condiment D:
WTF, head of state broadcaster literally said it's a propaganda broadcaster.
@Elyse arrays in java plainly suck
Yeah, some aspects in particular.
Some guy crashed his drone in my garden. Fun times.
@Xeo Eating stone for the sake of it?
10:19 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I get salt-cravings sometimes, and then I just sprinkle some on my tongue. :<
@R.MartinhoFernandes I love spices and aromatic herbs. I enjoy coriander or parsley on my morning eggs :)
And I think I put way too much salt on all my savoury dishes
I also use pepper a lot (white is my fav) and almost no salt
I tend to use that:
10:23 AM
@Morwenn Yeah that rocks as well, "5 baies" innit?
(Dunno the english counterpart...)
@Rerito I use as little as I can get away with (which means almost none if I'm the only one eating), but IME that's unusual because it seems most people can't actually enjoy the things they eat without somehow modifying their flavour.
@Rerito Yes, that. I couldn't find the English counterpart either ^^"
@R.MartinhoFernandes I know that I enjoy spices more than I enjoy buying what I use spices with.
Ok, this looks good:
Feb 12 '13 at 12:24, by Luc Danton
> En trop grandes quantités, le poivre rose devient toxique : une douzaine de graines par plat est une mesure raisonnable.
10:26 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes The raw edibles I use are almost always the same, so the spices are the solution to create a lot of different tastes using the same base aliments :)
@Morwenn that little corner under Norway should be weed.
@Elyse Not a problem anymore once it is under the sea.
@Rerito So, flavour enhancers.
@R.MartinhoFernandes but how2curry?
10:27 AM
A dyke made of weed.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Partly yes
> La pomme de terre contient un toxique : la solanine. Les pelures, les feuilles et fruits non mûrs peuvent être toxiques mais ce sont surtout les germes et les tubercules germés ou verdis qui présentent une teneur en solanine élevée. [...] Il n’y a pas d'antidote pour cette intoxication. [...] L’évolution est généralement favorable, mais on connaît des cas mortels lors d'ingestion massive.
Have fun!
@R.MartinhoFernandes Not always, but quite often that's the case
@GregorMcGregor eat your potatoes faster
I mean, earlier
It's also present in the "normal" fruit albeit not as concentrated
10:29 AM
@Morwenn do you then get to keep it?
@orlp No, we just talked a little bit.
@GregorMcGregor A lot of common foods are nightshades, it's not just potatoes.
@Morwenn why not? it's in your garden
I dunno why tomatoes are so innocuous though
for instance I like plain tomato sauce but I love chilli tomato sauce
10:30 AM
@orlp What would I do without the controller?
@Morwenn make a controller?
or buy one
well I guess the fruit is probably the last piece that would benefit the plant to be toxic
it's not shit without the spices but better with the spices
or masturbate with it, I don't care
@R.MartinhoFernandes I remember reading somewhere that tomato is the only of those that isn't toxic
10:31 AM
@Morwenn or sell it to the guy
@orlp Anyway. While I find drones fun, I think I'd be bored in minutes if I had one.
can I smoke my potatoes and bake my tobaccos to be safer
Oh god, I searched the lyrics a random dude was singing at my gym
A drone the size of a fly with a wireless camera would be fun
Such a shite song
10:32 AM
People sing at the gym?
I can barely breathe when I work out
In this weks news: potential drugs against Parkison's and Alzheimer's diseases, and potential cheap drug to live until 120 in good shape. My end-of-life looks promising and far away if I'm lucky.
> cheap drug to live until 120 in good shape
TIL avocadoes are deadly for dogs and birds
@AndyProwl Sometimes. This one had his earphones on, banging his head and singing along during his rest between sets
@Rerito Then he's resting too long :P
10:34 AM
Made me laugh during my deadlift set
why do you lift dead people
Fortunately it was just a warm up set
@GregorMcGregor who said people
it could be animals
@GregorMcGregor To get strong enough to lift your mom
not gonna happen
10:37 AM
@GregorMcGregor the thing is if someone told me that 'around 12 potatoes should be fine' then what would I need to worry about? whereas peppercorns are tiny and tasty
Btw the song was "bang bang" by Lartiste (french lyrics but you can appreciate how shitty it is without even understanding them)
@Rerito I don't even know that song.
it’s like water intoxication, it’s not something you normally worry about
@sehe (A <lj> B) <lj> C and A <lj> (B <lj> C) may result in different sets, so optimisations are irrelevant.
I’m not saying that pepper-like plant is dangerous but reading about it was a minor wtf lol
same as nutmeg
10:39 AM
@Morwenn Neither did I until I googled the lyrics... I mean how can you listen to that while working out! God!
@Rerito Wow, its horror level is through the roof o____o
@Rerito isn't it the one from Kill Bill?
@AndyProwl Absolutely not! xD
oh, ok, then I don't know it either lol
@Morwenn I almost dropped the barbell laughing when I saw the guy and heard him (he was just in front of me so I couldn't miss it)
10:42 AM
Even David's Guetta Bang Bang is 100 times better.
@LucDanton speak for yourself
@GregorMcGregor be safe and drink your beer
@Morwenn Do you think he uses the vocoder even more than Maitre Gims?
@LucDanton And don't forget your Maxi Best Of menu
@Rerito I don't know. They are among those guys who use far too much vocoder, but still not enough to make funny electro voices.
@Morwenn You should try Booba's last... work... Like "Tony Sosa". He gets funny inspite of himself :')
10:47 AM
Cycle sort: ideal to sort a collection in Flash memory. Moutain sort: ideal to sort mountains.
@Rerito Eh~, I really don't like Booba :(
@Morwenn That's a great reason to make fun of him
@Rerito Not really. There are plenty of things I don't like but still don't want to make fun of.
I'd rather make fun of things I like.
I missed the pun
as surprising as it may be it was a genuine question
@Elyse that wasn't my point. I typed it up before you posted your sample. The order of evaluations is very much a code of the engine.
10:57 AM
That's also irrelevant, as that's not part of the behaviour.
Also, expressions in SELECT queries are not necessarily referentially transparent.
@Morwenn Ready for ear horror #2?
They may call impure functions.
Such as PL/Perl functions that delete files and send emails.
@Rerito Be careful, I have plenty of strange pieces to make your ears bleed in several different ways.
10:59 AM
@Morwenn Meh you'll be so severed you won't be able to retaliate
PNL - Le monde ou rien. Have fun

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