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1:00 PM
sure you're not
Do you know what "blaming" means?
Badlets can also refuse to blame the tools.
git blame
1 min ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
if it makes you feel better I can admit it's the most limited language on the planet
I'm not saying "I can't do this because Haskell is limited in this regard".
1:00 PM
you know what's the worst?
I'm saying "Haskell is limited in this regard".
Find the blaming statement and know the difference.
26 mins ago, by Andy Prowl
@Jefery By saying "limitation of Haskell" you lost all your Bartek points
that this all started with an amazing example of a beautiful ADT
and if not for Jefery's retarded syntax hate, we might actually get to some nice talk about it
Who the hell challenges Bartek on Haskell's limitations?
1:01 PM
Dumb idea of the century
but no, let's reduce that to idiotic bikeshedding and penis talk
fuck this room.
You know thats not going anywhere
you're useless.
1:01 PM
why bother?
Oh boy, here's the climax.
@BartekBanachewicz You do realize that if it wasn't for some obsessive reaction over "limitations" you could have also had a nice talk about the subject Jefery broached, right?
@Jefery Was it good for you as it was for him?
I feel good about it, yes.
Not sure about him.
Can you have more climaxes in one discussion?
1:03 PM
@Jefery by his reaction, I would say he doesn't
@BartekBanachewicz now that you mention it, what does '[] mean? Is it a type parameter?
@AndyProwl That is reserved for the modules release.
Luc has it all figured out
I'm going to do what he did.
@ElimGarak Makes sense
1:03 PM
@milleniumbug yeah it looks like something on type level
What did Luc figure out and how can we learn more about it?
Can people just stop being stupid so we can move on?
@BartekBanachewicz yes please use your plonk list
@ElimGarak plonk every idiotic fucker around until just the essence remains
1:04 PM
This is too funny.
anything to avoid silly discussions that end up in friction
lol, I don't even use lambdas in C++ that often let alone Haskell.
@TonyTheLion yeah that
Nov 5 at 19:21, by Bartek Banachewicz
in a way Luc's kinda topping the charts on being the kind of elitist asshole I have in mind
which is quite unnecessary
1:04 PM
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too funny.
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
@R.MartinhoFernandes took me a while to figure it out
"I'm going to plonk everybody saying that Haskell is limited"
If I need to become an elitist asshole to actually move forward at this point, so be it.
I'm not going to waste time on idiotic debates over things that don't matter
No you don't need to become an elitist asshole
1:05 PM
Oct 13 at 9:26, by Bartek Banachewicz
you just need to know when to back out of a discussion
and use your plonklist if that is so required
but then there is no climax
So anything that might be bad for Haskell "doesn't matter". I see.
@ElimGarak ikr
climax is useless
because it is always the same
1:06 PM
tell that to your g/f
Don't have one :(
While anything that brings light to Haskell is what is "really important".
@ElimGarak the context of that was that I want to be less like fucktards talking penises here and more like people carrying actual valuable knowledge in and out this room
1:06 PM
@TonyTheLion doesn't matter, when you'll have one :P
I'm ok talking penises
@BartekBanachewicz well, you encouraged me to learn Haskell.
I'm ok talking Haskell too
1:07 PM
I can also deal with non-strict aliasing of penises with cocks.
@edition I feel really good about that :)
I'm not ok with swearing and aggressivity though
Also, the transcript searching is broken :(
@ElimGarak Robot knows about that
Even Puppy mostly stopped DeadMGing
1:08 PM
Puppy has got a lot better, kudos to him
Yeah, Daisy changed him
> Apps built for Android 6.0 will ask for permissions once you start using them.
more like, drugs I think
We need to get Bartek a dog
Now the question is... does "them" refer to the apps or the permissions?
@ElimGarak Barktek?
1:09 PM
@ElimGarak he has a cat
@AndyProwl Yeah, @Jefery is way too aggressive when he talks about Haskell.
@Xeo Yeah, never.
@R.MartinhoFernandes This time?
Jefery has changed in the past few months. He used to be far more easy going. I blame the name change.
Android 5.1 has <1% market share.
Gonna take forever for the ecosystem to work properly.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I have 6.0 on my Nexus :D
1:09 PM
@Jefery Oh, sarcasm.
@Xeo "Apps built for (...)".
Oh lol.
No one is gonna build apps for 6.0.
Right, I guess
@ElimGarak I haven't registered any significant change, but I'd blame the colonoscopy if there were some
@Xeo wow a feature I had in 2008 for J2ME apps on my Nokia E51 phone
they're catching up
1:10 PM
> /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /media/usbhd-sdb1
Oops that ain't right
@R.MartinhoFernandes Wait, you mean that I use sarcasm to be passive aggressive or you were being sarcastic? :3
now make external SD cards usable again
oh its 2:10AM (NZST). bye.
@Jefery He was
1:11 PM
If you use a custom rom you can enforce permissions, apps-be-damned
Found the gold nugget :D
Oct 13 at 9:30, by Bartek Banachewicz
@AlexM. he thinks I'm an overly emotional moron or something
@Xeo They should have just given you full permission granularity control and call it a day.
@R.MartinhoFernandes My old BlackBerry tablet (5 years old about) gave you full permission toggles for every app. Its absurd they didn't have it in from the beginning.
1:13 PM
CHROM Y U 90% cpu
lol chrome
For apps that don't work without any of the permissions they request, you end up in the same bucket as you were before (take it or leave it), except that now you have reason to pressure the vendors to fix the fucking apps.
I remember fondly the days where Chrome marketed itself as "the fastest browser around"
2008 or sth
@Xeo wow nice
1:14 PM
It still is
The well-behaving other apps work just fine and don't need to be rebuilt for 6.0 ever.
@GregorMcGregor It only takes goat sacrifices in RAM form.
I currently use Safari which is bugful but at least it doesn't choke my CPU every time I open Facebook or Youtube.
That'd be a much faster rollout.
1:14 PM
@Prismatic idk. firefox is p fast too andn my limited experience with edge suggests it's also quite speedy
Edge would be amazing if it had proper plugins ready.
Firefox has always been slower for me... never tried Edge
In particular, Adblock. "Please check back later for a version of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge." Nope.
@GregorMcGregor Firefox just gets weird when it wants to update.
@Borgleader <3 <3 <3 :)
1:17 PM
I wish chromium separated its cross platform 'stack' in nice little libs that could be used as the basis of a c++ framework
You can see that there are bits and pieces that you could rip out and possibly organize but its still pretty messy. For example Skia is standalone
Isn't it the typical Google stuff?
what do you mean by 'typical Google stuff'?
I.e. horrible interface, but people take it cause Google or cause no alternative.
1:19 PM
@TonyTheLion :3 <3 <3 <3
Sometimes even with alternatives, because Google.
I guess there's CEF
@R.MartinhoFernandes I honestly don't see any consistency in their APIs between projects ever so idunno
Yeah, Google has one of the worst set of UIs.
Only livecoding managed to be worst.
1:23 PM
@TonyTheLion argh
signed distance fields are so cool
@TonyTheLion he's very true
@BartekBanachewicz lol, get out of your own ass would you mate
please refrain from stirring that up again
thank you in advance
@TonyTheLion <3
@TonyTheLion apology accepted
grabs big wooden spoon
1:26 PM
@thecosh are you coming to Berlin this week?
Guys, if Q has told you once, it has told you a thousand times... Don't provoke the Borgtek.
@AndyProwl no, too expensive for flights
I see
even with ryanair black friday or whatever it's called?
@jaggedSpire Hello :)
@Borgleader hello. :)
1:28 PM
@AndyProwl lol
@AndyProwl indeed
cheapest I could find was 100+
@ElimGarak Watchu say? D:
@thecoshman boy that sucks deeper than your mom
Rimjob United.
@Borgleader we're all gonna be assimilated into the Haskell fanclub
1:29 PM
your mum seems to be a real hit around here recently
Puppy's legacy
he gave this to us before becoming a Semiregular
@Puppy <3
@AndyProwl Is that like a semigroup?
@TonyTheLion it's like a regular that can't be equality-compared to other regulars
Puppy is indeed quite incomparable
1:32 PM
@AndyProwl at least he's not semi-hard
@thecoshman have you verified that?
I like talking with Mordin Solus.
am I a Semiregular?
or a Regular
or Duoregular
I'm a Retardular
user image
I'm losing it
1:38 PM
@AndyProwl here, get your star
a bit too complicated
oh andy
oh, the lounge fought?
Consecutive days without lounge fights: 0
Who's flagging stuff?
Don't do that guise
how do you define semiregular and regular anyway? That's puppyesque
1:48 PM
I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no, but is there a way to include a text file in a c++ source file as if it were a string?

const char* vertex_shader = #include<vertex_shader.glsl>
@Prismatic no.
@Prismatic don't do that.
@Ell how often do you poop?
@Prismatic just read the file...
@BartekBanachewicz Don't do what?
1:49 PM
@AndyProwl fuck you
@thecoshman ahaha
think you can tell me what to do and shit!
@Ven Yes I'm aware thats an option
use said option.
@thecoshman lol your message got flagged
1:50 PM
fuck who ever flagged that
so I'm pretty much telling everyone except you what to do :P
how do you even see who flagged what anyway?
@Ven I clearly don't want to if I can just include it directly
Q: Can I link a plain file into my executable?

xtoflSome frameworks (Qt, Windows, Gtk...) offer functionality to add resources to your binaries. I wonder if it would be possible to achieve this without the framework, since all that is really needed is a symbol to contain the resource's address within the binary (data segment) a symbol to repres...

let's see how many I can get
1:50 PM
@Ven you need a lot of internet points
shall we summon Jon? @Tony
@AndyProwl ah ok. then I'll conclude with "cba"
@AndyProwl well, you can see what as flagged, but not what twat did it?
@thecoshman flags are anonymous
was my message flagged too?
no, but another message from the pirate is being flagged right now
1:51 PM
fucking hell; double standards, fuck
@AndyProwl yes lets do it
@milleniumbug Yeah I know you can use a util to bake data into a source file like that. I guess I just thought that because you can 'include' header files there might be a way to just include a text file and have it be a string directly
@JonClements or @MadaraUchiha can you help with the flags please?
@JonClements we're seeing spurious flags again...
@AndyProwl It's racism is what it fucking it is!
1:52 PM
now we should not counterflag though
whoever is flagging, please refrain from doing so. Thanks :)
@AndyProwl well... is swearing alone considered reason to flag?
ouch ScarletAmaranth got suspended
MySQL! PHP! JavaScript! Bartek!
@thecoshman By whom?
@milleniumbug Yeah, that sucks. But at least the mods can tell who was flagging
If the flag is invalidated, they can't
1:54 PM
46 mins ago, by Andy Prowl
I'm not ok with swearing and aggressivity though
uh? :)
@milleniumbug so do we know who are cunting flagger is now?
@AndyProwl anyone vOv
I'm playing The Sims on a winxp virtualmachine
1:54 PM
@thecoshman no we do not
how cool
@BartekBanachewicz oh, perhaps you meant to reply to the message above that one
@TonyTheLion ... I'll just blame scarlet anyway :P
anyway "not ok" doesn't mean I'm ready to flag every instance of aggressiveness and swearing
I want to attempt wine development so I can get another old game to work
Not me, I've not flogged 'owt for ages.
I'd have to spend the whole day clicking that button otherwise
@Prismatic maybe you can try stringizing operator with macros. Won't work on arbitrary includes though.
time for coffee
1:55 PM
#define GLSL(version, shader)  "#version " #version "\n" #shader

const GLchar* vert = GLSL(120,
    attribute vec2 position;
    void main()
        gl_Position = vec4( position, 0.0, 1.0 );
@milleniumbug yeah ^
Q: Which is more wet: ‘moist’ or ‘damp’?

LWhitson2Which contains more liquid, something that is moist or something that is damp? Context of question: This question was asked to a young friend of mine in her high school freshman English class. It was a bonus question on a test she was taking. My thoughts after looking at the definitions in my co...

Time for a bitch hunt.
oh wait it probably won't work, not sure if #includes are extended inside a macro
c++11 apparently has a thing called raw string literals
it does
if you don't need the content to be in the separate file, it's the most robust solution

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