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11:02 AM
I'm thinking of posting nonius on /r/cpp.
I'll give you an uptoke if you do
I actually like how popular it go so far only on word of mouth.
@chmod711telkitty wow. yet more evidence that solar generated electricity might be good enough to be a substitute for regular electricity! I told you, there is a god!
Also, dunno what the etiquette there is. Is it ok to peddle your own goods?
Only if it's worth something. Otherwise you might get extra crank?
That's my common sense reading of what likely motivates the reddit crowd
11:07 AM
> Feel free to post links to your own content
> you're covered by accidental death straight away
In a life insurance advert
@fredoverflow This guy's an asshole.
Accepted this one and no the one from @Jarod42 because it was answered 1 second before! — PaperBirdMaster 2 hours ago
@Mr.kbok I think he's a smart asshole.
A: Overload operator>> for std::pair<int, int>

seheInstead of ADL-hooking on the value to stream, you could overload on the stream (tagging it in some way): int main() { std::map<int, std::string> standback { { 42, "I'm gonna try" }, { 1729, "science" } }; streaming::tag_ostream cout = std::cout; for (auto& entry : standback) ...

I like this idea. I'm not convinced it's a new thought. Anyone think of an obvious downside?
11:22 AM
Q: Why doesn't the motion of a car affect the frequency of radio stations?

DARU SRINIVASWhen we go in a car and tune to an FM radio station, why doesn't our motion disturb the frequency? Like the Doppler effect?

@fredoverflow That's one hell of a beautiful blog layout
@Mr.kbok The premise is wrong. Of course it does
Yeah :)
I like how he had the thought, but not the tools to understand why it still works.
That's what I love about those SE sites
my documentation sucks so much
"For completeness I should probably add that modern radios auto tune, and would automatically compensate for a change of frequency due to the Doppler shift." - John Rennie Additionally modern musicians auto tune, in order to compensate for a change of frequency due to poor vocal talent. — Brendon Dugan 21 hours ago
@Mr.kbok Now, if you tune in to radio Andromeda, you'll notice the rare red-shift in frequency :)
@Ven funny but grossly unrelated. Unless the vocals are off because the singer is falling off stage
11:26 AM
@sehe oh, I agree.
hon hon
bon bon
낮에는 따사로운 인간적인 여자
커피 한잔의 여유를 아는 품격 있는 여자
11:41 AM
rightfold is broken
@fredoverflow a good language forbids that (e.g. C++).
broken half man
half an auto turret
11:44 AM
A: boost geometry intersection give strage results

seheMake sure your input geometries satisfy the pre-conditions documented. You can use bg::correct to fix most issues (such as proper CCW ordering of points in the polygon, closing unclosed polygons etc.): Live On Coliru #include <boost/geometry/core/cs.hpp> #include <boost/geometry/geometries/poi...

Boost Geometry apis aren't exactly the PitOfSuccess. But it sure makes for pretty answers
Why do they never advertise products as "unlimited edition"?
strage s ... t ... rage
also unconference is broken this year?
@rightfold That's generally "platinum" or "ultimate" or "proffessionnall"
@chmod711telkitty it's not broken when you're not invited.
@sehe I don’t follow your twitter, sorry.
11:48 AM
Someone starred the link?
@Mr.kbok Putting the 'fesse' in 'proffessionall'!
@LucDanton Not you :) Nobody is required to
Not even my wife reads it. Especially not her, I should think
@sehe and upvoted
@sehe I was kidding. I do remember.
Ah. I shudda known. It's a bit strange to star oneboxes (consider changing to the subsequent post, if you still can anyways)
11:50 AM
@LucDanton That's for @buttifulbuttefly
@sehe not sure what's the reason, but fair enough :-)
Also @LucDanton, are you hiding your awesome software from us?
I am not hiding any awesome software.
..nor am I showing any
@Ven Well, the point of stars is that they show on the starboard, right? Hyperlinks don't really show much there. Also, I was linking because !PitOfSuccess™
@Mr.kbok bitbucket != hiding
11:52 AM
@sehe no, just to show appreciation

Luc Software Suite

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Bookmarked 13 secs ago by Mr. kbok

Oh that. I forgot to be serious
@Mr.kbok Believe or not I am not involved, no matter how awesome the purported software is.
That's what they all say
@rightfold What do you mean? I can write a class with 0 methods in C++, can I not?
11:55 AM
I think some of those people who are killed in accidents are not really killed by accidents - they kept on trying all those dangerous things that are likely to get them killed until they succeed
Yes, but not an abstract one.
And interfaces are abstract classes.
@LucDanton aw
@rightfold Oh, right. Because there is no such thing as an abstract class in C++.
@chmod711telkitty can you stop doing drugs at times please?
11:57 AM
drugs <3
Why did you remove the semicolon? Are you a Scala programmer?
How come optional semicolons have never been proposed for C++?
(Have they?)
they probably have.
lol imagine how terrible that will be
Because C++ devs cannot reasonably optimize on silly things like that, with all the rest of the warts remaining
but c++ has enough troubles with parsing that you don't need to add more.
12:00 PM
C++ must have most features removed, not added.
c++ has no trouble parsing.
It's the parsers that have trouble reading C++
@rightfold můst
also use Go instead
go sucks
NO :'(
12:01 PM
You suck!
go suck
go suck 100%
go te pendre, like we say in France.
@Ven @sehe it's ambiguous
goto sucks
12:02 PM
@LucasHenrique your sentences are
More seriously @rightfold, have you used Go?
Yes, a lot.
So what do you think
@chmod711telkitty if you say so.
@LucasHenrique "it" is ambiguous
12:03 PM
@chmod711telkitty goto is considered awesome
@chmod711telkitty I haven't met her, then
Just got a brain segfault
At least my message made sense
at least my sense made message!
12:05 PM
@Mr.kbok I like it.
In fact I wrote a development tool in it yesterday.
> a development tool
marketing mumbo detected
@rightfold Is optional semicolons adding a feature or removing a feature?
you know this; long-haired fellas don't fool each other
I don't see much benefit to optional semicolon
12:16 PM
I don't see much benefit of an extra '/' in front of '//'
also if I do this
 /************** this is a comment*****************/
would it take the same amount of memory in the executable as I do:
/*this is a comment*/
after compilation?
@sehe ?
It's a tool I use during development.
It facilitates software development.
I totally knew you were gonna say stuff like this.
@rightfold that means nothing
For example my chair at work is a tool I use during development.
It facilitates software development.
Is my chair a software development tool?
inb4 yes it is
12:20 PM
Your brain is a software development tool
Your brain is a /* ... */ tool
It's a marketing thing to not say what something is. "We have implemented security features" (instead of we use TLS, PGP etc.). "It comes with state of the art management and monitoring tools" (not we support SyslogNg and database logging). "We include support throughout toolchain" (instead of "we have a script that fixes your includes")
@sehe Now that's a lot less cryptic and a lot more useful.
@Griwes I reckon the person sitting on it is a developing tool. At least in the sense that there are developing nations
It's a tool that formats and draws statistics about SQL queries.
@rightfold Why am *I* required to be specific, while you were the one starting this hand-waviness :)
@rightfold Nice
12:23 PM
@sehe developing fool
Very primitive though.
@rightfold Static analysis or runtime statistics?
Noun: tool (plural tools)
  1. ​A mechanical device intended to make a task easier.
  2. Equipment used in a profession, e.g., tools of the trade.
  3. These are the tools of the trade.
  4. Something to perform an operation; an instrument; a means.
  5. (computing) A piece of software used to develop software or hardware, or to perform low-level operations.
(3 more not shown…)
Verb: tool (third-person singular simple present tools, present participle tooling, simple past and past participle tooled)
  1. (transitive) To work on or shape with tools, e.g., hand-tooled leather.
  2. (transitive, volleyball) To intentionally attack the ball so that it deflects off a blocker out of bounds.
It gathers all SQL queries and the duration they took to complete and then shows per query the number of times it was executed, the average time and the total time.
12:24 PM
@milleniumbug ad 7. ^
I want to implement filtering and it triggering the execution of the queries.
Aug 1 '12 at 17:32, by sehe
@keithlayne I like to just add a comment // this code was generated by a tool
I have accumulated a few "stalkers" in my time, but something weird just happened; two of them found each other and are synchronized in some "like and comment" scheme
who wouldn't stalk you?
12:26 PM
@rightfold 2·2·2·2·5·5·5·5·23·103 message id get
of course, it could be a single person with two accounts - but I'd be impressed (judging from the previous activity) if this is the case
@rightfold a lot of people
@sehe dat prime numbers
I have an idea for a small project that might require system programming
@sehe nice
how did you notice?
12:27 PM
@FilipRoséen-refp wait. Are you subtly implying that your writing provocative blog posts and posting them on visible sites resulted in people paying attention to what you pioneered?
I'd go with C++, but this time maybe I'll give rust or go a try
@sehe rotfl
Do you have a tool that automatically looks for message IDs that are prime numbers?
@FilipRoséen-refp Did you do that annotation thing in the end? We're interested
12:28 PM
No. I just noticed that 2369 looked prime (an 23690000 was consequently still beautiful)
Hmm, my program fails on EINTR.
The Go one? Otherwise, use the predicated versions of wait*()
I should make myself a blog
@sehe why don't you write a program to find out all the prime :p
@sehe Yeah, but I'll just check for that error and retry.
12:32 PM
@sehe what? this has nothing to do with provocative blog posts
@Mr.kbok I have no idea what you are getting at
It made sense from a temporal perspective
@sehe I reckon it's because of acting/model-related kind of work, or well; I'm quite sure that's it really
@FilipRoséen-refp Okay, sorry for the crypticness :) I think I remember you talking about it in your blog, but I can't access it from here, so I guess we'll continue this discussion later
12:34 PM
@Mr.kbok hmm.. annotation thing, of what more specifically?
@FilipRoséen-refp is that online too?
@FilipRoséen-refp A way to annotate data members using the stateful meta-container
@sehe are you asking if I've been doing work that is available to view online?
@Mr.kbok The source code is written, but no; such article is not published
No. I know you linked to things before. I asked "is your modeling work taking place online" (in part)
@FilipRoséen-refp Ok, great!
12:37 PM
Oh wait, the error comes from somewhere else.
It's from ØMQ.
@sehe not sure if I understand what you are saying? But erhm.. no, my modeling work isn't taking place online - not sure how that would work to be honest
Well, if you model for a company that just deals online, and has a ditto community; That would be "online" in my view
@rightfold oops.
@sehe oh, well - most things nowadays are published online anyhow, but there have been a few shoots that are specifically for the web
I was wondering whether some of that came with it's own "social network" thing (IOW how stalkers target a model?)
12:42 PM
@sehe there are forums where the topic of discussion is what model is doing what (in terms of work, and outside work) etc
@rightfold what is your github repository called "slit"?
if zmq3.AsErrno(err) == zmq3.Errno(syscall.EINTR) {
This API is horrible.
mmh is there a short way of substituting, say, occurences of lhs.which() by left and of rhs.which() by right respectively?
12:43 PM
@LucDanton hmm?
@Ven C++ wrapper around libquantum.
Obv. I can run two substitutions and command history saves me some typing. Wondering if there are better ways.
I do use sed with a file for substitutions for multi-file, ambitious stuff.
Hey I'm a model too
@rightfold What's new in C# 6? (45 minute video with Mads)
I love his "Superman" C# shirt :)
> Save the day with C#
> If people who down voted me can up vote me that would be awesome – RiteshK 19 hours ago
> Dude accused me of copy write I am going to take you to court. – RiteshK 19 hours ago
12:50 PM
lol it took me 10mins to find it
@Mr.kbok nice bottom
You dirty women objectifier
I meant the book's bottom.
and it's directed by the guy who discovered murica.
12:55 PM
Clock is returning negative
lol watch the trailer
this is amazing
@Ven You mean the logo? Yeah that's not my creation
@Mr.kbok will you be there?
at the "festival quartier du livre"
@Ven look at the date lol
but yes, I was there
ah, k.
1:01 PM
@LucDanton :silent! windo %s/\<\([rl]\)hs\.which()/\=submatch(1)=='l'?'left':'right'/ge
Subst. windo with bufdo/tabdo windo/argdo
still trying to figure out that cobol segfault.
@CodeCaster: I'd argue that someone who bothers fixing up their answers is much less of a burden on the community than users spitting out random answers or help vampires with thousands of low-quality questions; these are the ones getting rep from the sheer number of posts they've made. — Qantas 94 Heavy 52 mins ago
@fredoverflow gcc does have jump table optimization, and I wouldn't exclude the possibility that it generates a perfect hash to compress the domain
@khajvah lol, I WANT TO SEE THAT!
@fredoverflow ??
in the meaning of "it generates an index" perhaps
1:11 PM
sharing code in cobol is so horrible, ugh.
random accessing an array != hash table
@Ven I know maybe why it is.
You put stuff in LINKAGE SECTION that you don't pass.
Move non-parameters to LOCAL-STORAGE SECTION.
you know you're happy you're playing witcher 3 on low details when the game decides to show you a naked grandma in a sauna
1:22 PM
^^^ warning: low-poly fapping detected ^^^
@rightfold yeah!
I actually just fixed like that :)
@fredoverflow hate this meme
@fredoverflow we can browse imgur and reddit just fine ourselves :P (plus that's the oldest joke of the internet)
@MarcoA. I think the texture quality was most relevant here
1:24 PM
@Ven It is? Never seen it before.
yep, kinda old
but nice
@fredoverflow I guess you don't have fb
My code always works
I am rightfold
that is the sort of crap that "programming" fb groups share and, for some reason wired to the facebook broadcasting algorithm, is sent to anyone who has ever liked a programming post
I want this on my wall i.imgur.com/PFrNDwP.png
1:27 PM
var (
    thickLine = strings.Repeat("=", 80)
    thinLine  = strings.Repeat("-", 80)
I feel like the 80 is duplicated.
@AlexM. But she was holding a pizza.
len = 80
problem solved
const lineLength = 80

var (
    thickLine = strings.Repeat("=", lineLength)
    thinLine  = strings.Repeat("-", lineLength)
@rightfold you "feel" like a fact
1:28 PM
Very nice.
Thank you Fred.
In Scala, you could just say
val thickLine = "=" * 80
tie(thinLine, thickLine) = fusion::transform(make_tuple('-','='), [](char ch) { return std::string(80, ch); })
1:30 PM
@rightfold You can't say that. You like Perl
Oops race condition.
Oh wait nvm.
oy vey confusion
@MarcoA. I don't either and I've seen it a lot
it's obviously not the only channel, but I got sick of having that reposted by friends
1:32 PM
@sehe top kek
@R.MartinhoFernandes ikr. Gonna be the movie of the century.
@sehe -1 not enough auto
who says it even works :)
@sehe it doesn't 'cuz you didn't define thinLine and thickLine
that's the sadness associated with tie :(
const lineLength = 80

var (
    thickLine = makeLine('=')
    thinLine  = makeLine('-')

func makeLine(from rune) string {
    return strings.Repeat(string(from), lineLength)
1:37 PM
une condition de course.
On s'en fout
on n'y va pas, on n'a qu'à se cacher sous les draps
Ok, bbl
(I have a maglite)
1:39 PM
A flashlight?
bon ape tit
@sehe "condition de course"
It's still early here.
Like, 9:42
1:42 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Also, it was a tribute to buttiful buttercup
shots fired
I think you mean New Amsterdam.
Stop living in the past.
reminds me of agar.io
I haven't played that in a while
"fuck you" is the favourite part of the lyrics of the song I am listening to.
1:44 PM
> Ohh, you can't take my soul away from me
Fuck you
True Art right there.
@FlorianMargaine what the hell is that
a map for ants
@rightfold what song is that?
@TonyTheLion New Abortion.
1:45 PM
A slip knot is the solution to JavaScript.
slipknot got too melodical for my taste
@FlorianMargaine Also, that might have been a real thing if you guys didn't drop the ball in 1763.
Iowa is probably their best album
lol slipknot
Do they still exist?
Far too many band members.
1:47 PM
Far too much suckage.
yea they still exist
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for the actual name for the process whereby, you have a constructor that is able to take multiple arguments when it's objects are created.
For example: I could do something like _
vector<int> vec{1,2,3,4}
vector<int> vec2{7,8}
vector<int> vec3{3,5,6}

they brought out a new song like a few months ago
dick #14 just said hello
@d14 That's an initializer list.
1:48 PM
@fredoverflow Thanks
@sehe so I missed 13 dicks?
Yup, in the applicative form of uniform initialization
@sehe Hello Caitlyn
@TonyTheLion that what you get for evading lounge duty
1:49 PM
@d14 Thank you, for asking a reasonable question in the Lounge, providing an example.
@sehe my evasion was a success then :)
@mebob: Makes for a good Skeptics.SE post =P — Mehrdad Aug 17 '14 at 5:08
@TonyTheLion But you can't run forever.
One day, the dicks will get you.
What's the phobia called where you are afraid a dick might be watching you all the time?
1:52 PM
@TonyTheLion sexism
@EtiennedeMartel I must absolutely star that
Noun: anatidaephobia (uncountable)
  1. (humorous) The fear that one is being constantly watched by a duck.
  2. 2013, Montgomery Trevour Halle-Bouern, Objects in the Mirror Aka Vulture Culture, iUniverse (2013), ISBN 9781475976953, page 16:
  3. 2014, Ahava Leibtag, The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web, Morgan Kaufmann (2014), ISBN 9780124076747, unnumbered page:
  4. For more examples of usage of this term, see the citations page....
was a pun on this
1:53 PM
anyway bad joke
Noun: hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (uncountable)
  1. The fear of long words.
> Alternative forms: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (common misspelling, perhaps on purpose, to make the word even longer)
> error C3859: virtual memory range for PCH exceeded; please recompile with a command line option of '-Zm117' or greater
More important: not self contained examples are not capturing anything. You have a problem. You want it sorted. Therefore: isolate it. This is not optional. You can't solve an unknown problem (except by accident). — sehe 1 min ago
what the fuck
1:54 PM
This looks like the dragon has smoked weed lol.
@milleniumbug hahahahahahhahaha have fun
You're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucked
lol lol lol
Why? Just recompile with -Zm150 :D
@milleniumbug the consensus is: shut down and reboot
that will probably solve nothing but you might have a beer in the meantime
@milleniumbug achievement unlocked
@rightfold that's how he shrinks the knight

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