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9:00 PM
Do you generate JS?
@rightføld why
@rightføld YES
Use escodegen library for generating JS code.
You feed it AST it takes care of formatting and parentheses.
9:00 PM
yeah I'll use it
one day
@BartekBanachewicz program some PHP to make you feel better
@StackedCrooked lol
@StackedCrooked hihi
PHP is fun.
I should work on Klok.
9:01 PM
I like the name
@rightføld how many projects do you have open?
Hmm shit.
why not finish something for once
Hm, I should ask if I can do partial home office for the next few weeks
Is the last day before January 1, 1 AD in January or in December?
9:02 PM
@TonyTheLion he is trying to finish klok
@Mysticial I see. Take your time then :)
To make some time for the kitties
And is it the 31st or the 1st?
@Xeo do eeet
@Jefffrey are you sure?
9:03 PM
@StackedCrooked Btw, how far into Grisaia are you now?
Continuing Amane's route after long hiatus.
Too much sex tbh.
whhaaaatt hoooww whoooo
Looking forward to other routes.
@TonyTheLion let's see.
9:04 PM
@StackedCrooked "Too much sex tbh" thats not possible
Or maybe Amane's route will become more interesting. Probably it will.
@ExcelledProducts it's embarrassing to watch :D
what in the world are you watching
@TonyTheLion 1. Klok 2. Octopus 3. Styx 4. Hexapoda 5. Baka 6. Onions 7. Sofa 8. Postduif
@ExcelledProducts Grisaia VN
smh tmi
9:06 PM
@rightføld You have to state in which calendar, I think. :) Either way, would it not be 31st December?
Gregorian calendar.
And Julian calendar.
Basically what was the day before January 1st, 1 AD?
31st December 1 BC?
Was it January 1st, 1 BC or December 31st, 1 BC?
9:07 PM
I am guessing. I have no grounds for it.
Because years go backwards BC (2 BC came before 1 BC).
But maybe months and days don't. Not sure.
@rightføld they don't
9:08 PM
Months roll the same direction.
@Mgetz Ah so December 31st?
Anno Domini (AD or A.D.) and Before Christ (BC or B.C.) are designations used to label or number years used with the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The term Anno Domini is Medieval Latin, translated as In the year of the Lord, and as in the Year of Our Lord. It is sometimes specified more fully as Anno Domini Nostri Iesu (Jesu) Christi ("In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ"). This calendar era is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth, with AD counting years from the start of this epoch, and BC denoting years before the start of the era. There...
Because ATM Klok thinks 1 BC ended with December 31st.
@rightføld That sounds like what I would think was true.
9:10 PM
@rightføld not necessarily, it would have been julian calender
The Julian calendar, introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC (708 AUC), was a reform of the Roman calendar. It took effect in 45 BC (709 AUC), shortly after the Roman conquest of Egypt. It was the predominant calendar in the Roman world, most of Europe, and in European settlements in the Americas and elsewhere, until it was refined and superseded by the Gregorian calendar. The difference in the average length of the year between Julian (365.25 days) and Gregorian (365.2425 days) is 0.002%. The Julian calendar has a regular year of 365 days divided into 12 months, as listed in Table of months. A leap...
2 January 1BC 00:01, ..., 1 January 1BC 00:03, 1 January 1BC 00:02, 1 January 1BC 00:01, 1 January 1AC 00:00, 1 January 1AC 00:01, ...
@Mgetz AFAIK the only difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars is the way leap years are calculated.
@rightføld there are other minor differences IIRC
@Jefffrey 2 BC, 1 BC, 1 AD, 2 AD vOv
@rightføld lol
Time also went backwards in BC
Actually everything was backwards
yes, I've already said that joke
Before Christ the world was better.
@rightføld how so?
No Christians.
9:15 PM
@rightføld and the rampant slavery and wars that existed before and after changed how?
Just FYI, "better" does not mean "some arbitrary aspect X changed."
World was best during ice age
in JavaScript : Too Many Cooks, 36 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
After all, I'm just a professional game programmer, and you're a JS newbie; I can't see how I could potentially know all that.
@rightføld You should fix your leap year routine. I believe there are corrections for Gregorian calendar for far future where some leap years are removed, etc...
that's how you do modesty
9:17 PM
Can't wait till I live the steampunk world that will follow the technological singularity apocalypse.
Why is he even in JS room in the first place
@VáclavZeman I don't support further than the year 50000.
@rightføld jeez
Was just arbitrary I may raise that later.
But there are issues with integer overflow.
9:18 PM
@Jefffrey Too Many Cocks
@rightføld In that case you are still missing some bits.
@Jefffrey Also lol credentials
How many games did you make @Bartek
He's professional since 2 weeks ago!
or something like that
@rightføld Years divisible by 4000 are not leap years.
can you even be a professional game dev?
9:21 PM
I think.
@VáclavZeman which calendar julian or gregorian
@rightføld Julian does not make sense. I mean in Gregorian calendar.
The only calendar that matters is ISO calendar
AFAIK return $year % 4 === 0 && ($year % 100 !== 0 || $year % 400 === 0); is correct.
@Jefffrey is professional even a thing in this industry? Judging by what passes for "good software" out there.
9:26 PM
@VáclavZeman and that's why I use calender libraries written by someone else... preferably an OS manufacturer
I absolutely love this landscape
And I love that cloudy/windy weather too
same boring old landscape as everywhere in NL
mountains and hills FTW
Looks like Belgium
Obviously not Belgium; no holes in the roads.
9:28 PM
Not NL either. In NL there are beach plants growing along the roads.
Because of the amount of salt scattered during winters.
Q: Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?

user456584How come certain random strings produce various colors when entered as background colors in HTML? For example: <body bgcolor="chucknorris"> test </body> ...produces a document with a red background across all browsers and platforms. Interestingly, while chucknorri produces a red back...

@FredOverflow lol crap
@rightføld OK, it appears there was a proposal to do that but it was never accepted. I guess it does not matter anyway because the far future is...far.
9:32 PM
That far in the future we'll probably be using something entirely different anyway.
No terrestrial seasons on other planets!
Is there a way to help git if it does not figure out the correct renamed file?
Want history and not -/+ file
@Jefffrey that looks a bit like Zeeuws Vlaanderen in the Netherlands.
@JohanLarsson Can't you do something with git mv?
@rightføld now now
9:39 PM
I don't want to go out
but i have to
@Jefffrey then go in
@VáclavZeman maybe, never used it.
@StackedCrooked sounds like a plan
alright! :D
it's so cold outside and so warm under the blankets
9:41 PM
what temperature is it in Northern Italy right now?
@StackedCrooked 15°
@Jefffrey now that's not too bad is it?
i'm cold
@rightføld lol
9:42 PM
@TonyTheLion I'm a professional!
you rubbery.
i see ded pepl
@Jefffrey it's 11º here
I'm a proffesional Grammar Nazi.
@Puppy you're just a harmless puppy :)
and a nice clear sky
9:43 PM
woof woof bitch
clear sky is meh
@StackedCrooked 10º here!
But no, it's not too bad actually. It's just me being a lazy ass.
> Pressure: 1000mb
Tool y u no 1bar.
9:45 PM
Also I still don't understand how they can measure amount of rain in mm.
Shouldn't it be like, [length]/[area]/[time]?
pluviometer, pluviograaf
@rightføld y u no Pa
Or wait.
I mean [volume]/[area]/[time].
9:47 PM
I think that is the case.
the fuck does x/y/z mean?
Like amount of water that falls within in m^2 within an hour or something like that.
Perhaps mass instead of volume.
9:47 PM
Or "per"
I mean.
You could measure it in mm but only if you specify density and time frame as well.
Though I think time frame is usually the duration of the rain shower in question.
to stand up is the first step
But measuring millimeters is silly as it depends on the diameter of the tube.
9:50 PM
density is not very interesting with water
come on jefffrey you can do it
@rightføld Stick a jar out in the rain. When there's some water in it, measure the depth with a ruler. There you go - mm.
go jeffrey go!
@MartinJames I think thats pretty much what it boils down to
@rightføld ?
@MartinJames A small test tube gives different results than a large jar.
9:51 PM
@rightføld No, it does not.
@rightføld Nope.
@TonyTheLion butt...
ok I am fucking dumb nvm.
there's reddit
the shape of the jar probably does matter
9:51 PM
fuck reddit, get out
It does if the bottleneck of the jar is small and the one of the test tube is large :P
@Puppy Well, yes, diameter should not change with depth.
ok, i go out
> You may want to liquidate those assets
ok, i promise I'll go out
here we go
@Jefffrey nice
you can stay
I still have not decided on a language.
9:55 PM
It's been four hours.
that's about as surprising as me being a genius.
or Visual Studio ICEing
@Puppy So, very!
or Americans gunning each other down in the streets with automatic rifles
or the UK being a bunch of right-wing Nazis
"Right-wing nazis" lol, that's like "rightfold's completed projects;" non-existing
or nobot getting lost, especially on a train.
9:58 PM
hoistStateWithLens :: MonadState outerState m =>
                      Simple Lens outerState innerState ->
                      S.State innerState a ->
                      m outerState a
why isn't this thing in Lens
it's just four lines.
@Puppy it's just a signature
Those four lines are only the type. :P
The body is probably shorter.
my implementation is ugly :|
10:00 PM
you're ugly.
Remove the point-free style and it will be beautiful.
also, did I mention Fuck Typescript?
Yup. No need to do it again.
@rightføld it's not point-free
too late.
10:00 PM
it's just...
this thing should be provided already
in general
Send patch to author of lens.
state hoisting seems to be severly underrated
Hand-written on paper.
10:01 PM
I like my vest that has a plastic zipper.
Unlike the metal zippers the plastic zippers don't feel so cold.
@Jefffrey fuck that
fuck shitty dumb people.
fuck JS
fuck everyone
fuck @Puppy in particular because why not
I must admit, I am particularly horny tonight
so kindly come over so we can get fucking
go fap to other dogs
10:05 PM
I think I will use Scala.
Or maybe Perl aaa I don't know.
They're both nice.
And Perl is available on every machine whereas JRE isn't.
@rightføld Perl isn't available on my machine
10:07 PM
Your machine isn't a proper machine.
Perl is a piece of shit something that's neither a shell language nor a programming language
also I'm angry
> The use of interpreter-based threads in perl is officially discouraged.
well fuck
I'm going to write to ekmett
Oh wait that's the old thread API.
10:09 PM
There is a new one that's better.
Gah. Can you be slightly less vague about "the edges"? Even in the sample you supposedly copied from somewhere, you fail to define where u came from, or what it might be. I can't think of anything besides this that the OP doesn't immediately understand (optionally mention different Graph representations) — sehe 1 min ago
People apparently assume people are happy with the flimsiest of answers
We have a saying "Iemand met een kluitje in het riet sturen". Applies.
We bought a new cheapo coffee-maker for my office. It made coffee. The coffee in the jug was cold and so, moaning, I emptied it away and started dismantling it for return to shop. Then the circular cardboard protector fell off the heating plate at the base.
Please let me know a viable solution with code...lol — Samer 2 mins ago
@MartinJames such a cold story
10:24 PM
Maybe I will use C++.
Though I want some proper programming language for configuration.
@rightføld maybe you shouldn't focus so much on choosing the language
@StackedCrooked Anne was really upset 'cos of the screaming and cursing, then the stupid packing thing fell out. FFS it's a metal plate with a heating element below. The jug is polycarb. Why would they need any fucking protection?
10:26 PM
@MartinJames come on, guys. Don't all downvote that question :0 I've answered it with due style (of course not with working viable code)
I guess I can use C++ and embed Perl or Ruby.
I'm pretty sure you can
@sehe I've upvoted your answer:)
@TonyTheLion mumble
@rightføld mumble
@everybody mumble
10:31 PM
@Ell after phone
@MartinJames I suppose you were the one screaming and cursing?
Or Lua.
@TonyTheLion kk cool :)
> The FINAL FANTASY XIII team have been working hard to improve your experience on Steam and we're happy to announce the following updates has been made on November 11th 2014.
■ All versions
A request-to-confirm notification, will now appear when you try to quit from the full-screen mode.
■ Asian version
"Confirm" and "Cancel" button assignments on the Controller Settings have been switched.
Square Enix patching speed = over 9000
this is a month after the release
@StackedCrooked Yup:(
10:32 PM
and they still somehow managed to screw it up
the request to confirm notification thingy is just a Windows MessageBox
and if you press Esc during the intro (normally triggers the message box) the game crashes
@MartinJames At least it was not the machine doing it. I would return it if that were the case.
I can only imagine what kind of black magic they used in their code
@AlexM. do you have a headset?
Well, apparently Perl is bad at threads.
That'll be IPC then.
10:33 PM
@Ell erm not at the moment
To mumble
Config??? I use:
SysUtils, WinTypes, StdCtrls, ComCtrls, ExtCtrls, Controls, Classes, Forms,
Dialogs, Menus, Grids, DB, DBTables, Buttons, IniFiles, Printers, Consts,
ShellAPI, Messages,fileCtrl,persist3,usefulStuff,config,BDE,

It makes all my Delphi forms persist across app sessions. I don't need to do anything else except add 'persist3' to my modules 'uses' clause:)
@Ell nah, I have to buy one for that stuff
the only place where I use a mic is at work :\
never had the need at home
@AlexM. well worth it
they're only cheap
10:36 PM
my $x = 42;
my @y = ();
my %z = ();
perl is proper weird
@rightføld Yeah. Stunning.
@Ell Meh, just my @y; and my %z;.
tbf I actually like sigils
It's been a while since I've done perl though
sigils are horrendous shit.
I forgot what all the contexts are
10:38 PM
Perl, Perl, Perl, and Perl.
@Puppy are you going to join us on mumble?
it's been ages.
and you're in your own place now so no excuse
@FredOverflow oh cool :)
as if I need an excuse to tell someone to fuck off.
I need a new headset
this one is really terrible
I was looking at headsets and keyboards before I spontaneously bought speakers instead
why the fuck does Mumble need to shutdown every app on my computer before it can install?
10:41 PM
eek, I want it to be tomorrow afternoon already.
Didn't think I'd get so excited. Man.
I want it to be friday
> That's a big update, thank you Square Enix, your game is perfect now !
man, they really got people angry about their game
I'm glad they decided to release the others too
4 weeks until XIII-2 gets released
I think Sega released a perfect port of Valkyria Chronicles just to make Squeenix look even worse
'This question appears to be off-topic because of the meta effect. – Martin James' - I hope I don't get hit too hard for that:)
10:57 PM
I like the new Eclipse's codename
Luna is a nice name
Come on guys, help me replace the accepted answer here?
A: Trying to learn boost::intrusive Q2

seheI've seen it late, but anyways, here goes: What you describe matches exactly the implementation of an intrusive hash table of MyClass elements, where anInt1 is the hash (the bucket identifier) for an element the bucket lists are implemented as linked lists equality is defined as equality of ...

@AlexM. Yes, very apt. The first version will miss entirely, the second crash and the third work for 40 minutes.
STARTTLS could've been a good idea if not for the fact that we should just encrypt everything
@CatPlusPlus mumbre?
11:25 PM
uhoh coliru terrislow. fingers crossed
Added coliru samples of both the standard hash-table as well as the Boost Intrusive version (still with auto_unlink mode nodes although I think already said I think it's not what you want) — sehe 4 mins ago
Yay - I managed
I'm back
@sehe +1 for effort
@sehe How does that work?
@rightføld duhh - you got that. Catch-up blues.
@Columbo It doesn't. I think the vote is locked. But perhaps the OP can still since the question was edited, or a new answer was posted?
I think it was pretty silly that he accepted that answer. It was really not very helpful (then again, his question was pretty bad, before)
11:43 PM
I managed to break my D installation and nothing builds anymore
fuck this
I have to do it all over again
I fixed it, yay
@AlexM. from hell (if one is a fan of D) to heaven in less than four minutes; congratulations.
whats a good college?
@sehe image embedded in your post? congratulations, have an up-vote.
@JackOfAllTrades To learn programming or just overall become a better human being and learn other stuff along the way?
@JackOfAllTrades can someone please reply to this with "The School of Life"?
11:58 PM
i really wanna be a software engineer but my english grade is horrible
@FilipRoséen-refp I had first explained in words why I thought he described a hash table. Then it occurred to me I should just use the standard image with bucket lists :)
just wanted a wider view of colleges that you guys went to to become programmers
we're here again
@sehe wait, the image isn't OC? oh damn.. I up-voted something non-OC; FUCK!
11:59 PM
@JackOfAllTrades you will need to go to at least 5 colleges to become a good programmer.

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