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12:00 AM
@sehe Original Content(s)
i thought it all came from experience
@JackOfAllTrades that's basically what I'm saying
@JackOfAllTrades xkcd.com/519
i already have almost 4 years of experience is that a good thing to put on a college application
@JackOfAllTrades if you are applying for the non-existant "awesome college for software developers", sure.
honestly I have no idea how college applications work (outside of northern part of Europe)
im kinda scared i wont get in
12:02 AM
:19899999 <- oh my, soon we're at 20000000!
Places of employment don't care where you went to college as long as you finish it and it's accredited.
some don't even care if you went to college
Is university the very top of education and college just 1 level below or what?
universities are composed of many colleges here
12:05 AM
University and college mean the same thing in the US.
They're interchangeable.
Yeah that basically sums it up.
> In the U.K., universities are institutions that award degrees, while colleges are institutions that prepare students to earn degrees.
Yeah, I knew it like that.
yeah true, employers don't care about whether you have a university degree, they just pay you 20% less if you don't
12:08 AM
my university has a lot of colleges inside it :\
the college of CS, college of literature and so on
@Mysticial haha, that better be taking during an exam!
@Mysticial lol wtf
at least I think so
@Mysticial What language is that?
damnit I can't see
too low rep
12:09 AM
gimme a sec
@AlexM. direct link to the image - "I have a question in the image i didn't learn the list yet but i want the answer PLEASE ." and "I hope you guys know how to solve it."
inb4 mysticial posts the whole page as an image
that's pseudocode alright
> create list called list
12:10 AM
also knowledge != education != degree
@Mysticial are you collecting red notifications too now?
12:11 AM
@Jefffrey you win one Internets
I'd like to thanks my mom.
@Mysticial <3
well, my classmates ask for help (posting exam pics) on facebook, and they usually receive it
that guy must not have many friends on facebook I guess
lol, lemme C you are going to a second rated college
12:15 AM
wait whats the answer
the comment says it clearly
@JackOfAllTrades Then you'd better give up now, before you try.
i didn't read the comment i just kinda stared at the picture
wait what number is it trying to find
lol all of Steam simultaneously went down 1 minute ago
@Jefffrey I have it for firefox. Just not for Chrome yet.
12:22 AM
@Rapptz That seems to happen... surprisingly often.
My workplace just handed me a state of the art performing computer. Solid i5, great nvidia card, 16GB ram, thats fine.
@Jefffrey oh and... yeah
And a 90GB spinning hard drive.
Truly a hard drive for ants. After the first restore point after the windows updates the disk space was gone. Do I assume malice or incompetence?
12:38 AM
@CaptainGiraffe where would you even get a 90 these days? surely it's an old one they had in the cupboard.
or maybe they screwed up the partitioning, left off a zero from the sizing
A: Trying to learn boost::intrusive Q3 - When storing pointers in ICs, should I use smart_pointer?

seheActually with Boost Intrusive you worry about where an object is referenced all the time (because references are all over the place). Maybe you just want weak_ptr. It also looks as though you're trying to implement garbage collection. Here's a slightly reworked idea using weak_ptr: Live On Col...

Gah it happened again. I should stop answering TheRealQuestion. Instead, just take them at face value ... :S
I checked the partitioning, it is the entire drive. It is the recommended configuration created by the IT department. I'll need to investigate more.
@CaptainGiraffe I assume incompetence
@CaptainGiraffe Those are p. lopsided specs. I mean, also the CPU vs. RAM
Yep, I won't need 16 GB unless they expect me to ramdrive/HDcache 8 gigs of it.
12:44 AM
@CaptainGiraffe IT department? Say hello to 2001
90 HDs existed in 2001?
@CaptainGiraffe how many cores? just a 2?
I remember bragging about my 40GB HD back in like 2003.
@Mysticial not sure actually..
12:44 AM
oooo - 2005 !
At least I got a chuckle from the HD being less than 6 times the size of RAM.
Okay, I've just completed a sample that might inspire you using weak_ptrs. See this recent sample for an applying refcounted Boost Flyweight: in this commentsehe 7 mins ago
@CaptainGiraffe i'd suggest VMs with dedicated cores, but that's a bit light. My laptop has a quadcore i7... 2 cores dedicated to main VM, 1 dedicated to a win when i boot it, and leftovers to the host.
@aclarke And I store it all in the cloud right?
@TonyTheLion did mumble crash?
12:47 AM
wonder if i can plug on of them new 8 core i7's into it...
ahhhhh -THAT's the plan!
@Ell yep it died
man. mid sentence too :P
it was funny
I'm doing stuff sorry
12:47 AM
tell me you at least have a giga bit interwebs
@CatPlusPlus s'okay bud
@CatPlusPlus ruining our conversations after midnight, oh you
Should be up now
st just us afeter
@aclarke That I do.
12:48 AM
I'l a llittle tipsy so sorry about sentece structruce
Or not
Fucking Murmur
since it's a desktop, you could 'obtain' something useful and slip it in at night. Note that this is not innuendo.
@aclarke Even a bloody usb stick would be a huge improvement!
hah - i remember swapping memory sticks from machines of dickheads who would no way use all their stuff. eg 2 1gb sticks? here's a ½ gig stick to replace one for you, and one for you... nobody ever noticed.
i surreptitiously kept myself pretty much up with the latest specs.
12:51 AM
Well bloody as in "freakin" not as in actually bloody.
any dead laptops lying around? you could probably score at least a 250 from one of those
@Ell No worries, there is no such thing!
@CatPlusPlus muble
I've just found out why I was going at 1Mb/s instead of the 7Mb/s I pay for
My mum bought some stupid phone booth that was malfunctioning (you could hear noises in the receiver). I've unplugged that and now I get 6.5Mb/s
1:09 AM
you have ... a phone booth?
@sehe so he can change into his Sofffia-man costume if he hears someone scream "HELP! HELP! My soufffle failed to rise!"
phone booth is probably not what I meant
this is what I meant
what were those old things called ..... house phone .... fixed phone ........ ummmmmmmm
I feel sick
dropped the bottle?
1:15 AM
I may throw up
like out of the blue?
eww. What have you been over-indulging on?
27 mins ago, by Ell
I'l a llittle tipsy so sorry about sentece structruce
I'll get the bin
TIL what tipsy means
1:17 AM
Just in case
better get a bucket.
a hash bucket.
my bins are like this. psdgraphics.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/trash-can.jpg Big mistake with kids - who sometimes spontaneously vomit and you need to reach like the Flash for the nearest receptacle
at least it strains out the biggest chunks
1:20 AM
sorry, this conversation probably isn't helping, is it @Ell
Nopd :P
@Ell What have you drank?
Purple drank
Purple drank is a slang term for a concoction which includes a prescription-strength cough syrup used in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, as a recreational drug. The mixture became popular in the hip hop community in the southern United States, originating in Houston. The prescription-strength cough syrup used in purple drank contains codeine and promethazine (not to be confused with dextromethorphan; DXM). The cough syrup, used in doses much higher than medically recommended, is typically mixed with ingredients such as the soft drink Sprite or Mountain Dew and optionally "a Jolly Rancher...
@CatPlusPlus very appreciated
we can remove the pinned message now
1:25 AM
@Jefffrey too much
@Ell have you ever puked?
in your life
Ok, I want you to focus now.
@aclarke I figured out that thing from yesterday.
Take the last time you puked.
1:26 AM
It's terribas
Try to remember after the puking. The taste and odor in your nose.
@Alexandru the bits? was it maybe SYNCHRIONIZE objects getting locked or something?
Goodnight I'm gonna luke
@aclarke Solution was threading: forum.sysinternals.com/…
Its a File object always
@Ell May the force be with you.
1:27 AM
querying for PUBLIC_OBJECT_TYPE_INFORMATION returned TypeName = {Length=8 MaximumLength=10 Buffer=0x058bbdc0 "File" }, Reserved = 0x058bbd68. So they are just regular file handles
There's really no good way to distinguish between them
@Alexandru "It may be hanging on a named pipe handle" maybe
but it was neat to find out how to get more info on these handles from this post
Q: NtQueryObject hangs on object type number 30 with specific access mask

AlexandruI have seen NtQueryObject hang for duplicated handles with these granted access values (handle.GrantedAccess is an ACCESS_MASK type): 1179785 (integer) --> 0b100100000000010001001 (binary) 1180063 (integer) --> 0b100100000000110011111 (binary) 1180041 (integer) --> 0b100100000000110001001 (binar...

yes a lot of people suspect that
@Ell aim carefully, stay deep
but do named pipe objects just resemble the same type as files?
i've worked with named pipes before, and named network pipes but i cant remember; mostly in c# with some c++ client side
even a handle on a remote file maybe getting notwork delays i guess
1:29 AM
weird ass object mappings in windows man :)
thats true too
@Alexandru something asking for a named-pipe status should not be reading the pipe and getting hung I would have thought
could be a remote file
brb need to reboot black tuesday what what security updates
i recommend you all update Windows
even a handle on a remote file maybe getting notwork delays i guess
:) some really nasty fix this time around for exploits that allow remote code to be executed on your boxes
black tuesday? what-now? this weeks "hysterical IT journalist beat-up" story?
@Alexandru ooo-errr
when you read these bulletins its like WHY
Because humans are terrible
hackers are performing a service - making sure the CIA, NCIS (including Abby and McGee), and MI5 can't get into our machines either
Listen, I don't know if you guys are interested in SSL but it's not good.
Its really bad: dima.to/blog/?p=133
Certificate pinning all the way if you don't need to use a web browser
Be your own CA ;)
1:58 AM
@Alexandru Hmm.
The certificate is paired with a public key, no?
Even if you get the certificate of some other website, you still are not able to get the private key.
Which is the one used for the exchange of informations.
Or to verify the certificate with the authority.
AFAIK the government thing is concerned: yes, the government has the control over internet. Welcome to the world.
@Jefffrey Not relevant
How so?
This is about CA being an attack vector (which is also nothing new)
Also certificate pinning doesn't scale and still has a chicken-and-egg problem
2:29 AM
@Jefffrey If a government subpoenas a certificate authority for your SSL certificate they can perform a man in the middle attach where you site looks legitimate but actually presents their imposed certificate so all traffic becomes unencrypted
Also, if CA does not store the cert, they can ask them to create one for your site and still do the same thing
@Alexandru I'm not concerned about the government surveilling me.
Actually I like the idea that they can do that if they get a subpoena.
@Jefffrey neither do i, but that doesn't mean it's not a problem. ok then, say person X has a grudge on you and decides to survey your site, they phone your CA and talk them into giving them your cert or generating a new one for your site...and then using it to MITM attack you
Are you concerned now?
If he is capable of talk them into doing anything, he deserves it.
2:38 AM
I'm a registered client to the CA. There's this little thing called authentication.
Anyone here use Github / familiar with open-source?
You don't just... talk them into doing stuff, if they are any kind of decent company.
@AureliusPhi Just ask the question.
It's called a social attack vector
@AureliusPhi continue
2:40 AM
@Jefffrey It's misplaced trust
You pay for CAs to protect your identity otherwise they don't give a shit
@CatPlusPlus Not until now
Plus wildcard certs are a racket so fuck the CA system
@Alexandru The image you give to the company is also worth money.
CAs getting compromised is nothing new
2:41 AM
I basically don't really understand what it should be used for. If I am posting code on my Github, doesn't this basically allow other people to steal/leech code? (not saying my code is steal-worthy but what stops people from doing this?)
Look at your CA store and tell me which ones you recognise and think are trustworthy
Any company understand that an unsatisfied person just costs -100 clients.
It's really not that hard.
If you offer something for free, it's to build an image.
CA key getting leaked is a vulnerability that affects everyone
2:43 AM
But then again, I have no idea what I'm talking about and I should sleep.
@AureliusPhi Yes the idea of open source is opening the source so people can use it
@Jefffrey Company might not have anything to say about this
@Jefffrey You mean the thing that even banks get wrong?
Sure. However, I am also trying to find employment as a coder -- and a lot of people recommended to create an online portfolio via Github to keep projects, etc. I don't know how this sort of thing reconciles with the notion of open-source.
It's hard to expect someone to contact you for employment from an "online portfolio" if you keep your code secret.
OpenStack is complicaaaated
2:50 AM
@CatPlusPlus They do?
Welcome to real world, where everyone is bad at security
Do most people have all their code in one place (locally) or do you work on different projects from different computers connected to the same git?
@AureliusPhi you can pay a nominal fee to github and have private repositories
also you can make your own repository - just a good old-fashioned remote repository for the survival of your code. You don't need github or anything cloud-based
2:51 AM
@CatPlusPlus I mean, how do they get it wrong?
Social engineering, in the context of information security, refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. A type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or system access, it differs from a traditional "con" in that it is often one of many steps in a more complex fraud scheme. The term "social engineering" as an act of psychological manipulation is also associated with the social sciences, but its usage has caught on among computer and information security professionals. == Techniques and terms == All social...
social engineering is scary shit
Social engineering is terrible.
@AureliusPhi if you make something that show-cases your prowess, that's what employers and recruiters are talking about. In reality, the rest of the world probably doesn't give a shit about what you've done
Then nothing is secure.
2:53 AM
couple that with the fact that many webdevs don't know how to properly salt/hash their stuff, and you're looking at trouble
Ever, in any context.
As long as you can manipulate trained people, then nothing is secure. No shit.
@aclarke In that context, does one normally use their real name on their git?
That's why trust is a central concept in security and why failsafes like cert pinning are not optional
Welcome to the no-optimism land
You won't enjoy your stay
@AureliusPhi if you're aiming to be seen by recruiters and even have a legitimate team of volunteers getting excited, better to use either your real name, or something harmless like 'pepper tree' vs. 'foot-long vadge destroyer' for sure
I'm still optimistic. You won't pull me in that pessimistic hole.
2:56 AM
i have real names in some of my activity, and for internet hijinks and other things that I wouldn't want the local priest to know, I use a random alias.
foot-long vadge destroyer it is
Also I should seriously sleep.
Optimism is what creates CVE numbers
Also I don't even know what kind of projects I should even be uploading.... just code snippets, random projects?
something targeted at your work-interests
2:57 AM
makes sense
another random q: How often do you push changes?
(I take it every time you push changes, git keeps a copy of the pre-saved material for multiple versions)
when I started Ruby on Railing (I call that apocalypse day) I was asked if i had any self-training exercises on github. One thing I was mucking around with was a hypothetical amateur sports club software for membership, scheduling, match results etc and that would have shown my mad skillz - if I had posted it.....
Oh god why is Open vSwitch the default here
self-training exercises?
like code to showcase an understanding of various concepts of the language?
proof that I could cut code, and they could judge what my skill levels were
You know like writing 100 times "I won't kill myself because of rubby"
2:59 AM
@CatPlusPlus <<== this

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