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12:07 AM
why did I drink that energy drink =/
@orlp because you wanted the POWWAAAH!
I'm getting quite good at writing in BOLDED CAPS.. kinda proud
@FilipRoséen-refp That's essentially what the internet is about: Being proud of nothing
@Columbo I'd rather be proud of writing in BOLDED CAPS, than not being proud of anything at all.
now back to the shadows with you
@FilipRoséen-refp GOOD POINT.
I don't even
12:16 AM
@sehe was related to smoking
yeah. it was
> I need this place like I need a shotgun blast to the face!
now all we need
is strikethrough
and marquee
12:22 AM
Sadly don't know how to do marquee
how do you do strikethrough in chat?
@orlp or check the edit history of his post
Jul 2 '11 at 18:44, by Martinho Fernandes
@DeadMG It's ---strikethrough--- strikethrough
TIL there's edit history for chat
12:28 AM
Don't look at this posts history, I wrote something nasty
meh, what the
Go to the goddamn sandbox
you're summoning tony the pony
@CatPlusPlus I was there, thought I had it
12:29 AM
oh god
he comes
the <center> cannot hold
good enough,
I wonder what an ideal way to describe a GUI would be
@Ell A GUI is the shit used by those less fortunate who can't have the equivalent work flow through a text-based terminal. ("the shit" as in, "the shit that stinks", not "THE shit")
Html & CSS sucks
@FilipRoséen-refp I haven't mastered text editing in vim or emacs yet :( its difficult
@Xeo Yup
12:33 AM
@Ell wait.. what? come on now..
Terminals suck
@FilipRoséen-refp lol
@Ell why
@CatPlusPlus cats are so '90s
I just find using the mouse quicker
For selecting text
f(g()) where g might be declared to return void, woho: this.
12:38 AM
found this gem today.
@JohanLarsson why make it simple when you can make it complicated?
likely reason for the code.
how is your back?
@JohanLarsson much better! thanks for asking
good! glad I asked :)
what did you do to hurt your back?
12:44 AM
@Jefffrey I have no idea to be honest, but a proper office chair sorted it out in a flash
I know it's none of my business but I'm just super interested. You are a model, right?
A model?
@Jefffrey yes, that I am (or well, it's what I do for a living). why?
@StackedCrooked what version of boost is on Coliru now? I get strange results :) coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/114dcc6f42b29971 should really have output paste.ubuntu.com/8909815 AFAICT (and it does locally with boost_1_56)
Because then you are the second person that does programming for a hobby here.
12:46 AM
I'd never in my life pair modelling and programming
@Jefffrey I also lecture at a university here in Stockholm, so I'm not sure if it's just a hobby nowadays
Call me prejudiced
But I'd pair program with a model
But wow
And at this point I wonder: is programming really that simple that you can just walk in it and just, you know, work with it?
12:47 AM
@sehe 1.56
model programmers
@Jefffrey No.
Browse /r/learnprogramming more.
People struggle a surprising amount.
@StackedCrooked well. Colour me miffed then. I have no clue why my sample behaves differently there
@Ell I was working with a make-up artist who happens to work for the swedish equivalent of NSA just a week ago, and every question I asked regarding it was replied with; "maybe I don't know the answer to that question, or maybe I'm not allowed to tell you"
@Rapptz So you just are just smarter or... what?
12:48 AM
there are some weird combinations (work-related) in the fashion industry, that's for sure
@Jefffrey What?
Yeah o.O
Rapptz is a clever boy for sure
clever boys don't go to heaven, clever boys are atheists.
I don't know.
Jefffrey: always too skeptical for his own good.
Why don't you just observe, and trust your own judgements?
12:49 AM
I have a lot of hobbies. They're all results of me being bored.
I think that's true for everyone.
Someone saying "Oh yeah, my primary job is being a doctor, but sometimes I do the astronaut too."
If I were a clever boy I would rather die when I became an old man
would be... I dunno. Weird. Maybe.
Someone making egregious analogies would be weird too.
I don't see how this is anything to do with ADL; instead it's about when names inside template functions are looked up. — Matt McNabb 16 mins ago
12:50 AM
@jefffrey a doctor/prostitute combination isn't that unexpected
Or more likely that person is just an astronauts wife
I am sure they need doctors on spaceships so it's not odd for doctors to be astronauts too
@Rapptz It's just a result of you being able to manage your time very well.
From all I hear, people cry their ass of to study medicine. And I'm struggling to be a good programmer but I'm nowhere close to your competence.
So you must be some sort of superman.
Or "aboveaverageman".
12:54 AM
people are not screws in a big machine, not super intelligent ones anyways. If you can try 5 different professions and be decent in all of them, why stuck to one?
because you can't spell?
you know me so well :')
No reason. I'm just saying that IME it's not the norm.
BREAKING: unusual things are not the norm
IE devs asked the community to vote on the next feature to implement. The community chose death. http://t.co/TUHPqaXTQx
12:57 AM
for some reason people see this as an incredibly bad gimmick on CoD's side cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/…
I mean I can see where they're coming from, I think
but I wouldn't consider it that much of a big deal
It's strange no one thought that this would (a) be a bit of a far stretch for a game move (b) doesn't really add much to the game. (c) is completely ludicrous in real life (you can go to a funeral and "pay your respect"; pay respect is not a concrete action))
CoD has cinematic scenes sometimes, yes
And they play best in 30FPS
1:05 AM
There seems to be something wrong with the light there
Did someone see "Primer" here?
Well, if you want to see a 1:30 hours movie that you need to watch 3 or 4 times and then google for an explanation, that would be it.
I already read the explanation
I really don't feel like watching it
@StackedCrooked Turns out there can be platform differences with some uses of intrusive::set<> as a multiset. I haven't looked into the specifics, but it does make sense (strange that it worked for me locally).
Added Coliru demos, and another answer show-casing the Boost Intrusive multiset approach — sehe 1 min ago
1:13 AM
Anyways, great to have Coliru back up again
intrusive container shouldn't have platfrom differences
I think.
I agree, it's prolly some UB when using insert_equal on a set<>. Nothing of the valgrindable variety, though
I see.
It's prolly just not allowed to use this method on a unique set (and I don't know why it compiles, showing unique set behaviour on some systems, and multiset on others)
@Jefffrey nice meme
1:28 AM
someone should make Blowlang be a thing
and write "Inspired by Jonathan Blow's language ideas" all over it
He is doing it, no?
I think it's still just a set of ideas
I'm sure he wouldn't call it Blowlang though
IIRC in the last video he had some sort of working implementation.
Might be mistaken though.
A young one too.
> Cop for Stack Exchange since July 2014.
I believe jmac hails from workplace.se
hails back
1:35 AM
curious to see him here though
aaaand he is gone
you really can't make friends when you stalk them, huh
I mean
Oops. http://pastebin.com/RQXd2Au3
@AlexM. Sorry, was asked to check out a user that kept getting suspended in the past day. Didn't mean to pop in the main chat. Yes, I am from Workplace.SE, but I'm also a CM.
Who is it?
1:41 AM
AKK, probably
Aaron Kyle Killeen?
Yeah, I think that's right.
Don't summon him
Well, he can't be summoned, as he is currently banned for a not insignificant amount of time for his recent flagged contributions.
Or suspended. Or whatever it's called.
1:42 AM
Again, apologies for popping in, thanks @BenjaminGruenbaum for letting us know about the issue.
30 days?
No more of this particular brand of shitty opinions
that's plenty of time for him to reheal and cast protective spells
GCC 5 is a thing? phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTgzNDE I never knew it existed.
He will probably just open another account and be here again.
1:44 AM
If he does @Jefffrey, just ping me and I'll handle it.
They've bumped 4.10 to 5.0 for whatever reason
Or something like that
No major rewrites?
They'll be bumping major version every once in a while now, so expect GCC 23 soon
What should the first number mean?
Whatever you want it to mean
In SemVer major release is one that breaks compatibility
1:50 AM
I fail to see how is that a solution
Oo look, the ultralight tent & titanium cup I bought for the trip I went last weekend just arrived today, a day after the trip, how lovely!
planning is hard. Also, are you a professional camping trip maker?
I am a labourer on a construction site & a amateur overnight bushwalking/hiking trip follower who happens to own an app biz & the land which I am owner building on
2:06 AM
what do you do for a living again?
supposed to making a living out of my app business, but that doesn't earn me a lot. currently just maintaining the apps, trying to sell them to other business (yes you can do that as I have done it before) and working on the construction project full time ... 50-60 hours a week combining the two. my parents take care of all the bills at the moment ... tenants suppose to pay the rent & that counts as part of income, but they are two weeks behind
when I say that my parents take care of the bills, I meant they take care of the bills for the construction - it burns cash really fast, although there would be good return after it's completed so I hope. They do not pay for my living expenses. I live on one of their properties so I don't pay rent
3:06 AM
stackoverflow.com/questions/26835984/… could use some more quick CVs.
2 hours later…
5:01 AM
@MarkGarcia Hi Mark (or is that 'low Mark?)
Yes. That's my productivity right now.
5:29 AM
@MarkGarcia Beats mine (which is currently zero).
@Feeds lol
@Feeds At least it's not bikeshedding.
1 hour later…
6:35 AM
@Feeds lol tooltip
6:51 AM
Dammit, ICC's implementation of explicit operators is broken.
GCC and MSVC both accept this: coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/200118abd5401329
But ICC 14 rejects it.
7:40 AM
It's morning already? Shit, I should have got some sleep.
oh, starting on Monday without sleep sounds like a bad idea
Agh crap.
7:53 AM
Anyone here?
@Andy The living, working dead. Zombie developers, all.
Rust still doesn't compile. :I
Q: Can a local variable's memory be accessed outside its scope?

Avraham ShukronI have the following code. int * foo() { int a = 5; return &a; } int main() { int* p = foo(); cout << *p; *p = 8; cout << *p; } And the code is just running with no runtime exceptions! The output was 5 8 How can it be? Isn't the memory of a local variable inaccessibl...

The answer to this question is astonishingly amazing.
8:09 AM
Astonishingly too, I didn't upvote the answer, though I've read it a couple of times already.
Whenever I want to update rust I need to build LLVM again O.o
And last time I did that it failed anyway -.-
Hey guys sorry for my ignorance, but I don't understand how this function works virtual const char *name(void)
I would love it and greatly appreciated if someone explained it to me
its a virtual function that returns a const char* and takes no args (void) - C style way of saying "no args"
8:20 AM
Okay, but how the hell would it return a pointer to a char?
because if I create a variable inside the function declaration, I cannot return the address to that variable. Because once the function returns the variable gets deleted.
This is confusing.
by allocating memory dynamically and then returning the pointer
Can you please refer me to some website where I can learn more about such functions?
Another example. const char* func() { return "Hello World"; } is well-defined, well-behaved. The string literal has static lifetime and thus is safe to be read wherever in a program.
but where is "Hello World" stored?
and this ^^ which I was thinking about, but wasn't entirely sure
8:22 AM
In memory.
in memory
Maybe in a register.
if our memory serves right
but once the function returns, doesn't the "Hello World" get deleted?
* freed
8:23 AM
It depends™
We have to be lucky
String literals are typically in some static readonly region of memory.
Check Stack Overflow on static lifetimes, then static lifetimes on string literals. Wouldn't take a lif...
oh how fun
@Andy They are guaranteed to exist for the entire lifetime of your program.
8:26 AM
@Rapptz okay, so I realize that I don't know much about function that return pointer, like `const char* name(void)
What are these kind of functions called? and where can I learn more?
@Andy functions
like a specific example, nothing general.
Strings are special.
functions returning pointers are a subset of functions
If you do int* stuff(); and returns a local integer it wouldn't work.
Read a book.
C++ Primer 5th ed. is pretty decent.
8:27 AM
It's not in the book I'm reading
throw it away and pick up a different one then
what book are you reading
@BartekBanachewicz I'm determined to finish it
inb C++ in 21 days
@Andy no point in doing so if it's shitty. What is it?
8:29 AM
@Rapptz C++ How to Program 8th edition
never heard of it
Sounds like a bad book bud.
Q: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List

grepsedawkThis question attempts to collect the few pearls among the dozens of bad C++ books that are published every year. Unlike many other programming languages, which are often picked up on the go from tutorials found on the Internet, few are able to quickly pick up C++ without studying a well-written...

Shoulda looked here.
But the author has much experience! It's his 8th!
Ninth edition is out
Its a book in used colleges apparantly
prob not very good
How is C++ Primer 6th edition?
is it different than 5th edition?
8:31 AM
Yeah why do colleges always pick the wrong books?
there is no 6th edition
@MarkGarcia because why teach students anything useful?
5th is the latest
> * Not to be confused with C++ Primer Plus (Stephen Prata), with a significantly less favorable review.
@Andy this is C++ Primer Plus
8:32 AM
1 message moved to bin
you gotta work on your reading skills first
helps when reading in general
oh don't you dare @BartekBanachewicz
@TonyTheLion uni principle, yes
8:33 AM
I was helping my local university teach C++ sanely
just because I made a mistake doesn't mean I'm stupid
we all make mistakes
@Rapptz "was". How did it go?
no one said you were stupid
No one called you stupid man.
8:33 AM
@Andy You are human, and therefore you are stupid.
He implied it
Just like me, Bartek and everyone else.
Well except me.
I'm awesome.
8:34 AM
but it was not implied in this context.
Anyways, I forgive you
@MarkGarcia They got 6th ed Primer Plus instead of 5th ed Primer like I said
@Rapptz ow man.
@Andy Even better, gotta know how the Lounge does it stuff.
I think they got it fixed this year
but it wasn't too bad overall
I didn't like 6th ed still.
too much C with Classes
and then C++ in the last chapters
pretty terrible
8:35 AM
> There is no sin in software engineering more serious than thinking some behavior of a computer system is magical or beyond our understanding.
Oh wait I misunderstood.
got the pdf
Will start reading soon
5 mins ago, by Andy
Anyways, I forgive you
you should buy the book if it helps you
at the very least
inb4 primer sucks it's too hard
8:46 AM
I also suck hard things.
@BartekBanachewicz inb4 you suck
i need mini-hdmi -> DP/DVI
but there are no such adapters
so I'd prolly need to go mini-hdmi->hdmi->dvi
would that work?
@BartekBanachewicz me too
HDMI does lossless conversion to and from DVI, IIRC.
Anyway we really need that DP thru USB tech.
@BartekBanachewicz should do.
@MarkGarcia well, it looses audio :P
but yeah, HDMI and DVI share the same video signalling
but HDMI can have protection shit
Yeah, not really conversion.
Oh wait. Mine's actually micro. Why do they even make mini?

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