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12:08 AM
For the record I stepped down as moderator. If you have any other questions about the post or anything else aslk Tim Post. I won't be on the site again any time soon. There's nothing I want to talk about at this stage. Good luck to everyone.
@YvetteColomb Sorry to hear that, you'll be sorely missed! <3
Offers Yvette a final snatch of popcorn
I'm going. I will miss you all. xxx
12:11 AM
You too, don't be a stranger x
This community has kept me going more than you probably realise.
And thanks for that.
I asked for my diamond to be removed the other day - in chat and via a contact form. Last night I asked Tim to remove it in an email and he did.
I'm tired and I'm probably not helping anyone anyway.
Well... the fact you're people's favourite begs to differ
12:23 AM
8 hours ago, by Cerbrus
Why was this deleted?
(no pressure, I'm totally ok with not knowing)
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I think we should respect what she's said and ask Tim if we want to know
... can't tell if eyes smiley or pointing at the message 2 above....
the latter :) we're on the same page
^^, I'd already started typing it before that message, i'll leave it there
12:25 AM
of course!
think I'll go digest all this while watching some preseason hockey games
Right, 1.30am, i'm off, gn all o/ @YvetteColomb if you're still around, I expect horse videos to keep going on YT
1:30 AM
4 hours later…
5:58 AM
@Cerbrus I don’t want to define myself on SO. I keep things secret about who I am
And this is all too much to take for me. Yvette going away
My point is that it's kinda silly to broadcast being a room owner...
To put it on your profile... As if it means something
6:14 AM
I liked @Yvette as a mod, despite some disagreements here and there I mostly cared for her mod style (even voted for her, so I guess I shouldn't complain about a couple of disagreements).
But I also like that Yvette was a present in meta. I feel like it used to be more mods spent time weighting in on MSO, which helped give a general idea of how the "enforcers" saw things regarding policy, and helped give a sense of continuity in meta.
Now the vast majority of the mod force seem to be pretty, pretty silent. Of course, it doesn't help (me) that one of the ones that actually spends more time in meta right now I tend to disagree very often with... but I think it would be helpful to have more mod voices speaking up now and then. Even if to tell me off.
Not everybody has to pour their hearts out as regularly as Yvette, logically, but still chime in on moderation issues occasionally.
Mods are "community elected", and despite meta being the vocal 0.15% I'm sure we are more representative than that on election day (among other days). I think it would be useful, particularly on these less than quiet days, to make it more obvious how the community and its exception handlers aligned (or not).
I don't know. Just thinking out loud. I'm a monkey with a keyboard anyway; so a degree of incoherent rambling is to be expected.
Well now I think about it, its silly. It’s like putting kindergarden graduate as qualifications.
yvette being gone stinks
I hope stack is aware just how much they lost in that
@YvetteColomb thanks for getting back to us, take care :(
It will be nice if you sometime stop to drop a message.
6:40 AM
@Cerbrus people put all kinds of weird trivia on their profile
Please stop, I changed it lol
@weegee "you can find me in [the meta room]"
Yes now what’s wrong with this?
I get it, I don’t know how to fill descriptions. I’m not at all social or on any social media
that's all that i put on my profile, except it's javascript room
If you still think that my description is silly, do help me in making one.
6:48 AM
@weegee nothing
mine used to be "less welcoming"
your profile is your profile just because cerb thinks it's not worth mentioning doesn't mean you can't
put whatever you want in there
then i switched to this avatar and removed the bit about downvoting
i'll use my old avatar during hat season
Yes downvoting activist
No I really don’t know how to put things in profile so I’m always nervous, if anyone says that this is silly, I get serious
my only thing is, avoid attracting the wrong attention. If someone's pissed at me for something and sees the invitation to chat in my profile, maybe they'll come discuss it rather than resorting to downvoting my already very downvoted questions.
Anyway. o/
6:55 AM
7:12 AM
Aw man, I should stop reading the chat history. Bad things happen when I'm away.
7:38 AM
@weegee Yo weegee, I have something incredibly serious to tell you. Are you ready? Get ready bro. Ho boy, I hope you are sitting down.
... you're good people, make your profile as garish as you possibly can please :)
7:58 AM
I think Cereb is just jealous of me being RO
I see
8:13 AM
... No, I just thinks nothing good comes of advertising that you're a RO
@Cerbrus eh, mostly it's just trivia
Eh, it's just my opinion
Do with it as you please
You can dress it up. "I am one of the thousand room owners of the meta room". I mean give it a couple of months and you will not be lying.
Imo, it's kinda odd to have normal users being RO of a room like this, but meh.
8:28 AM
What is a "normal user"?
non mod
I see, thanks!
Eh, yea, that :P
Non-mods? *looks around* Oh... wait.
lol, mods are abnormal then :)
8:38 AM
Well duh :D
Now we understand each other.
@geisterfurz007 Plebs.
8:53 AM
Waffles o/
pancakes \o
@Mithrandir waffles > pancakes
you're not wrong
Depends on the waffle and the pancake
9:05 AM
No. Always
Nope, Crêpes are better than American waffles
9:40 AM
Pancakes are awesome (because it is easy to do wheat-free versions and even make them semi-healthy), but I've travelled specifically to Bruges to go eat Belgium waffles there. There are few sweets or wheat-based products that will make me do that.
9:53 AM
Waffles and pancakes aren't exactly similar though...
But nothing beats good old Dutch pancakes
Yeh, imagine trying to compare american pancakes to stroopwafel
They're more like the french crepes
@Zoe Now you're actually awake, how does the shading look
@NickA iDunno. Just got home
RIP, 6hrs left of work :(
10:11 AM
Fridays are short days for me c:
D: no fair
Lotsa fair C:
10:39 AM
Those pancakes are hardly SFW.
10:52 AM
I just got sent a thing by my mother to find out my pirate name from my first name and birth month, apparently i'm Princock Lick-Splitter
@NickA Not too bad. Needs a couple fixes, but I don't need to delete any of the layers
Which is good, because I have too many layers ^^"
wow! ^^
I've learned to use layers a lot more rather than relying on undo to fix stuff if when I screw up. Excluding group layers, there's currently 21 total layers, and 15 visible layers.
11:01 AM
I don't think you should have a layer called 100% normal... That doesn't suit you very well :P
@Cerbrus The good old fashioned buckwheat ones, MM. When my grandmother did those, I was a good kid for the rest of the day.
It's a layer with 100% opacity using the normal blend mode.
I think it's just used for one thing.
1 hour later…
12:11 PM
Just had an answer accepted over 8 years later :-)
Pffft, by asking for it :P
Figured it was about time it happened.
Just edited my display name, am I cool now?
@E_net4 Not until the chat update hits :P
Gotta blame caching.
12:26 PM
@E_net4 No, there should be a capital R
@NickA capital letteRs R oveRRated.
This is just awkwaRd. Do we Really have to keep doing this?
12:32 PM
We digRess.
Zoe, wheRe is that pRofile pic?
Waiting on caching oR something (I just wanted a word with R to keep the tRain going)
How appRopRiate for a Rust developeR.
Ah nice, it's back to shorter hair again
(or less visible)
nope, still lon-.. yeah, that
I like long haiR c:
12:36 PM
It can take an houR oR so for it to automatically update, oR a mod can manually kick the cache.
You missed a foR
Gasp! How daRe you?!
it was clearly intentional.
cleaRly, geeeeeeeeez
12:37 PM
French toast.
Do you like french toast? Yeah I like french toast!
12:37 PM
Palet Bretons
French toast <3
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR YouR name updated for me, but still no R.
tastes even better with brunost
What's brunost?
@Selaron TheRe's no way to change it. AfteR it's changed, you have to wait a month
12:39 PM
@Selaron I don't know what you'Re talking about.
@NickA You'Re dead to me. :P
Brunost ("brown cheese") is a common, Norwegian name for mysost ("whey cheese"; Danish: myseost; Swedish: mesost; Finnish: meesjuusto; Icelandic: mysuostur), a family of cheese-related foods made with whey, milk, and/or cream. The term is often used to just refer to the Gudbrandsdalsost ("Gudbrandsdal Cheese") type, which is the most popular variety. Brunost is primarily produced and consumed in Norway. It is regarded as one of the country's most iconic foodstuffs, and is considered an important part of Norwegian gastronomical and cultural identity and heritage. == History == Boiling down whey...
@Zoe Actually, I like to live dangeRously.
oR you just Risk getting smacked with a giant shift key :P
12:40 PM
That's getting bludgeoned by a giant S. And some people don't like that.
I'm sorry, I'm too busy laughing at the Accidents section of the brunost wiki article
Technically, it's a giant R
@NickA Meh, I feel the aRticle is incomplete
They foRgot an addiction section :P
Hmm, buRning fat.
So it's what? A sweet whey cheese?
Basically, yeah.
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR See, that's why you shouldn't exeRcise - you can catch fiRe and close a tunnel foR fouR days :P
lmao, RemoveR :D
12:44 PM
@Zoe It's in my Right to lift while on fiRe.
Yeah, but if you'Re alReady on fiRe, you can do anything you want.
There's nothing betteR than epic pectoRals and blazing flesh.
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR SeveRal minutes ago you said you updated youR display name. LateR I maximized my bRowseR window and it seems this made youR name change fRom "E_net4" to "E_net4 the Meta". That mede me think youR update aRRived heRe.
@Selaron That's just a limitation of useRnames in the chat Room.
12:53 PM
@Selaron It was a joke Regarding the lack of R, he undeRstood you meant it had updated
And we possibly should think about a useRscRipt for that R thing. It should uppeRcase all Rs and Reject submission of Rless text.
We should totally suppoRt this. FoR the memes
1:09 PM
Yes! :D
1:21 PM
... I've started putting capital Rs into the documents I'm writing...
it's addictive
@NickA *wRiting
Documents aRen't even the woRst pRoblem
Just wait 'til you staRt wRiting capital Rs in code vaRiables
when the definition doesn't include an R
@Mithrandir I don't know what you'Re talking about.
1:23 PM
@Zoe *you'Re
Doing stuff is haRd, okay? xd
That's a pRoblem. It's not always idiomatic to wRite in camelCase.
Well, just Re-wRite youR vaRiable names
Noep, that bReaks casing Rules. Some compileRs don't like that.
@Zoe If you choose to do this, then I will make suRe that you follow thRough on it to the fullest. :)
1:26 PM
Yeah, no, this has gone too far.
Cache update
new pic!
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Pff, playah is a perfectly valid variable name :P
1:52 PM
ai ai ai, another SO is hostile post. This is the time to restrain yourself and just not pile on :)
... which is impossible.
Excuse me, I need to go chain myself to a pipe somewhere so I can't reach my keyboard.
@Zoe Bah, beat me to it
@Gimby Makes me wish we had a duplicate question for all of those.
@NickA hm?
With the "Why don't you"
Anyways, since the OP says moderation doesn't work but it actually is working as intended, it sounds fitting to vote to close this as "cannot reproduce".
1:57 PM
Hmm, the comments are becoming heated.
grabs popcorn
Grab your flags instead. Flag flag flag
But flags make it stop sooner D:, less excitement to see
Flags taste like cloth though, popcorn is better.
2:03 PM
If anything I feel sorry for the OP, the meta effect is in full effect
@NickA Grab some brunost instead :drool:
brunost popcorn?
This is heated.
@NickA um, no
Okay :(
2:06 PM
I prefer my microwave useable and not closed for 4 days while the fire dies out :P
I don't own a microwave
Popcorn ain't popcorn if it ain't microwaved
No!, you pan cook it!
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR I give it a couple hours before it's reopened
@Zoe I don't think this one will stay, though.
Right now it does look like a battlefield.
In fact, it's gone now.
2:08 PM
And not without the finishing touch from the OP: "Stackoverflow is known to be hostile to new users, it's not unfounded. That new user was not helped, he was shut down. I was try to get help for his question and still no-one is helping. They are more worried about the egos and bs rules than help this person."
Just lovely.
> Stackoverflow is known to be hostile
> bs rules
Successfully got the question author a rollback to a bad question and 6 downvotes... nice
Guess the CoC shouldn't exist then!
@NickA nice
@Zoe I think they want the "quality standards" rule gone, not the CoC. </captObv>
2:11 PM
Oh apparently I can see delete votes in the timeline, 2 of them as well
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Should've said that explicitly c:
Ooooh, blog update, thanks Yvette
43 minutes? you spoil us
I won't be back on the site for a while now. Wanted to pay the courtesy of thanking everyone again... and yeh- I waffle on a bit, it was the first video I've made like this. Anyway I've opened commenting on my vids and will be posting regular horse vids if people want to stay in touch xoxo
@NickA xx
2:18 PM
(Y), best of luck x
I've seen everyone's well wishes and this is why I found it hard to leave in the first place, but a little piece of everyone is with me :)
This is just farewell, and not goodbye. :) Best of wishes.
2:39 PM
2:52 PM
Shh, the boss is here...
Hi Boss!
FYI that post is back
w/o comments
Hmm, why am I not surprised.
George sucked the venom out of it
Today I learned it is really difficult to turn right in Australia.
As a Brit, I would have just as big a difficulty turning left in the states
3:01 PM
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Told you - it's back.
@Zoe *turns right*
Hi guys anyone who knows apache beam can help I am getting
DoFn cannot yet be used with state in the SparkRunner.

so is there any way for state managing with spark
@vipin Uh... this ain't quite the ideal chatroom for this. Maybe there's a better one for Spark users on the list of chatrooms?
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Look out for the car!
@Zoe *slams brakes* what the heck, don't ever scream "look out" to a driver! :((((
3:06 PM
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Hey look at the cows in that field!
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR You've clearly never driven in Norway in winter :]
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Look at that pretty cloud!
Oy, what's with all the mentions.
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Look out! Oxygen atoms!
I'm this short to ignoring you folks. :>
3:07 PM
Alright, just don't drive into the moose
AFAIK there are no moose around here.
@NickA Yeah, nice. I'm not driving.
(only later this evening)
Just telling you in advance :)
Look out! Andromeda is hitting us!!
3:11 PM
@NickA Not in a freeway, better not.
What's the difference between a freeway and a motorway?
Isn't it the same?
@NickA The era in which it was named?
It was a serious question, I genuinely don't know
Meh, I don't know. Does a highway have to be in higher ground?
3:12 PM
I'm not sure either. I've never really heard of much of a difference in the States.
dunno. Round here we just have highways and interstates
the laws between them differ slightly
Round here we have motorways and dual carriageways
I'm glad we're all on the same boat of confusion.
idk what a motorway is, but there is a difference between freeways and highways
@Dragonrage Which is?
3:18 PM
Motorways and dual carriageways are distinctly different, dual carriageways have no hard shoulder, motorways do...
Also getting on/off them is different in some cases
highways have signal lights and cross streets, freeways dont.
highways also have lower speed limits
Both dual carriageway and motorway are 70mph here
Interesting. That's not quite how I pictured highways.
that's the primary difference between highways/interstates here
highways are also more lax on vehicle restrictions
Ah. Wikipedia also calls freeways access-controlled highways
3:21 PM
well. to be more specific, all freeways are technically highways. but they are controlled-access highways. in such, all traffic is moved either on either over or under passes
Learner drivers aren't allowed on motorways in the UK, only dual carriageways
So basically, a freeway is a highway with RBAC.
a regular highway is just a street you can go faster on basically.
you can still have pedestrians and non motorized vehicles, whereas they are not allowed on freeways
Makes sense.
3:36 PM
In the US we also park on driveways and drive on parkways
We park on driveways and drive on roads
that just sounds like an odd lifestyle, @NickA
Doesn't work for the classic Community meme, either... "we are roads ahead!" nope...
Is it on purpose that the advertising blog didn't make it to the feed that posts in chat and on the bullitin
I didn't think that blog posts did
@KevinB I think it made it to the Tavern on MSE?
3:47 PM
@KevinB idk, i found it from here
i don't think it did
i see the sobotics post, and today's
@Boris No, what's wrong with the question
:47360801 Questions with upvoted answers, or with multiple answers, cannot be self-deleted, FYI.
yea, which is why I'm asking here
Questions that aren't closed cannot be deleted by normal members, either.
3:51 PM
@NickA clearly it's not useful, 5 downvotes
sorry I delete my messages because I decided to do it through a flag before bothering people here but I guess too late, here it is again for everyone else stackoverflow.com/questions/58030895/…
@Boris It's not that it's not useful, you likely just didn't appear to perform any testing yourself, I'm sure you could've answered it without SO
I literally answered my own question
Didn't notice, apologies
But yeah, doesn't seem so bad IMO, no need to delete it
FWIW I don't think it's bad, especially for a self-answer Q&A
3:54 PM
We've seen far far worse that's for sure
4:14 PM
^ tasmanian tiger
Thanks @YvetteColomb for your words.
5:01 PM
I've just seen that softwareengineering.SE is sponsored by SO for teams...
Q: These SO Teams ads are getting out of hand!

mackycheese21The image speaks for itself. There is an ad targeting my confidential questions. Good job, SO! You managed to read my inner heart just like all other advertisers. This is actually a non-trashy ad, and I deeply appreciate the ability to get rid of it with the handy X button. But I feel like t...

"Oh hey guys, we've removed that ad, and added this one instead!"
Just label team/jobs adds appropriately so that we can block them with one rule, rather than having to setup something new every time they find a new place to put it.
5:57 PM
@NickA inb4 literally every other unsponsored site being "Sponsored by Stack Overflow for <insert product except the public Q&A>"
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7:20 PM
2 hours later…
8:53 PM
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR Look out for the brakes!
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