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7:49 AM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Do we get more if we bribe you?
8:11 AM
@Zoe no but I'll send you my paypal account just in case.
I feel that it would not be appropriate to post each reply here. After all moderators are there to protect users from this kind of trash. I may post the best ones from time to time until someone objects :)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre How do you pronounce your name?
@Dragonrage and here I am stuck, doing multivariable calculus everyday and solving big big integrals. They are very hard
@weegee Can't you just use wolframalpha.com ?
8:32 AM
Why would I use them?
I am there to learn, not to just put things in a calculator and get on with it
Life is short; use a calculator.
Don’t ever use it, your calculation power will go down and it’s also fun solving them on your own
@Jean-FrançoisFabre oh, so you don't want cookies? :p
9:15 AM
9:55 AM
@JennaSloan okay, well it pronounces: Jan Franssoa Fabre (looks more like Portugese now)
@Zoe who doesn't like cookies?
People who don't like cookies, of course! :P
10:06 AM
I'm sure you don't like cookies.
Nah, I like cookies
depending on which type, of course.
I don't like browser cookies. They usually have a tracky taste. But chocolate chip cookies are delicious
10:50 AM
browser cookies, I hate then and the people who love them
They are very bad and they senk
11:11 AM
@weegee Eh, it depends on the use
They're kinda required to store sessions for an instance
what if we block all cross-domain cookies only?
Privacy Badger does that
11:38 AM
@Zoe wow nice
Cookies are useful and necessary, but they're frequently abused for things like cross-site tracking.
Technically though, all cookies track some form of data
Another day on meta, another user ranting about moderation being applied to them, mod abuse, bla bla
Oh, it just got deleted. Good riddance.
I give it 6-8 hours (no, seriously) 'til it's undeleted and reopened
11:56 AM
I don't see why it would be
@Cerbrus You'd be surprised what can happen to seemingly pure-rant posts.
12:31 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre definitely not Portuguese-like, sorry. :]
1:23 PM
@Zoe more like 12. I have a really full day today. The problem with deleting this so quickly is that without the comment archive, there’s no way for a moderator to address why they did what they did. I would continue to request that things that are addressed to moderators are not summarily deleted. We can’t find them easily and wouldn’t have ever found it if I hadn’t seen this chat and then searched the comment archive.
In this case, deleting it had ripple effects people here aren’t aware of (and I won’t address here).
Meta is first and foremost a support site. Customer service deleting support requests is not helpful in rendering customer service
There's always going to be ripple effects
Even with a moderator participating (the diamond alone carries a lot of authority), some things can't be recovered. This is also the 5th incident in 4 or 5 days.
@Zoe what are you referring to here?
5th incident of various accusations against the community that escalated into a hot mess and/or a rant by OP.
Where OP usually refuses to take other opinions, sees disagreement as further proof SO is toxic while wrapping comments in a toxic wrapping... You get the idea
One of those involved a sock puppet after OP got suspended. One resulted in (initially attempted) account deletion and a mess involving Yvette. Deletion or not, there will be ripple effects provided a ranty enough post
2:00 PM
Aside just general community targeting, one incident targeted two people (one user, one mod). Even with diamonds (you for one, and one other mod, at least visibly), it wasn't nearly enough to calm down the heat. The diamond only carries symbolic power when people respect it - not while they're on a rant about how horrible mods are for closing questions that OP think is perfect, but in reality is the opposite. It's like these discussions have mass - they'll start attracting more. At some point, we need to pick our battles. Dealing with several threads like these daily doesn't sound like some
@GeorgeStocker I have to wonder whether the community should refrain from responding to meta topics that involve/accuse moderators? Neither comments nor answers. Let the OP stew until an official channel can take it up.
that just seems like it'll result in OP asking more questions or otherwise attempting to get attention because "the community ignores me for telling the truth" or something like that, and takes it as further proof of their initial problem.
I don't know why it should. On a normal day, a moderator should pick it up relatively quickly. I see no reason why such things can't be flagged for moderator attention. Or even create a tag that rings alarms for the diamonds. And if someone pushes for a response, then a simple comment along the lines of "This involves moderators, so please wait until a moderator can respond."
Furthermore, it seems to me that people who only rant and have no intention of conforming to the site rules need to be banned before things escalate as they've been allowed to do during the last ten days.
2:16 PM
@Zoe by this user?
Different users
@Zoe it’s hard. Dealing with pissed off users sucks. People don’t come meta in their best days, unfortunately.
@CindyMeister you never know who is willing to change
@JohnDvorak True, but it seems to me we're allowing much more leeway than has been granted to "established" users over the past year. I'm just saying the line has to be drawn sooner IMO.
Giving more leeway to established users would be nice, yes
2:21 PM
@CindyMeister I can’t speak to that except in general the principle of “to those that much has been given, much is expected” applies.
Afternoon everyone o/
@GeorgeStocker True. Maybe it's worth trying to point OP to editing the question to a less ranty version? That can at least serve as an early pointer to whether OP has an intent of discussing or pushing opinions
@Zoe spot on. I can’t comment except to say that I’ve followed your advice.
On the other hand, @GeorgeStocker, a CoC should apply to everyone, equally.
@CindyMeister fully agreed.
2:24 PM
But, as I've tried to say (but wasn't clear) with my suggestion about non-mods not responding to meta questions that involve moderator actions, I think it would help to reduce the "pile-on pressure". I agree with every comment and answer posted on these rants the last week or so. But the effect on the OP seems to be a negative spiral...
The nuances of the workings is difficult to expect people who aren’t veterans to understand, however.
@GeorgeStocker Kinda guessed there was something like that. Thanks for handling it ^^
Got another soccer game so I’m heading out; I’ll be back later in hope.
@GeorgeStocker except that established users are more towards "those that have given much" than "those that much has been given to"
that adage would fit more closely to the SE team, methinks
Support was given, I think. Are there parts of the question that require being addressed by diamond moderators specifically? Which ones would those be?
2:26 PM
@yivi directed at me, or someone else?
@yivi Eh, I don't think there's much mods can do. Provided a mad enough OP, an answer by a mod could be discarded along with the existing answers.
Mostly directed at the undeletion of the question mentioning that there were issues a moderator needed to address. George undeleted it, but anyone can reply to that and enlighten me.
@yivi See George's respons to Zoe about 9 - 10 minutes ago...
I saw that. It mentioned some vague "ripple effects", but doesn't explain what issues were raised by the question that require moderator involvement. These are a secondary and separated from the "issues raised on the question", but arise from its deletion. Or at least that's what I read.
vague ripple effects likely mean mod messages, contact with SE, or heat off-site.
2:32 PM
No, the one with "Spot on." @yivi
Yeah... not following. I guess I'm particularly slow today.
Or I'm missing context. Or both.
@yivi I interpret that to mean this is the reason it was undeleted and locked - until George has time to do as Zoe suggests
But that doesn't make a lot of sense, right? I mean, better first edit it, and then undelete it, if that's the case. At least I see it that way. If it's left undeleted in that state it's just useful to paint the OP in the worst possible light, and leave a horrible open sore for everyone to see.
That's why I mean I do not fully understand. I'm probably not seeing something obvious.
In my opinion, the "on-boarding" (new users learn how to stackoverflow) is still a bit rough.
2:37 PM
@CindyMeister Preferably, checking if OP is interested in having a discussion and not just ranting should be done the second it's posted, before votes are cast or discussion (comments or answers) appears.
If OP refuses early, it's clear how much effort there's a point in throwing at it
The user comes with a specific question in mind. Maybe he needs help with an assignment, but doesn't know where to start. Or his "Hello World" doesn't compile, and the user has no idea why.
The last thing the user wants to do is to learn yet an other thing.
@JohannesKuhn yeah. We could really use a system to teach users how to use the site
@Zoe Yes, that would help. If the tone is reasonable, from the start, it's almost sure that would work.
The tour is kinda awful.
Maybe we need a stackoverflow for beginners, where we answer questions on how to debug, read stacktraces, read error messages, explain basic data structures.
2:40 PM
In the tags I work in (and occasionally in Review queues) I try to lead new users by explaining why we need more information, include everything in the Q, etc. It does seem to help, in most cases. I'm finding that - if they can put themselves in our position, even a little, they're often more willing to cooperate than if one just quotes rules.
If you know programming, the best way to learn SO is to answer a few questions first.
@JohannesKuhn That's been suggested more than once on Meta, but the site owners are apparently not interested...
(This doesn't we should forbid people to ask questions until they answered some questions)
The problem for so for beginners is that only beginners would visit it
I'm just trying to say: "The easiest way to learn how SO works is by answering questions."
2:42 PM
@JohannesKuhn I'm not sure it's the easiest, or even easy
Ou, who aired the dirty laundry.
@JohannesKuhn In my experience, those who are new and answer don't know or understand how the site works - they just answer everything and carry on conversations.
@CindyMeister I would love to get some hard data for that.
Yes, answers from new users aren't the greatest (mine weren't)
Why I said "in my experience"...
Yeah, and I think that there are a lot (or maybe just a few) new users, whose answer we read, give them an upvote without realizing that we gave this new user his first upvote.
2:48 PM
@JohannesKuhn Join SOBotics, stay active for a week, and you got some data
The bad data. Yes.
Most of the users have <10 rep. Among NAA posters, the majority don't appear to know they're not supposed to post comments/questions as answers. The rest usually explicitly state "they know they're not supposed to post this here"
If you want concrete data, post a meta question () and you might get something
I agree, most NAA - "answers" come from new people.
That was not the question, rather how much of the new users post NAA?
of those that use the answer box, or of all?
Good point. It would be nice having some data on that
With >10k, you have access to the NATO tools, which show some of the NATO composition. There's a lot of (real) answers being posted, and those aren't limited to users familiar with the site (but definitely more from those)
3:00 PM
There's SEDE, but good luck trying to get NAA data from it
@JohnDvorak Why not n% of the new users post an answer and m% of those were deleted as NAA.
I start to question if closing as duplicate is not contra productive. (aside from literal reposts)
Let's put it this way: Why should I search for an duplicate (even if it exists, the search box in the close popup is useless) if I could gain some quick rep by answering the question with "You shouldn't close System.in. Closing the Scanner will close System.in instead do ..."
@JohnDvorak Is deleted stuff in SEDE now? In the old times, they weren't.
4:01 PM
Right, we now have a undeleted, dupe-closed, locked rant that no-one but a moderator can respond to, where we already have two good answers that explain what's going on, and a OP that is clearly not interested in what those answers have to say.
I'm very curious what answer a moderator could possibly add there that would be better. Just because a ranty OP mentions "Mod abuse" doesn't mean we need to involve moderators. The guy just got downvoted. There was no moderator involved...
1 hour later…
5:08 PM
@Cerbrus we (diamond moderators) deleted several of his answers and comments recently. There’s more beneath the surface. Needless to say his objections are grounded in reality.
There’s more to it than that, but I can’t discuss the “more to it” part.
Yea, we can see the deletion of the duplcated link-only answers. His meta question was only about that, de deletion of his reposted answer, and the "mod abuse" which is just some downvotes
All of that is covered with the 2 answers there.
If there's more going on, he hasn't mentioned it...
And as such, it doesn't seem relevant to that question, nor a reason to keep it on the site, from a non-mod's perspective
I mean, I get that you want to help him, but he doesn't seem interested in being helped at all... He wants to change the rules, rant, and be told he's right...
The “deleted downvoted material” attitude works moderately well for the main site, but is problematic on a support site. The optics (sigh @ that word) alone make it problematic when a post saying that moderators are abusing their power is deleted.
Well, Imo that was covered...
Users defended the mod team there. This "abuse" didn't involve moderators
it's just someone that doesn't understand the site that automatically assumes "mods did it"
I don't think we should "panic" when mod abuse is mentioned... Just the mention of it, imo, doesn't always warrant mod involvement
but we do it in this case. Several of us.
(Not the voting, but everything else)
We deleted comments and answers.
But that's not what he implied to be "abuse"
Imo, the mod team should be less tolerant of aggressive posts like that. That's what it boils down to
5:23 PM
This reminds me of that “what have the romans done for us” skit
And the aquaducts
I find no objections at all to the moderators wishing to investigate. But like a few others who mentioned it here, I still don't see the positive purpose of undeleting and locking a rant. Can we know what you cannot investigate or do without keeping it visible like this?
5:43 PM
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR there’s a general reason: we shouldn’t delete support issues (even if the OP doesn’t know to tag it as support)
That’s where meta having the same engine that powers the main site hurts as well as helps
People are like “oh. We delete downvoted questions on the main site” which we shouldn’t do here
Edit out the rant, sure.
There are other more specific reasons, but if no other reason held, i’d Hold that one
6:13 PM
@JohannesKuhn TL;DR: SEDE has problems by design
It's fine for some basic queries, but the second you enter deleted, well, anything, or attempt to query review data, you'll run into problems
@GeorgeStocker The problem arises when editing out the rant means removing a large part of the post. Sure, you can take the rant out of the post, but that doesn't do you much good if you can't take the rant out of the person. It can be rolled back, continued in comments, continued elsewhere (new question, other questions, different meta, main, or off-site), or otherwise lead to continued unconstructive behavior.
@GeorgeStocker The community collectively nukes as many posts, if not more than the moderators. (We're more people, so that makes sense anyway. Don't have stats -- but that's not the point). The point is, if someone calls out the community for abuse, just like with every other post, a few people get involved and attempt to explain it. Everyone doesn't panic when that happens - why is it different for mods?
Or several or something
Whatever quantity of users makes sense :]
@GeorgeStocker @GeorgeStocker There's some merit to arguing "no questions should be deleted", but you would have to convince people to keep a post around even if it's utterly useless and even sometimes a nuisance to read. Arguing based on editing and trying to help rants is futile IMHO.
Bloody enter key.
Some posts are useless, for everyone absolutely, even the OP. No amount of editing can help them.
Yeah. Enter keys are stupid.
See, that's where you're going wrong in life.
They should put "Enter" where you'd have to jump to reach.
6:25 PM
You should keep the enter key on a separate keyboard, preferably mounted to a nearby wall at least 3 meters away
If there's no roof, try underground
alt+ ctrl + del should have been one single key
- bill gates
— Louis Pasteur
6:43 PM
> Quotes are often misattributed — George Washington
> I'm right and you're wrong. — Roald Dahl
> What?
- weegee
— Karl Marx
Anyone know what's up with the new Ask Question page?
A/B testing.
Unannounced A/B testing*
there was a meta post on it, but I can't find it
6:48 PM
@MarkAmery You mean the . . . Nope, I can't see what's different o.o
"Confirm this is a public question"?
Was that always there. I was busy chasing a bird.
There's a lot more than that
I hate this line
They removed the ask question wizard?
6:51 PM
@weegee No, AFAIK it's still there
This is just a new design
... again
@weegee "Use guided mode"
Where is the use guided mode button?
Gone, as far as I can see. I hope it's gone for good - this new design seems to take everything good about guided mode and get it onto the normal page, in a more subtle way, without getting in the way of us old-timers who know what we're doing. They've also fixed my biggest objection - the misguided demand that all questions must contain code - after years of me complaining :)
I am really rather pleased by the step forward. Good job, any staff reading this
I still dislike the unqualified "Describe what you've tried", since I don't think that's always helpful, but it's progress and I'll take it
Well I don't see what you guys see but OK
I guess I'm A and you're B in the AB test, @M.A.R.
6:56 PM
Nah, he's A and you're B surely
@MarkAmery As a chemistry learner, a guideline that works most of the time is pretty good to me.
@MarkAmery NEVAR! I'm A+++
Heh :)
Granted, it's vague
But anything more verbose and even the few people that read it won't
The "descibe what you tried" needs more information, else everything is good and a well fit for any newbie
@weegee Waiting for a question that says "What I tried was kinda mushy, but overall a fine taste. Could use some generic spice."
7:10 PM
question gets deleted; user gets suspended; FBI enters their home
@M.A.R. yeh, but it's easier being A+++ than achieving AAA
Oh it's no problem
I can be an electrifying person
Besides, A+++ is malformed. Did you mean (char) A++++? :P
@Zoe y u close ?? hostile
@M.A.R. 'tis a typo.
would close again
@M.A.R. Not that type of AAA
7:21 PM
-1 not useful
-10 terrible vote explanation
-∞ no reason at all
Achievement get! Break SO
@Zoe The correct verb is "getted".
@E_net4theMeta-RemoveR I'm sure there are supposed to be more questions in that tag
@Zoe Thanks, I love it!
@Zoe I wish I could
@M.A.R. Getted? Got? Gotted? Has gegottgetted?
No u.
7:35 PM
@M.A.R. Out of votes, eh?
No, it's more like they're out of me
let's argue about what we should rename MCVE to
Each vote comes with a free M.A.R?
The body's outer boundaries are not rigidly defined anyway
@Zoe Don't trust the other ones, they're made in China.
@weegee MDM
We've perfected cloning, everyone! Let's get an army of M.A.R.s to clean up all teh trash
7:36 PM
Maximus Decimus Meridius
Do you like chemistry? If you do then I don't trust you
I don't like chemistry because I had an awful teacher.
You should love physics
I hate chem because of the subject, the teacher was very good
we learned more about frogs stuck in waterpipes (yeah, seriously) than chemistry
7:38 PM
long story
@Zoe That's something I hear more often than you think
@weegee I will Walter White your face.
@weegee Physics is life
These words are abusing to me
I get excited while talking about physics. I just love it
No regrets in picking Physics 2 over Chemistry 2 :D
7:41 PM
@Zoe i hate you :P
@NickA 😘
Oh, sorry for the emoji. Got a bit excessive there :P
This girl I talked to last time, she thought that I'm a nice guy, So while talking, she bought that physics topic she was finding hard to understand, I started giving the whole thesis she got scared and left. lmao
Oof ^^"
Physics is chem if you gutted it and it was all over the place.
At least we have discipline.
Meh, chemistry feels more like pseudo-math
it's math, but all over the place
7:44 PM
@weegee "This brings me back to when Earth was merely a giant volcano . . . "
pseudo-math that is funny lol
In Attenborough's voice
While riding a white horse
@weegee I'm serious though
In a ranch
On Mars
7:45 PM
@Zoe What kind of chemistry did you study? O.o
Chemistry 1
The basic stuff
Chemistry -5 more like
chemistry is just applied physics
Names, conversion, skipped the chapter on lab security, more than once (none of the times were my fault) some kind of lab thingy ended up either stinking out the entier building or triggering the firealarm, organic chemistry...
The 3 billion naming systems I remember exactly none of
physics is just applied maths
7:47 PM
AH those xkcd lines
Math is just applied wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.
What makes physics really different from other subjets is the concept
Like classical mechanics: Draw an FBD and see the directions of the vectors, equate them accordingly and you are done
Physics is just the foundation for the paperclip factory AI.
it gets more fun with all the calculation
7:50 PM
Especially with trajectories and spring cannons c:
trajectories are easy
But rotational mechanics are so hard
We've just gotten to that.
Chemistry gets more fun when you actually get to apply what you understood to something
Our teacher has studied aerodynamics, most complex physics subject
Curved paths and circling. Sentripetal acceleration and stuff
7:51 PM
Surprise surprise
@M.A.R. It's possible to understand chemistry? O.o
Yea centripetal*
Close enough
@weegee Our teacher has studied nuclear physics
@Zoe As much as confusing circles doing circly things.
Well we will study nuclear physics in a month so
We have a section called modern physics in our course
7:52 PM
We've been through some of it. I think there's more this year
nuclear physics is easy and I already know it. Well a little
But aerodynamics is like
sweat and stuff
He is a P.H.D so he once told us what is aerodynamics and FBD in aerodynamics. We literally sweat up
The thing about learning anything is that if you don't pay enough attention you'd disengage easily and miss out on all the fun. After that heavy calculation feels like a landfill and methodical argumentation feels like memorizing scripture.
We went from chem to quantum physics.
That's why I love that little part of chem
It's actually pretty interconnected with the rest of chem.
Whatever people theorize happens is described with such models.
Hyberdisation and stuff, I know how to take that stuff out but I don't get the point of it.
But in physics, I get the point
7:56 PM
Like why are we doing it and how we are doing it
Hybridization sucks as teaching material.
Or learning material.
Or throwing
Makes a nice booby cushion though.
sp^3 I mean what is this stuff come on
@weegee It's purely mathematical, FWIW.
That's why it's confusing. It's not chem's fault. Math is confusing.
Math is easy. Chem is not
7:58 PM
It's not happening IRL so whatever else you've learned about orbitals and electrons being jackasses doesn't connect to it
The WAVE equation is amazing
You can derive whole chem from it
I've heard
All science is about deriving things from things.
Our teacher told us the derivation of it and the papers of Schrödinger
Heck, our physics teacher taught us laws from newton's original book so we can understand it better
called principe mathematicia
The whole frigging math is deriving things from simple starting arguments. Doing some thinking that adds up to what people have thought before.
I felt that exactly when we saw things
8:06 PM
Nothing ever can be proven about the real world. Physics has no ability to prove things - and indeed, no physical model so far is entirely true either - and while math can prove some things, those things bear no relation to the real world.
Are you my teacher disguised?
these are his words
He told that "you'll see most of the derivations on this board but don't let these fool you, nothing can be proven. We are taking a thing from the air, grabbing it and observing it to make out conclusions, putting it in mathematical form so we can work with it"
All I remember from school is being drilled into my head "Osmosis is the movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration through a semi-permeable membrane along a concentration gradient"
This is called subjective idealism
MiTocHoNdRiA iS tHe PoWeR hOuSe oF tHe CelL
That's what I remember from the biology class in school
I remember that as a meme
Lol it is a meme
8:13 PM
Hence the Spongebob text?
@NickA Biology <3
Also easy 6
I was asked to get an A in biology to get into computing at uni...
@NickA Nice
I needed BBCC, I had AAAA, but I'd failed english, so they said well..... get another A in biology?
@weegee Depending on your definition, either nothing can be proved or everything can be proved.
8:16 PM
i'm that nerdy kid you all hate then lmao
I never had bad grades
Just in my native language
Science does not deal with the truth value of statements. It's what's been consistent with what's been observed. Very, very, very consistent in the case of most things we have to deal with
ThE eArTh Is FlAt
Ur face is flat
Earth is a donut
Dough, or donut. There is no try.
The Earth is flat - to the first order approximation, which is only applicable up to a couple hundred kilometres at max.
No Earth is not a donut
Earth his flat
@JohnDvorak you are wrong look outsid
8:19 PM
@JohnDvorak "I'm not good at following orders."
Every 80's movie ever.
OK, in my region it's about 100 metres, then it slopes down in all directions.
The Earth is a rectangular donut.
You mean a Clifford torus?
No not that guy.
He's an idiot.
@NickA Come on, be realistic! Everyone knows it's a 6D Maze Of Death:tm:
8:22 PM
404 Reference not found
I don't need references, or citations.
Oh you plagiarist you
This is getting increasingly biocentric
@NickA What can I say, I learned from the best :P
Unless you don't deal in imperial units
@Zoe I am very disappointed that's not me
8:25 PM
@Zoe I too
@M.A.R. Well, of course it is!
I mean, if you unabbreviate M.A.R, shuffle some letters, and add G, you clearly get George Washington!
what close vote do? does it affect in my profile negatively? — Ahmad Alwareh 8 mins ago
This reminds me of Shog's water analogy
And beautifully demonstrates it
Water analogy?
A: Why is SE giving so much attention to the "be nice"-policy?

Shog9Maybe it's the drought here in Colorado, but... I've been thinking a lot about water lately. In our society, water is simultaneously essential and a menace, a problem to be dealt with and a treasure to be chased after. Water doesn't care what you want. No amount of pleading or nicely-worded sign...

> posting fake questions about your product - is gonna get you into hot water fast.
> a red flag on the beach warns of dangerous water conditions
> When you're building a house against a hill, you put in a drain outside the foundation lest the pressure of water find a way inside
Lol. I mean, who doesn't. Water is underrated.
@M.A.R. Who doesn't?
Ninja'd xd
8:36 PM
Go drink some water right now.
@M.A.R. But... I'd have to get up...
And walk to the kitchen...
I just took a sip
Besides, it's much easier just stealing some of Nick's popcorn c:
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