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1:10 AM
@Tensibai that's fine. I'm not available for another 5-6 hours. We can work out a time that works later?
I'm afk
4:48 AM
Thought it was a SE bug at first, but I'm starting to think it might be a Chromium bug instead
Inside a scrolled code block, when I mousedown in blank space to the right of line content (like when trying to select text), the browser seems to set the selectionStart to a few lines above. Same horizontal position as mouse, but different vertical position. The more scrolled, the more different.
Example link. Can others reproduce this? (Or is it just something screwy with my setup?)
5:06 AM
@YvetteColomb Seems we'll have a hard time finding a common time :)
6:00 AM
No repro. I am on Windows 10 Pro and Google Chrome
Version 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)
@Shree Thanks, almost exact same version as me, but Chrome 76 had the issue too. You sure your code block was scrolled down some? im4.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif-4-eb4c7fbd3543.gif
Seems to behave as expected when not scrolled
@CertainPerformance :D Same now it's repro. Same behave. Time to go meta :)
6:50 AM
good morning meta
7:37 AM
good morning
8:22 AM
mornin o/
8:48 AM
@Tensibai yeh I've only just got back online. We can manage something. It made me sad to see your comment
@DaImTo evening :D
@YvetteColomb I believe that comment is saying "Yes we've heard it all before you don't need to tell us again"
9:05 AM
@NickA oh so it's quite rude then
Don't take that for gospel, but I think that's the meaning
@YvetteColomb Hello :)
9:40 AM
Hm... The linking under a closed meta post is weird.
> If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center
Links correctly but you end up on stackoverflow.com/help/closed-questions
And in there you are also linked to stackoverflow.com/helpcenter/on-topic
Which has nothing to do with meta :/
10:34 AM
part of my day
\o/ horse videos
@Tensibai you got me on a tired day. I haven't done much on the site today. Maybe over the weekend
grabs bag of sugar cubes
@NickA snatches sugar cubes fun fact. My Great Grand mother used sugar cubes. I'd go to her house and eat them!
10:36 AM
I feel sorry for your teeth
Whenever I got taken to proper hotels (as in not chain hotels) I'd eat sugar cubes too
nowadays I don't find sugar cubes very nice :P
@Gimby I passed the message on. They said thank you
that horse is a mess. She is a brumby - she was "broken in" but actually become more terrified. So I'm working on getting her trust and developing a safe relationship. She needs a good brush, but she wouldn't cope with that atm.
One of our other brumbies was cute today. Sniffing my hand and nibbling my fingers. Big progress. They are so intelligent and watch. Watch me interact with the other horses. Watch the other horses reactions to me. Watch the other horses wanting to hang out with me and they get very curious.
Anyway. I need an early night. Night
10:43 AM
gn o/
I need to figure out why stack overflow is not accepting my questions at this point ..
Any ideas?
What message do you get when you try?
I I had a question that got down voted quite a bit for no reason I could tell ...
Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more.
Q: How do I find all files that contain two keywords in a file?

Steven SmartUPDATE: So I know this can be done with grep outside of IntelliJ IDE but within the IDE how is it done? This is exactly the same question as mine except it is outside Intellij and there is a way to do this with grep: I could grep it using the following answer but this would be done outside th...

that was my last question ...
@StevenSmart your ban is gone. I literally upvoted two of your questions that I thought were ok.
what is band?
10:47 AM
lol ban it was a typo. I'm very tired
You can post questions again
I'm surprised Nick didn't tease me about typing band
now I am going to bed \o
oh ok, thanks. Just checking. some of my questions could have been written better or more diplomatically. I will aim for that more in the future. This question was I think ok and generally useful.
Ok bye
@YvetteColomb Lol, I'm working !
But if I'd seen it I would have
@StevenSmart It can take a bit of practice, most often the thing that'll come back to haunt you is lack of research (including previous attempts, which although no technically needed, will often lead to accusations of not trying)
11:22 AM
@YvetteColomb No worries, nothing urgent
@StevenSmart your best bet is to word things like you were talking to your mother
detailed and polite with respect for the people who are putting time into trying to help you.
If I were to phrase things like I was talking to my mother on this site, I would also get this sites equivalent of the good old slap with a flip flop.
@geisterfurz007 It does sound hilarious.
It is until you feel it.
11:26 AM
I heard it as "Write as if you were talking to your boss".
@geisterfurz007 Is that cause you treat your mother like dirt?
I do not.
You treat dirt better?
Better than I would treat you for sure.
11:35 AM
There goes your "Boo-yah"-moment :)
Oh joy working on a multi tenant system and cant for the life of me type TenantName corectly
Love it
Best Joke 2019
@DaImTo Lololol /facepalm
11:43 AM
Didn't even remove the "Thanks in advance!", how lazy ;)
@DaImTo Usually a mod-flag to redact the revision would be a good idea
@NickA sorry to busy trying to spell Tenant
@NickA Rollback with extreme prejudice
Ten Ant name
mods are grummpy they dont like my flags
Would be a good sequel to A Bug's Life
> Get out of my mod dashboard!
12:01 PM
Hey Modus
No, modus ponens.
@NickA check the last paragraph on this one. stackoverflow.com/q/58008788/1841839 please fix my question for me before downvoting
Which I can't wrap my head around on
"How to vote" - Mr. Prophit
12:07 PM
Hey, don't do that
@M.A.R. I'm glad I'm not the only one that found modus ponens much more confusing than modus tollens at uni...
@NickA I have nothing to tell you, peanut butter lover
@Druckles As funny as it may be, we're still not here to target people
I mean, "target" is a strong word, but this does enter laughing at people instead of "with them" territory
Yeah, I put it briefly, but you get my meaning
12:10 PM
I've done a lot of this before of course. (I focused on the hilarity of the wording than the OP but that's besides the point)
But a room representing meta . . . let's laugh at @Nick instead.
HAHAHA your smiley is funny!
Peanut butter... blegh. But I can't live without the stuff nonetheless because I use it to make one mean peanut-based sauce (paired with actual crushed peanuts). And my partner who is more into baking uses it to make godly cupcakes. Disgusting substance and boy do I love it.
@DaImTo Yeah, I fixed it for them
@NickA i notices party pooper. I am thinking about a What not to do on SO blog post with screen shots of stuff like that.
12:31 PM
"What not to eat before posting on meta"
@DaImTo Well you could still use a screenshot of the edit history
@M.A.R. hey!
12:52 PM
@Gimby i did :)
In fact that might send an even stronger message of "what not to do" when the screenshot shows proof that it was removed :)
@DaImTo remember to anonymise
1 hour later…
2:21 PM
The last message was posted now.
The penultimate message was posted previously
The End.
Oh, are you closing the chat room :-)?
Stop that, you're scaring my chickens
CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK *feathers flying everywhere*
2:29 PM
TIL Mithrandir is one of my chickens ? And that one of my chickens is a wizard?
Life's full of surprises.
3:20 PM
Heyyy...chat is breaking. I can't seem to be able to post directed replies and profiles are borked too chat.stackoverflow.com/users/5067311
And I can't ping Shog :'D
Yes, it's dying
They're working on it.
Ah yes, the room where I decided not to go. Thanks :)
3:24 PM
Sorry, still can't seem to post in some rooms.
Replies and pings are borked.
It's getting worked on.
maybe they can fix oneboxing while they are at it
@meagar Seems fixed now.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 32 secs ago, by Catija
@JourneymanGeek Should be good now. :D @Mithrandir @Tinkeringbell :D
3:45 PM
Well, at least I got to earn the Nice Answer badge before Yvette's question got deleted...
any info on why?
Nothing obvious
Was wondering the same thing when I saw it was gone. There didn't seem to be any moderation related reason to get rid of it, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what happened.
4:02 PM
Why was this deleted?
We don't know
Wondered the same
Why don't we pick up our torches and social media weapons and find out? :P
To twitterrrrr!
Speaking of Twitter, there was some stuff on there about a different incident that's slightly related to that meta post
link to the related twitter?
4:09 PM
already digging it up.
...or maybe don't post it here.
yeah, post it in the Tavern
If it's linked, people will naturally go to respond to it, which is... not always helpful.
I'm mainly checking to see if there's a reply from SE on it.
Twitter isn't exactly easy to search though :]
@Zoe when's your next avatar change? I miss peace wolf
4:17 PM
@NickA whenever I get around to finishing up some shading
lmao, "finishing up". That actually requires starting it first :]
I've been busy, okay? >~>
Nope, unacceptable
Fite me (≖ ︿ ≖ ✿)ꐦꐦ
Cash me outside how about dat
4:22 PM
4:34 PM
I found something on reddit
rehashed classic
it must be new because it already has the new metadata design
There’s apparently a group forming of all developers soon out there will be two distinct group one being called the anti stackoverflow and us
some people have been hating stack overflow for years
Not some, most of them
4:38 PM
And when even some of them find it good, they visit meta
@weegee And is that a goal for you? Or just a happy side-effect? Is there a point to your musing?
The thread this meme was posted on, had a comment that said “So true” and it had 1.1k upvotes
What goal?
And this post on reddit has 4 silver awards
Good for them
@weegee 1.1k?! wow
Yes good for them
4:41 PM
As I said some people have been hating SO for a long time. But musing about your estimations about how this will scale and worrying/gossiping about vote statistics on reddit of all places is not constructive
To be honest, SO has some problems. But if you look for a few minutes in some high volume tag like , or , you know what the problem is.
1.1k is kind of pathetic considering how many people use SO
Can't we CV reddit for being "unconstructive"? :D
It was just an approximation more of a joke.
in fact these bits of nonsense only deepen the issue if anything, because they 1. further fan the "them vs us" false dichotomy and 2. makes it seem like you're taking pride in SO being hated
neither effect is beneficial to anybody, I might add
4:43 PM
That’s what coders do, shit post on reddit. I joined it so I could also have fun but didn’t knew that they could say bad things about SO
Had i put a comment there about SO being good, I would’ve been downvoted to hell.
Also, the post has 6.8k upvotes
that's all your problem and concerns reddit
we don't do poltiics here unless we can do something about it
It's hard to get good answers in those high volume tags as well. If you are lucky, someone authoritative finds your question and can answer why the compiler behaves this way and drops a link to the bug tracker.
"lol look at reddit hating us" is not actionable
Most of the people there aren’t even coders.
@AndrasDeak I was
4:46 PM
Sorry you wasted your time? :]
@AndrasDeak I wasn’t making a statement, It was just casual sharing and letting everyone know that this is happening outside and that’s what people think of SO
"and that’s what people think of SO" No, it's not
It's what a subset of reddit's users think of SO.
@weegee I have seen several posts on Reddit praising SO, too, FYI. It's a mixed bag, and even the people who like to poop on SO still use it anyway.
> This is so scarily accurate I wasn't sure if it was real or satire...I naturally assumed egg was a new JS framework.
Next comment:
> https://eggjs.org/
Yes exactly @Cerbrus
4:47 PM
Guarantee that the majority of people who b___h and moan about SO just as much use it
And it also not something to be taken seriously. At all.
anyway, I have a special trick up my sleeve
Leaving the room is a special trick?
@NickA I T S M A G I C
4:49 PM
You knowwwwww
It's one that people could learn to exercise more...
Andreas meant that they exited the room with their sleeve I think
Something I’d be weirdly interested in to learn about
@Mithrandir Hey, I exercise plenty, thank you!
@TylerH do you go to gym?
@weegee Sometimes
Normally I just exercise outside, though.
4:54 PM
I just came from the gym. I am proud of myself a lot
...I don't either, actually... and I'm an athlete.
5:17 PM
Can we allow two dupes of a question ?
sure, why not
A: 2020 Developer Survey: any topic suggestions?

Hans How often do you exercise or play sports? never once a month once a week multiple days a week I am interested in how true the stereotype is.

Is there a stereotype of us that programmers don't play sports ?
I came to know today. Wow
@weegee do esports count?
Going through that thread, it's pretty interesting.
@weegee discrimination :(
5:30 PM
If I ask some programmer that do you play sports?
and they go like
EA sPoRtS It'S iN tHe GAme
I'll shout
@weegee i dont play EA sports games, i play Esports games
What's the difference?
Esports (also known as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a form of competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams. Although organized online and offline competitions have long been a part of video game culture, these were largely between amateurs until the late 2000s, when participation by professional gamers and spectatorship in these events through live streaming saw a large surge in popularity. By the 2010s, esports was a significant factor in the video...
I still cannot see the difference
Video games
EA sports is a division of a company (EA).
Esports is competitive gaming
5:36 PM
Oh. Like that esports call of duty online mode?
not specifically familiar with that. but games like DoTA, LoL, Overwatch game pro/semi pro leagues that compete in regional and international competitions
I remember the time in my 9th grade when I wanted to be an international CSGO player and imagined loads of money around me.
6:10 PM
@Cerbrus Probably for the Close reason. It was basically a rant, and very broad with no single point TO discuss. Lots of comments, letting off steam and points of view which regulars already know... And in the end not going anywhere.
@weegee You kidding?
The society™ thinks everyone that sits down to actually read something can't possibly physically move.
I mean, how does that even make sense. To be good at TWO things.
I am good at many things that require locomotion
@AndrasDeak Aw, you break my heart
Does this mean you're oxidizing?
Oh. My. Gooood!!! Did I miss some dra . . . Nah it's just another lame so suckz.
@rene No that's when you hear a shatter sound.
This is more like geological effects.
If you notice any Earthquakes nearby, sorry in advance kthxbye
6:22 PM
esports is a sham
6:33 PM
@weegee would you count competitive chess?
professional chess players can burn as much as 6000 Calories over a single day just due to mental stress at a chess tournament
Yea chess can count in. Do you play chess? I play it too
@TylerH citation desired
(That sounds really interesting and I want to know more. Also if I can burn calories without moving that seems preferable)
I imagine there are similar, if perhaps not as prolonged, effects for the top tier eSports competitors in games like DOTA or StarCraft II
@weegee I know how to play chess and play on occasion but I am not at all skilled; anyone who has taken lessons I expect would wipe the floor with me
For comparison, the average marathon footrace burns somewhere between 2500 Calories and 3500 Calories depending on your weight. So 6000 for something that is all mental is, well, mental
Honestly it's terrible advice.
It's like telling people who want to solve math puzzles to go help out NASA with their next mission.
@M.A.R. Is this directed at me or someone else?
6:44 PM
It's like solving integrals before brain scan to get ripped
Or is it not?
@TylerH To lose weight with chess is terrible advice
But yea a game of chess can become very very very heated and quiet and nervously. If you really had some good games
@M.A.R. I agree it's probably not useful advice but where did you see anyone suggest it as advice?
A measurable significant portion of the population lose weight with physical activity. I don't think anyone does with mental activity besides statistical outliers
@weegee Honestly of the probably 30 games I've played against a person, the ones I've won were because the other person didn't know the rules/was learning, and one time because it was a timed match and the other person ran out their clock despite being ahead of me in points/strength on the board
6:46 PM
@TylerH That weegee left the link with something along the lines of "it's not just physical activity that helps you lose weight" strongly implies it's advice
@M.A.R. Hm, I guess I missed where weegee left such a link, though I have to say based on what you've said that it hardly counts as advice; seems much more like simple commentary to me
I've had some really serious matches and they were nightmares and it was cold and shivery. I have a tendency to really get into the game
I have won chess twice. The other side was an idiot.
While my brother is like chess legend.
@M.A.R. I'd challenge you, but you probably can't access the online stuff.
6:50 PM
@Mithrandir I think what my brain is good at is flipping molecules to check if they're chiral.
If you want a chirality duel, en garde
@Cindy I have been bestowed the great ancient power of seeing deleted messages.
Long live Big Brother
Anyway, a good example of activity but no weight loss is me. But I also take some medication that interferes with it.
@M.A.R. i dont see weegee posting any link since the discussion about chess started
the only link provided since the discussion about chess started was one Tyler provided as citation to his statement that professional chess players can burn as much as 6k calories
Oh, did I imagine that.
Last time I imagined something real was a couple of months ago.
It's all a blurry line
Chess is a trend here, we have chess in schools and most of the people play it
Even my friends, not that they are nerds, they just love it.
Hmm, didn't know about that one Adds to the bag of facts about Eastish Asia
Chess was born in my country.. So it's not something you should be surprised of
7:00 PM
Hey, I can't carry heavy bags.
Now I just need to figure out what an ancient definitely-not chess game has to do with its current popularity
Was it a while ago that people claimed we invented pizza? Maybe.
Oh, there you go
> Chess has risen in popularity in India in the last few decades primarily due to chess Grandmaster and former World Champion Viswanathan Anand. ... Viswanathan Anand is the world No. 11, with a rating of 2776. Harika Dronavalli is the female world No. 13, with a rating of 2579.
That is something to be proud of.
I'm more proud of our space division than this
Volleyball is gaining popularity in Iran, but it's not because we invented it or anything like that, it's because the current National team are really good players.
It's the world's best and no one can beat it
VolleyBall is so so so so so so so so fun
I dunno, what's a space division?
My cupboard is the best space division in the world.
Like USA has NASA
We have ISRO
We recently tried to land on moon
7:05 PM
If you think otherwise, you're a cupboard hater.
And a bookshelf hater too.
And you probably kill kittens.
cupboards are disgusting
@weegee But the moon ducked?
Eh, all the power to you
Bookshelves are great
No we lost contact just before some meters
Incidentally, Asian right wings seem to at least try to support science unlike their western counterparts.
The same thing happened to the Israeli lander, at roughly the same height.
7:07 PM
And it was in the budget less than the movie gravity
@weegee So it did duck
@Mithrandir Mission report: A "haha suckers" with an unintelligible accent was heard.
I like to reveal that I had hoped a lot and was watching the moon at night, as soon as I got the news, I really had tears.
Don't ever cry in space.
It's kinda cold.
@M.A.R. Well, if you're looking for conspiracy fuel, two independent moon landers losing contact with Earth right before touchdown and crashing should provide ample material...
You cannot cry in space
7:10 PM
@Mithrandir Bah, no I don't. We just got there first.
We were trying to land on the south part of the moon, because it has water
It does?
Ice, at least.
All this time I thought the moon was made of dry cheese.
@Mithrandir Doesn't it vaporize and escape the non-existent atmosphere at daylight?
Now I know it's not that dry.
@M.A.R. I would like to destroy your cupboards and book shelf
Why would It vaporize?
7:14 PM
To reappear in 27 years.
@weegee I knew it
And I would do it gladly in front of your eyes and kittens
@weegee Compare temperature ranges for Venus and Mercury's surfaces. One planet has an atmosphere and the other does not.
Well moon orbit around in 13 days
and the lowest temp is -173
There is plenty of water there I guess
In the morning it gets vaporize
Lunar water is water that is present on the Moon. Liquid water cannot persist at the Moon's surface, and water vapor is decomposed by sunlight, with hydrogen quickly lost to outer space. However, scientists have conjectured since the 1960s that water ice could survive in cold, permanently shadowed craters at the Moon's poles. Water molecules are also detected in the thin layer of gases above the lunar surface.Water (H2O), and the chemically related hydroxyl group (-OH), can also exist in forms chemically bound as hydrates and hydroxides to lunar minerals (rather than free water), and eviden...
Hmm, makes more sense
7:22 PM
Chemistry, burn it to hell
@M.A.R. you are a chemist right? I'm sorry
AKA. Hellboy I guess
I'm no chemist, I'm just a twenty-year-old oaf
You seem to know about orbitals and stuff
So you are a chemist yes
Ooooo~. 2s 2p 3s 3p.
Now you're under my command. Make me a sandwich.
We went from studying orbitals to how they overlap to how they behave to wave equation.
Eh, I call it bad influence
7:28 PM
I have a periodic table stuck to my wall
And a lot of constants
I knew I couldn't trust you
BBL gonna do some reading
7:47 PM
Well, I notice Close Votes is back up to 8k; Re-open seems steady between 100 and 150, as it was during the Great Experiment.
2 hours later…
9:32 PM
@NickA Alright, it's almost done. Gonna sanity-check it tomorrow. Happy now? :P
@Zoe Yep!
Note to self: Smilies with = for eyes look awful on SO
By sanity check, you mean "make sure there is no semblance of sanity"?
No, I mean checking how horribly I screwed up shading xD
Tried a new technique to emphasize the fur. Sleepy me thinks it looks fine - we'll see if awake me agrees
9:53 PM
@Zoe well if you want a pair of eyes before you change it, im all eyes(?)
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