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9:05 PM
@Makoto today's chapter of the book:
> F__k off p__ssies
(sorry for the censorship, I would hate to be flagged)
See? not sure you want to read the whole works :)
Any more where that came from?
@Jean-Fran├žoisFabre thats a very short chapter. I thought it would be longer. though there would probably be some duplication
Slight variations, more precisely.
There's also the "it's not me" version
> I was answer a question and saw this message, What is this?
Ahhh, playing the dummy
9:20 PM
9:38 PM
@Jean-Fran├žoisFabre What is this, an Apress teaser? I'm willing to put $ down here :D
If nothing else it'd serve as a living memoir to the kind of noise that community leaders have to endure - not just at Stack Overflow. That line looks emblematic of some old forums I used to administer back in the day.
@Makoto Get in line!
lets have an auction. Ill be the auctioneer. starting the bid at 42$
okay £42
9:40 PM
dont worry @JFF i only takes 42% of the profits as commission
guys, £42 is $52, bid high!
@NickA im sorry. my bank only accepts USD.
I lied
9:41 PM
ooh. price is righted
it was $52.38
Now I'm sad
I can't do my strat anymore
Nick A has been disqualified from the auction due to lying
TBF, what bank only accepts $
9:43 PM
my brain. I dont have all the currency exchange rates memorized, and im too lazy to google the calculation
i would have to double my commission im taking to do that, and then i would feel bad for JFF
84% commission? oof
math is hard, ok
i should know. i did all the way up to multivariable calculus
@NickA Pretty sure if I went to my local Credit Union with £ they'd look at me funny
But probably accept it
@Dragonrage yeah.... i did that at uni, now i cant even remember basic integration, is it add 1 to power then divide or divide then add 1 to power?
@Makoto With notes maybe, but a transfer is likely acceptable
the antiderivative of x is 1/2x^2 iirc
9:48 PM
@Dragonrage these are facts - although I had to use integrals to remember this
@Dragonrage ahhh, the former then
i actually used anti derivatives on on of my calc 1 tests to solve something, because i couldnt remember how to solve it the "correct" way
i just used my calculator
TBH if I wanted to retrieve all the messages I could not, or I would have to ask Shog because there's a limited history in the diamond message menu. That's a pity ­čśÇ I should have copied/pasted the messages. But I'm not sure SE management would have liked the book anyway.
we hadnt learned about anti derivatives yet, but i figured it probably had an inverse function, so i figured out what function would give me that equation if i took the derivative of it
also, on my ap test for calc, i did a bunch of stuff by hand the long way because i couldnt remember the fast way to do it lol
9:53 PM
what actually is "ap"?
advanced placement?
idk, i'm asking, i've only ever heard it in films and tv
i had a few AP courses, and in those courses, it was advanced placement
ap english, calc, trig
9:58 PM
@KevinB trig?
hmm, i dont remember them having that one
i took English literature, English language, Calculus BC, Statistics, Physics B, US History, World History, Economics, and Principles of Democracy iirc
i don't remember much of it
Ah, so it gets kinda complicated in Scotland (or it used to be, they've changed the system now). AP courses are the equivalent of A levels in England, which are halfway in between Highers and Advanced Highers in Scotland, I did 5 highers and 2 advanced highers, so equivalent of like 3-4 AP courses?
was a long time ago, i'm pretty sure i just plugged all the work into my calculator and let it do all the stuffs for me
easy A
10:02 PM
I failed english... and I'm english...
trig isnt listed on the course list anymore for AP classes
i liked english the most though, because it gave me a reason to read/write and i enjoy reading/writing
but... i can't just read for the sake of reading, i lose interest
This was my final maths exam in high school
I guarantee I would fail it if I did it now
@NickA i could probably figure out the derivation and integration questions, not sure about the others.
i hated matrices
The proof is a piece of cake too
10:19 PM
@NickA oh, i didnt see that one. yeah, looks pretty simple
i had a question on a test where we were supposed to do a proof for all whole numbers, the problem was that the proof didnt work for zero
I was the only one in the class who answered the question correctly, everyone else did the prooof (or attempted to) using natural numbers
I have no issue with them getting full credit for doing the proof with natural numbers for which you could do a proof, but the professor never even mentioned the fact that the question was written for whole numbers. (I mentioned it to him after I turned in my test), and when he demonstrated the answer on the whiteboard for the class, he used natural numbers :(
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