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10:01 PM
Thanks for the offer ^^ I won't do anything else tonight though
well at least you started on it ;p
@YvetteColomb if you feel like talking about where the diamond went we're here for you
10:19 PM
Well that's bs
I think we should refrain from judgement until we know what's up
it's all my fault
It probably is
My favorite mod is no longer a mod, that's the only judgement I'm making, and it's a sad one.
10:43 PM
Wait what just happened?
The fact that that meta discussion got closed and deleted, followed by the diamond... It seems pretty obvious.
which one?
The social media one posted a couple days ago
It got closed as?
What rock have you been living under?
10:47 PM
@weegee I think it was as unclear
@NickA Correct
Oh @Cerbrus I saw the post and read it but didn't know that it got closed.
It got closed, then reopened, then yesterday got deleted
@Cerbrus The fact that that meta-discussion got closed and deleted, followed by the diamond... It seems pretty obvious. Don't make guesses, let's wait and see what is going on
The only real takeaway we have right now is that now we'll never hear about that book that @Jean-FrançoisFabre and Cody were working on ever again.
10:51 PM
Don't tell me what to think
Damn it @Cerbrus You posted as i was staring and i hit yours ;p
Yes I really wanted to read that...
@weegee If you don't laugh you'll cry
@NickA I don't see the problem
@NickA I see no reason why one wouldn't do both
You'd laugh at the absurdity
and cry at the absurdity
10:53 PM
You cannot do both at the same time
Depending on how absurd it got, you'd probably weep or blubber
@weegee Yes you can don't be daft
NO you cannot
@weegee you need a few more winters notched on your belt. :D
10:55 PM
^^ and a few more mutual heartbreaks
Yea you can...
If you hit your elbow really hard
@AndrasDeak no that calls for a good weep
If you hit it hard enough you'd be on the floor while doing it, simultaneously regretting your life choices up to that point
Eh, @weegee, why is the first line in your profile "Room Owner of The Meta Room."? That's not what defines you, is it?
since they all led to that moment
Kind of like a mutual heartbreak
10:58 PM
@Makoto Except endorphin (or whatever) rush
@AndrasDeak I wouldn't know, but I know I've hit my elbow really hard before
That's kind of all I know really
I'd rather hit my elbow really hard than step on a plug, but then I live in the UK
I occasionally hit something and it hurts so much I can't stop laughing. And I'm not in any way a masochist (my still being here notwithstanding)
@NickA You're making a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea there
@NickA pretty sure legos are still worse
11:02 PM
@Dragonrage Trust me, not even close
You're on the floor clutching your foot in a heartbeat
you could be right. but then, i dont make a habit of stepping on legos or plugs
Also true :)
though a lego plug might be the worst of all
11:35 PM
@Cerbrus shit, our profile must be a sensible definition of us?
I should put more bottles of alcohol in there...
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier Wait... You're not a cup of tea with half a head and a hat?
wow lol, what an excellent interpretation
(i've just zoomed in on the image and it appears you're just split at the mouth with a carton of juice, much less interesting imo) :P
there was a south park reference at the time the original image was 'shopped
Yes I did see that
11:37 PM
I think there's a canadian sheriff or something like that in there
very canadian
wait holy shit
I've missed some things wtf
puts popcorn in the bin
holy molly guacamoly.
Welcome to the woke SO folks.
I think in three decades, people will sober up, and realize all the assholedness.
11:46 PM
thank you
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