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Q: Anonymous Feedback with preformatted messages

Aloiso JuniorLooks a good idea have Pre-formatted messages to help others, improve your asks and turn more easy give a precious tip without spend time to write something. Preformatted commom messages, with anonymous requester looks a good and fast method to achieve better asks.

2:09 AM
I suggest keeping an eye on this question -> stackoverflow.com/questions/73889515. The OP asked about the same topic two weeks ago (stackoverflow.com/questions/73750998) and got very argumentative while repeatedly failing to understand how the linked duplicate answered the question; this one looks to be another duplicate of the same thing.
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Q: Question Deleted By An Admin And Referred Me To A Question That I Didn't Find Helpful

EmmyI asked this question Access A Variable / Value From Outside Of A Promise , which was immediately closed, and then deleted by an admin (which I assume admins still have access to). In the info about why the question was closed it referred me to this question How to access the value of a promise? ...

4:21 AM
@AndrewT. It goes here, which is quite bizarre: stackoverflow.com/questions/9761/…Emmy 1 min ago
err, it should have been linked to MSE #21788:
Q: How does editing work?

Steve DuitsmanIt is possible for users to edit an existing post. How do edits work? Who may edit a question or answer? How can you tell what has been changed between edits? For more information, see "Why can people edit my posts? How does editing work?" in the Help Center. Return to FAQ index Related...

4:43 AM
Hmmmm very odd. My duplicates on MSE and MSO are absolute links. I don't have a duplicate on SO. I really would like to know where the issue is (e.g. are other sites affected)... I wish that the universal close reasons were included on SEDE so I could pull the markdown.
@NewPosts What to do with that question now.... there's the why was my question closed piece and the why was my post deleted because the edit button was broken...
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5:31 AM
@HenryEcker It's kind of garbage. Ideally, OP would have been asked to split it into two posts - the bug report and the complaint. But it didn't happen. The bug was investigated and reported, separately. Maybe the bug part could be edited out of the question and the comments cleaned up but on the other hand it's not even that great as a complaint. It's yet another "stop giving me the canonical but write my code for me".
It's something seen daily for exactly questions on promises. It's just on Meta this time.
@VLAZ FWIW, if it were just the duplicate complaint. I would've VTC it as a duplicate of the canonical "What can I do if I disagree with duplicate closures." The reason I did not is because that would have told them to edit their post which the system was preventing by not displaying the correct UI
For that reason, I felt encouraging splitting the question wasn't going to be a great outcome either, because the split part is a duplicate and bug report is a genuine issue that needs to be rectified.
Yes, neither did I, because it's not the sole thing in the question.
And yeah, that's also part of why it's garbage.
Basically half the question should just be thrown away.

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