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5:00 PM
But I have no idea what I'm talking about, sooo...
yeh, the yellow is as high as 19.55:1
I'll try that: "RegexFormat Sucks, I want a Free moderator Stackoverflow account"
red on yellow fails
yellow on yellow is even worse
@Jean-FrançoisFabre welp
I got my chapter
5:03 PM
and from a 90s website
Sucks when people decide to take what is ultimately a customer support issue into the court of public opinion. Worse when people want to believe one side over the other without any evidence.
Yeah I didn't wanna comment on the 90s style since I'm debugging something right now in IE
I have no room to judge
haha you should see my webpage... It's been made in the 90s too. But at least I'm not insulting people in it.
But if it weren't for that, I'd agree with you :P
5:17 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre "proletariat organization"? Really? I thought we were supposed to be "elitist". The critics can't even get their criticism straight. Obviously someone with no idea what they're talking about...
Maybe one should publish this person's off-color remarks and ask if that's the kind of people they want to have carrying their standard on that site...
@Jean-FrançoisFabre im not sure which is worse, that their site design actively tries to murder your eyes or that they are using regex
6:09 PM
@Makoto meh, just force document mode to 11 and call it a day
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