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8:00 AM
The hardest thing to unlearn is helplessness.
1000x that
That's really to the point.
Is there [swedish.se]?
No. :c
> 'ImmutableMultiDict' objects are immutable
Who'd have thought?
8:08 AM
meh immutable container
btw is there a study of that FP stuff performance? with immutable data structures and other crap?
@MarkGarcia now wait, that's too meta
@rightføld I was gonna say z, but apparently you took into account properly localized collation rules
@Abyx I'm pretty sure there is research about crap
There is research about things Abyx says?
There is a superfluous question mark there?
8:22 AM
There is a period in the question mark itself.
Just imagine the hook weren't there.
> As you can imagine this episode caused some confusion in our team, since the servers in question had been successfully patched (twice!!) immediately after the Bash issue became public
Yes, Yahoo. You have convinced me your team was confused. So confused they thought patching bash twice somehow is magically better than patching it once.
Imagine this to be a graph.
I have no idea how I could have lived without variable renaming refactoring tool.
And method extraction.
8:26 AM
@LRiO: Name calling certainly is an ad hominem attack. The distinction you are making is the difference between an attack and an argument. — Ben Voigt 9 hours ago
Oh for goodness's sake
Stack Exchange is a faggot.
@StephaneRolland I tend to use such phrases as "it doesn't really work that way" in these situations. Fortunately my team has either figured out UB or learned to just take my word for it, but in the early days I had a hard time convincing people that a bug wasn't a spontaneous, one-time occurrence to be hand-waved away just because we hadn't seen it before in the same configuration.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Really? It was you starting the pedantry, right. Ben is every bit as right as you, as both of you choose arbitrary points of reference to defend arbitrary claims. As much as you'd like it, language isn't formal, not even if it seems to be about formal reasoning.
Also, I think it was largely OT
I don't really understand the point of primary keys when you have not null and unique constraints already.
But. But. Pet Peeves.
So Delicious!!!11
8:37 AM
@sehe WTF? No, he's not right, the definition is very clear and like many people he's shitting on it. What's "pedantic" about not wanting that nonsense in a formal list of rules?
He is shitting on it. And I'm shitting myself.
@rightføld It does "formalize" the notion of identity though. You can say the PK is the identity of the row.
@rightføld mmmm. Maybe key vs. identity. I reckon it's just a way to formalize a central assumption in standard RDBMSes
@MarkGarcia Hey, you stole my thunder
You can't just say "language isn't formal" to defend totally making up a new definition for a widely used concept
8:39 AM
'Stack Overflow requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load'. Now what. I've only just got up and js is messing with me already:(
Your ISP.
@sehe :D
fucking cats plumbers
that's why I have chickens
lol impersonation bug in Bugzilla
@Xeo Don't think so, sorry.
8:51 AM
omg is xeo hitting on robot? omg omg omg
@rightføld Or you know use dispatch instead
@CatPlusPlus s/impersonation//
@R.MartinhoFernandes k
@CatPlusPlus Or I could use if-elif.
8:52 AM
If you're bad at Python yes
Their fault for leaving an arbitrary input for "Akademischer Titel".
I'm not.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit you can't deny that a concept is even more widely used than the context in which it enables your pet peeve.
@sehe amongst morons, sure
in actual intelligent debate the term is precisely used
as it should be
there is no need to spread a fallacy
Robot knows what I mean
9:00 AM
-1 for using malloc in C++ code. — Paul R 59 secs ago
@LightnessRacesinOrbit oh he's a moron then. I assumed he had just chosen to be a jack-ass today. Because I'm pretty sure shitting on things is more of a jack-ass thing than a moronic thing to do. But then again, I'm probably just retarded. I love this world.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit appeal to ... wait
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm allergic to your name calling. Just to spell it out.
I'm not calling anyone names
what the hell are you on about!
Did you just call him "you?"
9:03 AM
Stop farting.
I heard the puppy farts a lot too.
yes, we should lock rightfold in the same small windowless room as puppy & tomalak ... for maximum effect
9:09 AM
Are you looking at my Twitter feed?
Is there a word for going to a building and telling the receptionist you are present?
I thought of "presence announcement" but I have never seen that used before.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Herr Robot, please.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Sorry, master
@R.MartinhoFernandes No; that is a Facebook feed.
Also there are WhatsApp messages pending so it can't be yours :burn:
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Just wondering because I had just retweeted it.
9:18 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Twit twoo
lol, they want the new code of conduct to require me to talk like I would to my boss?
So funny.
A what
what code is that again?
It would be funnier if it was my boss back in Portugal.
9:21 AM
@JimBalter: I agree with this. If nothing else, the way people talk to their boss varies hugely across the globe so, assuming this rule is intended to reflect some American model of workplace behaviour, it would seem to be uselessly Americentric. — Lightness Races in Orbit 53 mins ago
I love how I managed to slide an accusation of Americentricism in there :D (but only just)
it's also ironic because I make an assumption of Americanicity in the same message
> if it isn't appropriate at work or home, it is not appropriate here.
> Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites
ok I've read enough
Good thing my work is not full of people with sticks in their asses!
@R.MartinhoFernandes Btw, where did you get the online ticket?
oh ffs this again
it would be helpful if people who downvote answers/questions can be made to comment the reason.. as stated "Assume that every question and answer is posted with good intentions", most of the bad questions are there because people are new to stackoverflow.. — haris 11 mins ago
9:25 AM
Exclamation marks add emphasis!
Unless among morons, because they use them all the time!
That's not name calling!
> But also any generic rude remark about the post itself should be censured.
Go look up "name calling"
will someone think of the posts?????
> "Fuck that"
What happened to be professional?! I simply stated a fact about your answer (without presenting any opinion of my own) and you jumped to horrible name-calling. Physician heal thyself. — Lightness Races in Orbit 8 secs ago
9:29 AM
@Xeo It's hard to find on the site for some reason. host.convey.de/esop_es2/bin/… (link from "hier bestellen" here: merz-verlag.com/eintritt--oumlffnungszeiten1.html)
4 mins ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
Go look up "name calling"
I got the Dauerkarte Erwachsener.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Thanks
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'll prolly only be there on Thursday still, I think.
> Herr Mad Scientist
I like this
Haha, did bobie just remove all his comments? :D
9:43 AM
So this guy sets up a huge screen on a train station and broadcasts his conversations on Grindr on it.
This answer is off-topic because it is a tantrum. — Lightness Races in Orbit 20 secs ago
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: The comments and the downvote are a proof that an elitistic, snobbish, condescending, supercilious, cynical mentality is dangerously widespreading in this network undermining its future development. [c++] [c++11] [c++14] [c++-faq]
@R.MartinhoFernandes Concept Art
Then one of the people he is chatting with shows up at that very same station, sees his profile information and the whole conversation out there for all to see and punches the "artist".
bobince > bobie
9:44 AM
boobie > bobince
@R.MartinhoFernandes links? or is this a draft plot for a short story?
Why do people not capitalize their names in their goddamn résumé.
And why do they misspell the name of the cities they come from.
So you know that they're not worth hiring
Natural selection
9:52 AM
Not autistic enough/10 wouldn't hire.
> "Expletive" is a common polite term for curse word.
I curse meta.
@CatPlusPlus That's just hilarious
In better news, Supernatural s10 starts soon
@CatPlusPlus Love it for its strangeloopiness.
9:56 AM
He's calling everyone names because he's pissed off that his ideas about stopping everyone calling other people names were commented on.
You couldn't make it up
meta is a sitcom
@CatPlusPlus lolwut
lolwut wut
I should change my terminal font.
10:07 AM
That's what you get for attending the Cat Plus Plus School of Choosing And Using Fonts For Computers
ugh the Go room got frozen /cc:@GamesBrainiac
maybe you got banned from it for being silly again
Q: Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites

LauraWe don't spend too much time talking about our code of conduct; the rules are few and fairly straightforward, and most people abide by them, most of the time. But some of these guidelines, while obvious to our core community, are often unknown to or misinterpreted by newcomers. One of the oldes...

anyways that's kinda sad that the golang room died. of course Go is a total crap, but having a chat room could be useful
heh, flag much?
10:16 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit yeah SE would be much better without hypocrites like you
oh jesus just stop would you
remember: talk to me as if I were your boss
@Abyx Use the 'Stop' language instead.
@MartinJames but that language doesn't do anything
@Abyx That's not bad. There are worse things than doing nothing:)
7 flags :D
10:22 AM
I wonder why italic text is so used in monokai and monokai derivatives, it makes code look messy and uneven
I always have to manually remove anything italic
Did owners list change?
aww abyx got banned
lol Abyx suspended again
@CatPlusPlus thecosh disowned himself.
10:28 AM
And lemme guess edited the fucking audit message
Nah, those are from Feeds.
Then search somehow got worse
I was searching for 'owner' or 'owners'
10:30 AM
But apparently that's too hard to index
Fucking chat
I found it with 'removed'
Quit blaming SE for your abject incompetence.
Guess I only tried 'owner'
Because partial matches are hard
Doesn't matter anyway; we're all going to die from Ebola soon.
10:32 AM
I will blame SE because getting search to semi-usable state is not that hard
Nobody else seems to have a problem using it.
Ask Robot about how good search is
You mean, the guy who also managed to find it in seconds, half a page above?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit lol, yeah, right.
@R.MartinhoFernandes shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
10:33 AM
It is terrible.
iow shut up
I'm just really good :P
@R.MartinhoFernandes Suggesting that it's not semi-usable is just retarded.
Anyone with half a brain (i.e. you and me) can use it to find things, quickly.
I have some three open bug reports on it still.
That Cat cannot seem to be able to locate a message about "room owners" is his own fault!
10:34 AM
The user autocomplete is tragic, no partial matches, and ohoho try phrases
Pffft this generation spoilt by Google feel they are "entitled" to search magic. What happened to personal effort eh eh
Also, I remembered that I did indeed establish someone as an owner myself.
@R.MartinhoFernandes meta.SO or meta.SE? ;p
@R.MartinhoFernandes Was it Puppy?
I added two owners from the Americas after we realised we had a huge proportion of people in European timezones.
10:35 AM
Jerry & Mysti?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit chat.stackoverflow.com/…
So yeah
V good
@CatPlusPlus Nobody's said "room's owners". So it seems to be working quite well.
That's verbatim from Feeds message
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Mysticial and Etienne. Jerry was the sole existing one.
@CatPlusPlus You're making the mistake of ... something.
Stop outmaneuvering me it isn't fair
10:37 AM
Get owned
We should remove Cat from the list of room's owners for being Cat
@CatPlusPlus I think the ' is tripping it up
works, however
could have done with a better photo
7 mins ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
@CatPlusPlus Top result.
10:38 AM
I just came back from lunch, don't expect things
@Xeo "owner" doesn't :v
Sep 5 '13 at 2:04, by Eiyrioü von Kauyf
(Thank you search for finding that for me. Don't listen to the nasty feline.)
Phrases too hard
Yeah, other than Etienne or Mysticial, all the other ones were either as a joke, or fixing someone else's mistake.
@CatPlusPlus The word "owner" is not found in those messages.
10:39 AM
Partial matches what is that magic
@R.MartinhoFernandes Haha, all the other room owners are indeed a joke <3
@LightnessRacesinOrbit All the decent search engines can only find verbatim words yes
5 mins ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
Pffft this generation spoilt by Google feel they are "entitled" to search magic. What happened to personal effort eh eh
It's not "magic", it's basic configuration
I don't have the fucking message memorised
This is something you can do by just indexing shit as ngrams
@LightnessRacesinOrbit To be fair, sometimes you want verbatim shit and it tries to "help" you out with things like what Cat expected.
I have no idea what the pattern is.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Dunno if they were moved. They're from when there was only meta.SO.
10:42 AM
The pattern is "we tried to reinvent the search engine but we're too bad at it"
They're probably on meta.se then
I think they moved everything there
@R.MartinhoFernandes I figured. I was referring to the abject pain that now ensues when trying to find something on meta, or decide where to post it
Q: Dealing with gassy children during practice?

LanaI'm a certified childrens aerobics instructor, but I also have a background in part time dance and gym teaching. The other day I was coaching my 8-year-old daughter and her two teammates in her three-girl group. I got the girls to start off doing stretches and warm-ups when one of them let out a...

gaseous children
gasful more like it
> I personally have excellent control over that aspect of my body, but sometimes when you're doing an upside down reverse inverted cat dog pose, there is nowhere in your intestine for that gas to go but out.
@rightføld a primary key is an immutable identifier. A unique constraint merely says that this particular combination of columns must be unique within the relation, but the values in the fields of the uniq can be changed at any time.
i can fart on command
10:44 AM
I can fart
I can
A: Dealing with gassy children during practice?

Lightness Races in OrbitHold your class outdoors.​​​​​

SE is getting really bad at remembering my logins
My cunt question still has no replies.
Holy shit iterate is useful.
@aclarke ah right :p
@R.MartinhoFernandes did you try asking it on gyno.stackexchange.com?
11:00 AM
@rightføld repeat (fn x) BOOM
> Someone should really smash your manager like he did with the wasps. Would be interesting to see how many other manager will come flying around him. :/ workplace.stackexchange.com/a/34629/11026
lol, think of the wasps!
takeWhile1 p xs = a ++ take 1 b where (a, b) = span p xs :3
Bees, wasps, who cares, invasion should be responded to with fire
Uhh why did I fall asleep two more times
I woke up at 9
Then 10
Then 11. And now 12
Because you're terrible.
11:10 AM
That's how my wakeup procedure works
@R.MartinhoFernandes I always wonder how blind people know there even is braille on a sign.
Its odd that I wake up at perfect hour intervals yet I can't wake up at any of them :L
I know dat feel
Q: How do blind people know where to find Braille signs?

Niet the Dark AbsolOn many occasions I have seen signs, with the equivalent in Braille underneath the text. Which is great. But what baffles me is this: how do blind people know where to find the Braille text? I don't have any photo examples right now, but in one example I was on a train and noticed a sign on the ...

And now I only have 3 hours before work and not 6 :3
11:12 AM
> IN one job, I did actually up and leave and tell them I would be back when the problem was fixed but that was a poisonous snake so they were more sympathetic to my need to immediately leave.
I think I gonna change my policy about flags. I didn't use them before, but now I think that it's better to flag first rather than get banned myself.
Prolly a fake, but the reaction of the other policeman is priceless.
> If you're new to PHP, you should learn Python.
> LISP is dead an buried.
11:28 AM
where can I find out about modules progress?
I can't see it on isocpp.com Or does that just mean it isn't happening?
modules in C++?
Python is ugly. :(
I miss my curly braces.
11:32 AM
@Ell At least 5 years from the point in which the committee starts discussing it.
Q. How do people know whether they're completely blind or just legally? A. If they can find the braille signs, they might not be completely blind — sehe 13 secs ago
@sehe ?
What's unclear. Did you look at the context?
It's a way to transform the question into a form that makes it obvious that the signs might not just be intended for the fully blind. Meh. I'll delete it if it's unclear.
11:50 AM
@sehe The most voted answer explains how the signs can be found by the fully blinded.
It would make sense without the answer, but with the answer...
@Sofffia It still makes exactly as much sense. It's not either/or
Oh, and "..."
I guess you thought I meant to imply that fully blind don't use the signs.
Does anybody here use Kindle for Android?
Which wasn't the case. I did try to be a bit flippant about it yes.
11:54 AM
Does this happen only to me?
@VáclavZeman Have tried. Need account
@VáclavZeman probably
heh I love the way this guy falls imgur.com/gallery/j0vVavW

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