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3:30 PM
@BartekBanachewicz cost is probably the biggest factor by far
I could buy a crappy little car for a few grand and it'll do me well enough
electric cars would cost like 10x that, at least
@Mikhail Nice. My array is faster. :P
@wilx Ultimately, they won because the court found that the specific intent of the wording wasn't clear, so they looked at the intent of the law as a whole: that in general, overtime work should receive overtime pay--and since the exemption didn't provide a clear and unambiguous statement to the contrary, it was best to follow the basic intent of the law as a whole.
@Mysticial not really surprising, hardware RAID is almost always faster and simpler from an OS perspective
what I'm waiting for is the first FPGA based OS, where kernel mode is completely in the FPGA and user mode is completely on purpose silicon
@Mgetz That would be a disaster given how many security bugs OS's tend to have. And every fix would need new hardware. If you go the microcode approach, then it's not entirely hardware anymore.
@Mysticial FPGAs are not ASICs, it wouldn't require new hardware. It would require flashing your system for every OS update though.
I wouldn't expect it to be something that you or I would use as general purpose stuff
more specific cloud application stuff that needs multitasking
3:44 PM
Or Mikhail's array. lol
@Mysticial Fixes wouldn't require new hardware--they'd just require a new bitstream for the FPGA. The point (I'd assume anyway) is that there's no circumstance under which user-mode code would have to write to that memory. User-mode code wouldn't be able to modify kernel code, because the kernel would be in isolated memory.
@Mgetz Seems like you could accomplish pretty much the same thing by simply putting the OS into ROM (probably Flash), and booting from there (and provide some independent means of Flashing, that doesn't involve user-mode code).
@JerryCoffin so the idea was to have something where the cpu can maintain multiple page tables simultaneously and have everything in "kernel" mode be asynchronous. The goal being to context switch VERY quickly so blocking isn't as expensive.
I believe there's also a purely marketing reason for not selling CPU in a form FPGA. Because users will eventually improve already sold units and would resist buying a new ones. :)
I suspect it falls into the "Wishful thinking" category
@login_not_failed fairly sure it's more down to the general purpose nature of FPGA vs a CPU
3:54 PM
and having special purpose silicon for cache, ALUs and instruction decoder means that it can be more compact than needing to make that area rewritable
4:04 PM
@login_not_failed That strikes me as fairly minor compared to the simple fact that the FPGA would be substantially more expensive and run substantially slower.
@Mgetz So what you want is mostly an expanded version of hyperthreading. I don't think you need an FPGA for that.
@JerryCoffin more fast context switching
@JerryCoffin it should be far slower currently, but I was wondering about the theoretical FPGA, which would be not slower than current CPUs — direct replacement in speed
because it's a fairly bad deal if you trade speed for flexibility of updating your own CPU yourself
@login_not_failed A time will (probably) come when that can be built--but by then, the speed of a current CPU will look about like a 166 MHz Pentium does to us today.
@JerryCoffin agreed
@login_not_failed That depends. I've designed a CPU and implemented it in an FPGA. I enjoyed doing it and certainly couldn't have afforded to have it implemented in an ASIC. But yes, for mass distribution, it'd be a lot harder to justify.
4:13 PM
@JerryCoffin never used FPGA directly yet, wish to have some time to try it, should be a lot of fun
@login_not_failed It is--but it's also somewhat painful. FPGA development tools (at least all that I've used) were pretty clumsy compared to software development tools.
@JerryCoffin nah, it's a usual price you pay for doing "mundane" tasks by hand for learning, I'm ready for it
When/if you decide to do it, I'd advise picking up an FPGA with at least one hard-coded CPU though. For example, the Arrow Sockit board has a built-in ARM A9. That way, you don't have to code circuits for everything, whether it really makes sense or not.
this is a really valuable tip, thank you, sir!
@login_not_failed Surely.
5:15 PM
@JerryCoffin the ones we used at school had hard coded ALUs and stuff that you could latch onto
5:28 PM
Is it possible to call std::experimental::make_exceptional_future without getting disappointed?
@nwp nope
5:49 PM
@Morwenn Well, the thing is until now at work I always was the one who did the stuff that nobody else would, because either too risky/too difficult/too painful. That's how I got outstanding results. Managing indian people is all three, so we stay in the theme.
6:02 PM
@slaphappy I probably wouldn't take the trip :D
I like travelling, though, yeah
Me too. I'm going to Toulouse in two weeks.
Maybe to Japan later this year.
No, I'm only going to se friends. It's a bit far for a concert.
it is!
you could do both though
6:05 PM
Yeah, but it means that the seven of us would need to be able to take a day.
Considering that some of them are teachers or work in schools, they can't take a day whenever they feel like it.
oh wow there's 7 of you?
@Mgetz ALU stuff is at least somewhat interesting, and reasonable to test, so I don't mind doing it. At least to me, having a fully tested, hard-coded DDR DRAM controller (for one example) was a much bigger thing.
Growl, guitar, guitar, bass guitar, recorder, drums & accordion.
and what do you play?
6:08 PM
The recorder.
I thought you played flute or something
recorder = flûte à bec
@slaphappy "flute or something" would include recorder.
oh lol
What most people call a flute is actually a "transverse flute".
6:14 PM
yeah. I thought it was the dj ish sound palette thing.
Data centers are good for the environment.
More online means fewer dead trees.
6:33 PM
I discovered The Magnetic Fields recently
great band
"Friendly bin?"
hehe, yeah, it seems to be a thing
I hate allergies
@milleniumbug We should create a "toilet bowl" bin.
6:42 PM
I once accidentally moved some posts to "#!/bin/bash"
Gonna take a nap...
Jan 25 at 21:50, by milleniumbug
4 messages moved to #!/bin/bash
Speaking of toilet bowls, I've been doing most of my moving recently either using a friend's car or by hauling suitcases across town. I don't normally haul suitcases at night since Chicago isn't the safest place in the world. And I've gotten to the point where all the cleaning supplies need to be moved.
So I have this used plunger. Which I imagine I can carry across town by hand. And if anybody has a problem with that, they are free to mug me. I'll be armed with a used plunger.
When someone robs you, are you gonna miss your cash?
6:47 PM
@fredoverflow Does anybody even carry cash anymore? It's all credit card now. lol
never had a credit card myself...
@Mysticial In Germany at least, many people still carry cash, from what I can see
I've always hated the idea of credit cards. But it's the most basic form of credit. And if you don't have any credit, you can't get a fucking loan.
also, credit cards aren't very big here either
it's all debit card, if anything
I know that because I'm moving to a place I just bought, and I had trouble getting a fucking loan because I had no credit.
6:49 PM
the whole credit thing in the US sounds super annoying
@Mysticial why would you want a loan? That's a terrible idea because it tends to be attached to having to pay interest.
"don't pay off your credits too fast, it builds your credit score!"
@Mysticial does aiming for the face with a used plunger constitute assault with a deadly weapon?
@nwp Because I wanted to buy a place for which I don't have enough cash for.
that, too, seems like a terrible idea
6:51 PM
That's what people in the US do. Like almost everyone has a mortgage.
Unless you're super rich.
@Mysticial no they have mortgages too
@nwp I tend to think of loans as just a way to more conveniently pay for things
interest is just the fee for the convenience
@Mysticial US is so fucking broke, technically
@Xeo not really? That is kinda a misunderstanding of how national debts work
I tend to think of loans as wasting money when you are already low on it. A tax on people who just cannot stop themselves from living over their standard. But I'm overly idealistic when it comes to those topics.
@Mgetz I'm not talking about national debt or what the government is doing
but the people
@nwp Introducing rent-to-own!
6:58 PM
in Discussion between LearningCpp and sehe, 4 mins ago, by sehe
@LearningCpp "but all my confusion was why not make_binary_object as the data may get really huge" - that's like saying "Yeah, thanks for showing me how to bake an apple pie, but all my confusion was why not use motor oil because it is very slippery".
Hoping to send this pupil a fasttrack to enlightenment, or he/she is going quite before they can fire him/her. For now I'm betting on the latter
The other thing is rent vs. mortgage. It'll take years to save up enough to buy without mortgage. In that time, the amount spent on rent will be larger than the interest paid on mortgage. (of course I can always opt to live in a shithole, but I'm not gonna keep living in a shithole until I'm 40)
@Xeo oh yeah... well blame the debt farming industry here, they seriously farm poor people for money.
And in the US, mortgage is tax deductible, rent isn't.
I kinda want a house but I don't want all the baggage associated with it
maintenance etc
loan payments
just ugh
I just want money and lump-sum pay it
and have other people do the boring parts
@Xeo That's that part that I'm scared off too. But it's easier for condos since you simply pay an HOA fee and the building management handles (almost) everything.
7:00 PM
but not as much space
and I want spaaaace
to fill with weeb stuff :>
How much do you need. I lived in a 750 sq. ft. place for 2 years. Now I'm moving into a place with 1500. (sorry for the US units)
So I ordered something from Amanita Design's store, located in the Czech Republic.
> Please be patient, delivery can take around 10 days - it's a long way from our small country surrounded by woods, mountains and broken highways.
This was in their shipping confirmation email.
@Mysticial I have some ideas in mind for themed rooms...
@Mysticial hm, 140m2 isn't too shabby. we lived in a 110m2 two-story flat with 4 people once
1100eur / month rent, actually pretty good price
Is it about 10 sq. ft. for 1 sq. m?
@Mysticial I'm looking for a condo or townhome
7:06 PM
My 750 sqr. ft. apartment is $2400 USD/month.
@Mysticial 0.92 or sth, yeah
I've been paying that for 2 years now. And I'm happy to get out of that.
@Mysticial US rent prices are fucked up :>
I'm also in downtown heart of the financial district.
@Mysticial What?
7:07 PM
My flats are both ~500 sq ft each
and I pay <1k total for both
@ScY If you think that's insane, take a look at the SF Bay Area.
That's insane. Why did you put up with that?
@ScY It was either that, or a ridiculous commute to work everyday outside of town.
man, I'll be so glad when I'm back to one flat
so much money saved in a month
@ScY And the answer is, no. I didn't put up with it. That's why I bought a place.
7:11 PM
Talking to my old boss on Thursday to plan out when I move back
@Mysticial Fair enough. You always hear about ridiculous renting prices in major US cities, but I would never think it would be that bad. Good for you.
I still want to make US salary and live in Germany
the dream
7:44 PM
Are there some places in US where you get the high wages and affordable rent combined?
@StackedCrooked Post-War Boston is pretty cheap and you can get caps from everywhere.
8:06 PM
@StackedCrooked If you're an exec making $1 million a year then, rent will be affordable.
Ah. Good to know.
So basically. I'm fucked :P
That's what she said.
8:21 PM
@Mysticial But so will a house. :P
@Mysticial Well, you put up with it for a while.
@StackedCrooked To some extent or other, yes. Unfortunately, you generally pay for it in other ways. The state with the highest effective disposable income (i.e., taking cost of living into account) is North Dakota. Its neighbors (South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas) all do pretty well also. So, you have quite a bit of disposable income while you freeze and die of boredom.
@Xeo A house generally means a much longer commute.
@JerryCoffin Unless it's the top floor of a high-rise.
@JerryCoffin depends on if you like cow tipping
that said I've never heard of a cow being successfully tipped
@Mysticial I took "house" to mean a single-family building.
It's impossible to tip a cow
8:37 PM
@ScY It is possible (but cows are proud--if you don't tip at least 25%, they usually won't accept it).
@ScY It's possible with a car.
So we have a new MP and he began a speech in the parliament in latin.
I love how they just start walking away nonchalantly.
@ScY wow
poor cows
yeah, they seem fine though...
8:51 PM
They all seemed to be able to get up.
@ScY That's what a good, well-fitting leather jacket gets you.
@JerryCoffin btw, is content like that ok for this room? I'm never too sure what to link and what not.
@ScY I don't see anything wrong with it.
@rightfold taking it OLDE SCHOOLE Style
@rightfold lol, that's some scholar level trolling. :D
8:56 PM
Some people might find it disturbing even though you don't see anything. As long as it's not NSFW it's fine I think.
I want to draw heaps but I need to learn tikz.
@Morwenn 👍
@Mysticial that sounds extremely inefficient. can't you loan a pickup?
@Morwenn How do you want your heap pics to look like?
@slaphappy There's no place to park. I've been using a friend's car for all the big stuff. And he's usually sitting in the street watching the car while I bring stuff down.
9:08 PM
@wilx Heap-like: simple trees with nodes placed above a grid that represents the array representation of the heap.
iow sexy
Q: Caught speeding 111 Mph (179 km/h) in California. How can I settle the case with the court?

code ninjaI was driving to Los Angeles from the Bay area, and was on a wonderful, straight road with no cars in sight. For whatever reason (doesn't matter) I was briefly speeding around 111mph (179 km/h), and was pulled over by an officer. This isn't on an interstate road. Some facts: I was driving a re...

> For whatever reason (doesn't matter)
"I was recklessly endangering the life of other people, how can I avoid facing consequences for my utter contempt for human life?"
111 MPH is really fucking fast.
Sure to instagib any human being.
The most I've ever done was 90. And that was with a very stable car on a straight country road with no other cars and I wasn't looking at my speed gauge when I realized that the wind was kinda loud.
9:17 PM
@Mysticial that’s probably the legal term, too
@Mysticial Especially for a camping van.
The road was limited to 100km/h and he went up to 180km/s
Why is this not insta jail
E = M*V^2 - A crash that that speed will kill more than just the driver.
I'm fucking tired. Tikz will wait for another day.
Night all :3
> Needle Trap: This skill now delivers a strike.
Tripwire: This skill now delivers a strike.
@SpongyFruitcake anet hath spoken
9:25 PM
I heard German drive something like 2xx km/h
@hwlau But German drivers are typically better at driving than Americans. If you're going 200 km/h, you have to pray that nobody in front of you spins out of control. And that happens all the time in the US because nobody knows how to fucking drive.
Like, seriously?
I'm exaggerating. But I do keep hearing a lot about how it's really hard to get a license in Germany and therefore everyone who drives is really good at it.
Whereas in the US it's really fucking easy to get a license.
I have no idea of US
So there's a lot of shitty drivers. Not just that, but shitty drivers with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand along with their eyes on the fucking phone sexting with their partner in the passenger seat.
9:30 PM
how easy is it to get a license
Let's just say that I got my license without knowing how to parallel park or get on and off a highway.
And to this day, I'm still shit at parallel parking.
well, living in US without a car is hard. In German, at least people can take train
> Keenan also is looking at possible changes to two weapons that players have reported as having problematic sound effects: The Dreamer and Quip.
@SpongyFruitcake no fun allowed
@Mysticial Haha, me too. Well, I manage to parallel park of the left, but almost never on the right.
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