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12:00 AM
@PraveenKumar Alright
Dang, that was close. :)
@TigerhawkT3 method 2 doesn't work past chrome > 35
Have you tried with tampermonkey?
I have not. I'll see about installing that.
@TinyGiant Your user script does not work when accessing with https (because of the "match" link I guess? Completely new to this though). Would that be hard to change?
12:10 AM
cry havoc, and let slip the flags of unsalvageability
wafflez, I misread
Looks like it's working so far. 👌
^--- Accessing SO via https that is, in case that was unclear.
Yeah because of the @match
Ok, then that should be an easy fix, shouldn't it?
(Is that even correct English?)
12:15 AM
you could duplicate the lines for https, or use a regex like @include /^https?:\/\/\w*.?stackoverflow.com\/review\/.*/ instead
@BaummitAugen it is
@BaummitAugen That isn't correct English :p
@Tunaki Oh man, I should pick up a book or smth. XD
Anyways, fixed the "issue" by adding the https link as a match in Greasymonkey.
Woot you're now a JavaScript and userscript expert
12:20 AM
@Tunaki Would @include *://stackoverflow.com/review also work?
@BaummitAugen You need to escape the forward slashes
@Tunaki Heh, that was faster than expected.
@Tunaki This thing doesn't.
Haven't tried it though.
It's Kyll's code, don't ever trust its code
12:24 AM
@Tunaki Hahah, that will never die
I flagged again, have them make an executive decision.
Closed / reopened / deleted / undeleted 4 times... For a {. I should ask a question about what is }.
I was going to answer that in the meta discussion.
for every syntactually relevant character in JAva
Like there's a question about -> but that's specific
define lambda expression
@TinyGiant Does that still apply when my answer is deleted?
Yeah looks good @BaummitAugen
Can someone please retag this question for me? stackoverflow.com/q/41293694/5743988 I accidentally approved an edit, and now I can't improve it to retag with the [java] tag.
Btw, the above question ^^^ is dupe of this question stackoverflow.com/questions/8115722/… and needs more close votes.
1:02 AM
another edit pending
edit pending adds java tag
> Stackoverflow stopped me!
After I told him three times to stop spamming some link to his library. :/
1:27 AM
Reflag please VLQ, edited.
Is there a SQL plugin that tell us the character count of the error? Those errors are absolutely crapshot
1:45 AM
@BaummitAugen done
2:03 AM
@SotiriosDelimanolis Sorry, my ninja skills doesn't work when it's 2 am in the morning.
@EdCottrell o/
@gunr2171 That 1 min could mean 1 min 59 secs as well.
@dorukayhan That's not deleted at all.
@dorukayhan That's not deleted at all.
2:23 AM
@PraveenKumar That'll roomba
@BaummitAugen Why didn't it roomba for 2 years? :O
@PraveenKumar It was closed yesterday.
If it was not 0 or less score, it won't roomba while open.
(Deleted anyways, just for you. ;) But it would have roombaded.)
@BaummitAugen Ah okay...
@BaummitAugen Close of day, so no worries.
2:45 AM
@BaummitAugen Wouldn't that be "room bathed"? :-)
Are there any statistics on what percentage posts make it through triage only to be stamped out later because they were not correctly identified?
Or are you bathing in Rum?
@Olaf that might hurt
@MikelF Depends. Just swallow enough and you don't notice much
@Olaf I am not sure I could drink fast enough to overcome the stinging in sensitive areas from the alcohol.
2:48 AM
I never bathed in rum. Snorting a table spoon of rum does hurt though. :/
Protip: 5€ is not worth it. XD
@BaummitAugen Thank you for sharing. I like to learn painful lessons from other people's experiences.
@MikelF It's not that bad, but probably worth like 50 bucks or so.
@MikelF Just think about one fact: filling the bath-tube from bottles or even barrels takes some time anyway. What could you do in that time?
@BaummitAugen I prefer my Rum in a Feuerzangenbowle (I'll see that movie on christmast)
@Olaf Pfei(f)fer mit einem F oder mit 2? =D
Nice movie indeed.
@BaummitAugen Mit 3!
@BaummitAugen My standard program. Plus "Die Hard 1 + 2"
3:01 AM
@Olaf "Eins vor dem ei, zwei hinterm ei."
@BaummitAugen Exactly. Setzen sechs!
"Hängt sofort das Schild wieder hin!"
Legendary. =D
(Or close enough I hope. XD)
3:16 AM
3:27 AM
I'm off to bed.
3:48 AM
@PraveenKumar o/
4:14 AM
obvious spam is obvious
cc @EdCottrell if he's still in here
if not no biggie
Dang, I missed my change to suggest terrible edits
4:26 AM
@SotiriosDelimanolis there's like one for every possible array length
4:38 AM
@TylerH nuked; thanks.
2 hours later…
6:47 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ tunes
@BaummitAugen no, that shouldn't be hard to change
Morning =)
Regarding the 4-in-a-row smokey reports: Is that spam?
checking it out now, just got here
6:51 AM
I see =D
seems like excessive self promotion
Custom flagged.
I'm going to be working on the Hide Jobs userscript in the testing facility, if anyone is interested in hunting down elements.
7:24 AM
7:39 AM
good morining
Why do people really, really, really want to not see anything related to jobs? o.o
morning and tanks in advantage
Morning Petter o/
^ Ragequitting user, someone please rollback.
Rollback again please =/
Now he's trying to be sneaky. Eyeroll
8:06 AM
Hi guys
can you please tel me how im not able to post question
@Bikramjeet what does it tell you when you try?
@petter it shows You have reached your question limit
I don't know why its happen with my accounts
last time i have same problem with my 2 other accounts
hmm you got multiple accounts?
but other account is closed to far
8:13 AM
im using this account only
Yeah avoid cross voting and multiple accounts that will get you banned from SO and they will delete all of your accounts
how can i recover my this account
so i can post my questions
Just wait it out.... you seem only to be rate limited.... and then be sure that next question is well researched and and well written
okay petter thanks for this help
8:17 AM
@Seth why it's op?, new question?
@PetterFriberg No, vandalism.
Look at the edit history.
ooh yeah rolling back to v8
I mod-flagged already, but I think the modflag-queue is full right now.
Very full.
i need to validate a filed on mvc
on payment page
@Bikramjeet sorry we can only help you if you have questions related to SO, not programming problems this is wrong chat room
8:19 AM
i just share it with you
no please don't search for a language related chat room
@Seth Lets hope BR returns... he keeps it clean ; )
@PetterFriberg Aye.. Where is he? :o
On vacation, soon time for us also...
8:28 AM
Indeed :)
4 days off now, 3 days of work, another 2 weeks off afterwards.
Will be good.
9:27 AM
hmm, I broke the archiver script
Or I'm throttled
I guess stream.WriteLine("Arabic"); isn't an answer?
Well, going by the wording it is :)
@JanDvorak said we shouldn't have to "think" for other users, so...
The "for more see" link in the description of Request Graveyard is broken (404). It should probably link here socvr.org/….
@АндрейБеньковский thanks, now fixed
9:43 AM
Need to get 2k... to reject those edits...
10:16 AM
anyone can help in this?
What kind of help do you expect?
It's already open, and you yourself made sure we couldn't close it
@MaňishYadav we don't allow one-boxed questions here, sorry about that.
@JanDvorak I think he asked if someone knew what was wrong with it :)
It was one-boxed, that was wrong with it
10:39 AM
@rene You are the one true personification of
I think Seth meant that Manish asked if someone knew what was wrong with the question, @rene
@JanDvorak I think rene got that :D
Are you serious? Is it Friday already?
What did he get?
10:40 AM
But if there's something that can be misunderstood... Rene will nail it :P
@JanDvorak X_X
@rene No, the calendar is wrong.
It's actually monday.
Did you mean that Rene got that you meant that Manish asked if someone knew what was wrong with the question?
@JanDvorak Yes.
10:59 AM
11:11 AM
the question is closed, those link only answers can go ^
1 hour later…
12:32 PM
any worth keeping this around?
@NathanOliver is it frequently asked?
I've seen it asked a few times but it is hard to search. It is people using something before they have read its documentation.
@NathanOliver then we can use it as a duplicate target!
Do we want to dupe target typo's?
12:48 PM
@NathanOliver the close reason for typos says "this [problem] was resolved in a way unlikely to help future readers". if we can close a question as a dupe of another question then that another question is useful to future readers and shouldn't be closed unless it fits another close reason
OK. I actually found a dupe target
Alright. Now it is searchable so we should be okay. Not sure why I did not try that to begin with.
1:25 PM
@JanDvorak flagged as spam
@JanDvorak I'm pretty sure that's spam.
good point. Flag-nuked
Am I right thinking this comment is a bit hypocritical? biology.stackexchange.com/questions/49085/…
1 hour later…
@NathanOliver Should this be tagged ? (It's not) stackoverflow.com/questions/41300273/…
@TylerH Not sure. I can't see it hurting it but I do not know if it really needs it.
I wasn't sure, but was thinking that would get more attention for the question
It would. If you add it I do not think anyone would remove it
I go to use this today in an answer:
> If it doesn't look right it is probably the tears getting in your eyes from the code.
3:03 PM
@FOX9000 @rene You don't think converting an HTML snippet to a runnable stack snippet is worth approving?
@TylerH nope, they left other stuff and they didn't go the whole mile or whatever the proverb is
I'm constantly confused by my memories of Shog saying "fix everything" and Shog saying "if an edit makes a post even a micron better, it's a good edit"
(obviously not direct quotes)
@TylerH sure, but that micron wasn't there, and we don't do sub-atomic changes here ...
well the edit wasn't really here, per se, but objectively, converting HTML code to a runnable stack snippet is an improvement
bloody perfectionists
just don't ruin my Friday mood
3:25 PM
@rene It's actually still Tuesday...
That is good ...
3:42 PM
I need hats. :D
^ spam?
And a delete vote ;)
@PraveenKumar I believe I got all related to closing ;-)
@NathanOliver 2 now
^ User should be nuked!
3:52 PM
where are our mods anyway?
\o/ 100 score on my css onclick question
great answer badge be mine :-D
just for the train
@TylerH grats :)
I suppose you got a hat for getting a gold badge during winter bash too
Thanks :-)
I wouldn't know, I don't participate in timewasting2016 winter bash
there's an opt-out?
3:54 PM
yes thank god
and it should be an opt-in
but the devs are bad people and so they made it opt-out instead
Didn't know that, guess I'll try to find it then
found it
@TylerH I sure hope you didn't mean it at face value
@JanDvorak partially, though it's probably not a dev who decided the verbiage and methodology, but a marketing/CM person
they even used passive-aggressive language for the opt-out "I hate hats"
@NathanOliver 20k+
20K solved ...
4:12 PM
Does this count as a typo-level brain fart, or just as a bad question? stackoverflow.com/questions/41304560/…
@JanDvorak public class Tuna one of us...
I just got a hat and I don't know why
have you not had someone click on a direct link of yours before?
you get a hat for that
It's a secret hat, so I'd rather ask before posting spoilers. May I provide more information?
I don't care but then again I'm not participating in winter bash
4:22 PM
why am I not surprised that is a thing
Document confirmed my suspicion, and I managed to not spoil myself regarding most other hats. Thanks!
I dodged a car yesterday in a parking lot. Terrifying.
@Compass Sorry, there's no hat for that
Glad you are alright. In pedistrian vs car, car normally wins
4:26 PM
I was in a car.
Were you dodging one of the parked cars, or a car that was still moving?
Person decided to back up without looking both ways.
I feel like you mentioned this yesterday
and you said something about deja vu
and I said it's just an alt code
except now I'm having deja vu
4:27 PM
I don't remember any of that.
about a memory about deja vu
help me, I'm becoming inception'ed
Yeah that's just... you.
I remember talking about it vaguelly
but not the deja vu :V
yeah the deja vu comment was Mikel
when you mentioned it, gunr made a terrible joke
that was star-worthy
4:30 PM
Now I remember!
Oh yeaaaah :V
4:44 PM
@JanDvorak and it is answered :(
Unless it's not a typo because the asker meant to only put parentheses around password.length?
@TylerH isn't he known for that?
@rene zing...
5:04 PM
@Tunaki This as duplicate of this? I had already voted.
@Tunaki Also this for this. Sorry for all these, but I've already voted other reasons.
Is this useful?
@NathanOliver I dunno, as much as I know of C++, opengl is really black magic to me
@JanDvorak it might be something easily forgotten, at least that it what it looks like for me. Not a typo.
I'm just not seeing how someone would find this and see that the normalization needs to happen. It's really not going to hurt anything so we can leave it I just didn't know how to really handle it.
I guess it would work for a dupe target
5:33 PM
Ideally this would have been rejected by the reviewers. I guess that if you're into vindictive fun, you could just watch it and flag if anyone approves.
Is active deletion a clear sign to the OP (besides leaving a question for roomba)? Should we use it? Example: stackoverflow.com/questions/41305422/…
Not sure if it's a clear signal to the OP, but why not delete anyways?
@JanDvorak Saving delete votes for more precious cases?
"unclear what you were thinking"?
@πάνταῥεῖ It's closed already
@JanDvorak Needs active deletion now :P
can't help with that :-)
As I already hinted... 20k+, @πάνταῥεῖ
@JanDvorak Sure I know ...
NVM, after the edit it's just a horrible but answerable question. Anyone willing to look for a dupe?
6:19 PM
@FOX9000 that should have been a reject and edit
I mean, how could "web browser doesn't show html as text when told to show html" be worse than "I can't parse JSON with an XML parser", right?
... or is it still a brain fart? Thoughts?
I guess it wouldn't be nice if I answered "try setting textContent" instead? Or would it?
do we always have to be nice? Make it CW ...
Not on this question, but I'll note to try that approach.
Actually, someone did just post that answer.
@rene What's a flower's expression being nice? Not to die from the treatment?
@JanDvorak yep, you are gifted with predictive powers ...
6:28 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ to have an odd number of petals so when they do the "she loves me, she loves me not" rhyme while literally plucking limb after limb from the body of the flower, they at least land on "she loves me"
I'm wondering how many hats I need to approach the looks of Photoshop Flowey
@πάνταῥεῖ for me that would work, yes. You may live another day, how nice is that ...
to be mean would be to just spray them with roundup which will kill the flower but the weeds next door will survive
@TylerH actually, plucking fingers off a severed hand would have been a better parallel
but the flower is rene's face
6:30 PM
plucking hair doesn't bear the same weight
But then again, what does an owl with an ant mouth have to say?
my latest hat placement hasn't hit the chat yet, so please check my SO profile.
@JanDvorak Dead ant, dead ant, deadant deadant deadant deadant deadaaaaant...
@TylerH Ya know I love weeds ;-)
@πάνταῥεῖ Sorry, that show is canceled
didn't this get discussed here before/earlier today?
@TylerH Hmm, they're growing well right now :P
They're hinding under meaningless/irrelevant tags so much nowadays: stackoverflow.com/questions/41306346/…
@Tunaki @SotiriosDelimanolis @Louis you all seem to be in favor of deleting this trainwreck. Care to challenge Shog here
Maybe @JarrodRoberson can have a go as well on that ^ as he posted the cv-pls here
Props to the question author, though, for defending his question with teeth and claws
too broad? I don't think the answer counts as good. stackoverflow.com/questions/41306435/…
@rene Thanks. I saw that.
6:54 PM
@JanDvorak if anything, once it becomes a battle to see who wins, I think we went a step too far
@Louis OK
@rene Isn't it a battle already? And nobody can defeat the mighty Shog in arguments.
Yeah, true
This are interesting cases
We live in interesting times
@JanDvorak cursed
6:59 PM
I feel like shog's edit made the question way too broad
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