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5:01 PM
Does anyone know if disassociating yourself with a question or answer makes you lose all rep gained/lost on it, or just future votes?
@JAL while researching I found this, how ironic
I think that user was deleted though, otherwise it would say anon
I'm trying to improve my answer here with additional information about disassociation
@JAL All of it, IIRC
meh, not scalable then
yeah, I don't think dissociation is ever used outside of "I dumped my homework on SO and I don't want my teacher to know"
5:14 PM
hmm, I wonder if there is a way to disassociate, but only for all future rep changes
still an abuse of the feature, though
(as if cw has ever been used legitimately)
rep couldn't be earned from cw
I see what you're saying
@JanDvorak What do you think? see the last paragraph meta.stackexchange.com/a/288146/242209
I'll quote one more concern in favor of bounties, but ultimately it will be the community who decides, and your suggestion can be made to work.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 41 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
But then again - if users do use bounties to raise bots for nefarious purposes, we have a trace of them. And this trace is easier to track than answers.
@hichris123 actually, if a sockpuppeteer bounties his bot, it creates a public link between the two accounts. When the bot merely answers enough questions to gain rep, the only such link is via the about page, and only if put there by the account owner. Bounties seem harder to abuse in this respect. — Jan Dvorak 39 mins ago
Yeah I saw that too. We'll see. My suggestion seemed so basic, I didn't think I was going to be the first one to post it
I don't think bounties are appropriate for this purpose
wow, shog's answer...
yeah, that was expected
That was one step too far
5:27 PM
I'm also honored that shog used his sockpuppet on one of my questions
@JAL where?
@dorukayhan referenced here
5:40 PM
It isn't I am just trying to lighten the mood here. — ImeanH 1 min ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is not a programming question. Also we hate fun. — JAL 19 secs ago
Hence the quotes
6:03 PM
@Tunaki makes Tunaki some waffles
That SD question should retain the rep for Smokey even if it's deleted though
since it's older than 6 months and has more than 5 or so upvotes
@Pshemo Please make two separate requests. If/when that CV is cleared, one of the RO's will move it to the graveyard, regardless if it was deleted or not
6:24 PM
@Clo alive?
@Sam Still here you guys!
@Machavity Thank you for that info. Will do that next time (I am not visiting this room often so I am not aware of all rules/conventions).
Where am I O.O"
@Dodi82 Welcome! This room is for moderating Stack Overflow as a group. Our FAQ and rules are at socvr.org.
@Closey start event
6:35 PM
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
9515 need review
1029 reviews today
3580218 reviews all-time
The tags to work on are: , , .
Mrow... :D
so @rene, I just noticed that you are under 50 cv reviews away from the top slot
We want champagne when you make it to the top.
6:51 PM
shady, but I k'ed nonetheless
that's not the why I wanted :(
Don't ask Y if you cannot handle X.
tu 3remove
most definitely spam
@Tunaki no, tu 3remove!
@SmokeDetector if it's spam, it's a very convincing one
the tuna is really making a mess of the transcript
@Braiam You do not think it is spam?
6:55 PM
@NathanOliver nope
if you don't think it's spam, click the link
> Q: Is there any way to get the number of Apple iOS Installs (from iTunes Connect) into my Mixpanel for tracking?
> A: We have been trying to Figure out install tracking of IOS in Mixpanel, Had a Talk with the Account Manager, Unfortunately the answer the is no.
> But here's some shopping website that is known to be spam!
@NobodyNada the domain is not known spam
"Blacklisted website in answer"
6:58 PM
@Braiam yeah it is
not "pattern-matching website," but "blacklisted website."
@NathanOliver where?
metasmoke says nothing about it
of course, we shouldn't trust robots blindly, but that site was used before as spam yeah.
@Braiam it does, don't include http in the link
6:59 PM
and the slashes
well... that was unexpected
search SmokeDetector, not Metasmoke
@NobodyNada SD doesn't have a search function... only GH and metasmoke
I meant SD's GitHub repo
Just use your eyes and click on the dang link. It has no purpose being there and takes you to a buy stuff page. That is spam.
7:00 PM
@NobodyNada I did... as you can see
@Braiam no, that was Metasmoke's
NobodyNada vs Markdown... FIGHT!
Yes a fight!
7:03 PM
same user in two out three
both for Mixpanel
I finally got around to redirect all my webservers to https! \o/
@gunr2171 yeah, I was more wondering why andrewsi stopped doing reviews?
security FTW
@Braiam nice! I've been doing the same
@rene shrug, maybe he learned "the outdoors"?
never heard of it
7:08 PM
TIL rene is an indoor flower
wonders what his pot looks like
what I've learned:
1. Use a single server directive for all your domains/virtual hosts to do the redirect
2. If you use cloudflare, do not use flexible ssl
3. Don't roll your own setup, use mozilla or better crypto ones
I use haproxy for all inbound traffic and do ssl termination there, then send to other docker containers
everything is in docker containers on one computer
I serve static content... so using docker seems overkill
true, but it's a nice way of not installing lots of stuff on the host os
now, I didn't plan right and installed two certificates instead of one, since I didn't know postfix didn't support SNI
7:16 PM
@gunr2171 what else but the webserver you install in the host to serve static content... wait clicks, who are you and what did you do to gunr?
7:42 PM
Well Day 15 was pretty easy
There must be a clever way. Brute-force is quite fast though.
It needed a bit of math study... unless you're going the brute-force way, yeah...
Me, I've got a pleasurable refresher on the Chinese Remainder Theorem
Huh. I do not think I ever went over that before.
I am thinking about buying a pusheen plush... or would it be a plusheen?
Chinese remainder theorem? It basically says "if you know x mod n, and x mod m, you also know x mod lcm(m, n). Here's how you do it"
7:50 PM
@JanDvorak Yeah because all of the total positions for each disc are coprime, but are we supposed to rely on that?
@Tunaki You don't need coprimality. If two moduli are not coprime, you either have extra information or inconsistent information.
Beyond my experise so, is there any Java (with Spring) user around that wants to gently help out to salvage this. There is some history here. I'm asking to help with editing, not by showing off how good we close stuff ...
Anyways, it's easy to split modulo-composite into multiple modulo-prime if that's what you want.
@πάνταῥεῖ Remember the rule about having a stake in the question?
7:55 PM
@NathanOliver are is there a rule about that now?
aaah right there is
@rene I have no idea what they mean, what they want and what they're asking.
@YvetteColomb Yes. If you have a stake in the Q&A then no request
I think that question is ok
7:56 PM
@NathanOliver Yes, :P
@NathanOliver yep seems fair to me
@Tunaki it's called halftime
@Tunaki that is a pitty then.
@NathanOliver Just please don't move me to the SOCVR Sanitarium
7:57 PM
Just a clarification: is this rule only in place so that this room can maintain a public image?
@rene it is, as the OP is genuine and really trying
@YvetteColomb You never know. We have custom monogrammed straight jackets for everyone.
@YvetteColomb Can I?
@NathanOliver dang nabbit
@NathanOliver cool. Where do I get mine?
7:58 PM
@Kyll talk to the hand small mammal in human clothes, talk to the hand
@JanDvorak Kinda. One of the cases that brought it up was someone answered something then asked the room to close it.
@YvetteColomb yeah ... not sure what to do next
@JanDvorak Meh, partly. It's also so that we're sure you're not biased in any way.
@YvetteColomb dont worry you can just throw him
7:58 PM
@rene some nice words of encouragement perhaps? and then we bookmark to delete it to save his rep
@SotiriosDelimanolis canno delete, rep tooo low :/
It's likely going to be roomba'd anyway, so no stress
@JanDvorak You have to be committed.
Am I allowed to ask "should it be closed" about a question I answered?
@NathanOliver Committed to the SOCVR sanitarium or worse still .... git?
8:01 PM
@JanDvorak Yes. Just not request please. That is all the rule is for.
@NathanOliver That's a silly restriction somehow. Most of the stuff I want to discuss here, includes me as a stakeholder somehow (not only regarding existing answers).
@JanDvorak you'll get jumped on by room members if you answer a question then vote to close it. Trust me, save yourself ;)
This smells of formalities. I don't like formalities (but I'll follow them anyways).
Witch hunts are far more fun besides
@YvetteColomb I agree on the first sentence and then you made me ROFLOL, not sure if that was intended ;)
8:03 PM
@rene lolol no, I was being kind hehe
@JanDvorak I found a weird translation here: translate.google.com/#de/en/Schlipstr%C3%A4ger
I'm soft under all my anger lolol
@πάνταῥεῖ Discussion is not a problem. Just requesting a action to be preformed is against the rule.
ok got to get back to work and study, nice to see everyone :)
8:05 PM
Didn't even have time to click on that last report
@YvetteColomb o/
@Kyll hey speazza (that's Aussie for Spearrel) I am still waiting for that story. rolls eyes and dies of old age waiting
@Kyll Just the daily swear-thrower. Nothing extraordinary.
@YvetteColomb Hiya o/
@YvetteColomb o/
8:17 PM
academia.se is a nice place to take a break from stack overflow
but... he claims it's official documentation?
Well, this sounds like a "health" pill. Smack it with closevotes just for that?
oh neat
SO data is on google query
@Compass I like physics.se and worldbuilding.se
@SmokeDetector that's not a problem; that's a real API
^ any policy on those when it's a user flagging as a dupe of a question he's answered?
8:36 PM
@TylerH witch hunt is generally the best way to go
@TylerH as long as it's the correct target, what does it matteR?
Call me on the public execution
@TylerH Judge it like you would any other dupe closure.
I can imagine gold badgers doing that at times, as they'll know questions they answered
@YvetteColomb I don't follow
@Adriaan well in some cases it may be questionable but I know it's a behavior that is best handled by moderators, so I figured maybe we might have a policy of not acting on those
8:39 PM
@TylerH a joke, you know get out the pitch forks to deal with people who answer dupes
since we err tremendously on the side of caution WRT other things
@YvetteColomb oh I thought you were saying witch hunt of the person flagging as a dupe
@rene Nice comment.
@NathanOliver Which is kind of silly for several reasons. First, we have our own heads and just because someone posts request does not mean we should blindly follow, and second it is not that it is not plain obvious that person posting request also has answer posted. It is kind of hard to hide that fact.
we are discussing that now between the RO's
Hold on for 6 to 8 ...
8:54 PM
^ what the flower said
Can we give up on the "humanity" idea already?
Yes, why not?
Skeet reached the 500 gold badges!
@Adriaan he has that few?
8:56 PM
@Adriaan Woohoo, now I can feel even more insecure!
@JanDvorak Follow D. Trump's philosophy right now.
Uh oh...
That's ... not what I ... meant?
@Adriaan so less
@JanDvorak You can buy in valuable humanity: "A human being defines itself by their productivity increasing my weight and income" . Just join me, I'll make profit from you.
9:16 PM
@rene nice
9:29 PM
Uh, I got the Mortarboard badge on meta.se, but it looks like I only gained 151 rep for the day: meta.stackexchange.com/users/242209/jal?tab=reputation
oh, I had upvotes from a post that was migrated to meta.so
@JAL this question got migrated, but probably still counts toward your badge.
yup, I think that was it. thanks
Random question: Can anyone code haskell?
@Rizier123 yes, but why anyone would want that ...
@Rizier123 Only true masters can.
9:40 PM
hey @Rizier123 programs in php, he can ask any type of random or insane question he likes (poor man)
@rene I mean if anyone can code haskell AND is in this room.
@Rizier123 lolol sometimes it's so hard to just be regular in here
I'm out for today, cya
@Rizier123 I only did a couple of lectures following along here but that is about it.
I have the book and an Haskell version from 2009 installed.
I guess that makes me an pro.
9:53 PM
@rene Don't ask why I ask this :p, but I'm trying to write this code: imgur.com/a/lbkrE in haskell or at least similar. I wrote something here: pastebin.com/2rvAY6jH but I'm not sure if it would be valid haskell code? Or how you would write it? :D
Good morning
@Drew another one for you ^^
@Rizier123 hmm, let me try that ..
@PraveenKumar, Why did you vote to delete smokeys question?
10:06 PM
@Caleb I didn't downvote, but to me you should ask yourself why people downvoted. A quick google search leads to the right section of the JLS (also linked in the answer), so it means that there has not been enough research before asking that question. Don't say thanks for downvoting and blocking my acount from asking anymore - if you had researched properly, you wouldn't have asked and you would have taken no downvotes. So, you should not thank others for downvoting, you should thank yourself for giving them reasons to downvote. — BackSlash 4 hours ago
Are comment one-boxes bad?
I wouldn't say so
Last line is a zinger
@AndrewLi well, yes ... please keep them to a minumim as well
@rene Ok. Could you move that the santiarium then? Thanks
(And the relevant parts of the conversation if it isn't too much to ask)
@Rizier123 it is a mess ... it doesn't work in GHC, sorry :( you can always ask on Quora ...
10:10 PM
@rene anything you want me to add here about reviewing while this answer is getting traffic?
@rene :(
@AndrewLi meh I'll allow it for this time, don't let it EVER happen again ...
Ok :D
@JAL checking ...
@JAL looks fine as it is.
thanks, was just wondering if you wanted me to add an extra note on the room or something
10:14 PM
@JAL I might leave a comment
@JAL you just did
Updated Rule #15: Do not request action on a post that you have asked or answered.
yep just took your advice
@TinyGiant May I ask why?
something came up, we had an RO mud-fight behind the scenes, you get new rulez, profit
@rene awww, I wanted to watch that! Mud fights are great entertainment
10:21 PM
I see
@AndrewLi yes, you may ask. We don't want that an user can benefit from the fact that we vote as a group.
Makes sense
The earlier wording was a bit vague, written by me. This version is much more clear, open for less debate. It already proves its value.
Yeah. I had a similar incident a month ago.
10:28 PM
@rene "a" user not "an" user. sounds like Yuser, so it is accompanied with an "a"
Hope you don't mind the English tip
@YvetteColomb Meh, Thanks. I keep forgetting that but in my defense: I'm a bit tired as well ... need sleep soon
@rene I cannot speak a second language, I admire those who do.
speaking a second language is easy... being understandable is the challenge
@MikelF second one's easy, third is more difficult, the fourth is a nightmare ;)
10:32 PM
@AndrewLi Why should you not request action on a post you have asked or answered? It makes us look bad. Why was the wording changed? The previous wording was deemed to be ambiguous.
@TinyGiant yeah. Now that it's clearer it makes sense. Thanks :)
Where are the rules now? Can't seem to find them anywhere on socvr.org
@Rob At the bottom of the "Be responsible with moderation requests" subsection.
I suspect I am in the wrong place. Where should I go for Triage guidance?
@Sam Got it, thanks - though the rule in question seems to be #6, not #15 - so I'm assuming there's another list somewhere as well?
10:42 PM
@Rob It's the 15th rule, but the subsections break up the numbering.
@MikelF you can ask here
@MikelF I'm sure there's someone here with experience in the triage queue.
@Sam Oh right, thanks
n a moment of insanity I decided to try my hand at reviewing. Came across this: stackoverflow.com/questions/41170507/…
it feels like it shuld be shut down, but was not surefot eh category... so I answered it instead
it's not spam... it is programming related... it's not a typo...
> Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. Questions without a clear problem statement are not useful to other readers. See: How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example.
10:46 PM
@dorukayhan the 3 CVs on it at this point are typo votes
I am just looking to calibrate, I guess
I'm out need waffles .... no need sleep
@MikelF That is a debugging question. Debugging questions require clear problem and interrogatory statements, example input, expected output, actual output, the exact error messages encountered, and an MCVE.
That contains a code dump, an error, and a vague question statement
10:52 PM
Therefore, it is not on-topic
either way, both "typo" and "debugging help" off-topic reasons will appear once the question is closed
Thanks for the feedback. I won't be flagging it because I replied to it.... and I have a vague recollection of that being against the rules. :)
@dorukayhan No, only the typo one does
@MikelF You can delete your answer
@TinyGiant Done and thanks.
10:55 PM
It is generally disingenuous to flag or vote to close a question that you have answered as it disallows other users from answering a question that you deemed good enough to answer. It is against this room's rules to request closure of such a question.
@TinyGiant Makes sense... That was the main topic of conversation in here when I entered the chat, so I was aiming for a touch of humor... I missed.
I figured you were referencing that, but as a room owner I try to keep the things I say as informational as possible with users who are new to the room.
11:13 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Note that the revised rule doesn't say anything about discussing posts that you have a stake in, only requesting action on posts that you have asked or answered.
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