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8:00 PM
oh wait, forgot about the durron part
"We are going to keep Durron on the Room Owner squad, but he will be an adviser rather than an active RO. He is always welcome when he has spare time."
That meta post should be included in our room info
Does durron expect to return at some point?
> But I actually like my new job and I want to spend my day, err... doing it. I still definitely care about the room and about SO but my activity level is going to drop by an order of magnitude or more.
Or is he sucked into the Amazon permanently
he has no estimate on availability
8:01 PM
@gunr2171 Yeah, I heard they can't estimate there.
We haven't decided on how to get rid of RO's anyway, that's why I'm still here
Something else

December 2015 Room Meeting

59 mins ago, 58 minutes total – 295 messages, 18 users, 8 stars

Bookmarked 5 secs ago by gunr2171

I'm out for a bit
Has the policy on handling disapproval by OP (user got post closed, wants to know why) been written down? Like, the one casting the is the one to discuss and all that
Aaand I'm late
8:03 PM
It was supposed to last one FULL HOUR!
@gunr2171 you've done well my young padawan
@Kyll No, it has not
You can make a start if you like?
And I'm back again for a bit.
8:04 PM
josilber passed a audit!
@rene Uh, why not. In what format?
@Kyll Start with a markdown gist
a gist will work
@josilber You've completed 40 CV review items today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 81 minutes, averaging to a review every 121.2 seconds.
@Closey He's not done yet.
8:07 PM
> @josilber You've completed 7,894 CV review items today, thanks. The time between your first and last review today was 653 minutes, averaging to a review every 12.2 seconds. You're probably injured now...
Ok, I'm back in chat from Europe now...
Man @MadaraUchiha must be tough being in second place
/me grabs popcorn
@josilber I guess you'd know better than me.
Oh snap!
unfair :P
8:15 PM
places review ban on @josilber
do you get to keep your reviews after you loose mod status?
@MadaraUchiha Ooh sneaky
the crowd mod fight! mod fight! mod fight!
@easwee I think you go back to having a 40/day limit if you lose mod status, but all your reviews as a mod would remain
8:16 PM
@Kyll I liked the first version better :D
@josilber ty for answer
@MadaraUchiha Me too but it was a bit macabre for this room =p
@easwee Moderator review votes are also binding, while non-mod ones aren't
is the meeting still on (looks like it isn't, but I don't want to butt in)
8:18 PM
Meant to flag for abusive one-boxing, starred
@cybermonkey done, thanks for waiting
@Kyll Common mistake, i star your posts all the time :P
@gunr2171 thanks for confirming
@cybermonkey thanks for thanking
(had to)
@JAL Beware! I'm not sure the sixth edition would go very well with so many diamonds around...
8:19 PM
got a little request for modification to the script: github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts/issues/36
@cybermonkey Interesting proposal
oh, that was you? the names aren't the same
That would require a server though.
don't know if that's possible, but might be a good idea to stop the likes of me (and others) from disturbing room meetings
@MadaraUchiha could run on the same server that Smokey runs on
thinking about it, it would require a significant overhaul of cv-pls, but it'd work
@cybermonkey Looks interesting, I'll take a look in a bit.
8:22 PM
If you guys put up a server for cv-pls, it could be used for a lot more than just block it for scheduled meeting
It wouldn't need a server.
You could block it if a request was already issued for the same question
I can just program in a switch that I can throw on my end to stop the sending.
Could we mod the room tags and use that instead? Like
@MadaraUchiha this is my pipe dream
8:23 PM
@DavidG Probably doable.
I was also thinking about a similar switch that I could throw for individual users if I start getting seriously annoyed by their improper use of cv-plz, but that seemed like I would be overstepping my bounds.
> Tiny-Giant was assigned by gunr2171 2 minutes ago
@Kyll like a boss
Exactly like a boss.
@TinyGiant would that also include a message client-side such as 'That cv-pls can't be sent right now: [reason]'?
8:25 PM
@cybermonkey Yes.
And yes, I do like option 2 better
> Failed sending cv-pls request for reason: you're using it incorrectly
^^^ error message that translates to job security
8:27 PM
@TinyGiant could have some sort of limit on how many cv-pls can be sent (that could be manually adjusted your-end)?
Yes, could do. But not until we figure out what that number should be from the data that gunr compiles.
I don't want to impose too many limitations because then people will just stop using it. Or find ways to circumvent those limitations.
@rene Very very early draft. I mainly listed the stuff I remembered and added fluff.
@Jon, @Ed, @Josilber or @Madara is there a way to keep a room around that is only used for room meetings once a month?
@TinyGiant Send Smokey inside?
8:31 PM
@Kyll But we don't want to fill the transcript with off-topicness.
Hello o/
@TinyGiant at the JS room, we just open a new one each time
@TinyGiant Just send him inside, don't do reports
An error happened that was not handled by the ChatMessageProcesser
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1: at System.Net.WebConnection.HandleError(WebExceptionStatus st, System.Exception e, System.String where)
at System.Net.WebConnection.ReadDone(IAsyncResult result)
at System.Net.WebConnection.HandleError (WebExceptionStatus st, System.Exception e, System.String where) [0x0003a] in /build/mono/src/mono-4.0.4/mcs/class/System/System.Net/WebConnection.cs:493

at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse (IAsyncResult asyncResult) [0x00065] in /build/mono/src/mono-4.0.4/mcs/class/System/System.Net/HttpWebRequest.cs:946
But currently, the best way is to ping a mod to unfreeze the room for you.
8:32 PM
@Thaillie Hey
@Sam ^^^
@Closey Yeah, ws error
@MadaraUchiha So the real question is, would it be alright with the mods if we set up a workflow that required that?
@Kyll My eyeballs have seen that wall of text. Thank you.
@Kyll OK, I can work with that, tnx
8:33 PM
@Sam at least Closey didn't die during the meeting
@rene I can add more if you want
silly GMail, Github isn't a forum :-)
@Tunaki Nope, he kept us informed of jos's reviewing instead.
Next best thing.
Hey, why are you in a chat with me
@TinyGiant I can't speak for all the mods, but I have no problem with it if it's once a month or so
8:35 PM
@MadaraUchiha Ok, as long as we can keep you to your word on that then I suggest we go ahead with method #2 @gunr.
@gunr What sorta stuff should nominees include in their gist?
@Mogsdad Commented on new answer
@Sam "Why I will not burn down the room and cause utter chaos"
@Sam similar to the nomination process on SO
@Kyll Looking at it, we might need to split our guidance in three parts: visitors, regulars and room-owners.
going afk for a while
8:38 PM
@gunr2171 Same granularity?
@rene "Visitors" being who exactly? Just some people in the room?
@Kyll Ofc, ofc.
@Kyll users that arrive here from a closed question with their only goal to have that discussed but not to return here ever again...
but than nicely worded...
@rene for responding to offended users who own questions closed by us, would it be best to start a gallery room?
@rene Why would they care about reading a policy?
8:40 PM
Or just to have a gallery room for that purpose?
Again, the problem of not enough activity causing the room to be deleted.
nah, I don't like it to get it seperated
@Sam tribute in the form of free beer
@TylerH And waffles/coffee?
@TinyGiant If we screw up, we screw up together
8:42 PM
Yeah, I just see how regular room activity during one of these discussions can be overwhelming for new users.
@Kyll it is more to have a link to point to when you want/need to de-escalate or end the discussion
@rene okay Captain America
Say if someone came in right now to talk about a question closed here, do we all just stop talking and wait for the discussion to end?
@rene Well... There's MSO for that, but I see your point
@TinyGiant That would be even more overwhelming haha, everyone looking at the user
I could see how a cv-pls coming in the middle of one of those discussions could also set off users.
8:43 PM
@TinyGiant nah, not really, only if one of the regulars ask to keep the noise down a little bit
Sounds good.
@rene agreed
Is closey still running the test branch?
Has everyone finished reviewing yet?
okay. just wanted to check before I started reviewing. I can hold off if we want to change back.
I didn't start yet
8:48 PM
Do you guys want to use the new version, or the stable one?
I don't mind using either one
Huh. Only 878 users have been awarded Outspoken.
It does't matter to me. How stable is the new closey? there didn't seem to be any issues this weekend.
Well the extra testing would be appreciated.
@NathanOliver I released a few bug fixes this morning/afternoon, so he's pretty much as stable as the old version.
8:50 PM
Okay then. Unless it becomes an issue I say keep on chuging.
@Kyll ...with a predictable result, no?
@LynnCrumbling Which is this one?
Did you guys see that .Net 4.6.1 just got released?
@Mogsdad Handling it
@Kyll Post 10 messages in chat starred by 10 different users.
8:51 PM
@NathanOliver Aye aye captain.
@LynnCrumbling Oh, I got that too. Hurray for Star-- err, posting interesting things!
@Clo add user 4342498
@LynnCrumbling ...and right away, a new tag. Sigh. stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/.net-4.6.1
@Sam That user is already in the system!
8:52 PM
Couldn't remember if you were in or not.
Oh - that was with rc1.
@LynnCrumbling More than a week ago, in fact.
Still... what's the effin point of tags for every sub-release?
Gold just got released today.
that tag should really be >:)
@NathanOliver I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@Mogsdad oh hey, you reminded me that I get paid on Friday \o/
8:54 PM
Remember when I was talking about using emojis in swift? It gets worse...
@LynnCrumbling ( ಠ ಠ )
I was waiting for the point in time I could communicate exclusively via emoji
I didn't even think of coding
Just finished reading the room meeting :p (thats alot of text D:), Will there be a summarized version for the people who missed it?
@JAL I don't understand why you'd add a feature that will basically only be used for trolling
@Kyll teaching programming to kids?
8:58 PM
@excaza Use a specific language ><
The fundamentals are more or less...fundamental
@Kyll We found that yesterday no?
> No more [question-answering]
@excaza not a good idea because people don't even know what emoticons are or what they mean
ex: everyone thought the Apple emoticon for high fiving was praying hands, instead
Then there's one of a woman with her palm held up to her side that people use for literally everything
9:02 PM
@TylerH information girl
my girlfriend calls it the "hair flip" emoji
Not to mention they change rapidly: if you have a language that creates a Frog that can extend to use a CoffeeCup object you'd be OK up until a few months ago, when everyone started using it to refer to minding their own business after making a snide remark
thanks to that meme of kermit the frog drinking tea
@TylerH Like this
@JAL yeah that one
@TylerH ...anticipating 10% commission for services rendered.
@Mogsdad oh I mean, paid in imaginary unicorn bucks...
exits the room silently
9:07 PM
@TinyGiant thanks for the links last night for the schema on SEDE. Working out swell
@Drew You're welcome, glad I could help.
@Thaillie No, I don't expect that to happen but some actions are already underway to get our guidance updated so that could go as a summarized version
Once/If we start using a gallery room for the room meetings, it would be much easier to summarize the transcript for each meeting into a gist.
Nathan passed a audit!
what I think would be totally rockin' would be a gallery of recent cv-pls requests (easier to clean to graveyard, easier to find)
9:12 PM
@TinyGiant we might need a script to quickly setup access based on the registered users for the event in that case
@Drew We've discussed this, but the room would not get enough attention.
@rene That should be doable.
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
I mean a way to corral the requests (not take them, the users, away from the room)
And once a user has access then they don't need to be allowed in again I believe... that might change if the room gets frozen then unfrozen again.
9:14 PM
@Drew I was working on a script for that a while back, it's sitting in a drawer somewhere. I'll dust it off at some point.
I don't know what to write in my nomination that doesn't sound like I'm tooting my own horn.
It is a why should I hire you? so Toot away.
@TinyGiant It is not about you, just saying...
I like how we give confusing tips...
@Drew That keeps coming up. Makes you wonder when @TinyGiant will get around to it... 8)
We can hat and have fun all at the same time
9:26 PM
@NathanOliver [=|:) ?
@NathanOliver You've completed 40 CV review items today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 33 minutes, averaging to a review every 48.9 seconds.
@Mogsdad nice.
too bad | isn't taller than [
@Closey next 5 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@rene The next 5 tags are: 139, 70, 65, 58, 51
sorry @Mogsdad I was 7 pages up looking for requests, didn't see it til now :P
9:27 PM
Later guys
@rene It looks like you've finished reviewing . Is that right?
@Closey yes
@rene Ok, I've marked it as a completed tag.
@rene Btw, you can also say: "Not x y" as well.
9:30 PM
If you prefer when it suggests multiple tags, ofc.
@rene You've completed 40 CV review items today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 18 minutes, averaging to a review every 27.6 seconds.
What is the purpose of its tag suggestions? I just looked at the wiki page on GitHub but it wasn't clear to me. Is it prioritizing tags with already-voted-on items in review, or something?
@JeremyBanks it gives the false feeling that we get something done
I query them based on a low number of items in the queue so we will run out of tasks for that tag
Cool, makes sense.
9:34 PM
It picks sub tags that exists on the top 10 major tags
We will never clear c# but we can clear asp.net once in a while
Ahhh, got it.
@rene What do you mean by that?
@TinyGiant I mean with that that I would be looking for your ideas about RO ship for this specific room and its special character.
9:50 PM
Yeah, I see what you mean.
So, previous moderator experience or stuff like that is probably OK to mention but isn't something I'll base my selection on
Assuming I'm part of the selection committee...
@rene sorry, forgot to tell you about that....
: )
see, I had that feeling...
@rene What rene's trying to tell you, is that the physical appearance of the zeroes on the check is really nothing compared to the length of the string. @TinyGiant
Sorry rene, pinged you; meant to send the joke to Tiny.
Yeah, what a joke...
10:01 PM
I've expended my humorous collateral already today.
Oh well.
I'll be funnier tomorrow morning... I promise.
I can't wait for tomorrow ;)
i'll vote for whoever promises more oneboxing
That never happened.
Right Closey?
@Sam You're on your own here.
10:05 PM
Closey RO 2015!
I'll never understand top users...
Elegant but is it relevant? — matt 1 min ago
@JAL Your OP commented too.
Is that user implying that you failed to answer the question?
@LynnCrumbling matt was, yes
but I fixed my answer and [supposedly] successfully answered the question
10:12 PM
that was pretty funny from matt
That guy is brilliant but sometimes his attitude just gets to me
we all have our moments, even me and Mother Theresa
@SantaClaus I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Santa's here?!?!?! I know him!
Yeah, right
Who's next? Rudolph?
10:14 PM
the Easter bunny actually
I saw him hanging out with Elvis and Tupac in Madrid
@Kyll I've brought your gist into a branch of the guidelines.
Alright I'm leaving work, catch you all later
@rene Thanks, I'll keep working on it later
I'm out...
@JAL Yeah - screw the gist, onebox your cv!
10:33 PM
I don't think there are any mean intentions behind it. But I don't think this is the right way.
flag and stay out of it
otherwise there may be a 2nd payback
11:03 PM
ignore that please; bad call.
@Rizier123 I smell fraudulent voting.
@rene @gunr. You all basically know who I am and what I stand for already. I've been fairly vocal about that. Can I just say that I've nominated myself and you guys vote either way based on what you already know of me.?
11:45 PM
@NathanOliver Sorry to say, but, I was unaware of the internal room proceedings; it's been a long time that I visited this room formally . I had not have talk with anyone since a week approx.
@DavidG I'm really sorry, but, I was unaware of the proceedings, please read the message above to this one. Nobody intervened in between; after posting all those cv-pls requests I was bombarded with 6 replies! I am really sorry.
@Am_I_Helpful Were you not in the room while posting requests?
@rene I'm really sorry for what you people went through during the meet. I was unaware of the internal proceedings.
Won't repeat the same from the next time, if I'll have prior information about the room meet.
@Am_I_Helpful You should not post to the room if you are not going to respond to replies, that was kinda rude.
@TinyGiant No, it's been a long time.
@DavidG Only after passing all those close requests, I turned off my system; now woke up, and suddenly noticed 6 bombarded messages.
That is one of the drawbacks of the script that it allows you to post to the room while not in the room. However, in the we will be figuring something out for that.
11:51 PM
@DavidG He wasn't in the room, so he didn't get the pings.
That's part of the cv-pls script, which in this case was unfortunate.
I was really unaware about the meet; I'm feeling sorry over myself as I really wanted to be a part of Room meet too.
@TinyGiant Yeah, but you do get an inbox notification on the main site
@TinyGiant So true with me; thanks that you got it.
@DavidG Only after a few minutes of not reading it. So it seemed really rude because he wasn't replying, but he hadn't gotten the inbetween messages.
11:52 PM
@DavidG I didn't, until I visited SO now after waking up.
Good morning BTW @TinyGiant ,@DavidG
@Am_I_Helpful However, if you're posting cv-pls requests you should be ready and able to respond to any criticism of your requests.
Good morning.
OK, you're forgiven for that, but it's still rude to throw stuff in here without being in the room. But lesson learned :)
It is behind us
@TinyGiant As I've already asked to forgive me, but, I just wanted to make clear that it wasn't really my intention.
11:54 PM
@TinyGiant In the is quite an interesting time I hear.
I was not ignoring those messages, it was just the case that I didn't get the response on time.
@Sam lol
@Am_I_Helpful I understand, and you are forgiven on my end. Just make an effort to be in the room when posting requests.
@Am_I_Helpful Morning!
@TinyGiant I won't commit to this, but, I'll try to be as much active here too as possible. It's just that I was very busy last week.
Today is my day 1 of my professional life, starting my career in programming industry.
@Sam Morning SAM.
11:56 PM
congrats Am_
@Am_I_Helpful I'm not saying you have to be in here all the time, just try to be in here while you're posting requests.
@Am_I_Helpful Congratulations on the new job.
@Drew Thanks, so I was busy completing formalities of the organisation.
@TinyGiant It is my first one though, but, many thanks. :)
Well, there is a first for everything.
OK, time to get shower; so that I could visit office on time. Don't know, if late, would leave what kind of impression! LOL

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