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12:00 AM
Yes, be on time. Have a good day :)
See you guys later. Thanks and same to you @TinyGiant
Good day to everybody...
BYE for now.
I know you can be scatter brained. Don't forget your pants
@Undo I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@Drew I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
12:36 AM
@Am_I_Helpful You can go here and check the "Quicker notifications" box to get ping notifs in your inbox sooner.
@Sam I didn't even know about that. Cool.
@TinyGiant Also, this guy is pretty amazing.
@Sam I don't like that guy very much.
@TomZych I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Oh, really? That's a shame.
12:42 AM
I don't like that guy either
yeah, that guy is a real jerk
PHP : syntax error, unexpected '[' on line 1
op says "typo" basically
12:45 AM
Is it sad that we all hate ourselves, other than Sam?
i blame public education
Maybe you guys just need moar magicz.
It's not public education's fault, it's caching's fault.
yeah well i am pretty sure my mom is pissed enough at me that she probably wont speak to me for a long time, if ever
@Sam How did the discussion here come to the point where you link to my profile? What do I have to do with it? (I'm curious)
12:48 AM
@Rizier123 its a magic page. everyone sees their own profile
@Rizier123 Take a closer look at the link
face palm
For my defense it's 2 o'clock in the morning.
12:51 AM
Almost 1 am for me.
I guess you're in the same timezone as Kyll/Sig then (iirc).
I was wondering who would get that and who wouldn't
I only need 128 more upvotes on JS posts to get my javascript silver badge.
@TinyGiant Next milestone, 2^6?
@Kyll You mean: 100 0000
Yeah, that one.
12:59 AM
Lol, someone upvoted that fgitw post.
@Rizier123 Well no, 100 0000 obviously
@Kyll Don't know what you mean :)
The edit history knows
Off to bed, night!
I only need 400 more
1:02 AM
@Drew Meaning you have no upvoted javascript posts?
not that I have looked, but I imagine
You're missing out man, all the fun happens in the JavaScript tag.
@Kyll Night!
6 more days, 1M JS questions
And JS has the most questions of any tag on the site.
1:04 AM
I'm gonna get to bed too, night all.
night night
@TinyGiant I guess the JS tag is just a FGITW feast
@Rizier123 FGITW is not inherently bad, except when the question is bad. If you want to get good at the FGITW game, follow the JS tag.
The real question is: Is lucky luke faster than the FGITW ?
@Rizier123 nope
1:16 AM
2 minutes to answer.. doesn't impress me.
Took longer to shoot a hole in it.
1:29 AM
@Sam Thanks, that was helpful.
1:49 AM
I hate apple, with all my heart. I don't care if my password is not complex enough, I'm not going to remember the password I set here six months from now when I need to download an update.
I've got 9 characters multiple upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols in a semi-random order, yet that isn't good enough.
There, it accepted a password I'm never going to remember.
2:06 AM
Drew passed a audit!
@Drew You've completed 40 CV review items today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 125 minutes, averaging to a review every 187.2 seconds.
2:31 AM
@TinyGiant password manager?
@Braiam Too lazy
password managers are the pinnacle of laziness...
> If you had a magic wand to make one change in technology right now, what would it be?

Atwood: Users would not have to generate, remember, enter, or ever think about passwords again. Computers would automatically know who the user is through a combination of ambient biometrics plus physical possession of some kind of device. Like, say, a smartphone.

Passwords are the enemy. And the users, because we are the idiots put in charge of making up the passwords. But mostly, it's the *goddamn passwords*.
2:47 AM
True dat.
Now I want to know what that was...
@TinyGiant A cv-pls that didn't need to be there. The queue should do a fine job on it, since it's so obvious.
@Mogsdad Ahh
@TinyGiant A wall of code plus the request, "Please go through my code and help if my code is not right."
2:59 AM
@Mogsdad Yeah... that is fairly obvious.
I tried to post an answer, but 8 characters wasn't enough...
3:10 AM
Good ol' \u200b
3:31 AM
Should thank you comments be flagged for removal? What is the consensus here?
Flag as not constructive or too chatty I believe.
Q: Should "Thank you" comments be flagged?

Patrick HofmanWhen commenting, the box tells you to avoid "Thank you" comments. In my opinion, "Thank you" comments are useless, and should therefore be flagged as 'obsolete'. So, I just flagged this comment and expected it to be helpful, but it was declined. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. This...

Moderator advice is to use Too Chatty.
3:50 AM
@ShamasS Yes
4:39 AM
@SmokeDetector why?
@TinyGiant Body - Position 2646-2654: dietplan
@SmokeDetector fp-
5:11 AM
is the next tag for delete votes in the legal-related cleanup. Use your best judgement, as always.
Triage is useless. I basically only get 10 reviews there and then I get no close votes outside of the cvq until the next day. It's hard to believe when people have a high frequency of 'Looks Ok' reviews in there history.
5:38 AM
closed now
5:57 AM
@SmokeDetector why?
@ShamasS The F word.
And some other minor ones.
it had some hindi swearing as well, I'm guessing the bot is not prepared with international cuss word lists?
6:58 AM
hi, I was about to hit the review queues, can any one suggest what is the best way to go about it working with this teams efforts?
@Closey next 5 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@TinyGiant The next 5 tags are: 139, 70, 65, 58, 51
If you filter by any of those tags it will help a lot.
ok thanks
is this mainly the close vote queue?
7:00 AM
ok thanks cheers
That's mainly what this room is about, just because of the shear size, but we can help with advice on any kind of reviewing or moderation activities.
yeh, I read the rules and I've often wondered how to find questions that have a lot of other votes on them, to increase the chances of getting them closed. So I'm happy to pop in here and use whatever tags you're working on.
Sounds good.
We're on a hold from normal tag activities, so just what Closey has for us.
7:05 AM
Other users will come in periodically and post cv-pls requests which are questions found outside of the queue that are in one way or another in need of closing, please review those as you would any in the close vote queue. We are not all always right.
Anyways, its late and I'm going to bed.
Ping one of the RO's to get access to the bot, it tracks your close reviews and keeps statistics of audits and such.
thanks @TinyGiant have a good night.
Also, we have events periodically where we all get together at once to concentrate our efforts on the queue.
7:08 AM
I saw that.. thanks cheers
7:40 AM
Morning o/
8:11 AM
@MrsEd and we like to disagree with one another too but in a nice way :P
@Drew I'll be good :)
hi Sam, it's evening here :)
I'm not worried about you MrsEd :P
@MrsEd Timezones ;)
8:27 AM
@Cerbrus how do you put the tags in your comment like that ^^
@MrsEd [tag:tagname]
we have a script that is embedded in your browser and it is like clicking a button but takes a little setup
@Drew yes?
that is my haul-someone-away-and-help chat room
that is a link for after someone has TamperMonkey installed, say, for Chrome
then there is a simple click that is embedded on the web page
8:33 AM
oky doky, will get tamper monkey, haven't used it for a while
thanks :)
do you want a screen shot of what it looks like when it is active ?
@Clo status
SOCVR ChatBot version, running for 20 hours, 1 minute and 25 seconds.
8:39 AM
let me chg that
I have tamper monkey now
Here is the link to a screen shot when embedded
8:44 AM
User scripts are here
hi all
@Drew and there's a script to format tabs in the posts yes? if that makes sense
No I dont think there is
8:47 AM
@MrsEd well let me just say the script, with that embedded link, will give a dialog box for close reason, like Unclear what you are Asking. And post directly to this room on your behalf. But I am prob not answering your question
@Drew hey thanks for taking the time. cheers :)
9:07 AM
Im not sure about that since the 'dupe' has a different json structure and thus needs to be parsed in a different way
9:21 AM
@Sam I see you are on a roll :-)
Morning all
9:22 AM
@kayess It's nothing much. :)
@Sam yeah, too bad I didn't notice those typos :-\
Well, it isn't a small post, could've been easily missed by anyone.
Hi people who just came in
Hi people that have no life and lurk here 24/7.
Oh wait...
Could we get some CVs on this? It's a code dump with "why isn't it working," to which a complete answer would have to be "because every line is wrong; here are the corrections." Take your pick on CV reasons; few of them would be inaccurate.
9:28 AM
> i researched everything in the internet
> Remaining part of my program is 100% correct
Some confidence huh
What is the box below questions called, that says edited X seconds ago and then my profile
Does it have a name?
Markup calls it post-signature, so perhaps the edit post signature?
Ill use that
I have to name it in a question title, so was looking for something other than "the box that appears below a question when you edit it"
hm stupid question, how do I send a request using the script cv-pls?
@TimCastelijns yeh I see that, when I press on it, I am not sure what to put in the send request box
just do a test, like Too Broad
then delete it if you want
What you type in there appears here as the reason you want it closed
Like mine above has Questions that seek debugging help must include...
thanks, yep I read down further, I was confused how to word the close option.. sorry
@MrsEd If you vote to close first, then press the cv-pls link, the reason will get automatically filled in for you too.
9:49 AM
@DavidG ah thanks.
@MrsEd at the bottom of this page you can see some examples and shortcuts for them github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts
@TimCastelijns Use the direct link to that section github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts#short-reasons
@TimCastelijns perfect! that is what I was looking for
9:59 AM
Thanks for the tip David, I dont use github often
Some people at my uni thought it would be a good idea to send a mass mail to all students asking "plz vote for our teacher here". Now getting some 50 mails per minute of all the other cool guys who think it's a good idea to reply to all and share their life stories
@TimCastelijns do you control the core routers of your uni ? If so, time for nullrouting them :-)
I control my own inbox :P Im just a student
Did you see the story a couple of years ago where someone accidentally mailed 30,000 employees and everyone started replying?
No :P but my uni has ~10,000 students, so I can imagine what that would have been like
This was at Reuters I think
It started trending on Twitter :)
10:11 AM
Ah, I don't use twitter
@TinyGiant You lazy .... ;)
What to do with this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/34017657/…
Too broad I would say
I found an answer that has +2, has 15 lines of text that say "I have this problem too, error message is this blablabla" and then "this link solved it for me", but the link is 404. What do i do with it? can't flag VLQ
10:21 AM
@TimCastelijns Moderator flag?
This whole "answer" is barely one, as it only points another issue and then redirects to another website for the solution. The other website is now a 404, making this answer unsalvageable. I could not flag it as VLQ because it was upvoted
Don't forget to say why you're doing a moderator flag (last part of my example)
You could edit the answer to point at a valid link, even an archive.org version of the same site.
@DavidG Yes, that would also depend on the overall quality of the answer
If it's crap anyway, no need to salvage it
Yeah, just giving it as an option.
10:24 AM
It's total crap
For reference stackoverflow.com/a/11730321/1843331, already flagged
Wow, broken since 2014
Strangely it received an upvote in march this year
People will update anything on canonical questions
Fine, what did I miss?
Hi Kyll, Kevin

December 2015 Room Meeting

16 hours ago, 58 minutes total – 295 messages, 18 users, 8 stars

Bookmarked 15 hours ago by gunr2171

10:38 AM
Thanks :P
I was wondering why it was so peaceful in here, forgot Kevin wasn't here! :P
Next time I'll use the tranquillizer darts to make him oversleep
Borrowed them from an elephant hunter friend, should probably stun him for a couple hours
Best use a couple of darts just to be sure.
Good idea.
@Sam Well, TL;DR. What's the best part?
@DavidG :P, was busy on moving. Now the old house is empty(don't know if there's still some cameras or not)
10:42 AM
All of it
It's a 5 minute read you lazy bum
@TimCastelijns For me maybe I need 20 minutes, you know I still not finish one of my todo. :P
Nov 21 at 14:25, by Kevin Guan
@Kyll TODO: Improve my poor English.
However I was trying to there earlier today, but that's 3 AM!
In my timezone
@KevinGuan Gunr's going to be track cv-pls'es; and there's an election ending on Thursday for a new RO (to step in for Durron).
@KevinGuan that's the problem, change timezone
@Tunaki Yeah, no more great firewall too!
@Tunaki Wow, good idea :D
@DavidG :P
@Sam Good, who'll be the new RO?
10:49 AM
How do you quote someone like that, where it almost looks like a screenshot of the message?
@TimCastelijns Just post that link without any text, it'll be a one-box (remember rene hate it, message or comment is fine but question or answer is bad).
15 hours ago, by gunr2171
Starting now (Nov 30th) and ending Thursday, Dec 3rd, anyone here is free to nominate themselves to the position. Create a Github Gist explaining why you would make a good RO. On Friday, Dec 4th, the RO's will debate and choose a winner. Feel free to discuss on people's Gists.
Oh yeah that makes sense
Yeah, spam us more Kevin, it's not like the link is on the right side of your screen already....
@DavidG Wow, see that :P
actually, I hadn't seen it; that chat sidebar is much too crammed for my browser window
10:52 AM
all I see is "Starting now (Nov 30th) and ending"
Blimey, how small is your screen?
BTW mine is 1280/800.
1920 x 1080 here
screen is fine but I have other stuff I need to see besides the browser
10:55 AM
@KevinGuan No point in asking for naa flags
One is enough.
But that does look like a troll
@Sam Also 1920x1080, but that's the monitor external to my laptop which is 1366x768. I couldn't dev with single monitor ever again
@Sam Yeah but some people want to be a Marshal soon :P
@KevinGuan You should have manually reported that to Smokey
@DavidG Lol, I don't believe it. That's the exact same res of my laptop, too.
@DavidG i would really like 3 monitors, but my card cant handle it :(
10:56 AM
@DavidG No, that's not spam or rude.
@KevinGuan he was trolling
Which means it's spam
And an unreg'ed user.
@Sam No idea, now it's gone and I don't have 1k rep :P
Oh, about the room meeting, I still want to know when can I join our team. Yeah that's not important and the team is beta, but I think it's the best way to tell other people Hey, I'm in SOCVR Team...I'm the one of our team right? :)
Protected that question
2 of those crappy answers...
11:00 AM
@KevinGuan No, the team is for the devs of the bots and such
See it, good job.
@DavidG And regulars.
@Sam Still waiting for a definition of what that means :)
But iirc you need to have been here for a good few months at least.
@DavidG You know that'll take 6-8 weeks. ;)
@DavidG Hmm...then why is Closey in it but Smoke not? :(
@Sam Ah, okay.
11:02 AM
@KevinGuan Smokey isn't made by people in this room, there's just a couple of people who do dev it that hang out here.
@DavidG Oh, don't know that before.
Okay I'll go to eat dinner and maybe can only here tomorrow, let here be peaceful...
See, peaceful now
@Cerbrus .... That's actually some sexy
I like this format
11:19 AM
Win and go to eat
11:34 AM
Now I have 100 flags!
Well, 99 right now
12:09 PM
I'm not Pythonic so have no idea.
12:25 PM
@Cerbrus I've been advised against routinely posting one-boxes here
I recently submitted a pull request which documents this in the room's FAQ
@tripleee Yes, I know, but I do like this format. Makes have more importance, more visibility, more impact, and thus more responsibility
while I authored that particular text, it's based on feedback I received from others here
@Kyll if you disagree with room policy, are you proposing that we try to change it?
@tripleee I don't disagree, I actually think one-boxing fits perfectly with it
well, I was advised specifically against doing that
12:29 PM
Do you remember by whom?
The PHP room had an extension that automatically oneboxes (or not, based on a setting) cv-pls requests, and strikes out cv-pls requests which were completed.
@Cerbrus I think rene
I can probably dig it up
1 min 13 sec
Sloppy ;-)
Dang, still above 60 seconds!
@MadaraUchiha That sound pretty nice.
12:31 PM
@Kyll Plop
@BhargavRao Hi!
a bit messy but this I think is where it happened: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/26893602#26893602
@BhargavRao Hey
12:34 PM
sorry, slightly below that
@user2314737 You don't close spam
but click that and read on for a few comments
I'll cry if you CV spamz
@user2314737 might not be spam
what they are trying to say is "flag it instead"
12:35 PM
It's not spam
It's a "my website is broken" quetsion
@tripleee Yeah, if it is actually spam
@Sam how can you tell?
I concur; doesn't actually look like spam
@Tunaki he fixed his typo s/it is actually/if it is actually
12:36 PM
Kabouter Plop (Plop the gnome) is the eponymous protagonist in a children's television series by Studio 100. The television series is directed by Bart Van Leemputten. Most episodes last about five minutes and are set in Plop's milk inn (which is a toadstool in which he sells plopmilk and plopcookies) or in Gnome forest. The stories often involve pranks by naughty Kabouter Klus ("Chore"). Each episode starts with Plop lying in bed and reviewing what happened the past day. At the end of the episode he says he goes to "Gnome dream land". Most episodes contain a moral. == Characters == Plop is the...
Who wants to spam to "de-promote" their website?
@Tunaki I said, "it it is actually spam", instead, "if it is [...]"
Please add meaningful code and a problem description here. Don't just link to the site that needs fixing - otherwise, this question will lose any value to future visitors once the problem is solved. Posting a [mcve] that demonstrates your problem would help you get better answers. For more info, see [Something on my web site doesn't work. Can I just paste a link to it?](http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/125997/)
@Sam oh ok! :)
Totes stolen
12:37 PM
That is what all those "Plop" messages keep reminding me of
@Kyll Totally.
@Tunaki :)
@Cerbrus I know, I know, people keep reminding me lol
I've got some bookmarks for those
cc @DavidG ^^^
afk nom nom déjeuner
12:45 PM
why was this closed as OB again? meta.stackoverflow.com/q/252506/792066
Good morning
@Kyll Er, what?
12:52 PM
@Sam Yesterday you mentioned about Closey helping in close vote reviews, I have a query bout that. I usually filter my review queue. Can I join without removing the filter?
@BhargavRao Which filter are you referring to here?
(Tags, or CV type?)
The CV page filter.
Yeah, that has two filters in it, one for filtering by tags, and the other (checkboxes) for CV types. We generally all aim to review the same set of tags together (especially at the CV events).
Ah fine. Understood. I've been using the [python] - duplicate filter. So I guess it is better to opt out of using Closey.
The unique advantage is you don't fail audits with that particular combination. :P
Well, the main point of the events is burn down a particular tag (or group of tags), so...
12:59 PM
So Closey is used mainly for burnination?

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