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12:06 AM
@KevinBrown done. Sigh. You didn't need me you know :-P
And finally I've actually voted on all of my own cv requests.
12:45 AM
Do we get close votes back from deleted questions?
1:26 AM
@SmokeDetector why?
@TinyGiant Body - Position 1147-1152: Derma
false positive
@JonClements you around?
1:51 AM
@JonClements Back
you pinged?
@JonClements Can you synonym to ?
I've had to freshly burninate it twice today
isn't coming up on the suggestion list when you type visual-stu
The whole vs* and visual-studio stuff looks err... interesting
@JonClements yeah...
@JonClements I burned four questions a few hours ago and two more from two different posters popped up a few hours later.
IIRC both were under 1500 rep.
I dunno, maybe the problem will go away after 0300 UTC.
I've syn'd anyway - keeps it consistent with all the other visual-studio-xxxx tags
2:04 AM
@JonClements thanks
60 votes away!
@JonClements I know, it seems like forever lol
It's like pulling teeth to get even one upvote on an answer sometimes.
it happens - what brought that particular answer up? (I'd forgotten about it)
2:15 AM
@JonClements It's your most recent zero voted answer
And it's obvious to me you put in pretty significant effort, it was just an example of being demoralized by an answer
So what's keeping you up so late besides me pinging you? More debugging?
Nope.. was semi-awake and heard a ping - thought I'd see what it was :)
@JonClements aww... thanks! go to bed!!
Well... appear to be kinda up now... so might check emails etc....
2:19 AM
@JonClements aw I feel terrible now, that tag wasn't important enough
well, I appreciate it anyways
How's the re-tag, burninate stuff going? looks like source-code is done (minus editing?)
Here's a relic from days gone past, and it will never be deleted automatically.
I wouldn't worry about it
@JonClements We're waiting for roomba and throwing delete votes at it
If I happen to open one worth saving even though it's closed I'll edit the tag out.
should be done in a few more days
@nhahtdh every question is closed, there should be a lot more delete worthy questions now to throw your DVs at
Okay I'm off to play Pandemic with my gf. Take care all
2:36 AM
take care
There might be a couple flags similar to the ones I asked you to process last night.
Only 16
4:22 AM
@TinyGiant spam flags pls superuser.com/questions/948061/…
Flagged as everything... or was that not what you meant when you said "spam flags"....
@TinyGiant sure i mean, whatever
vtc-ed and spammed the flags
4:27 AM
I was going to comment "MAPS MAPS MAPS" after the guy that commented "SPAM SPAM SPAM", but I decided that is only because I'm tired so I didn't do it.
@durron597 I'm out, have a good night :)
11:49 AM
@Mogsdad Now that you have close privileges, maybe suggest a duplicate chain for this
good morning
:) good afternoon
@SmokeDetector why?
@smo why
should this be closed as a tool request? its phrased "how can i..." but its more or less a tool request: stackoverflow.com/questions/11139009/html-tidy-for-vba-code
12:03 PM
Yeah, looks like a rool rec to me
@NathanOliver Just realised the message needs to be a reply, not just a ping.
@SmokeDetector why?
Title - Position 31-42: Brain Power
Body - Position 315-326: brain power
Body - Position 640-656: supplements4help
Body - Position 640-701: supplements4help.com/brain-peak-brain-power/" rel="nofollow">
Awesome. Thanks @sam
12:07 PM
12:27 PM
anything need a cv?
well, that one does
J query, shudder
@NathanOliver, I don't blame you for not editing the body, not a lot to work with
@gunr2171 I knew I could fix the title. the body made me cry a little
impersonation of TylerH: knew*
12:58 PM
hum, gone already
there's no why data, is there any zee data?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 8 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
Well, repeating characters doesn't use a regex, so no why data.
Q: Detect walls of text

Benjamin GruenbaumI'm yet to see "wall of text" questions that were good but I constantly see ones that are hard to read and make it really hard to answer. A simple algorithm to detect "wall of text" in a question would be simple to implement in JavaScript. It would simply check "how close" something is to the w...

If something like that does not get implemented, would that be an interesting idea for smokey? Or too noisy?
If the number of regular text characters without some sort of line break is greater than a threshold, fire
1:25 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 289-293: Nike
@SmokeDetector Why?
@Deduplicator Body - Position 289-293: Nike
When did Nike become a bad words
@NathanOliver There used to be much Nike spam around.
1:26 PM
Jul 20 at 18:11, by ProgramFOX
There has been some Nike spam around, so that's why it's added as keyword.
ah bad keyword no bad language
@Deduplicator It appears you don't have SmokeDetector-privileges yet... I'll add you to the privileged list.
hadn't really tested it yet.
1:30 PM
From now on, whenever I need a sample string in one of my answers, I will use "Nike".
@NisseEngström THanks a lot for being helpful.
@NisseEngström Don't complain if you randomly lose 100 rep for spam flags. :P
Does it also work with "hwnikeyr"?
@NisseEngström Nope.
1:33 PM
string formatting is faster than string concatenation by a factor of 30?
@gunr2171 Only if logging is turned off
There are a lot of different parameters you can tweak in logback
1 hour ago, by ProgramFOX
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 8 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
Well, repeating characters doesn't use a regex, so no why data.
2:12 PM
@gunr2171 thanks
no problem
Should I mark that last post as a false positive?
yes fp or fp-
@NathanOliver You might not be on the privileged list
@NathanOliver you must not have permissions (cc @ProgramFOX)
2:15 PM
Yeah thats' what it looks like.
Feb 9 at 21:24, by Zero Piraeus
@rene That's even worse - now I'm unloved by a robot whose purpose is to pay attention to me ;-)
@ProgramFOX Can you please add me to the privileged user for Smokey?
@NathanOliver Sure! On it.
@ProgramFOX Thanks
2:19 PM
@NathanOliver Done.
@ProgramFOX Thanks again
2:47 PM
Aw... I'm jealous now ;(
@JonClements You're a mod, you have auto-privileges :)
Seriously? Is that programmed in to it?
Wasn't aware of that - not that I have an idea how to use it or whether I'd ever need to do so... but - sweet anyway
There's a full command list available here: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/wiki/Commands
2:51 PM
@JonClements brews coffee for @JonClements
@Unihedron brews coffee for @Unihedron
2:54 PM
Um... needs a pull request and commit for !!/tea
Should I or should I not go on another comment flagging spree?
@NathanOliver Undo's EC2
@JonClements You like tea?
I'm English - it's a stereotype - live with it :)
2:55 PM
whats wrong with tea?
Me too!
I have a tea time bench at home.
We should have a Tea Party in the CVR Room.
How are those tags?
@Kyll Fine, especially the first one. Why?
is maybe okay given there is , but seems way too broad and is not any precise no?
Some burninating-request which slipped: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/254608/…
3:09 PM
@Deduplicator I upvoted that
> Will not fight against religious people… May they become happy with their esoteric optimizations
On a question where my answer is +5/-1 (his downvote), and his answer is (0/-2) (my downvote)
@Kyll Reason?
"Is there a node package manager which is smart enough to realize this and manage the dependencies in a common collection, which could look something like this?"
ok, I missed that while skimming
3:50 PM
@ArtjomB. that seems iffy to me, especially since a mod reopened it once already.
Well with those scores, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I don't see how there could be any other answers that would be of value to that question, and it isn't a good example of an on-topic question... so why not close it?
But, it was reopened by shog
I don't completely agree with Shog in this case - so I've closed it
where did the cat go?
@cimmanon It's off-topic and I don't agree with Shog9's assessment that it's not off-topic, because it's hard to find the download link. I've have had problems finding the download link to a library. Should I ask a question? Certainly not.
3:56 PM
I agree, it is a request for an off-site resource.
@gunr2171 ?
your avatar changed
We were talking about vampires and garlic yesterday.
as in vampire OPs
3:59 PM
any word on if you can kill a vamp with garlic flowers? I don't have any vamps around here to test with.
We have a code word for that in the Python room website
I like that code word
@TinyGiant err... you might have had half of your flags turned down btw regarding the comment thing
Damn... guess not then
No reason on any of them?
4:07 PM
I wasn't the mod that handled them... and by the sounds of it, I mis-lead you to a possibly incorrect action of the way to deal with them
so my bad - and apologies :(
@JonClements What are y'all talkin bout?
None of the questions are even close to the amount of views that would hold them back, most of the comments were just asking for clarifications that never came, and all of them are abandoned.
All zero score with no answers...
4:10 PM
apparently just vote it to -1 works I think
Brad Larson♦ asking about audits made from bounties: Should I be concerned about Featured Questions inflating votes?
Oh... theres nothing about that in the roomba posts I've seen.
@TinyGiant well - I didn't even know that comments could keep a post alive anyway
still new, trying my best to help the community though, sorry! :(
Well, if that is true, it is good to know. Maybe that should be added to meta.stackexchange.com/a/92006/288751
Sorry, I'm not complaining, just wondering :)
4:12 PM
I know you're not, I just feel bad about it is all
@ArtjomB. That's interesting. All questions about how to make node.js stand-alone windows executables. 2+ years ago I found 7 dups, I bet there are more now. Almost every answer points at a tool. So... are we dealing with "tool" questions that should be closed individually, or just pick one as the grand-daddy?
@TinyGiant "If the question is more than 365 days old, and ...", last condition.
@Deduplicator That doesn't say anything about -1 questions having more than 1 comment
@Mogsdad I have looked for a good target, but haven't really found a good one that combines everything. That's why a chain of duplicates if probably best.
@TinyGiant Sure, it's only the 1y script.
@Deduplicator So is there a better post documenting the roomba scripts?
@durron597 nope - it's gone
@ArtjomB. Will do. Funny, I don't see newer ones. Kinda thought I might.
4 years old, very little views, no other activity... potentially biased answer, and the question is a resource request anyway
That was tool - pob - too broad - not about a specific programming problem. I think it's thoroughly off-topic
4:18 PM
@durron597 I Looked at it, but there was nothing to be saved.
So sad.
The problem with roomba scripts is that there is a rate limit at what is actually deleted. I know that Shog9 said that users without visible posts are deleted slowly, because there are so many of them (or something like that). I would think the same is true for question deletions.
@TinyGiant No, that's the one and definitive post.
@TinyGiant You can also look at the "How does deletion work" 10K-privilige-help, but for roomba it links there.
@ArtjomB. it's not.
All qualifying questions are deleted whenever the scripts run.
When that is depends on the script
Some only run weekly
4:26 PM
I think the only system delete-rate-limit is for abandoned accounts. Unless I missed an update there...
Do questions that fit the criteria otherwise for the year-old deletion script, but have comments get deleted if they are scored -1?
@TinyGiant Than they fit the 30d-script.
Ohh... totally missed that.
@Shog9 Thanks for the clarification.
Good to know
4:29 PM
@JonClements I'd like to hear your rationale here.
@Shog9 sure - here or the blue room?
@JonClements here is fine, since @ArtjomB. may have feelings as well
@JonClements @Shog9 If you don't mind discussing it here I would like that.
I'm entirely emotionless ;)
I have to agree with shog on keeping it open
4:36 PM
To clarify - are we talking about this
@JonClements yes
I'ts nearly 2 years old... everything is pretty much links to what can be done - it should probably be a wiki at best... it doesn't need more answers
from my reading, it's building nothing but a list of "on this date - see here, on this date see here, on this date see here"
Is there any way to get a list of questions that have delete votes but aren't yet deleted? I'm continuing with the clean-up of source-code, and would rather pile-on than be the first dv.
@Mogsdad not by tag, but in 10k tools is a general list
@Shog9 the most recent answer being "Spring repositories can be downloaded here, the latest being 4.2.0 (release 31-Jul-2015)"
4:42 PM
@ArtjomB. Thanks - close enough, I guess.
@JonClements yeah, that's a mirror of the link in the top answer (or vice-versa, not sure)
Seems if it's worth keeping, it should be wiki-locked like stackoverflow.com/questions/81656/…
Which is a problem with the answerer not perhaps reading the top answer, or perhaps a rep-grab.
I still see a need for having this information available though.
Search for "spring framework download" - this question is the top result.
@Shog9 imho it's still a give me the link question and all the answers are here's some links
That'd be a problem if, say, the next result was the actual download link
Or maybe the third result was
Or the 4th
but they're not
This isn't simply a case of "the link is hidden" - if you go to the framework page, the only download information provided is for build managers. Which I'm sure is a good way to set it up, but clearly an awful lot of folks have had the need to download this directly; IMHO, the utility here overrides any theoretical concerns.
This isn't a recommendation request (which is how you closed it)
There's no subjectivity
There is a framework
whose maintainers, for whatever reason, strongly encourage the use of build systems as their only distribution mechanism
4:46 PM
The subjectivity lies in the choice of the download process I guess
@ArtjomB. In which case we're rather actively serving the community by allowing them to be vetted rather than relying on, for instance, some sketchy SEO-gaming host to mirror modified versions of the files...
The proper answer is the official repository, which is linked.
Removing that would be a disservice
A comparison could be made here to similar questions about downloading Flash updates - another scenario where the publisher goes to fairly ridiculous lengths to make them less than obvious
So, the answers make the question on-topic then?
Q: Where to download Flash Player for offline installation?

jakub.gI can't find Flash Player download link which will give me the full EXE/MSI file, not the tiny downloader which downloads data from the internet. What's the proper download site for this?

@ArtjomB. how is the question off-topic?
@ArtjomB. Looking at it again, the question isn't asking where it is asking how
He's not asking, for instance, "Which site would you suggest I download Spring Framework from?"
or, "What's your favorite 3rd-party all-in-one distribution of Spring?"
4:51 PM
however the title is: "Where can I download Spring Framework jars without using Maven?"
He wants the damn library, the official version, and for whatever reason the maintainers made this simple thing non-obvious
There are similar examples for other libraries / frameworks on SO, BTW
and there's a myriad of answers with different results
@JonClements Thats easy to change especially since the question has
>Does someone know how to get the latest build without Maven/github?
JSTL has had sort of a history of getting shuffled around w/ resulting broken links - so they started maintaining an up-to-date download link in their tag wiki, with a corresponding Q&A to point to it.
As a side-effect, the JSTL tag wiki gets more visits than just about any other tag wiki on the site.
(which is a pretty sad indicator of how useless tag wikis are by default)
I like the Python wiki.
4:54 PM
There was a lot of effort put into the Python wiki
There are a lot of good wikis, but unless they get linked to from questions they don't get many visitors
Right... I'm not expert in that field.. don't need to be to be a mod... I found the question broad, all the answers ending up being links that can go out of date, so I closed - if there's users that want to keep a CW - I'd be more than happy
@Shog9 If that question is on topic, we've been deleting a lot of on topic questions in the source code cleanup effort recently.
@durron597 example?
4:56 PM
@durron597 that question kinda sucks.
it's a duplicate of
Q: Where to find Java JDK Source Code?

Martijn CourteauxI would like to see what a method in the Java API does. So I want the JDK Source Code. Before I re-installed Linux I had the src.zip package with all the official source code in it. I just had to tell Eclipse where this file is and I could see the code. But now I don't have the file anymore... S...

...which I think is reasonable
@Shog9 What about the second one?
@durron597 seems reasonable
To us, all questions of this sort, including the ones you all have been discussing, are "off site resource requests".
I looked at the Python wiki a long time ago to see if I could improve it. Seems like I couldn't figure out anything to improve it. I should revisit it.
@Shog9 It hasn't even seemed debatable to me according to my understanding of site guidelines, but now it seems I misunderstand that close reason.
4:59 PM
so ask yourself this: is the question useful? Is it likely to attract bad behavior? Will it encourage others to ask bad questions?
@AaronHall this isn't the place to debate the Python room wiki - there's another room you frequent that is used for that
> Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.
I'm not arguing with you, I'm stating that the language seems to suggest that these questions you're describing as reasonable are inappropriate.
So is someone going to post opinions or spam in response to a request for Chromium source?
The rule isn't "do you think it will be opinion or spam", the rule is "recommend or find an offsite resource"
I don't care about that particular question, since it seems easy enough to find without it; it's a "lazyweb" question at best.
5:00 PM
So if it is a request for a specific off-site resource it is on-topic?
At least, that's the way the language reads to me.
sorry, maybe I'll get the source and propose something to the Python room. wasn't intending to argue. Just trying to be a productive member of SOciety.
But if you find a question is useful, if it isn't attracting bad behavior, then why close it?
because it's off-topic now?
If there is wiggle in the rules then it should be clear that there's wiggle in the rules
5:02 PM
(thinking I might as well put my head in the guillotine and hand shog the rope myself)
The problem with having wiggle in the rules is that bad intentioned people will point to the wiggle and say "hey! I can post this!"
Back to the original question. It seems it does attract bad behavior judging by the number of deleted answers.
I've got to go. I'll be back in an hour or so.
@durron597 the problem with not having wiggle in the rules is that over time we slowly disallow everything because there's nothing that can't be abused by a sufficiently-determined/clueless person.
@durron597 tc
5:04 PM
So... Use your judgement.
@JonClements it's off-topic if we (the users on Stack Overflow) say it's off-topic. This is determined on a question-by-question basis; it's fine to say "this is useful" and "this is not".
Well, @Shog9: You made an excellent case for keeping that question. But for keeping it open and not wiki-locked, doesn't the number of deleted answers also say something?
The rules, the guidelines, the close reasons... All exist to make life easier for folks here. If we treat them as sacrosanct and immutable, unable to be interpreted or applied differently in different situations... then they stop serving and start being worshiped.
@Deduplicator says it should be protected (which it was based on the answer deletions); perhaps more
I could see a wiki-lock being useful at this point in time
I don't see the need to delete it though.
And when you close a question, that's what you're saying.
I gotta run; will check on this later. Perhaps this should be brought up on meta?
Well, if closing is only a stage to final deletion, wouldn't that mean we need something easier than histo-locks for saying "it's valuable, but really doesn't belong"?
@Shog9 Probably.
I agree that this would be a good meta topic. Too bad you can't migrate chat messages to comments on a question.
@Deduplicator we do. It's called "reopen + edit"
5:12 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 262-273: black magic
@NathanOliver you have to reply
@ProgramFOX got it
@Shog9 if I'm around - we'll see
good roomba comic
5:20 PM
@NathanOliver lolz
So... who's going to ask the meta question about the subject?
Closey will
(I missed the entire discussion, going back and reading)
5:39 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
Title - Position 15-20: Derma
Body - Position 15-20: Derma
@NathanOliver Was going to try and edit it but the only word that screws up in translation is obrabatyayu, whatever that means
I diid a google trans and it wasn't to bad but the question needs more help than just that.
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 752-756: shit
@TinyGiant looks like I overrode your edit. I rolled it back as stuff is better than foo that I chose.
5:47 PM
Stuff is closer to shit than foo... lol
5:59 PM
bloody blue cards
^^^^ Second that
@Deduplicator ^^^ this is exactly what I was thinking while I was out.
I've kinda been thinking that for awhile.
"We would normally delete this, but I guess it could be useful to someone, somewhere so we won't" that would be available to non mod, 10k+
6:28 PM
@rene You missed all the interesting things. Read the back-log.
up for some reviewing?
Q: We should have a question status similar to locking that non mods can set on posts

durron597If this is tl;dr skip to the bottom heading. In the SO Close Vote Reviewers chatroom, there was recently a discussion with @Shog9, @JonClements and a few others about this Stack Overflow question: Where can I download Spring Framework jars without using Maven? This question is very simply a ...

@Shog9 @JonClements @ArtjomB. ^^^
@durron597 should we make a bookmark of that discussion?
probably from the message you linked to
1 hour ago, by Tiny Giant
I agree that this would be a good meta topic. Too bad you can't migrate chat messages to comments on a question.
6:36 PM
If you like

Discussion with members and mods about a rec. question

3 hours ago, 1 hour 33 minutes total – 164 messages, 13 users, 1 star

Bookmarked 6 secs ago by gunr2171

That was some discussion...
@gunr2171 Someone needs to get 2k meta rep ;)
I always seem to be out then the fun starts
meh, not high on my priority list :)
6:42 PM
@gunr2171 I'm hoping I cap once. If I do, I'll be dang close to my 3k on MSE and then I can VTC everything
@gunr2171 repcap
Prior to that question I was 300 rep away from 3k on MSE
oh, ok
@durron597 don't worry, I'll down vote some posts for you ...
@SmokeDetector rolled back
6:54 PM
@TinyGiant He was talking about deletion, not locking.
Removed my comment.
@SmokeDetector why?
@TinyGiant Body - Position 4359-4363: nike
@ProgramFOX I'm on the frequently in room list, but smokey doesn't listen to me :(
@TinyGiant Weird, I'm sure I have given you privileges.
Oh, or perhaps not.
No, apparently I didn't give them, I'll fix that.
6:58 PM
Awesome, thanks :)
@ProgramFOX Does the bayesian log actually do anything or are you just building up a database for now?

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