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11:01 PM
0 !== Positive Number.
0 === -0
@TinyGiant I think accepts count towards tag badges though.
A: Do accepted answers without upvote count towards tag specific badges?

MatAccepted answers are not taken into account at all for the tag badges. Only votes (upvotes increase your tag score by one, downvotes decrease it by one too). (This is explained in the badge faq and the tag badge faq.) I believe part of the reasoning for not counting the accept as a score here i...

@TinyGiant I'm guessing I can safely ignore the removed ping from earlier?
11:02 PM
@TinyGiant Huh. My score has been going up faster than I think it should be, I assumed accepts were the reason
Maybe I'll do the math
Deleted older posts with downvotes will also raise your tag score.
hello again
Ello guvnah!
@TinyGiant huh?
Downvotes on posts count as -1 tag score, when the post is deleted, the -1 is removed.
11:05 PM
@TinyGiant Downvotes of mine?
errr, um... a'right chappy, how goes one's day? Fancy a cuppa? (puts on best sterotypical accent)
Are you saying I penalize my own tag score when I downvote some crappy question?
No, if someone downvoted one of your posts, and that post is subsequently deleted.
@durron597 brews coffee for @durron597
11:05 PM
@TinyGiant Thanks for the tip. I'm only about 60 rep or so off being able to access the wonderful queue of Triage. Seeing how you guys are classifying things should help me be a bit more accurate (hopefully) xD
@TinyGiant Oh, sure, duh, but that hasn't happened recently.
Oh - the triage queue is fun - you'll love it @Calcolat :p
@Calcolat Damn near everything (but not actually everything) in triage is unsalvageable. But you do actually have to look.
Audits are a b*!@~
@JonClements I hope you're right. Out of all the queues that seems to be the one that gets the most complaints so hopefully I don't add to them :P
11:07 PM
The LQPRQ is my favorite.
I wish I could access the CV queue. Now that one seems fun.
@TinyGiant Recommend deletion:
2 hours ago, by durron597
user image
@Calcolat Just simply this, if a question has severe formatting problems but otherwise it is still good and cannot be closed for any other reason, then it should be improved (by the community). If it has some minor issues but it isn't closeable, looks ok. If there is any reason you can possibly think of to close it, unsalvageable.
@Calcolat Answer moar question
Just not closeable ones, we don't like that
11:10 PM
pre-mod I use to go through the queues and want to weep sometimes :(
@TinyGiant What r u talking about, the stack exchange structure encourages people to answer instead of VTC duplicates
Why the hell did you think that post was okay? Why why why?! etc...
@JonClements Because "Looks Ok" brings up the next post and "Recommend Deletion" brings up a dialog...
"Buy Viagra HERE" - I wanna weep when that passes the first post queue
@JonClements I haven't seen actual spam in Triage... ever I think. Only audits. I have 580 under my belt, not a ton but a not insignificant sample either.
Okay, heading home. 6:15 on Friday is much too late to be at the office.
11:14 PM
@TinyGiant Thanks. That makes things much easier.
Lol, yeah I know, once you cut out the crap there isn't very much left to answer.
Hmm I'm curious though... what if the post can be improved but no one is likely to do it? Should those still be left open or closed anyway?
I mean ones I can't edit for whatever reason.
If it can be improved, suggest an edit. If it requires interaction from the OP to improve, then close
If it's so bad that nobody would want to improve it, it's probably bad enough that people shouldn't be answering
@KevinBrown Except that they do...
11:16 PM
Yeah, @TinyGiant sums it up well
Ahh yeah that's what I was trying to say. I mean if it requires further clarification from the OP or something like that no one else can fix and it's unlikely OP will do it.
And thanks for yet another tip xD
Is the old "If it deserves a close vote, it's unsalvageable" still true?
Yeah, if it requires input from the OP to be answerable, then it should be closed until the OP has edited it.
@KevinBrown Yes.
I honestly haven't touched Triage much since I was review banned in April
11:18 PM
Aww Kevin :(
That's unlucky.
Okay, this comment conversation is hilarious (to me anyway)
@durron597 PrayerDataProperties is a DataModel for each Item — Want2bExpert 5 mins ago
click the link
bye for real!
Review bans are only temporary, I only avoid Triage because of the crap that people say "looks good" to
Lol what a conversation those comments are.
It also severely cuts into my close votes
11:21 PM
@KevinBrown Review bans get lengthier each time though
I avoid reviewing mostly because people upvote complete garbage like mad. Which makes bad audits.
Aww Kevin.
I don't think I've met one person yet who actually likes triage
@JonClements Up to a max of a month, right?
And I definitely don't think I've met anyone who would pick triage as their fav queue
@Kevin I think the system automatically does 2 days for a first "offense"
11:23 PM
My experience was 3 days, 1 week, 1 month. I think that required 9 failed audits
What happens if you and someone review right but 3 randoms just vote silly posts as "looks ok"... can you get a review ban for being "right" but still looking "wrong"?
I'm currently in the middle of a one month ban
@Calcolat No, only by failing audits multiple times.
Bad audits are made by people upvoting garbage.
@Calcolat Not unless you're manually banned
That was my first ban, 7 days
11:25 PM
@TinyGiant oh yeah... doesn't clear until Aug 16
what the heck did you do there? :p
@JonClements Is it possible (for mods) to review past review bans?
technically yes, but it's not a priority
Er, I'm not referring to the theoretical list of failed audits
I mean like bans on a single user
I wont be going back to the review queues I think. I got caught by some borderline posts being upvoted. And the last one I was tired and accidentally pressed the wrong button.
Oh I see. So the audits are all compiled from existing questions others have voted on right? So if people upvote silly answers and you do the right thing and try to get rid of it, you'll fail the audit because the system thinks that post is "good"?
11:28 PM
Oh man... :/
You can search Meta SO for lists upon lists of bad audits because people have upvoted bad questions
@TinyGiant tbh, if the system's given you that length of a ban, you must have gotten quite a few things wrong :(
But one way to get past it, follow the link on every review and read every question and answer.
11:29 PM
@JonClements I've been banned a few times for failing bad audits. But there is nothing you can do about a bad audit, so I just took the bans.
What have you learnt from them?
I've passed quite a lot of good audits, but the bad ones get me. I've learned to open the question every time.
Do triage posts have some sort of lock so you at least have time to read the Q&A before someone else comes along and votes whatever?
@TinyGiant and do you still want to review if you weren't banned?
@Calcolat Most (all reviews but H/I?) work without locks, but you typically have enough time
11:31 PM
@JonClements Of course I would review. Any time I say I'm not going to contribute to the community I'm lying.
@Calcolat No, but triage is pretty easy if you know what the buttons mean.
And can you promise me you've learnt and will review in a constructive way?
Oh cool that's good to know.
Reviewing isn't as bad as we all like to make it seem like
11:34 PM
I wish there was a temporary lock on edits though. I can't do reviews yet but it's annoying trying to edit posts only to get the message "another edit has already been done".
@KevinBrown Yeah you guys are almost making me wish the other 500 queues had more posts in them instead of triage :P
@Calcolat You eventually get what I call Editrenalin. Where when you start editing a lot you get a rush of adrenaline that makes you type really fast... and sometimes shake.
Once you learn how to spot audits (you will learn) it's not that bad. And as a 500 user you will learn a lot about flagging from it
Haha. I think I've already experienced a few cases of that. Especially the posts with lots to edit... I start formatting a lot of things and then go "this is taking too long hurrrry up" and start typing like a maniac.
I can definitely vouch for Editrenalin. The alternative is to wait a while after a post is born (~20 mins) to edit it
Ughhh this doesn't answer the question
Q: Flagging obsolete comment conversations

Mark AmeryI understand the purpose of the flagging obsolete comments, but by nature of the way that comments become obsolete, often short exchanges (or occasionally lengthy conversations) end up obsolete at once. I'm wondering how we (ordinary users with enough rep to flag comments) should handle these sce...

11:38 PM
@KevinBrown well that's some good news about the queue.
Fine, flag and add a comment, but you didn't tell him which of the three options to do
P.S. Yes, I have a very short commute.
Pick the first one, the other two are meaningless.
I don't think that's three options, I think that's a step-by-step guide (the answer)
@durron597 I walk 30 seconds to get to work.
@KevinBrown The three options are in the question
@TinyGiant I actually have an office that isn't in my home
11:40 PM
Me too.
I live above my store.
@durron597 Work is a <10 minute drive for me on a bad day
@KevinBrown Nice, mine is 10 minutes in normal traffic and 15 in heavy traffic
I have coworkers with 40 min+ commutes.
I own a used clothing consignment store, which has an appartment above it that I live in.
@TinyGiant Why are you interested in programming? To make your store's website?
11:42 PM
@TinyGiant go forth review - be careful...
@durron597 I've been into programming since I was 8, I also love making money.
@JonClements Thanks, I will do that.
I'm trusting that you'll use review privs for good again - I'm not going to step in and reverse again if you get yourself banned somehow
in short - do good, and don't make me look like an idiot for trusting you
@JonClements Which would be impressive, considering the (30 day?) review ban window should be resetting pretty soon
@JonClements I will do my best.
11:46 PM
@JonClements so which do you prefer? Flagging 10 comments as obsolete individually or custom flag explaining "please clean whole conversation"?
I'm guessing the custom flag.
Abuse my trust and faith, I will personally impose a pretty hefty manual ban :)
Duly noted. Thanks again.
@durron597 flag the post itself... explain what's happening etc...
@JonClements Gotta ask, what's the maximum length of a manual ban?
11:48 PM
I'm guessing forever on that one
@JonClements The post itself? Not one of the comments? It's just "we were talking about the question and getting clarification and now we've figured it out but the other person is too nooby to delete their old comments"
> Question solved, relevant data moved to their respective posts. Please remove the comments as they are all obsolete.
yup that kinda thing @durron597 - give context to the flag - mods are always busy... if you give an explanation of "why" we should read it and "what" you think should be done and "why"
Try not to be too long winded with it because I've heard the mod's flag view interface isn't very paragraph friendly.
11:52 PM
Leaves enough room to say: "this post has descended into chaos, I think the offensive comments should be removed, X is talking to Y in an offensive way, can you review for clean up"
> Most
Good to know.
is much better than "bad comments*
I tend to leave no gaps and request for them all to be removed
I'm specifically talking about obsolete conversations, not about "not constructive" or "too chatty" conversations.
11:54 PM
> All of these comments are obsolete. Can you pretty please remove them?
in this case - I've converted the "answer" to a comment and left the rest alone
Can you show the piece of code that you are using to check the result? — innoSPG 4 hours ago
He did show the piece of code
How is that not obsolete?
Where is the adapter class? — innoSPG 3 hours ago
The adapter class is in the question now

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