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2:48 AM
Anyone notice that the CV queue is somehow under 6k?
3 hours later…
6:02 AM
@durron597 this question is still closed stackoverflow.com/questions/1960509/… but the moderator who responded to my flag said historical locks should be requested via meta, not moderator flags
@durron597 it's a sunday evening in the US
it'll be back up by tomorrow, I bet
2 hours later…
7:53 AM
sd edited-
I hate counter-upvotes so much...
2 hours later…
9:48 AM
Q: If semantic HTMLs are not supported in old and selective browsers, then why is it invented?

Zakthi ChellappaWhy can't we use these tags in olden browsers? When can I start using these tags for my app? Eg: abbr, acronym, address, applet, area, article, aside, audio, base, basefont, bdi, bdo, bgsound, big, etc

@misterManSam I voted on that. We generally don't need the one-box if you post [tag:cv-pls] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31512730/if-semantic-htmls-are-not-supported-‌​in-old-and-selective-browsers-then-why-is-i a single line is posted which is also picked up by the bots that watch for such posts, giving it more attention.
@rene - good to know
@Kyll I delete voted the question...
... I guess that should do it @rene
That gets rid of a lot of problems at once ;)
9:56 AM
That's a tank when I asked for a spear
Don't ask me for me subtle measures ;)
Got it. The day I see a question that needs deletion, an entire tag shall be burned along with all its unholy representations!
If you don't warn me to be careful beforehand that could happen. Just give me dba privileges and I drop the database for you....
10:20 AM
Is I flag an answer as link-only but it's answering a question asking for an external resource, will my flag be declined?
Technically yes, better flag the question for closure
But it depends on the mod you run into
2 hours later…
12:51 PM
@SmokeDetector eh, he's trying to remove offensive words with the program, so it's fine, but the post needs to be edited
@Kyll it stinks like a homework question
+no code
It does, but in the more general case are questions about algorithms complexity reduction on-topic?
oh, and by "so it's fine", I meant "the post itself is not offensive"
@gunr2171 Even if it's not offensive, is any kind of swear word allowed on SO? It could in some extreme case trigger some dumb content sniffer
12:59 PM
if that happens it's a case by case basis. Just having a swear word is not enough to go ape-sh*t (pun intented) over it
@Kyll closing as "why doesn't it work"
1:20 PM
editing, done
Today is a shouting kind of day I guess
I guess Java makes people that angry sometimes.
1:45 PM
Thus, the question is not reproducible
If rebooting the computer solved the problem, the OP's question is not reproducible. Voting to close. — gunr2171 just now
Also is that a puppet? Why has a first-person speaking answer been accepted?
Ah, yes
it was to remove the "I had this problem too" text
1:47 PM
Aaaand it got an upvote. Of course it did.
uh, that's borderline NOT NAA
downvote, but not NAA
See this post, just under the "And all those other answers with links in them" section
> Yes, they're both very short, and yes, they contain links. But strip the markup, and you still get at least a little bit of useful information. Does that mean these answers should forever hang around the site? No, not necessarily - if it turns out they're just not that useful, they should probably still be removed - or at very least, down-voted so that they rank below other answers.

Just remember: if the text of the post contains an honest attempt at answering the question, then it is an answer - so don't flag it otherwise, and if you do, don't complain if your flag gets declined.
I know, I have read this already
But strip the markup and you end up with a "go there, it's nice" answer
meh, I'm on the fence about it
1:55 PM
@Kyll That's not NAA, it's VLQ - link only answer
Ah, I see
There is no useful information. If you remove the link, there's nothing left.
ugh, not to bring up the discussion from friday (?), but isn't that an NAA reason?
Now I'm confused
I've always been confused
1:57 PM
I do remember this image, "Your answer is in another castle"?
that's why I stick with close vote
@gunr2171 It does answer the question. However, it is a really crappy answer that can't be salvaged via my editing
One of the funniest and most informative post around
If I were to go to the link and pull a bunch of information from it and use it to write a post, that is so much work that I really should do it in my own answer, which means it's not salvageable via editing.
But, it does answer the question. So, VLQ but not NAA.
(This is my opinion).
2 days ago, by gunr2171
After doing a lot of VLQ review items, I'm under the impression that NAA and VLQ are the same thing. All the "delete reasons" in VLQ all say "this is not an answer".
and the messages under it
2:00 PM
2 days ago, by Jon Clements
An "attempt" at an answer is not NAA... a bad attempt of an answer can be VLQ
> I know NAA is "you didn't attempt to answer the question", like making a comment or saying "thanks", but what is the 10 word summary of VLQ?
ok, so VLQ is "you tried, but you failed hard"
(are we going to discuss in quotes now?)
@gunr2171 This answer has severe formatting or content problems, This answer is unlikely to be salvageable through editing, and might need to be removed. and is unsalvageable through editing.
(My brain somehow added those strikes before the edit)
severe formatting or content problems, and is unsalvageable through editing.
10 words.
... That mean the apple graph is wrong?
Because on the fourth picture
"Apples are there" is NAA
2:04 PM
@durron597 ok, I think that's more clear now.
But it does have a server content problem, so it's rather VLQ?
but the last question I have is why is "link only answer" under "NAA" (from the apple picture)?
Q: Link only answer: "There's a tutorial and a nicely wrapped class available here"

FooBarThe following is a link-only answer (even to outside Stack Exchange universe): There's a tutorial and a nicely wrapped class available here. Yet my "Not an answer"- flag was declined. Why?

oh, it seemed I already upvoted the second answer.
Ok, so this is what I pull from Bill's answer: "Yes, under (the apple picture) post it should be NAA, but there were some additional complications because it was old and accepted. Here are some things you could have done as instead"
so I'm not sure that answered my question
2:11 PM
Still confused here
If it's NOT AN ANSWER (really, truly, not) then it's NAA
If it's garbage but attempts to answer the question, it's VLQ
Like, "I like trains"?
So wait
Even if it's completely off-topic and sheer garbage, it's VLQ, okay
If you don't even know what the post is doing on SO, it's NAA
If I have a question about animations in Javascript, and I see an answer that solves 3-SAT in Javascript in polynomial time, it's NAA but not VLQ. If I have half sentence answer that links to a Javascript animation tutorial, it's VLQ but not NAA.
@Kyll it's "not an attempt to answer the question"
"attempt" being the key word
Many craptastic things are both.
2:14 PM
Okay okay so now
On that last one from @TinyGiant
Is the answer VLQ
If I have an answer that includes the lyrics to "A Modern Major General", it's both.
@TinyGiant Not helping T.T
"i don't think its possible" is naa
@TinyGiant Both. I flagged VLQ
2:15 PM
it could be both, but as it doesnt attempt to answer the question its naa
There is a 5% chance an NAA flag will get declined there, but a 0% chance VLQ will.
NaA is a mod flag I believe, but VLQ goes to the VLQQ
I'm starting to be less willing to flag stuff as NAA and more willing as VLQ because VLQ gets helpful more often.
it's LQPQ, Low Quality Posts queue (for the record)
love acronyms...
2:16 PM
That one ^
"PQ" in french means toilet paper
@durron597 Thats because VLQ flags get marked helpful if others in the LQRQ agree with you.
What if I need to mind my P's and Q's?
I need to mind my toilet paper?
Mind your Ps and Qs is an English expression meaning "mind your manners", "mind your language", "be on your best behaviour" or similar. == Origin theories == There are several different theories as to the origin of the phrase, but there is no definite proof as to which is correct. One explanation suggests that "Ps and Qs" is short for "pleases" and "thank-yous", the latter of which contains a sound similar to the pronunciation of the name of the letter "Q". This phrase would be used by parents to educate their children to not forget to use those polite words when they speak to people. Possibly...
2:18 PM
@TinyGiant Pourquoi what? Why is it named PQ?
no, why for would anyone need to mind their P's and Q's
@durron597 I'm don't think the answer answers the question
@TinyGiant Think about when people were writing with calligraphic pens
I think the question is "why does the markdown version fire and not the code-behind version?", but still reading
2:21 PM
@gunr2171 Oh, the answer is crap, but I think that's a pretty good edit to the question, but I'm not super familiar with the technologies.
@CodeCaster i want to know why load event on aspx will fire not instead of .aspx.cs — Supreet 54 mins ago
I'm editing it as well
edited, and reopening
comments need to be cleaned..
flag one as custom flag asking to clear them all because they are no longer relevant.
It's easier then flagging all of them obsolete.
2:26 PM
I wish you could flag FGITW answers as obsolete once the question has been clarified and they are made irrelevant.
oh shoot, I said "markdown" instead of "markup"
2:42 PM
The guy who did Revision #2 should have his privileges removed.
instead of <!-- language: lang-none --> you can use <pre>, whichever is easier
@durron597 why, he fixed the code formatting
@gunr2171 erro
yeah, he didn't fix everything, but that's not so bad
@gunr2171 It wasn't in the first version
He added single words error in lowercase on their own line and he couldn't even spell them correctly.
Meh, I guess I'm being harsh.
Why don't you leave a comment for that editor to ask what happened?
2:46 PM
I'm seeing "error" spelled correctly in #2
oh durp
on the first one
meh, I wouldn't call it a big deal
3:04 PM
that one needs to go....
viewed 9 times, at -8
The question was not very much clear to me when i answered the question.But now it is. — Osama Aftab 59 secs ago
Then why would you answer an unclear question!?!?!
3:45 PM
@durron597 done, needs 3rd vote
@Deduplicator I generally expect that two DVs is enough from this room in most cases, the two I didn't post already had one DV from someone else
You pass triage audits with "should be improved" on "good question"?
4:04 PM
@durron597 done
Q: Can we give people an easy way to analyze previous reviews?

durron597I think that the current review system offers an awesome opportunity to learn about how people do in their reviews via crowd sourcing. For example, I'd like to be able to see how often my reviews disagree with those of others: I was inspired by looking at this review task In case it gets delete...

4:20 PM
I have seen such a post before...
4:38 PM
@Deduplicator: Downvoted.
@durron597 He only has 500 rep... not sure how he is able to review things
@TylerH I believe you only need 500 to do Triage.
yeah apparently that's the privilege at 500 rep
that's too low
bump that up to 1,000?
yeah, I think they should flip the 500 and 1000 rep privileges tbh
4:50 PM
agree. at 1k you get to see vote splits and protected chat rooms
but then you do have a large gap between 250 and 1k rep
5:02 PM
Would you describe xml as "code"
I have a question I'm retagging that talks about generating XML from another source
could be, java beans?
that is not what I would expect
Q: Can I get an XML AST dump of C/C++ code with clang without using the compiler?

jdehaanI managed to compile successfully clang for windows with cmake and visual studio 10. That was really a childplay so far. I would like to get an XML file as AST representation of the source code. There is one option that provides the result with clang with gcc under linux (ubuntu) but doesn't work...

@Braiam When was that, 6 to 8 weeks ago? — durron597 2 mins ago
(It was about 6 weeks ago)
if larger project is measured to the new login we are looking for 6-8 months....
5:10 PM
Hm. Synonym math.sqrt to sqrt?
This is a very well written question and deserves more upvotes. — hop Mar 29 '11 at 18:24
5:25 PM
rolled back
5:38 PM
so, it seems 3 people were all trying to edit that at once
@gunr2171 I win
meh :P
back in my day...
no, it would not
@gunr2171 Did you see my "boom" edit
5:43 PM
.....uh, should I retract? It's sort of "too broad".
@gunr2171 eh?
@gunr2171 Oh, you can retract if you want, sorry, I wasn't asking for CVs.
I closed voted for "tool"
I'm just burning in the highest voted questions and laughing about how low the standards were in 2010
ok, well good luck
@gunr2171 tl;dr
@gunr2171 Smokey only listens in the tavern
5:47 PM
2 days ago, by Undo
Just the Tavern and CHQ right now
5:52 PM
my mind is exploding from that post
come on, it doesn't even have links!
@durron597 the standards weren't low, they were just different
He didn't run slower, he just ran at a different speed
@gunr2171 no
but also yes
because speed is relative
but anyway, in 2010 different kinds of questions were allowed
that doesn't make them bad questions, just off-topic by today's standards
bad questions were still off-topic in 2010
@TylerH yes, I agree to that, and times have changed. Rules have been tighter from a broad view
In case any of you are wondering how not to design a header: modern.ie/en-us/performance/how-to-use-x-ua-compatible
6:00 PM
so, Edge is just going to be a new skin for IE?
Any reason not to just burninate it to now
The only reason I can think of is that every question is going to be too broad or opinion based and it will make it easy to find them
except for the #1 site answer
If it's not unclear to you why it's unclear, read my comment.
omg there are 768 questions tagged
6:04 PM
@gunr2171 no
Edge uses a totally different rendering engine, EdgeHTML.dll
but it seems that it supports IE versions (unless I read that wrong)
it's also an evergreen browser, so it will update similar to how Chrome and Firefox will update
Well, IE11 is also installed in Windows 10 for legacy support
so the old .dll is still there
oh, ok
Websites that won't work in Edge (like sites that use Silverlight, ActiveX controls, BrowserHelperObjects, etc.) will be automatically opened in IE11, instead
(PS, the "Edge" in that article is not the same thing as the Edge browser)
what, craigslist?
@TylerH "nike"
false positive here
There has been some Nike spam around, so that's why it's added as keyword.
6:11 PM
is smokedetector a bot?
@durron597 what about snowman's comment?
Too bad SO is stuck in its ways re: the migration list
@TylerH It's a scope overlap.
It definitely should not be migrated.
oh, those were two separate thoughts
I wonder how many questions in the past four years have needed migration to TeX sites vs ones that are not in the short list
6:12 PM
chat is not multithreaded
so we should tell shog to replace chat with some phpbb forums? :-P
Q: Add CrossValidated to list of migration sites in the Close Dialog

bluefeetAs most are aware, we are limited to 5 standard migration paths. The current migration paths are: Meta Stack Overflow Super User Tex DBA Sharepoint If users want to migrate to another site, they have to use a custom flag which can sit in the review queue for extended periods of time before be...

@durron597 ugh, those links require 10,000 rep
is that angular blue green one the stats site?
6:49 PM
This will get me the Marshal badge in a day
@Closey starting
@TylerH Happy reviewing!
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[scraper]"
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[source-code]"
@Closey next 5 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@TylerH The next 5 tags are: 106, 98, 95, 90, 89
@Closey starting
@gunr2171 Happy reviewing!
6:57 PM
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[source-code] [scraper]"
one item....
@TylerH what's your reason order? I'll follow
all of them
at once?
I never filter
oh, rene and I start with a single reason and add a new one as it becomes empty
unless I am trying to find one specific question
6:58 PM
ok, we do our way because we find it's a bit easier. but up to you
Dumping them all on my plate at once is faster for me
I'm on .net btw
I wish we could filter by keyword/phrase
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