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7:00 PM
@durron597 The bayesian is only building a database, but fp actually registers a site+id pair as fp to avoid future reports.
@TinyGiant ^ Done.
@SmokeDetector that pull id almost looks like access
@ProgramFOX Thanks :)
@SmokeDetector why?
7:07 PM
@TinyGiant Body - Position 2869-2873: acai
Then stop closing all those questions and answer them instead...
I'll be back for some close voting in 10 minutes or so
@rene ?
@TinyGiant ?
Who are you telling to stop closing questions and answer them instead?
7:15 PM
I assume this is sort of threaded conversation so I respond to the last message, so it is meant for @durron597
Oh, oops. Brain fart. I thought that was my cv-request so I didn't read it. Lolz
Do brain farts smell?
Like toast sometimes.. or is that something else?....
I dunno, never have toast...
how is that possible?
@NathanOliver It is easy, don't have a toaster
@durron597 Somebody added "Any Help will be Appreciated. Thanks"? Lolzzz
@TinyGiant No, someone with 26 rep was much, much slower than me and did a much worse job on the edit.
@durron597 boom
7:20 PM
@KevinBrown thanks. I was mostly making sure that people didn't see that suggested edit and accidentally think the edits were backwards
@NathanOliver There is more that can be improved with that post. Improve edit or Reject and edit to send a message.
@NathanOliver If I were reviewing, that would be a "reject and edit" for me.
7:24 PM
Okay. Already hit reject but ill keep it in mind for next time
In situations like that, if its egregious enough and I don't want to waste a review vote, I'll go to the question and navigate to the edit page manually. Then when the edit is submitted, it will override the previous edit and make it reject automatically.
@durron597 Damn, that is a lot of off-topic questions. We definitely need more close votes.
Man I should have edited it. now it has two approves on it
@NathanOliver You still can.
7:26 PM
just do a hard edit?
@durron597 wow, that's depressing
Add tutorial to smokey's spam filter...
@durron597 thanks for that. Nice edit
7:29 PM
Does this code add item[3] four times or does it add item[3] once? Please edit your question to clarify exactly what goes wrong, to the level of detail of my question above. — durron597 6 mins ago
Do you think he replied in the comments or edited?
I've started saying things like this.
Please edit your question to include a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example of your existing code as well as what you've tried. Without this, your question is off-topic for Stack Overflow. Please read the link I mentioned and make sure the code that you include in your question is minimal (only the code necessary to reproduce), complete (all of the code necessary to reproduce) and verifiable (we can reproduce the issue with only the code provided in the question). — Tiny Giant 25 mins ago
He had a decent MCVE actually just not a good problem statement.
@durron597 commented of course
7:30 PM
Because the first two sentences are not enough
they'll post a random piece of code in the comments and reply "Is that good enough?"
Or they edit their question, to include a link to a jsFiddle with their entire site crammed into it.
ah drats, I got major side-tracked
@Closey starting
@rene Don't get lost in the queue!
7:32 PM
> with their entire site crammed into it.
That's where I give up and walk away
Yeah, that's when I downvote. Before that I won't because I know the question can be edited into shape and then the downvote won't make sense if I don't come back. But if they do that then I just down-vote and walk away (I've already close-voted at this point)
@Closey starting
@gunr2171 Good luck!
on asp.net
passed r audit
7:39 PM
@gunr2171 Can you do if you haven't already?
@durron597 no items
@gunr2171 kk
@Closey starting
@NathanOliver Watch out for audits!
7:46 PM
approved and edited by OP, but I don't see that entry
@gunr2171 I rolled it back...
I saw, just wondering how it was "edited" by OP to approve the suggested edit
@gunr2171 dunno
also, that whole thing could have been one big edit conflict (except for the "thanks")
actually, including the "thanks"
the OP can always approve or reject a suggested edit. it is a binding vote
7:48 PM
@NathanOliver yes, but it was marked as "edit", hence the confusion
Q: Insert Item into Array at a Specific Index

tags2kI am looking for a JavaScript array insert method, in the style of: arr.insert(index, item) Preferably in jQuery, but any JavaScript implementation will do at this point because I can't believe the trouble I'm having finding such a basic function! Thanks for your help.

@durron597 one and two, don't know what that means.
@durron597 we're going to need a bigger bonfire
@durron597 First result is a fp
passed php audit
grumble grumble "thanks in advance" grumble
@TinyGiant both of these are fine, other than the "thank in advance"
Yes, but there is a lot more that can be done to each other then just basic formatting
7:56 PM
@TinyGiant There are a lot of fps in there, that's why it hasn't been done with a script.
how did this get upvoted?
Q: Solution for creating a Automated Timetable schedule

AcubeI would like to generate a web application, that would generate a autogenerated timetable schedule based on the inputs for Six departments with 8hours per day and 6 day for a week. Condition: Each staff has three subjects (two theory subject and one practical subject). No staff has continuous cl...

Down/Close vote to oblivion. But I don't have anymore down votes
You have no more close votes today; come back in 4 hours.
@NathanOliver The review session has been marked as completed. To set the number of items you reviewed use the command last session edit count <new count>
7:58 PM
@Closey last session edit count 38
Review item count has been changed:
User: NathanOliver (4342498)
Start Time: 2015-07-31 19:43:01 UTC
End Time: 2015-07-31 19:58:08 UTC
Items Reviewed: [Not Set] -> 38
Use the command 'last session stats' to see more details.
@Closey last session stats
@NathanOliver Your last completed review session ended 50 seconds ago and lasted 15 minutes and 7 seconds. You reviewed 38 items, averaging a review every 23 seconds.
passed html audit
passed php audit
8:09 PM
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "off-topic, unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based; [asp.net]"
@Closey next 3 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@gunr2171 The next 3 tags are: 124, 82, 74
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@gunr2171 Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 34 minutes and 47 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 52 seconds.
8:17 PM
error happened!
0: Could not retrieve data of message 24808810. Do you have an active internet connection?
That happened yesterday too
So, Closey does not like it when you delete a message @Sam
idk. the question was just deleted
8:19 PM
@durron597 Someone did more (and less) than you suggested in jest: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/300571/…
@gunr2171 Well, he's far below 10K, despite his ceaseless work.
later guys
no, room owner. I'm talking about deleted chat messages
my guess was that the cv bot was still working on smokey's message when it got deleted
@Closey alive
@gunr2171 I'm alive and kicking!
8:29 PM
A: We should have a question status similar to locking that non mods can set on posts

Shog9I think that particular question is a rather lousy example to use for this discussion; as I said in chat, I'm not really convinced it's off-topic at all: the author isn't asking for links to free icons or favorite lightbox plugins; he's asking a question which should have a very short, very finit...

Shog answered me.
I know, he kinda shot ya down eh?
> There's no particular reason we couldn't allow trusted users to lock things, @durron597.
@gunr2171 A recent update to CE.Net disallows the creation of deleted messages. But I'm not sure if Closey is using that version...
It looks like Closey only complains when replying to a message that is deleted (shortly) afterwards
In that case, I'm not sure if that's the bot or the lib playing up.
8:39 PM
It's so stupid, I never get spam in Triage that isn't an audit.
Why give me spam? I know it's an audit...
@Sam doesn't happen often, I wouldn't worry about it
I would say it "makes sure I'm paying attention" except I flag everything as Unsalvageable anyway ;)
passed r audit
@durron597 I had spam in Triage that beat Smokey once or twice, but I agree with the general idea
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
8:41 PM
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 1 hour, 9 minutes and 12 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 1 minute and 43 seconds.
a new record!
then again, you had another 3 hours to work with
8:43 PM
@gunr2171 If it's a bug with ce.net I should really fix it (as other bots rely on it as well).
Should I remove jsfiddle links that are totally useless
Like, it's jsfiddle, but on the other side of the link is four lines of html that are in the SO question
Only if the question is not about responsive design
If you have to be able to resize the code window to reproduce the issue then you need a jsfiddle or similar
8:48 PM
Aaaannnddd... closed as a dupe :)
@TinyGiant Hah, I didn't even look at that.
In the Edits queue, when I see a bad edit which I want to reject for a certain reason, and it already has a rejection vote for another reason, should I copy the existing rejection vote or use the one I first wanted to use? Does that make any difference for the final rejection/approval of the edit?
@Kyll doesn't matter what the rejection reason is, all rejections mean the same thing
8:55 PM
@gunr2171 Great then.
including custom
you might also want to use "reject and edit" more often, to insta-reject the suggestion
I see
Reject and Edit is your friend
yes, yes it is
stops robo reviewers
or, slows them down
Already got a bad edit through because of the final vote of a guy with 304 approved reviews and 0 rejected.
8:56 PM
well now you also have the power to rollback
if needed
Gosh I am so close to my java badge and the duplicates never stop coming and I can't find anything worth answering :(
well, i'm out for today, bye!
@gunr2171 Bye!
And one DV for that quick garbage shooter
I'd really appreciate a gold badge dupe closure here because I don't have mine yet. stackoverflow.com/questions/31755118/…durron597 10 secs ago
FFS stop upvoting him
Both of them
Aren't most popular languages plagued by this? Be it , or it seems a lot of stupid questions and answers get upvoted really, really quickly
In the VLQ queue, how do I treat answers purely stating an opinion to a question purely asking for opinions?
9:11 PM
Parkinson's law of triviality, also known as bikeshedding, bike-shed effect, or the bicycle-shed example, is C. Northcote Parkinson's 1957 argument that organisations give disproportionate weight to trivial issues. Parkinson observed and illustrated that a committee whose job was to approve plans for a nuclear power plant spent the majority of its time with pointless discussions on relatively trivial and unimportant but easy-to-grasp issues, such as what materials to use for the staff bike-shed, while neglecting the less-trivial proposed design of the nuclear power plant itself, which is far more...
WOAH that was a scary Desktop notification
@Kyll recommend deletion: no comment needed
@durron597 The illustration for this page is priceless
Okay the VLQ queue is actually quite depressing
s/y/Recommend Deletion/
When I Improve Edit in the queue, is my edit always appended to the one suggested?
9:20 PM
@Kyll I think so? Do you mean in the revision history or you mean in what's presented to you in the editor?
@durron597 I guess it does. Wouldn't really make sense otherwise. (In the revision history)
@durron597 Two high rep users, two horribly low quality posts.
@TinyGiant The answerer apologized to me in comments and then we both deleted the comment conversation.
@Kyll I believe only one edit is submitted from the final editor, but the original suggester gets two points
@Kyll Those numbers are all wrong and have been for a long time.
9:32 PM
Wrong as in not correct, or as in morally not correct?
No, the numbers are just plain incorrect.
I really think that audits should be heavily weighted in favor of the review option that people don't take
How so?
(After checking he was actually 334/1)
so that guy should only get rejection audits. I should only get leave open audits in the CV queue, etc.
They are off by random. Mine was at one point 50:50 then all of a sudden I had like 500:3 or something like that
9:33 PM
"DOOManiac has approved 334 edit suggestions and rejected 1 edit suggestion"
And then you'll come back in an hour or so and it will be completely different
Definitely weird. I'll make a Meta post is that happens
There already has been many
Should I delete this question?

While in some way it could be relevant, it's still a duplicate of a very well-answered excellent question. Should I keep it around or delete it to clean the fluff?
You can't
9:37 PM
Upvoted accepted answer.
... That settles it.
Plus, duplicates make good signposts.
Okay then.
One more question: Is this too broad? stackoverflow.com/questions/15402920/…
Idea: duplicates should only be ignored by the roomba if they have at least one answer.
While upvoted and answered, this question asks for "how to run a background process" which has a zillion good ways to be achieved
9:40 PM
What value does this add to anyone? stackoverflow.com/questions/8469255/dynamic-viewport
@Kyll It is a specific programming problem. While it is lacking an MCVE, it is not really too broad.
@durron597 It would be interesting to see if the majority of the votes came before or after it was duped.
@Kyll If it was "How do I write a meteor application that does this but also runs a process in the background" then it would be too broad.
@durron597 Maybe some nice keywords search engines can use?
9:44 PM
@TinyGiant It wasn't duped until a few months ago, so I think I can answer that question
I was just going to look at that
Off to bed, good night!
Can anyone explain why this question was closed as a "tool request"? There are native functions in PHP for calculating distances between strings.
@NisseEngström Well, rewrite it so it focuses on the problem (and cut out much of the rest), and I'll gladly re-open.
Then we can find a duplicate to close it as
9:55 PM
Though I guess the answer to your question is something along the lines of it's low-quality (reads really bad), thus the closers gave up and took the first reason which seems to apply.
@Deduplicator: ...and the other closers went with whatever showed up in blue.
@TinyGiant Do you have an auto comment template for your MCVE comment that you'd be willing to share?
I'll put a rewrite on my todo list.
@NisseEngström Would have been nice if they had been more accurate. Like finding some dupe the way @TinyGiant did... added the comment manually.
I figured that users don't read unless you tell them everything twice. So I wrote it all out twice :)
Before I was posting the first and last sentence, then waiting for the user to not follow the instructions then posting the other sentences. Now I just assume they're daft.
I'm sure it could use some polishing though, so if you come up with a better revision, please let me know.
A: How do we encourage edits to obsolete/out of date answers?

durron597The proper solution to this problem was suggested 5 years ago and is the #18 overall highest voted answer on all of MSE: Score = Lower bound of Wilson score confidence interval for a Bernoulli parameter If we provide this sorting formula, the newer, correct answer can get upvotes, which can m...

10:19 PM
@TinyGiant: I'm not particularly fond of dupes. I don't think the dupe target addresses the details of the original question enough for what I think constitute well-written answers.
There are plenty more. A simple search turns up tonnes of questions about string similarity in
@durron597 haha thanks for showing me that. What an interesting sequence of events. So OP posts updated code in the comments and asks the answerer to update for him, so the answerer does but then gets 2/5 reviewers rejecting the edit for "too big changes"
I guess that shows why if you have updated code you should update it yourself. Although I don't know why those 2 reviewers didn't check the comments first to see where that extra code came from O.o
Thankfully you guys caught it so it got passed
@Calcolat I was confused too, but then it occurred to me what happened might have actually happened so I checked.
Yeah I was confused initially as well. When I saw the edit was only adding new code my first thought was "omg don't tell me I screwed this edit up big time". But then I scrolled through the rest and saw it.
It's sad to think that one more rejected review and the edit wouldn't have even been allowed even though OP basically asked for help to update it :(
@Calcolat That can be remedied by commenting "Please [edit] the updated code into your question."
10:34 PM
Where edit automatically links to the post it was commented on
@TinyGiant Agreed. But still, I'm a little surprised the other 2 reviewers didn't at least have a quick look through the comments to see where that edit with only new code and no changes might of come from.
"Blagh! Random code block! Reject! Reject! Reject!"
Gotta have that review done in under 30 seconds you know...
Has anyone actually been observed to use the [edit] link when asked to do so?
Only recently with my new auto comment
10:38 PM
Lol. But isn't there a 3 minute lock or something when you're reviewing a suggested edit before someone else can get it?
34 mins ago, by Tiny Giant
@KevinBrown https://gist.github.com/humbleRumble/bc84c5f9d4f3cdb060e1
@Calcolat No, I've had "This edit has already been approved" warning before I vote to reject.
Oh. I was always under the impression only 5 people could access a review at a time and someone else would only get access if one of the 5 didn't complete it within a few minutes.
If it gets 3 approve votes and no reject votes it becomes auto approved.
Ahh I see what you mean now... so if 3 people just go Accept or Reject in 2 seconds without even looking at it then it'll go through.
And those who are trying to look properly have their efforts go to waste :/
10:42 PM
Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often.
That's good to know. And thankfully you guys who do them properly can get to enough of them to make a difference.
The one durron linked me may have only just passed with 3/5 reviewers, but that's still a win for good reviewers xD
And if an edit gets approved with 2 reject votes, Closey will send a message to the Tavern to be reviewed by other users.
Oh never heard of that. So that post would of gone to tavern then?
Can you guys do anything with them?
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks), 13 hours ago, by Closey
[ EditMonitor ] Approved with 2 rejection votes: 2006599 | Approved by OP
10:48 PM
like that
In the Tavern select users can send commands to EditMonitor (not sure about the commands) but generally, we can just go back and do the right edit afterwards.
It at least brings the review to someones attention
Sweet that's an awesome bot
Can't stop random reviewers but helps cleanup after them anyway
@Calcolat I mostly sent you that because I saw your name in an answer. Wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise
10:53 PM
The trouble, in the end, really is educating users on how to use the review queues.
@TinyGiant I tried to review Help and Improvement for the first time
They want me to explain my edit in a comment? Seriously?
@durron597 Hilarial or what?
I was like "ummm I have 800 edits but I'm not coming back to this queue again"
@durron597 Yeah I appreciate you doing that :) I had no notification about it otherwise so thanks for letting me know.
> I have edited your question to clarify, simplify and generalize for those answering and future viewers. Please let me know if I have deviated from the original intent of your question.
10:56 PM
It didn't make you want to kill the user via stabbing through them through the screen? That's a better start tha most :p
Tiny I agree with you as well. I don't have any solutions but if they could remove the incentive to just bang the keyboard on accept or reject they might get less reviewers who don't pay attention.
The one night there was some 200 reviews in H&I, so I went hard. I edited three and marked the rest as VLQ.
@JonClements No, the triage reviewers got it right. I guess I got lucky.
Only to have triage send them back to H&I, where I sent them back to triage. We played SO volleyball for a couple hours.
@Calcolat For your future knowledge: "How canz I doez thing</end>" Should not be improved! it is unsalvageable.
10:59 PM
Anyone know if accepts without an upvote count towards Refiner / Illuminator?

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