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4:00 PM
I imagine they are though?
Fort Wayne has tons of Asian food. There are 2 Thai places in a 5-10min walk from my new house. A classic hibachi joint and a Japanese steakhouse
what is the difference between map() and do() ?
And Tim Hortons!
Some of the thicker vegetables seem to finish and soften in shorter time than I'd imagine
@BenFortune oh, hm. You could set up your own in-cluster.
4:01 PM
@Luggage the bag probably says if they are
I bet there's some of both
perhaps. already discarded.
I'm sure they are. What do they cook in 5mins that's nothing to defrost and cook vegetables that's jus warming..
@Jhawins my condolences
@Cereal don't get jealous nao
4:03 PM
I live in the tim horton's capital of the world
There's one on every block
You live in Ontario??
I thought you were an American
we'll talk slower.
@ssube I had that but they were super slow and always failed on npm install
4:07 PM
my vscode update deleted vscode, and failed to reinstall
> You already kind of have VSCode, sorry.
what folder is vscode usually in?
> Your trial is over. Would you like to download the lifetime free version instead?
lemme check
surely my settings and extensions will still be there
4:08 PM
Program Files / Microsoft VS Code
lemme check in appdata
ah, mine is 32bit
Why the hell does installing angular cli takes so damn long?
yeah, the .exe is gone
@KevinB there is some VS stuff in appdata (both local and roaming) but im not sure if that is only VS full, since nothing explicitly says VSCode
I imagine its harvesting your data because that's the only way it can stay profitable
4:10 PM
@BenFortune really? that's odd
were you caching anything?
it's all in the program files folder, i can see all my extensions etc
i wonder if it's safe to just move that stuff over to the new 64bit install
do you want me to send you the exe? XD
hah, it wont install the 64bit until i uninstall the 32bit one
4:11 PM
there will also be 99% guarantee of virus free
which doesn't exist
add/remove will fix it
the joys of windows
4:14 PM
windows are just feature-limited doors
i wonder where my user settings are stored
or feature-enhanced
doesn't appear to be under resources
you can see through!
I can see through doors too
4:16 PM
Holy it's 6 pm already
It's 1115 in the first world
Ugh I sure hope I have nothing left to do at home
@Zirak @MadaraUchiha @KamilSolecki wanna play some OW tonight?
@KamilSolecki surely there's something you can find that needs cleaned
@Ikari Sure
@ssube ha I did my cleaning yesterday!
4:17 PM
@Jhawins The American midwest, first world? hah
@Ikari Sure
I can in like 3 hours
I'm gonna go have a nice nice nap
I do it every day, but less than an hour usually
@KendallFrey Dead center, yep
4:18 PM
I'm down after like ~2 hours
We feed the rest of it
I could reasonably clean my floors every day.
Stupid cats
dogs > cates
shave them
the front of my computer collects hair
4:19 PM
pork > dog
!!giphy cates
@Luggage then they look like ratbats
I wonder if this uninstall is ever going to progress
@ssube clothes.
4:20 PM
fuck clothes
@Luggage Nah, they get litter everywhere
so you're gonna take off their clothes and put on some different ones?
that seems like so much work
My storage room where the litter boxes are has a fine coating of litter dust
@Cereal roomba
we put a lid over the box and a rough rug in front
also it's in the bathroom on tile
4:20 PM
@Luggage There's an idea
why are roombas still so expensive?
ssube's idea seems cheaper and more effective, but has no fun
If I have cats they will just be neirhborhood cats living out of the garage
So I won't have them
wooo, my extensions and settings are gone!
4:22 PM
and living out of the neighbors garbage
it's a bit late, but the extension sync extension is great
As a kid growing up with free roam cats, playing in the sandbox was always an adventure
:42306298 then why is one side ribbed and one side fuzzy?
@ssube I used to have a roomba, but it kept getting stuck under my bed
@ssube one catches better, one wipes better
4:23 PM
That was like 4 years ago though
@ssube one for scrubbing, one for absorption
^ see, he gets it
I should definitely get another one
@KendallFrey We put a lid on the sandbox....
4:26 PM
we didn't have a sandbox... we had a sand lot
We had a cornfield
On every side.. So that was.. Fun?
until someone vandalized one of the tractors so they stopped letting us go there
someone poured sand into the gas tank
This is hilariously predictable and cringey
4:32 PM
> The Menlo Park, California-based matchmaker has well over 50 premium clients who pay at least $35,000, and a “handful” of VIP clients, some of whom pony up as much as $500,000 for a series of hand-picked dates and coaching services.
Socially inept tech giants pay half million dollars for teh loves.
I mean, why not?
Prostitutes. They're buying prostitutes
if the news is correct, that would be much cheaper
wait, is that really that kind of service?
4:34 PM
why spend $500k on a series of dates when you can spend $5/hour?
Idk about $5/HOUR
@hilli_micha looks like I found another job
$3.50 is my highest offer
4:35 PM
$5 an hour if you're not a weirdo and can get a fun filled evening for the cost of dinner
I was watching a documentary on Nevada clubs for that stuff. This girl was crazy excited said she'd never have done this but she said everyone is jeaous that when she quits in 7 years (at age 30) she will half half a million dollars
let's be honest, the Sterling is the real stripper here
Sad life
are we really discussing strippers and prostitutes!? seriously
@hilli_micha I take a profit. She pays rent
4:36 PM
Jay Hanlon on April 26, 2018

Let’s start with the painful truth:

Too many people experience Stack Overflow¹ as a hostile or elitist place, especially newer coders, women, people of color, and others in marginalized groups.

Our employees and community have cared about this for a long time, but we’ve struggled to talk about it publicly or to sufficiently prioritize it in recent years. And results matter more than intentions.

Now, that’s not because most Stack Overflow contributors are hostile jerks. The majority of them are generous and kind. Sure, a few are…  just generous, I guess? But our active users regularly express thei …

uff Stackoverflow spanish version it's horrible! Only people asking "how I can do this" but with 0 knowledge of JS. No moderation, no flags... :S
@real_ate welcome to the JavaScript chatroom
@real_ate we are, civilly and respectfully
It's not what I would call "welcoming"
4:37 PM
@real_ate Hackernews is leaking
this is my first time ever joining a stack overflow chat
bad choice
@real_ate you've made 3 messages EVER.
not all conversations are
So why do you think you get to set norms? Nobody was insulted.
4:37 PM
!!urban sexsomnia
@William sexsomnia Involuntary sexual behavior during sleep, which can involve penetration.
if it had gone too far, I would've yelled at people
first impressions matter
This isn't Stackoverflow.
it is
4:38 PM
Firstly. None of that blog post is about chat whatsoever
this very much is stackoverflow, we follow exactly the same rules
This be chat.stackoverflow
the mods have been perfectly clear about that
@ssube We sure as hell don't.
@Jhawins We do.
4:38 PM
We might be supposed to. We don't. But I'll see myself out of this one
At least as far as being nice and civil is concerned.
What does SO say about off-topic
Don't. That's the rules basically lol
that is the one part we ignore
it makes chat stickier
Then we are in agreement :P
4:39 PM
I mean, the conversation that was going on was 100% civil with a slight amount of jest about a topic that occurs in the real world, I think real_ate is just looking to get offended over something.
the javascript room isn't about javascript. It's about the javascript room
I was talking about a Netflix documentary too btw,.
@hilli_micha Everyone is ever since the blog post.
talking about documentaries, and documenting things in general, is a good way to handle touchy topics
@real_ate Talking about controversial topics in chat is fine.
4:40 PM
@hilli_micha I'm not "looking to get offended" I'm actively working to try and rehabilitate stack overflow's reputation and calling out things that exclude people is part of that
So long as civility is maintained.
@real_ate everyone except you was being civil
How can I set unsafe-perm config globally in npm?
and none of that conversation excluded people...
I think it's best to jus ignore people like that, honestly
4:40 PM
how am I not being civil
@real_ate I highly doubt that, you're immediately combative over a civil conversation.
Room topic: JavaScript > Java > Java logo > Coffee > Take a Coffee > Coffee Conversations > Off-Topic Conversations
Like I said, you're just looking to fight about something that's non-issue.
@AngelLuis no, Java, Java logo, and Java scripting are banned
I am pointing out that people will come to this, see that you're talking about prostitutes and leave and never come back
can someone explain why the blog post is bad in a couple sentences?
@ssube Don't forget jokes!
@KevinB lol
@towc It's 2018
Who is stomping on other people rn? The people having a casual conversation or the guy telling them not to have it
4:41 PM
@real_ate if they are offended by documentaries, that is a problem
I feel excluded. Prostitutes are being explicitly excluded.
I didn't tell anyone not to have a conversation
documenting things is an important part of education and history
@towc Dude, don't ask if someone can read for you
@real_ate If you can't handle a civilized discussion about controversial topics, I'm not sure we want you. Talking about a documentary involving strippers and expanding on the subject does not exclude people.
4:41 PM
Y U exclude them
@Jhawins Alright, that's enough
I expressed my surprise that this sort of conversation was happening
if you're offended by a civil conversation about a documentary, you might want to rethink some things
@MadaraUchiha What I can't mess with the guy civilly now?
I ignored him. Happier?
4:43 PM
@copy my name is towc and I'm 8. My skills are: popcorn, I can't rad
@Jhawins that just leads to more kicks
@Jhawins Very
Provoking !== civility
@ssube I also never said I was offended
@real_ate And then implied that topic is 'unwelcoming' by linking the blog post from yesterday and saying that you're 'rehabilitate stack overflows reputation'. Your intentions are clear and you're only lying to us and yourself by saying otherwise.
4:43 PM
@Cereal I wasn;t provoking. I was directly addressing his hypocrisy
You have a very.. brash way of addressing
@hilli_micha you haven't even asked what I'm trying to do... I said I'm working to help rehabilitate
Which is fine
@real_ate the conversation was polite until you took offense and escalated it.
4:44 PM
@real_ate It would help if you actually started there, but you immediately took offense and became confrontational, and it seems I'm not the only one who thinks that.
that's quite enough blatant trolling
you turned a civil discussion into a not civil argument.
In before meta post "chat was mean to me"
^ lol
@copy That and a twitter post lol
> Chat sux >:(
4:45 PM
@copy s/chat/mods/
So when people get kicked it removes them from the room access list?
@copy inb4 come back in and calls room jerks
I'll take your bet, I think he's gonna use the term bigots.
@Jhawins I don't think so
Interesting... Wonder if it appears any differently than them just leaving? I.e. non-RO logging of kicks
4:46 PM
> Chat is elitist. Regulars control 100% of chat rooms!
@BenjaminGruenbaum I had him on tiny avatar mode and now his avatar is totally gone. That's why I thought that but Idk?
@Jhawins when someone is kicked they leave the room instantly and have to manually return
@copy It's coming at some point.
Ah so it prob just says he left as usual
@Loktar cv dupe :D
4:47 PM
@Loktar I can hear him heavily breathing and angrily typing it right now.
it's already been posted
also, any "SO is being mean" posts can be closed as a dupe of the blog-post-post, now
What's the one chat we used to go to... I always destroy the spelling
Meau or something..
let's move on
thanks for that folks
no post it again!
4:48 PM
it looked funny
@Loktar miaou
No, ROs said drop it, I don't want to get the room frozen again.
@Loktar *dystroy
@real_ate your trolling is not welcome here @MadaraUchiha
4:48 PM
Why did you kick him again @ssube?
the moderators were exceptionally clear about that
@BenjaminGruenbaum coming back to troll again
He just said "thanks for that folks"
joined to troll, kept at it after warnings, kicked, came back
I'd say the kick was a wee bit rushed
right, he's saying thanks for providing the material he needed for a tweet.
4:49 PM
He didn't troll though, he just sent a single message saying "thanks for that folks"
Yeah a teeny bit too rushed for me, but meh
How do you exclude urls from precache?
meh. joined to troll, was kicked after warnings, came back to keep at it
We can be kinder to people joining that disagree with us while still keeping our culture and norms intact
when you've already escalated off-site, I'm not interested
4:50 PM
meh yeah I deleted my response tweet. Not worth it.
I thought it was staticFileGlobsIgnorePatterns
Definitely looking for a reason to be offended.
Escalated off-site?
but that didn't do anything
Wait, what tweets?
4:50 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum sure, people who post anything not-trolling
maybe my regex is wrong
it was bait, he showed up and linked the blog post, trying to start something
FYI owners ^
Already posted.
@Jhawins yeah we already saw it 😋
I already replied then deleted, wasn't worth it to escalate, so silly.
4:51 PM
Ah okay. Wasn't gonna leave it up either way
Right meh. Just drama llama
nah, if they take it off-site, let the mods handle it
I was excited to be right, but I was on the border of fanning the flames.
that's too much for us
@MadaraUchiha was clear about the rules, the conversation had been civil
I mean.. a documentary about woman empowerment was being discussed right? I had just hopped in when I saw him offended.
not sure why that would be an off topic discussion.. oh well.
4:52 PM
Basically.. it was completely civil with a moderate amount of jest, I can't fathom anything offensive.
Yea it was positive af I can't find it tho or I'd link it
@KevinB maybe you mean $($);
don't be one of those
context doesn't matter when you are looking for 'gotcha' shots
Idk I also got flagged today for posting a pic of my climbing stuff. SO. It's just one of those days
4:53 PM
@Luggage yeah definitely.
nvm, got it.
@KevinB scru u
Oi back to normal 👉😎👉
we were pretty clear, nobody is advocating anything, we're talking about a news article and documentary
Hey on a serious note
4:54 PM
but details like "educational sources" are easily missed
I need to have monitors to work off of by May 11. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money... I just need to work. I will buy a middle monitor for gaming later and stick the 2 I buy now on the sides
Suggestions? Cheap, cheap, cheap. But somewhat decent
@Jhawins go to Bestbuy and pick some
SUPER cheap.. go to the goodbytes good will 😋
Yea I will do that worst case. I jus wondered if there was some defacto 1080P cheap monitors on amazon
they have a TON there haha
4:55 PM
usually go to sams club for monitors/tvs
ASUS ones are decent and can be pretty cheap
Yea I saw a lot of ACER ones too
Idk if I like ACER seems like knockoff BS
avoid Acer
Will do
4:56 PM
the colors and consistency (between panels and between corners) tend to be poor
I mean depending on how cheap you want to go even check out CL I see so many for sale
I also need a chair lol
I'd try a Goodwill first, you may be able to find a functional, dirt cheap 1080p monitor there.
That ones more difficult but I'll just go to the furniture store
4:56 PM
It's not gonna blow you away, but hell, it'd be something until you wanted to spend more money.
eh 1080 will be hard at the goodwill I'm referring to (near his house)
they didn't have many widescreen
Yeah, Goodwills are so incosistent, some are gold mines, others suck.
speaking of, is it the time where CRTs are already gaining in price?
@KamilSolecki only if you don't buy locally, mostly due to shipping costs
Yea I'll buy like a 1440 27" high refresh rate in the coming months. It's just for now so work isn't hell on an ant screen
4:57 PM
Advantage of explicit typing
you can still find CRTs free locally, pretty frequently
  class C {
    p:number = 12;
    m():void {

  let c:C = new C();
  let clone:{p:number} = { ...c }; // explicit typing -  helps here
  clone.p; // ok
  clone.m(); // error!
however the really nice ones still cost money like the Trinitron G520
I saw a rebranded HP going for over $300 on CL, and it sold.
but... that CRT does 1440p.
How much will a Trinitron set you back? I've got a bunch of old consoles I want to build a little 'station' for.
And want to get a CRT
@hilli_micha a consumer set you can find for free or under $50 locally, depending on your area
4:59 PM
You might wanna stick some spaces before type annotations
Looks better
a PVM 20" will be minimum $150 if you buy online, and that would be an amazing deal, avg is around $200 + shipping usually
I think a nice 20"~ consumer set would be fine tbh. Playing old consoles on a 1080p LCD just..sucks.
then you have to worry about them actually shipping it properly
but yeah consumer sets, I mean I find them all the time still, I have one I need to recycle at bestbuy actually

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