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12:01 AM
A: Do you bleed to death after your penis is cut off?

Carey GregoryAssuming the person is not taking anticoagulants, it's actually quite difficult to bleed to death from dismemberment of small members (hands, feet, penis, ears, nose, etc). Even large members such as arms and legs are often survivable because the body is very good at protecting itself from blood ...

I see we didn't pin it, so per policy
OOC, was there an explicit policy of pinning issues? Or is that just an unwritten agreement?
I'm going to refrain from commenting, because I think the whole thing is ridiculous
Huh, I create 20 loop devices and now I can't delete them
@BenFortune why?
12:12 AM
Sometimes Linux makes me wonder how any software ever ran on it
@copy sudo
More like reboot and try from the beginning
(anyway, the answer was dmsetup remove_all, but god knows why)
@BenjaminGruenbaum I wasn't there when it happened, but I think he's being overly dramatic about nothing. That shitty blog post doesn't help either. Just people being offended for the sake of being offended.
	console.log(result[0]); //Returns the object below

	/*{ formattedAddress: '84 Holywell Heights, Sheffield, UK',
	  latitude: 53.4100017,
	  longitude: -1.4295795,
	   { googlePlaceId: 'EiI4NCBIb2x5d2VsbCBIZWlnaHRzLCBTaGVmZmllbGQsIFVL',
		 confidence: 0.9,
		 premise: null,
		 subpremise: null,
		 neighborhood: 'Sheffield',
		 establishment: null },
	   { level2long: 'South Yorkshire',
		 level2short: 'South Yorkshire',
		 level1long: 'England',
		 level1short: 'England' },
sorry for the long post but does anyone know why i cant log the city, i can log the street number just fine
im using node geocoder if thats any use
What do you mean by "cant log the city"?
12:19 AM
i try do a console log for the city and throws the error of cannot read property 0 of undefined
oh nvm i scrolled
that doesn't look right
@BenFortune there is a history behind the over dramatization from things that escalate to Twitter.
can you make an example?
Twitter is cancer. I've only ever seen it used for negative feedback and memes
erm, its with node and the geocoder library, i can try replicate just the object on a jsfiddle and see if it does it
yeh its working with jsfiddle, it must be something wrong with my node or library
it was something to do with the promise, if i json stringify it, it logs fine, idk what that means specificly but it works now :|
12:27 AM
can you show the code for what you're trying to do?
not the result
	var geo = geocoder({provider: 'google'});
	geo.reverse({lat: latitude, lon: longitude}, function(error, result) {

		var city = (!error) ? JSON.stringify(result[0].city) : 'Unknown';
so without the stringify it would throw an error
TIL about * in CSS
like as a selector?
@RachelDockter that.. makes very little sense how that would make the error "Cannot read property 0 of undefined" go away.
@rlemon yeah
@KendallFrey it's pretty useful in like 11 situations
12:31 AM
i did find a post about the exact same issue - stackoverflow.com/questions/45243302/…
im not sure either
very helpful, answer with no explanation
@RachelDockter and you're actually getting the right city name back?
yeh its working fine with stringify
the onion actually telling the truth for once
@RachelDockter stringify works on the contents, so results[0].city is evaluated before stringify is called.
so if it can't get city from results[0]..
same way console.log(1+2) will evaluate 1+2 before it passes the result to console.log
12:35 AM
thats super weird, ill try them both right next to each other
var geo = geocoder({provider: 'google'});
	geo.reverse({lat: 53.409702, lon: -1.429981}, function(error, result) {
		console.log(JSON.stringify(result[0].city));  //Always prints sheffield
		console.log(result[0].city); //Always throws error
well thats what its doing, only when i log 1 at a time tho, if i leave them both uncommented, it will throw an error without sheffild being printed
that doesn't make sense to me
me neither :S
in your example city is a string, not some weird object with a custom .toJSON, which I'm not even sure how that would throw the error it did if it was an object.
so calling stringify on a string.. should be redundant.
when printing the whole thing, city was in quotation marks so i assume its a string
wouldnt make sense for it to be anything but a string to me
I'm just grasping at straws trying to explain the behavior to myself.
12:44 AM
ill ask it as a question on SO
@rlemon That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@rlemon "{\n\t\"a\": 1,\n\t\"b\": 2\n}"
I never knew about that last param
1:01 AM
just watched a Ryzen 7 1700 go for $170 on ebay
Maybe it was a scam and they were actually selling a potato
it is ebay, they might have been selling a country
probably just as likely as them selling what they advertised
1:40 AM
im not sure if this is even possibile, but would it be possibile to do a xmlhttprequest to this site - geocodezip.com/v3_GoogleEx_geocoding-reverse2postcodeD.html ,pass in a lat, long and then retrieve the city
ive used xmlhttp request a couple of times and i could always filter my criteria in the url, but this you input it on the page and not url
2:08 AM
Hello guys. I suck at promises. Does anyone understand why my reject is getting hit after the resolve runs?
function refilterOrderItemDate(response, orderItem) {
return Promise.try(function() {
if (response && response.statusCode === 200) {
let beginTimeDate = moment(orderItem.date);//.format('YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss');
let endTimeDate = moment(orderItem.date).add(1, 'minutes');//.format("YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss");
response.result.Event.forEach((element) => {
if(moment(element.startDateTime).isBetween(beginTimeDate, endTimeDate, null, '[)')){
orderItem.eventId = element.eventId;
orderItem.resourceId = element.resourceId;
There are 2 elements, it loops and properly hits the resolve on the second time through the loop.
If it didn't I would expect it to hit the reject.
But I am returning.
Am I not returning where I think I'm returning to?
Is the return just returning out of the for each loop or something?
So the resolve does nothing?
Rachel, if its doing a post, yes.
Try postman.
2:36 AM
not doing a post,, its just inputs on a webpage, url stays the same
also im horrible with promiseses sorry haha
3:22 AM
@RachelDockter as far as I can see, that site doesn’t expose any kind of way to let you pass values to it as query params in the URL nor through POST :(
@sideshowbarker dammit, thanks for trying anyway
i didnt realise it would be so difficult to find someones city from their lat long
Google Maps has an API for it though, right?
which is what that site is using under the hood
yeh but im running mine server side so i cant add the <script>api that they have
i guess i could run it client side and just send it to the server, abit unreliable but the best option ive got
ah yeah
/me just remembered that the Maps API can’t be called directly from XHR because it’s not CORS-enabled
you might need a token as well, now, both of which their client handles
3:27 AM
u mean even if i could pass the url in that website, i wouldnt be able to do the xml request server side?
what a token? like an api key?
im so confused, sorry
the Maps API requires an authentication token
yeah, API key
it might still be free, but they've been removing anonymous access over the years
the site that i linked didnt have one im pretty sure, i looked at their js code
@RachelDockter you sure? When I looked at the source of that site, it seemed to me it is actually make the calls to Google with a token
script src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?v=3.exp&sensor=false"></script>
thats the script tag, which the apikey normally goes in
3:31 AM
I was looking in the requests in the Network pane of devtools and though I saw a token in requests there
> To use the Google Maps JavaScript API, you must register your app project on the Google API Console and get a Google API key which you can add to your app.
im not sure, i dont mind using one but would it be safe to include client side
what if someone sees it and uses mine
I think they validate the origin against the key, but it's been a while
you could theoretically return different CORS headers based on the key
3:34 AM
hmm, ill risk it haha
ill use a js obfucstor
an obfuscator won't help you at all, but the documentation I linked does cover that
the last section explains it pretty well
oh yeh i see
4:20 AM
@KendallFrey @HatterisMad either of you played Wreckfest? it's not quite serious racing, but the physics and damage are really well done, including environment damage (dirt, mud, walls, fences, etc)
i have not
if it goes on sale it might be worth grabbing. The demolition derby mode is a ton of fun.
I'm currently "racing" on an oval speedway that has been closed in one place, so you have to turn around and go back the other way.
1 hour later…
5:55 AM
@OliverSalzburg Good people stay silent if they don't know the answer
6:45 AM
hi baes
7:08 AM
why plural? I'm your only bae here
what about @SterlingArcher
he's probably passed out on the sill of an open window on the 28th floor of a las vegas skyscraper now, he's not here
7:28 AM
you are probably right, it is friday
7:59 AM
quiz: which one can non-ROs look at?
the third one :B
isn't that kinda dumb? Intuitvely, I'd have thought the other way around
welp :P
also, TIL you can put JS in svg resources?
uhm, I guess for it to work, it must be from the same site
well, has to be loaded through an iframe apparently, nvm, not as impressive
8:25 AM
Lost Unicorn 🦄
9:23 AM
Use it like this
function refilterOrderItemDate(response, orderItem) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
if (response && response.statusCode === 200) {
let beginTimeDate = moment(orderItem.date);//.format('YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss');
let endTimeDate = moment(orderItem.date).add(1, 'minutes');//.format("YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss");
response.result.Event.forEach((element) => {
if(moment(element.startDateTime).isBetween(beginTimeDate, endTimeDate, null, '[)')){
orderItem.eventId = element.eventId;
orderItem.resourceId = element.resourceId;
9:47 AM
Am still struggling to get the clarity on using extends keyword. Need inputs..
Q: Why angular framework code uses extends keyword?

overexchange Premise 1) Structural subtyping As mentioned in wiki: Structural subtyping is arguably more flexible than nominative subtyping, as it permits the creation of ad hoc types and protocols; in particular, it permits creation of a type which is a supertype of an existing type, without m...

10:37 AM
@MadaraUchiha @rlemon
Although Jabba skuriptu! was better :P
11:08 AM
@overexchange Just avoid it altogether and you'll be fine
11:25 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum you mean avoid using extends?
Holy crap
I slept so long
sleeping is good
@overexchange prefer composition
I'm in Bielefeld right now guys
I'll take some evidence...
11:43 AM
so, oliver doesn't exist apparently
@BenjaminGruenbaum something like this
11:58 AM
@Mosho At level 66 I finally died, to the last boss, once
Now what
12:13 PM
@MadaraUchiha google.pl/…:
@KamilSolecki lol wut :P
polish google indexes fast
because nobody in poland actually uses the internet, so the servers are sitting on their asses most of their time
I read something interesting reddit.com/r/programming/comments/8f545c/…
12:16 PM
@towc I stole all the static IPs
dont hack me pls
@Ikari amazon is the same way, I know a few people who have turned down positions from them because the interview(er) was so bad. It's partially because they have such competition, mostly because they can get away with it.
I got pranked
Bought the t-shirt
should have read the fine print
should have
fuck :/
Now I go from a sleek and casual person
to emo nerd xD
now you're angsty as fuck
12:20 PM
@GNi33 o/
or super independent, choose what you like more
@KamilSolecki see you at the vim-off
does this method seem confusing? it's the single lint error in the project, but I'm not sure how to break it down
@ssube Yeah, it's great fun
Doesn't support VR afaik though, so I can't play it properly.
I don't think it does. Properly = wheel?
12:30 PM
I don't have a screen in front of my wheel
ah, you have the same problem
this desk doesn't have enough room to point the wheel at the monitor, but I can put it sideways and use the HMD
I tried racing in Virtual Desktop once :S noooo
oh, that sounds bad
minecraft was better in the virtual flatscreen than proper VR
but racing...
It's worse than how I remember a screen being
Could be because I'm used to depth perception, but I don't think that's all
idk why
Just a few minor points: (1) the signature took me a few attempts to read, but then again I'm not used to ts
(2) having `if (this.logger)` seems icky, I usually pass a nullary logger for disabled logging
(3) it does seem to do different things: [this block](https://github.com/ssube/noicejs/blob/master/src/Container.ts#L110-L118) and [this one](https://github.com/ssube/noicejs/blob/master/src/Container.ts#L124-L129) look very similar, but operate at different abstraction levels, right?
12:41 PM
1) the signature is unfortunately complex, to try and validate the params. That's a trade off for type safety.
2) not a bad idea
3) interesting. I see what you mean. That might be two small methods, although the second block might fit into a method further down.
1:07 PM
Luggage's Linux Desktop Annoyance of the day: The mouse pauses and stutters on any system load.
I found something about polling to toggle
Assault more resources to mouse handling
@OliverSalzburg simple, but I like it
youse made it?
1:15 PM
I just wanted to do it
30 minutes :P
do you know where it is?
no :P
I couldnt find him on the right and I was searching somewhere else
@OliverSalzburg now you can sneaky add me
1:17 PM
@OliverSalzburg wohoo, welcometh!
rule 23: the newest RO must be the one to add the new candidate
it was 34?
lemme check
where's the JS room constitution?
@GaurangTandon Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
1:20 PM
hello, sorry for the interruption, I have a small question: I have this very basic code:

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
req.open("GET", "https://api.crossref.org/works/10.1037/0003-066X.59.1.29/agency", true);
req.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "text/plain");

This is supposed to show some output via the first example here - https://github.com/CrossRef/rest-api-doc But it gives a blank line. No errors. What could be the problem? Thanks!
(this time I did hit Ctrl-K)
> press X to doubt
you need to listen for the response of the request
read this
.. I just linked that
many thanks, that is the right direction for me
didn't notice the link pointed to that :P
ok, so then if I do:

xhttp.onload = function(e){
it gives me the correct answer. so is that the method you were talking about?
1:24 PM
@GaurangTandon Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq.
onload handles complete
readystatechange you need to check
oh right
ignore me, I'm just dumb
ok so that's all that's there? i can happily do work on the response now?
nahh, you just use fetch right :P
It's been so long since I actually used xhr, fetch ftw!
1:26 PM
@GaurangTandon I mean, it's not all thats' there, but it will get you going
@rlemon oh ok
@Ikari you're 1 day late
the Promise like syntax of .then looks nice there
not promise like, fetch returns a promise.
1:28 PM
@rlemon oops :P i didn't know that, I promise!
@GaurangTandon It return a promise, so it's really easy to use, rather than setting thousands of attributes in xhr
@Neoares iirc, @FélixGagnon-Grenier
I might be wrong
Hello, I have a React related question, regarding the async sotrage
        componentDidMount() {
            AsyncStorage.getItem('id_token').then((token) => {
                this.setState({ hasToken: token !== null, isLoaded: true })

neither alert fires and I cant figure out why
Woo-hoo. Power! And I'm on the road :(
@Martijn Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq.
@Feeds congrats @OliverSalzburg - please note:
1:31 PM
Yeah I thought I did that, at was properly indented. DOnt know what was wrong
Please confirm you can access the GH org - if you weren't added yet then I'll add you
I'm removing SomeKittens and other non-active members from the GH org - if anyone has a problem with this lemme know and readd them at your discretion.
I don't see him. was just looking.
speaking of, should we invite the remaining moderators to the org?
Sent you an invite @OliverSalzburg
poor bastard
in the sympathetic way
Has anyone seen the new Lost in Space (netflix)?
1:41 PM
I liked it. not all of it, but mostly
yea I say like 7/10
a few elements bothered me, but overall I still watched it
I had to just give up on making the robot make sense.
that, and the dynamic around dr smith
they could have improved those
lets not talk about the ice that freezes in seconds while they are comfortably breathing the air outside.
ohh, right, I forgot. Yes.
1:44 PM
with that said, I'm still hoping it gets a second season
better than the movie?
ohh yea.
some of matt leblanc's best work if you ask me
it would've been better with all the Mean Girls
1:51 PM
wait, who was a Mean Girl?
your mom last night
@Luggage lacey chabert
ohhh, right
teenage me had such a crush
in 1998, I was 12.
so I think that's allowed
1:53 PM
yeah, she's quite a bit older than I am
was in a ton of movies right after Mean Girls, too
@rlemon mmm, Eartha Kitt...
the spare tire and the minigun seem unplanned.
lol that spare
2:09 PM
is that big bird giving her the finger
sometimes I think I'd like to meet the people who live like that, but then... I don't want to die
you know it's not real, right?
I don't understand how people print stuff that clearly required supports, but there is no support break marks.
2:14 PM
there are grenades on the back, too
@rlemon sexy
@rlemon Tracer!
@rlemon small files
@rlemon with love
whenever I use coloured pla, and have to break away supports I get the white stress marks where the support broke off
sandpaper also makes visible white marks until you paint it
I think that's just an outstanding print
2:16 PM
that might be from a resin printer
you can polish the white marks away sometimes
maybe they did a polish and clear coat
@KamilSolecki you free to fix my prints?
> no cleanup at all, no sanding. I just removed the supports with pliers.
printed on a modified D-Bot
and Sterling doesn't pluck 😛
> I used Cura 3.3 with 20% support, .3mm air gap
if it is a raw print. 👏 well done
2:20 PM
the air gap settings, and support type/structure, do make a huge difference
without a small gap some little figures (like miniatures) will print with supports that are almost impossible to get out
@Zirak implemented your suggestions, now my code is cleeeeean.
@rlemon how?
8 mins ago, by ssube
you can polish the white marks away sometimes
Ah :D
Sure, send them over. I'll gargle and return.
nahh, I get someone to do that to my milk already
costs a bit more, but it's purified
the depth of flavor...
2:28 PM
Uh, I always check up on things waaay too often when grilling
somewhere at the back of my head there is this trigger that says: yo, they must have gotten done in these last 50 seconds, go check
@MadaraUchiha @Zirak @KamilSolecki youtu.be/XPDvtHk7qic
oi that was some pretty Penta yesterday
@ssube Neat! What're you working on?
@Ikari hehe
I made sure they didn't get away, and you did the rest
2:33 PM
@Zirak that DI library is for my game stuff and an SO bot I've been working on, based on @BenFortune's so-client
the lijang match we played yesterday was pretty nice
any DIY ways to soften water that don't mean adding salt or using a RO unit?
add vinegar
that lowers ph
doesn't lower hardness
would boiling it work? or do anything besides scale up your pots
2:42 PM
yes, but I have 30gal of it
the sand I used in a new aquarium I'm cycling was pretty high is calcium
well, build a fire in a 50gal drum
or so I have to imagine, the water is super high in ph and hardness. I've lowered the ph, but it's still maxing out on my testing kit for hardness
normally I'd just dump the water and replace it, but that'll make a huge mess because of the sand I added
and it's finally warming up
> For large-scale municipal operations, a process known as the "lime-soda process" is used to remove Ca2+ and Mg2+ from the water supply. Ion-exchange reactions, similar to those you performed in this experiment, which result in the formation of an insoluble precipitate, are the basis of this process. The water is treated with a combination of slaked lime, Ca(OH)2, and soda ash, Na2CO3. Calcium precipitates as CaCO3, and magnesium precipitates as Mg(OH)2.
2:43 PM
yeah, lime and soda probably aren't great for fish
but great for cocktails
I'm gonna pick up some peat granules today and maybe some oak leaves
but those are slooow
wtf yarn, adding two @types/node to my lockfile
2:46 PM
hrm, apparently any dry wood will also soak up the minerals.
I do have drift wood.
won't drift wood have a bunch more minerals of its own?
it'll have wood
which is fine for the fish
they eat it
the problem is not minerals, it's specific ones that will dissolve into the water column
and drift wood is usually safe regardless of type, it's been water logged long enough for the tannins and anything existing in the bark layer to be gone

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