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7:00 PM
( อก° อœส– อก°)
@towc and outside of EU you have to decide if it costs more to change your software, or just discontinue service to that part of the world.
I can imagine for a lot of companies it will be cheaper to just cut off EU
yeah, exactly
If you're running a 20 year old MMO, probably
for many developers, it was a blessing though
@towc wat
you're going to need to elaborate on that one
7:01 PM
They may not even be able to change the code anymore
@towc it's an standard privacy politics, it's a law fair for me
@ssube because jobs
2 mins ago, by towc
created a lot of jobs in the EU actually, because every company has been desperate to comply before the deadline, which is early May I think
@copy so many of those old games have lost the source
@ssube The omnibus version of gitlab installs its own nginx
7:01 PM
I know that's the case for Daggerfall
I'm annoyed
@Cereal and postgres, and redis, and everything
that's what they mean by "omni"
I already had an nginx running!
@KendallFrey uhh shit, how long has this been open ? :P
7:02 PM
I think I lost all my data
the omnibus version is basically an appliance that you have to install yourself. It's the version I used.
if you already had one running, the gitlab one will fail to start
also, you can turn those pieces off in the config and reconfigure
I think gitlab deserves it's own box.
It has its own box
I imagine the old database still exists right
7:03 PM
the container works pretty well
Ah I'm just going to have to remake all the issues
did you install two copies with the same database?
oh boy
I don't know
you did the ol' double-d
7:08 PM
My old user doesn't exist on this, and I don't know how to use the old data or migrate it or whatever
where did the data live before? a different gitlab?
I guess. It was that gitlab package I was talking about earlier
So I installed gitlab-ce
It installed extremely quickly - like seconds - so I figured it was just going to sit on the old install
But none of the data is there
that's a big version difference to upgrade
Trying to google for this only brings up news articles about when an employee took down their database
but, more likely, they're pointing at different places
7:13 PM
I mean I only had 4 projects and some 50 issues, I'm sure I can remember most of them
do you have the config from the old one?
let me look
or, better yet, is there a postgres running that it was using?
I believe so
There's /usr/lib/postgresql/9.6/bin/postgres running
Which would have been the old one
and /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/postgres
Which would be the new one
back that up, then make sure the backup worked, then back it up again
then, once you've archived that, check for a gitlab database
you can probably pull the issues out of there
7:15 PM
How does one back up a database
lol, how have I never seen this youtube.com/watch?v=-n7daut0m7I
@SterlingArcher i got my permit and gear. I went to start the bike and I forgot to pull the clutch in and flooded the engine, so now I have to wait until it all evaporates... so depressing.
@ndugger SterlingArcher is afk: beach
I am the furthest thing from a dba
@Cereal there are tools for postgres
7:16 PM
pg_dump/pg_dumpall ought to do
those nails are disgusting
yea, what ssube said
I was trying to find the docs
why are they not in order on google?
How do I find the list of database names?
found it
7:17 PM
they should detect different versions
cereal@pop-os:/var/lib/gitlab/db$ psql \list
psql: FATAL: role "cereal" does not exist
same site, same title
they should always bump the most recent version to the top
sudo -u postgres psql
7:18 PM
I hate computers
Thank you
backups just make you lazy and sloppy. no backups! no warning labels!
Okay lets not fuck this up
dump that
@Cereal dump won't hurt the data in the db already
@Luggage nah, that why you have them. Speaking of, my glass order arrived today.
7:19 PM
incense in style
Can I just .. login as postgres
sudo su postgres worked
2 mins ago, by ssube
sudo -u postgres psql
I did that, I just didn't read it
postgres@pop-os:/home/cereal$ sudo pg_dump gitlab_production > gitlab_production.bak
bash: gitlab_production.bak: Permission denied
I assume I'm doing this wrong
oh there's an -f param
I'm going to have a stroke
Hey, I did it
curl -sL https://ndugger.com | sudo -E bash -
ok I backed it up twice
I think I just pointed the new gitlab to the old database
Oh it failed
It's running the migrate database action, so that's promising
Welp, it failed
7:29 PM
Alton Brown confirmed Good Eats is coming back in the most recent episode of "Hot Ones"
@hilli_micha yo
you commin or later?
i can get on now
I can get off now
I don't know what the password is for that database
@hilli_micha tag pls
7:35 PM
@KamilSolecki I'm spectating, your match, I'll join through Ikari and we can add each other there
would anyone know why sqlQuery isnt defined here? I think its something to do with binding this or something
			user.on('autoSignIn', function(sessionId) {

	function SqlQuery() { }
in my actual program its a long function, i didnt wanna fill up the whole chat room lol
no, look in your event handler
it's not invalid. just why?
ohh it is invalid.
7:38 PM
foo and Foo are two different things
its not invalid, it runs a callback function, i took most of the code out just to show the example
sqlQuery(){}); is invalid. did you mean to not have the {} part after it?
well it's hard to identify problems when you post invalid code for us to look at
user.on('autoSignIn', function(sessionId) {

			sqlQuery('SELECT * FROM users WHERE sessionId = ?', [sessionId], function(error, results){
				if (error){

					user.emit('signSqlError', 'Could not connect to database');
				} else if (results[0] && results[0].sessionId){

					user.emit('signIn', results[0].sessionId);
				} else {

but in any case, sqlQuery isn't defined in the code you showed us.
7:40 PM
this is how it actually looks, i just didnt know why it wouldnt recognise it
because of what Kevin said
you defined SqlQuery
@KevinB how come? do i need to so something with this, and that
not sqlQuery
look at the case of the words
7:40 PM
oh ffs
neither is sQlQuErY, as a hint
!!clap one of us
one ๐Ÿ‘ of ๐Ÿ‘ us
i thought it was more complex because of the whole user and bind and stuff
@RachelDockter I did it earlier today but switched the word order chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/17?m=42303476#42303476
7:41 PM
hey, the more of your mistakes turn out to be silly typos, the better you are
if that's all you're doing wrong
ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError: FATAL: database "gitlabhq_production" does not exist
thats the only error so far yeh
7:42 PM
God damn it
Can I just, rename a database
highquality_production, no less
@ssube but it just sucks when it takes a while to see it
that's what typescript is for
7:44 PM
has anyone here ever made a mobile app in javascript?
im not sure what native means
I've made mobile first webapps.
oh i mean like for android or ios
the app store
that's native apps
7:45 PM
yea that's native
I've not done that.
yeh did anyone make one in js
we see plenty of questions about it. haven't heard of anyone in here using it tho (regulars)
oh thats what react is
no, that's react native.
the projects are split, but similar.
7:47 PM
Q: Virtual hosts not working on Mac

chirag shahI tried setting up virtual hosts on my machine. I followed this article. I don't understand what's going wrong. Here's my httpd-vhosts.conf file: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName setup.dev DocumentRoot "/Users/username/Sites/setup" ErrorLog "/private/var/log/apache2/setup.dev-error_log" Cus...

Oh shit I think it's working
oh ok i get you, i will look into this
either that or it's eating all the data
i used phonegap to make one with my school partner but it sucked
I'm happy with webapps
native apps seem like too much work
7:49 PM
yeh i get u
unless you need to fine-tune the UX for the platform. when you have a lot of users
ohh yea if I had a lot of users and the need was there. thankfully I've not hit that
for those apps people use a lot. web apps are more than enough for occasional use
but yea.. web is the everywhere platform
haha i cant imagine having alot of traffic to something ive made
the tradeoff for me is mobile first means I have a desktop, and all modern mobiles handled with a single project.
sure there is tweaking involved. but I don't have to learn anything new.
7:50 PM
I got my users back
@Cereal \o/
Site hangs when you try to login
Oh I also got the issues back
Oh shit it logged in
oh shit my projects are there
holy shit it worked
I don't think you are using 'oh shit' correctly :)
@Luggage nahh, in Canada it makes sense
The repos are gone but I don't care I can just pus hthose
all the users, groups, issues, milestones are still there
7:52 PM
quick, backup again
for (var i=0; i<=4; i++) {
if ("$C" +i.checked == true) {continue;}
echo ($E +i) + " <br /> ";

is echo even a thing?
if they make it one
and backed up
did you run the gitlabctl backup?
7:53 PM
Speaking of Canada, I need to take a picture of this billboard we have in Utah. It's DWI sign but whatever bureaucrat put it up there used a maple leaf instead of a pot leaf.
@ssube good ideea!
Q: need for loop with conditional continue

verlagerI need to "continue" based on a checkbox. HTML: <input type = "text" id = "E1" /><input type="checkbox" id="C1"> <input type = "text" id = "E2" /><input type="checkbox" id="C2"> <input type = "text" id = "E3" /><input type="checkbox" id="C3"> <input type = "text" id = "E4" /><input type="checkb...

looks like php in javascript
or somethin
my work install runs it hourly, my home install runs it nightly, both pushing to a replicated s3 bucket
last time I broke gitlab, we got the backup down and it running in about 20 minutes
@KevinB <script language="php"> is a thing
could just be someone super confused about how that works
that was an intentional hard upgrade
7:58 PM
I'm like
What a rush
that was
i think i messed up, i spent like a whole day formatting my webpage for mobile and just discovered react
React is not about foramtting for a webpageee
i thought it was for making interfaces
and then react native was putting it on an app
8:04 PM
i was just being an ass
i meant more along the lines of, why does discovering react mean you messed up by formatting your webpage for mobile
you can still use all the same dom elements and structure and styles etc
it's not bootstrap
@RachelDockter it doesn't do anything you can't with other tools. it's just a nice way to build interactive reusable view components and entire views.
you still need styles
This have any explanation? jsfiddle.net/ovqq740y I print the array 3 times, first time I suppose to have quantity: 1, the second time quantity: 2, and the third time quantity: 3. But the 3 times I've quantity: 3 lol
oh ok thats fine then i think
8:06 PM
haven't looked yet, but i bet you're using the same i in a closure
@AngelLuis the console is live
if the objects properties change, you only see the value of the latest change, unless you've expanded the object in the console.
@rlemon yeah it's outputing the last value
yes, read what I just said
const obj = { value: 1 };
when you expand those objects, they reference the same object. they'll show the latest value
it isn't a snapshot
8:08 PM
@rlemon whoa, it's live only with objects?
if you JSON.stringify(this.productsInCart), it'll take a snapshot
@AngelLuis it's live with anything
well, anything that isn't a primitive value
even primitives are live, just doesn't make any difference
(no clue if that's true, but in the end it doesn't matter. easier to say everything is live)
i'm surprised really, allways I've used like snapshots
8:10 PM
if you want a snapshot, log the value
    console.log('Current Cart: ', this.productsInCart.quantity);
@rlemon but this isn't live: jsfiddle.net/r0Lrsb2t
because 1 isn't a reference
it's a primitive value that never changes
you re-assign the value of the variable. you never change it
so JS creates a reference to the variable, and when you reassign the variable it's changing that reference?
but JS points to the same var declaration
because it knows that exists
or only use the memory to point to that variable, and then it creates a new reference?
8:13 PM
old, but should still be relevant
@rlemon yeah it's just my question ty
you've bookmarks with that things?
yea, google :P
ahh hehe
once you learn what to google, you can find anything
sometimes figuring out the terms is hard tho
that's my struggle a lot of the time
"it doesn't work"
8:16 PM
I use google slides and I make simple diagrams of hard concepts
stop it Félix
A: How to vote to close questions and be welcoming at the same time?

KobiHere's a feature-request I've considered for a while: We should allow answers to duplicated questions. Duplicated questions are different than other types of close reasons. The question is most likely just fine, but we've already had a similar question. Very often, the close target is a long an...

you know, I don't mind that
aside from allowing answers after closing. the limited window maybe could be increased, but you'd have so much fgitw
i don't think we need to encourage those answers with rep
but i'm not against allowing them
8:23 PM
I like this, up until the last point. Instead of granting reputation for potential duplicate answers, allows and encourage answers but make them community-wiki as soon as they're posted. The reason to answer a duplicate again is, in my mind, to add more context or specialize the answer for the OP and making it clear that this is a community attempt to help (but not for profit) seems appropriate. — ssube 7 secs ago
but if someone replies to a duplicated question, why it's bad? If another person wants to waste the time replying to a question already replied, it's your problem. Only should be disencouraged the person that is asking a duplicated question, to encourage him to search before ask
because DRY.
Right... but you have to remember that to a lot of people this site is a game. They will answer it because they want the rep for doing so, helping someone is just a side effect/bonus or convenient excuse..
knowledge should only need to be expressed once
@MadaraUchiha lol "believe in the product"
wipes single laugh-tear
8:27 PM
Knew you'd like that :D
If they really did just want to help, a comment would generally suffice just as well as an answer.
well but that is a politic to prioritize the website organization over to solve the people questions
I did code at night though
looking back, it's pretty weird
who does that
everyone ?
in the office, that is
8:29 PM
I know the feeling
the goal though isn't to answer people's questions, it's to have the answers to all the questions
if we already have the answer to the question, why do we need to repeat it
when you close the door and it's dark outside
no, that's every day
I mean night-night
well not everyone lives in scandinavia or russia
@AngelLuis no. it also helps people. the most problems with duplicates is people whining about "no, my way of adding numbers with jQuery is uniquer such patriarchy bruh!!!"
8:30 PM
i mean... when time changes in the fall, it's dark every day when i leave
not all that weird
I have this new huge pimple in the crease between my nose and face
and I had to go get a haircut
so I tried to pop it
and now it's a red pulsing hole
so I cancelled the appointment
8:31 PM
an red pulsing hole
by dark I mean you don't see the door's lock
@KevinB but as I've explained before, I've been banned of ask not for not to search the answer in SO, I was banned by ask obviously questions for some people, but not for me. I don't have a big intellect for understand all the programming guides/tutorials/sources in the web
not 6PM dark
yeah, i work till 7pm
8:32 PM
but I have to go somewhere
what do
self deprecation 101
i also don't go into work until 9:30/10
well that's a given
you maybe can ask my question with another solved question, but that doesn't imply that I've to know how to solve my problem. That maybe it's not a code problem but a understanding problem
if ur a programmer that is
8:33 PM
@Mosho alcohol to dry it and hope it scabs in time
I don't have any alcohol
damn it
bandage your face and tell people you just got a nose job?
@AngelLuis that's unfortunate. I hate seeing people struggle with understanding why their code doesn't work, because to me it seems like debugging comes so naturally.
@rlemon might be better
You get an error message and a stack trace. the stack trace tells you what line, and what column of that line, the error originates from. YOu go there, understand why that error occured on that line, and you're 90% of the way to solving the problem.
8:34 PM
how fast can you grow a moustache?
faster if you plug you nose and ears
clench and push
that would be quite the spectacle
Id pay to watch
get some tiny spectacles and put them under your nose
sunglasses, ideally
it's indoors
8:36 PM
@KevinB yeah I learned to debug a lot because I found the most of my problems there. But when I want to do anything, I use all my knowledge, I search SO, MDN and so on, and I can't solve my problem... I ask. But sometimes I ask in SO and someone says "that's a stupid question". And I understand that feeling because I see low level questions and I think also what that was a stupid question.
cool kids wear their sunglasses inside and at night
getting lasik was a mistake
@Mosho I heard very bad stories about lasik
yeah I don't have glasses to cover my ugly face
it's awful
the bad, a guy had to take his eye off for the pain
8:39 PM
that's unfortunate too
another histories, guys that have a lot of pain but they decide change of doctor and their pain begin to heal
because the company that have made the lasik operation were unexperienced in postoperatives
they tell u "that's normal, you've to feel some pain and side effects"........
probably shouldn't go for the cheapest option
do it yourself, only way to be sure
I have a 500mW blue I can prob do Lasik if you really need me to
here in Spain there aren't a lot of options, and good options I would say zero
8:42 PM
put it on a 3d printer frame
the resolution will be fine, don't worry
Haha yes. Nah it gets hot really really fast
I'll have to do 30sec on 2mins off on your eye ball. That's fine right?
Also. I have access to an industrial laser on a machine like that now. We engraved the long boards the other day
"tutorial how to become blind professionally"
Bah can't find a pic
8:48 PM
@rlemon good article and it's good to know because I'll start to learn node.js in a couple of months... "For me this knowledge became important during the development of Angular and Node applications where objects and primitives are passed around like a hot potato." :P
@AngelLuis I suggest if it is interesting to you, now that you have some terms to google, find a few more articles on it
where they don't overlap, they will benefit you
no article will explain things perfect or completely.
@rlemon yeah MDN doesn't have this terms explained?
@rlemon "Scope and the function stack"
So something weird has been going on
I noticed my audio from websites has been significantly quieter
I decided to restart the browser, and now everything is back to normal
how tf does that even happen
8:53 PM
It's the FBI
@KendallFrey Are you using Windows?
Maybe sound drivers
I blame Opera
The 4ch servers are behaving weird for a couple of days

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