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5:00 PM
but it's area dependent of course
check out FB marketplace as well as Craigslist
FB market place gets over looked a lot, and I find good stuff on there
Bought my entire office furniture set for $200 on FB market, its pretty rad.
@Loktar What aha
ah nice, yeah man I love it, it's still not SUPER well known to collectors yet haha
@Loktar holy
I already have a nice glass desk from my old work so I'm set for now on that
5:01 PM
random video of it, at 120hz as well 😉
Goodwill is depressing now because they actually check online prices for old games and stuff..
@Loktar did you see the DXRacer desk? Lol looks pretty nice tbh isn't crazy expensive but meh
@hilli_micha yeah that's also area dependent too... some will literally place ebay listing prices on their products...
not SOLD but listing lmao
@Loktar If I squint hard enough I can get the 120Hz to show up on my 60Hz screen, right?
@Loktar If the guy knew about shutter speeds that video didn't have to induce seizures
5:02 PM
@BoltClock alternate blinking
@BoltClock You don't squint, you move your eyes back and forth really fast.
yep I've seen the desks 😉
@BoltClock haha yeah I wish YT supported 120hz video
@Loktar Yeah I think I'm gonna drive up there and demo stuff in the car. Then order something if I want it
It's that or Chicago has a reseller with a demo room
5:03 PM
@BoltClock You can actually overclock the framerate of your screen
their showroom is pretty unimpressive.. but you get to try out all the products
yeah what @copy said, used to involve setting odd resolutions, now it's a bit more straightforward
@copy Not sure you can double it though...
I overclocked mine from 60hz to 100hz
Couldn't get it to 110hz, artifacts started coming up.
@hilli_micha Well that's not too shabby
does it outright fail or do you get noise and artifacts?
5:04 PM
noise and artifacts at 110
or both, at different points?
@hilli_micha won't that mess up recording it?
actually, that might be a good thing
or simply not a bad thing
But any further and it gets progressively worse.
i haven't pushed it to any shut off point or anything, but yeah it just gets worse and worse once you push it beyond that point
@real_ate I'm sorry you've had a negative experience with the room :(
But it's held steady at 100hz without a hiccup.
5:05 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum thank you I appreciate you saying that
I accidentally made it onto hot network questions again
@BoltClock must suck being so awesome.
@BoltClock how?
Q: Why are double quotes shown only for the first element?

Pavan TiwariI am wondering why the browser shows double open quotes only for the first element. The second element has single quotes instead. a::before { content: open-quote; } <a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a> <br> <a href="http://www.amazon.com">Amazon</a>

5:07 PM
@BoltClock wtf. CSS bugs are out of this world
oh, smart quotes :(
Q: Explicit typing - Array of objects

overexchangeIn the below syntax, interface IPerson{ firstName: string; lastName?: string; } const personList = [ "p1": {firstName: "F1", lastName: "L1"}, "p2": {firstName: "F2"}, "p3": {firstName: "F3"} ]; // or const personList = [ {"p1": {firstName: "F1", lastName: "L1"}}, {...

edits don't get you any rep after 5k or whatever
@overexchange that is NOT in the hot network of questions
@hilli_micha huh? I didn't ask the question. Unless you meant getting the question asker rep
5:09 PM
@Loktar Both answers are rong
@BoltClock Yup, you're right, ignore me being objectively blind and for some reason completely missing that you EDITED and not asked.
@overexchange I'd help you but I'm a JS dev, not a Typescript one
I completely didn't even see the asker on that, maybe your aura of awesomeness overshadowed him :P
what? an array of key/value pairs?
is that even a thing other than an object, and not an array?
You get rep for editing questions!?
5:11 PM
Yes, 2 rep per successful edit up to 2k I believe it is.
+2 iirc
@Cereal Go get 'em
@Cereal only if you don't have permission to
5:12 PM
you get credit for having your edit approved, technically
until you get enough to outgrow that
Which is weird, because for most edits, it seems like the effort for someone to come in and check your edit would outweight or atleast equal the inital edit itself.
it's a popular way to build bots and socks
In my mind, it's a goofy trade-off.
@overexchange why aren't you using Map<key, value>
@Loktar Outside of the Sony Trinitron CRTs any other brand/models you'd recommend?
5:15 PM
@hilli_micha JVC
or Panasonic even
but stay away from Sharp or no names
hah or Toshiba, that's my consumer set now actually
the one thing though, you need to determine what you want to play, if you're looking to play 480p consoles (Gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast), go with a wega set
if you're looking to only go up to 480i and 240p content, don't get an "HD" set
tbh though I'd just grab what you can find initially and then you have something to go off of, it's defeinitely a user preference sort of thing
Damn, I was going to do primarily PS2, Gamecube, N64 and SNES.
Maybe OG Xbox too
like for instance the sony trinitrons the fs series have geometry issues, way more than normal
Question on main suck
Jesus christ
so I'd also recommend testing any super quick
yeah I mean for the newer consoles you can still use 480i sets, or non hd ones they are fine
it's mostly going backwards from hd to 240p that's not as good
5:18 PM
I think a 480i set to be honest may be what I shoot for.
yeah and will be WAY easier to find I'm sure
also take weight into consideration haha
I know progressive scan helps the picture, but, eh, I kinda want it to be slightly shitty, for the authenticity.
the trinitrons are damn heavy, the 27" ones are like 120lb
@KamilSolecki Does not work
interface Map<K,V> {
    K: V;

const personList: Map<string,IPerson>[]  = [
    {"p1": {firstName: "F1", lastName: "L1"}},
    {"p2": {firstName: "F2"}},
    {"p3": {firstName: "F3"}}
I fixed the problem I was having with sw-precache
The option was navigateFallbackWhitelist, and I had to use a negative lookahead
5:20 PM
I didn't realize that those Sonys went up to 1080i/720p in their later years, holy.. that would probably be a pretty snazzy picture (for the era, anyway)
@overexchange eeee why is it an interface
Map is a thing in typescript y'know
in JS as well
JS and TS both
@hilli_micha yeah DVDs came out when CRTs were still a thing
but I mean computer monitors were hitting past those resolutions too for quite a bit
explicit typing
Oh yeah, I knew that, I just didn't think of consumer TV sets for them.
5:23 PM
just wish CRTs weren't so bulky and had all that stuff like lead lol
@overexchange but you're replacing a global type
And the whole if it's been plugged in at some point in the last month and you open it you could die.
that's generally bad news
I'd never trade my LCD for my main setup, but CRTs were pretty badass and people forget lol
5:23 PM
For $150 that seems like a nice IPS monitor
I love LG
@hilli_micha I've been working on them internally now for the last year, I haven't died yet!!
I think it's a tad overblown, you just need to stay away from certain areas haha
you can drain them, too, can't you?
That or discharge it by putting metal under the dust boot
yeah, but I adjust the geometry usually
5:24 PM
In that case, make it as ...
interface map<K,V> {
    K: V;
so they are on while I'm doing that, only way you can do it
dont replace map
use it
@Jhawins For a little more, you should be able to get an IPS 1440p monitor.
^ theres a dude doing it there as well
5:25 PM
I'd just bite the bullet and do that.
you have to mess with the yokes for certain issues
@overexchange that's an object, so K can only be string
I do not want to learn, how replace/use map. I want to learn, how to explicitly type that object(personList)?
like Kamil says, you want Map
@hilli_micha Well so long term I should have 3 monitors, 1 will be a giant 1440 high refresh rate, the other two will be more like this
5:25 PM
But... SHit...
@Jhawins that is a really slim bezel
looks nice
@Jhawins dude.. there are some reasonable ultrawides as well
@Loktar how does my desktop work if I have a primary monitor at 1440 and the rest at 1080
It just doesn't?
works fine
@Loktar Yeah man 2560X1080
5:26 PM
@Jhawins I mean, I currently do 27" 1440p/22" 1080p for my set-up and I'm constantly on the verge of replacing my 1080p monitor.
my secondary is 1080
@hilli_micha True I wouldn't have to zoom out all my applications with 1440
@Loktar I've seen them at NFM, they look amazing in person
No you wouldn't, the 'workspace' you get is quite jarring, but awesome none-the-less.
5:27 PM
Just over 2 of those other monitors in price
Lol it is basically the same as having 2
yeah man I LOVED mine for work
@hilli_micha I used to work on a 27" 1440 iMac so yea I know how it feels lol
I want another just waiting for the ULTRA GAMER SUPER TECH to catch up and be at a better price point lol
If you just want any old monitors, I'd probably grab some 100 dollar tn panel
5:28 PM
@Loktar Oo.. adjusting geometry.. that reminds me of adjusting mirrors in my DLP.. I shudder at the thought, that shit was NOT fun.
@Cereal Why spend $100 on a POS when you can spend $150 on IPS
@hilli_micha depending on exactly how you do it, it can be really jarring. My P-in-P setup with two different sized "monitors" on the same screen is weird.
I'd spend $50 on a POS, not $100
I don't like to brag, but I wrote a really good bug yesterday. I still haven't found it.
I don't personally notice the difference
But then, I sit directly in front of my monitor
5:28 PM
How bright is your workspace room?
Mine is really bright.
IPS is crazy bright
I have a USB powered monitor that's IPS and looks like a real one lol
I usually close the blinds and leave the light off
if Im on PC
But it also has no windows, so I've put a bunch of LED lights in here so I don't get completely weirded out on time.
Staying in a dark room all day messes with you.
I keep my monitor backlit to cut the contrast
I mean there's a light, it's not super bright
@Jhawins hah yeah I didn't know what you were looking to spend but that seems nice
I have my monitor set to 50% brightness
5:30 PM
Yea I need to buy a whole computer, pay 2 months rent, buy monitors, buy a chair
So I really don't want to spend that lol
@hilli_micha I leave slits open, but I generally like it to be dark. It lets me focus much easier. In general, im not a fan of daytime
mine is around 65, much lower and the colors start to wash out
Does ultra-wide make sense for gaming?
but 60-65 is still to bright at night
@copy oh yes
5:31 PM
depends on games I guess @copy
@copy Some games don't support it, so it can get a little weird.
@copy tbh I didn't like it
Do games even look good on those resolutions
everything felt "swimmy" for lack of a better word idk
if games don't work/look good, you can fall back
5:31 PM
E.g. OW was patched some time ago for Ultrawide, so it actually looks pretty good.
racing games are probably gnarly on ultrawide
I run a lot of games in a 1080 window, like rimworld, terraria, Mars, etc
But, when its not made for Ultrawide, eh.
@hilli_micha BUT they reduce what you can see vertically :/
since they didn't want to give anyone an edge
@KamilSolecki they are, but then VR outdid that
5:32 PM
aye right :D
being able to move your head is even better than FOV
Ah, yes, there's that. :/
I've enjoyed gaming on an ultrawide, though
@hilli_micha But it must be stretched, as I assume they won't let you see more things just because you got a larger screen
@copy you playin some overwatch with us tonight?
@hilli_micha same question
5:32 PM
@copy yeah depends on the game, BF1 will for example
but Overwatch wont
I can do OW tonight
@copy usually you can tweak the FOV
if you couldn't change it, things would look fish-eyed
but any competitive game really shouldn't I suppose
5:33 PM
Hell, I know CS:GO players still do 4:3 because 16:9 doesn't offer anything
lol I max my fov in every game, it looks fish eyed for a few mins until I get used to it
@KamilSolecki Sure
I've tried that, couldn't do it
things get too small
My eyes would probably die.
5:34 PM
watch the video
it talks about some nice things
as for different projection types
> I can see behind me, nothing can scare me now
you say that...
Damn, looking at the landscape for VR horror games, I'm depressed.
I really want a "Japanese-style" VR horror game.
speaking of
remember Ninja Gaiden
that game was the epitome of difficult
Yes, it was. In particular the NES games.
5:39 PM
a VR Silent Hill would probably be traumatizing :)
We'll never get that though ;/
that reminds me I should install PSX emulator and play silent hill 1 here
And even still, I wouldn't want a Silent Hill that wasn't developed by Team Silent.
5:40 PM
someone make VR factorio please
Everything past 4 was, terrible and even 4 itself had some major issues.
I would play VR Outlast, but in very short stints
I didn't play any of the latter, only the first, and I don't even think I finished it
VR The Forest would be fun tho
Have you come across Angular 2/4/5 framework code having extends keyword?
5:42 PM
extends is part of ES6
@hilli_micha did they crap on it worse than the movie crapped on the sequel?
@IanC Silent Hill 2 is an absolute gem and worth playing, 3 is like 1 but heavily polished, they were best on PS2, but the Remasters are worth while.
@ssube Does angular framework use it? with typescript syntax
@William Talk to someone who knows about sleep disorders.
5:43 PM
@IanC Not that bad, the western developers that picked up Silent Hill after 4 just lost what made the game really good.. that Japanese style of very slow, methodical horror, as opposed to loud, frenetic and gory horror that the West embraces.
I have no help. They all keep deferring to another specialist
@overexchange typescript has had it even longer than javascript
@KendallFrey No, ask in a JavaScript chat
@overexchange angular is a framework, you are free to use whatever feature of typescript there is
so yes, I would expect it to be pretty common
5:44 PM
@copy duh my bad
I have a degree in Sleep Disorders from the University of Mars.
let me check in the code github.com/angular/angular
@hilli_micha associates?
sorry, was a bit of an ass, but I don't think you'll get any good advice from a JS chat room @William
Although a C++ room might be more suited when it comes to disorders
5:44 PM
yeah just want someone to talk to really
@copy they care about order far more than we do
I bet $500 that you will find a few extends
@William have you tried taking anything, like melatonin ?
@hilli_micha I see, sort of the difference between psychological horror and jump-scare horror
5:45 PM
@Loktar yeah that is basically a placebo compared to the stuff I'm on(not joking)
@William but what exactly is the disorder? insomnia?
@IanC might have narcolepsy.
@KamilSolecki whatever feature of typescrpt? Don't you follow specific paradigm while writing code?
@William ah damn that sucks dude
@overexchange the language provides many paradigms, which you combine into a library, like angular
so you'll find extends and most of the other features in use somewhere
5:47 PM
Narolepsy is rare, it's more probable that too many all-nighters has disrupted your sleep schedule. The best thing I know for a messed up sleep schedule is actually making one. Going to bed at a consistent time, being up everyday at a consistent time.
Can't I expect angular to follow specific paradigm using TypeScript?
@William really no specialists in sleep disorders there? I mean, I'd never heard of it until you mentioned, but it looks like the kind of disorder that can be objectively diagnosed
at this point im not really sure what you are talking about @overexchange
I know during my school drop out days, the times I wanted to go to bed at night and be up in the morning was neigh impossible.
what do you mean by "paradigm?"
5:48 PM
@IanC oh I have meet with the before. Still need to run 1 more test to be sure it is nacorelpsy
(I'd is only "I + would" or "I + had" as well?)
@IanC honestly though the disorders are made up. They don't have a genetic test
or blood work
@IanC Not I had
Not in writing anyway
ARG! does gyp (and all the bastards that depend on it) really require python!?!!
why is it suddenly failing because it can't find python, when gyp has been sitting there in the background for all of my previous builds, working fine?
@William well, hoping for the best for you.. The worst case scenario, if they do get a positive diagnosis you'll have a treatment to aid you getting better sleep
5:51 PM
everything requires python :)
or GNU
@ssube really? good to know.
and things require python because it's almost always installed
@Cereal thanks, was thinking it looked a bit odd!
@NH. it's a pretty common dependency for tools, because linux and mac both come with a recent version
5:52 PM
@IanC you must not know much about mental/nuerlogic disorders. Must of the treatments have serious side effects and can further cause the disorder if you choose to ever come off it.
@IanC I think you've use "I've" in your sentence up there
It isn't like diabetes
or cancer
@William that's a bit extreme and blunt
older treatments have more serious side effects
5:52 PM
@IanC I'd can be either
Please, I had no side-effects at all from my lobotomy.
@hilli_micha So you mean that's your normal self? :/
You can usually tell which one it is based on grammatical context. For example, "I'd done" is almost certainly "I had done" since "I would done" is ungrammatical
@ssube different side effects not necessarily less. do you prefer tardive dyskinesia or insomnia
5:53 PM
@BoltClock ungrammatical is ungrammatical!
@William I'm aware of that, but newer, designer treatments have less serious side effects than the opiates and electroshock of old.
"old" being 15-30 years ago
@Cereal so it should be "I have never heard..." instead of "I had never heard..."?
I think so
5:55 PM
> the slowest lightning in your veins
"I'd never heard of it until you mentioned" is fine
Good evening boys and girls
I might be wrong, I just speak the language, I don't understand it
@BoltClock but is it informal to use "I'd" for "I had" or is it comforming to the norms?
I would prefer an opiod withdrawal to this insomnia withdrawal
5:56 PM
@IanC Contractions are usually informal in the first place. In day to day conversation it's fine
Just listen to boltclock, he's smart
no don't star that, he's a bolt and a clock he can't know hes smart
@hilli_micha Even a broken boltclock is right twice a day
that statement made me mad
am I weird for eating broccoli and peanut butter?
5:59 PM
combined or no/

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