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3:00 PM
but you can play HHH perfectly well
but if you just bring them into view they're ok I imagine again?
so criss-crossing doesn't confuse it, they regain tracking quickly, yeah
he wants to play Pavlov mostly
ok awesome
yeah I'm kind of excited to try it just to see what the 1440 screens look like
I haven't had them lose tracking for more than a second or so, and I think it's my bluetooth dongle
it's a shitty little USB 2 one
there are tuts out there to use the vive controllers + mixed reality headsets
but, I'm not letting him use my lighthouses lol
3:01 PM
the windows controller layout is really nice
yeah it seems like a good mix
Question - if I use .includes("a","b") it seems to work, however, if i try to pass an array with .includes(someArrayOfStrings), it doesn't like that
and being able to jump back to your desktop (the real one, not steam) to restart things after they crash is the best thing ever
has a trackpad + analog right?
oh man yeah that seems great
I was going to get one from this dude for $200 on CL, he says it's never used but open, but then I saw the Bestbuy sale and was like eh rather get new
thumbstick and thumbpad+dpad and 2 buttons (menu, windows) on top, trigger and squeeze button on the bottom
I don't use the controllers much anymore, most of my VR is sitting
3:02 PM
ah nice, yeah from everything I've seen people say they work well for steam games
SPAZ2 and racing games don't need em
so, I might have a job?
spaz2 pretty good in VR then?
I know it's not the same as SPAZ at all, but still been eyeing it
ohh man, I need to play that game again soon
it's on my wishlist, just wasn't sure how the VR is
3:03 PM
it's not the same at all, but the combat is fun
the VR part is pretty good
This works..
> Thank you for the reply.
You made a good impression and we like you, we just need to find what you can help us the most..

On Monday there will not be that many people in the office cause of the holiday on Tuesday, so can you stop by at Nice Company Wednesday 13:00?
We would discuss what you can start with.

And as suggested, you can also stay in the company apartment, we can talk about that when you here.

Name of CTO
const persons = [
    {"p1": {firstName: "F1", lastName: "L1"}},
    {"p2": {firstName: "F2"}},
    {"p3": {firstName: "F3"}}
the world menu works, you can read everything, and combat/flying looks sweet af
it's so vague
3:04 PM
nice, I might have to grab it then
that's after I wrote them an email this morning renegotiating some stuff in their favour
@towc that is super vague, no talk of pay?
@Loktar he already said it's unpaid
which would give me 17€/hr
oooh missed that
3:04 PM
Unless that's changed recently
Oh did it change @towc
This is a rollercoaster
letting your intern stay in the "company apartment" is so sketchy
which is kinda low, but I mentioned that I'd like to talk about them again a few months in the job
anyway ty for the info @ssube I know the Samsung is much better, but it's for my son not me so meh he can suffer a tad
@Cereal that was Shady Company
3:05 PM
If you're getting a free apartment plus 17 an hour, that's actually pretty good for a 18 year old.
the one I went to today
sure, I just saw that the Samsung was down to the same price as the Rift
before that I sent an email to this other company
yeah, with better screens at that
This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!
3:05 PM
@hilli_micha freelancing from the UK I was easily getting 28€/hr without putting much effort into it
if I was buying a HMD purely for the HMD part, for racing and flying, it would definitely be the Samsung for the colors
I decided to stay local because I want to work with a local team
hopefully it will take my edge off
Right, but you're in Slovakia, undoubtedly living costs are lower, no?
yeah hell it seems like the samsung is almost viable for actually working in VR as well
@hilli_micha income/cost ratio is lower in sk than in uk
3:06 PM
I've read some mixed reviews if 1440 is good enough yet, but idk I'd like to try regardless
also, apt is only for 2 months
which is great, because it means it's flexible, and I don't have to pay more than I should if I wanted to leave
for the record, this is what I wrote:

I spoke with Friend Who Owns A Company, and it looks like he can bring it down to Some% in taxes.
Even then, I see you're fully comfortable with my skillset yet, so my
suggestion is that you'd spend Lowish-Amount€/hr on me before taxes, and we can
handle the rest.
In, say, 2 months in, we can tweak the values according to the value
I'm bringing to the company.

The best thing from my side would be to have a response fairly soon.

Hope the new terms suit you better,
the friend used to work for them
and apparently they met the day before the interview for a bbq
and I'm currently living with the guy
I'm writing this because I'm sure I could have done something much better, and you usually tell me about it, which is super useful. Now, enough of my life story
well good luck dude!
Ffs. The method that escapes " " to "%20" doesn't escape "/"
sounds like some things are coming together for you
@towc do keep this up and good luck!!
3:10 PM
@Cereal encodeURIComponent
and the one that does escape "/", escapes " " to "+"!
what does it escape + to?
!!> encodeURIComponent('1/2 3')
@rlemon "1%2F2%203"
3:11 PM
encode everything
one problem we had in the past is we have a product with a "+" in the name. that was fun
@towc SOme regulars would be happy with that pay
@towc So you're working out a plan for them on how to employ you?
@Jhawins I was. Quite happy
@KevinB emails tend to hit it, too
3:12 PM
That's like $70K
There doesn't appear to be a ruby equivelent
it was kinda stressful, but hey
again, I want to do something with a team
Oh, found one
I felt like a corporate machine
It's a deprecated method though
3:13 PM
also, there were starting to be tax issues
howdy everyone
Howdyho partner!
So I went home yesterday, drank heavily, and I still have my "you have to be inside an angular-cli project in order to use the build command" problem this morning
I was hoping the booze would solve it.
it did not.
@rlemon deprecated
@JGrindal You never gave me the error message when I asked
That's a module

  console.log(arrY); //["h", "e"]
  console.log(arrW.includes(arrY)); //returns false
  console.log(arrW.includes("h", "e")); //return true
3:16 PM
does .includes() not take an array?
that's from the docker random container name generator (well, moby's)
nice touch
@OliverSalzburg Oh, I didn't see you asked, sorry about that.
"You have to be inside an angular-cli project in order to use the build command" when I try to ng build
Yeah it's deprecated
3:17 PM
@Koosh includes(...arrY) is equivalent to includes('h', 'e')
I'm going to use it anyway. All the alternatives don't work the way I need to them to work
I tried npm install @angular/cli@latest
you have to spread them
but I continue to get the issue
@ssube includes doesn't take multiple searches
.includes(what, fromIndex);
3:17 PM
I didn't thinkso
@JGrindal What version of angular-cli?
but that is the equivalent syntax
@KamilSolecki thanks for the tip
func GetRandomName(retry int) string {
	rnd := random.Rand
	name := fmt.Sprintf("%s_%s", left[rnd.Intn(len(left))], right[rnd.Intn(len(right))])
	if name == "boring_wozniak" /* Steve Wozniak is not boring */ {
		goto begin

	if retry > 0 {
		name = fmt.Sprintf("%s%d", name, rnd.Intn(10))
	return name
@Koosh I suggest you read teh docs on array includes developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/…
3:18 PM
I've updated the Cart class example: jsfiddle.net/q5ks01dL/1 It works but I don't like. I should organize the outside class functions in another object?
-1 not enough if(err != nil)
@OliverSalzburg 5.6.0
oh neat:
!!> [[NaN].includes(NaN), NaN === NaN]
@towc [true,false]
3:20 PM
@OliverSalzburg I did, but no joy.
because of the "sameValueZero" algo according to mdn apparently:
@JGrindal Most stuff points towards package versions being out of sync
      function sameValueZero(x, y) {
        return x === y || (typeof x === 'number' && typeof y === 'number' && isNaN(x) && isNaN(y));
Make sure you don't have any nasty lockfiles fucking things up
These fucking frameworks with their shitty CLI tools...
Reboot server, alarm says disk7 is now missing, no idea what disk7 was
@OliverSalzburg agreed.
@AngelLuis nice progress! What I would suggest, is that it would make sense for a Cart to exist at all times - I dont see why you would need to destroy it and recreate it - just empty the insides :)
@Neil nope
3:22 PM
@JGrindal Next level is a GUI in Electron. Brace yourselves!
@KevinB bit of trivia that is sure to screw someone's code up, but which I can fix
that's neat
@Cereal how about atob in ruby?
base64 everything, decode it on your end
I did URI.escape(sn, Regexp.new("[^#{URI::PATTERN::UNRESERVED}]"))
@KamilSolecki thank you, the idea is that every Cart have their ID with the items added and deleted. So if the customer empties the Cart, I have the record of the items and also I can retrieve the last Cart
The new methods don't provide the option, and they all do shit with spaces I don't want them to be doing
3:25 PM
CLI tools are glorious and the natural primary interface.
or they ignore slashees
@Cereal base64 should not have those problems
I'm sending this to an external api
why don't you want spaces to be encoded as well?
@OliverSalzburg So I updated the package.json file to use @angular/cli 5.6.0 (since npm -v @angular/cli says 5.6.0) and now when I npm install it says that there is no matching version.......
3:27 PM
@AngelLuis ah, I see.
Still you can just empty the insides
of cart.items
@JGrindal And you definitely don't have any lockfiles laying around?
Hi everyone. Can somebody help with this?
Q: Don't stop background audio (i.e Spotify) when playing a muted video in a canvas

olivierMy goal is to play a video in a HTML5 canvas ad banner but as soon the muted video auto runs the audio on iOS (i.e Spotify) stops playing. How can I prevent this? Any help much appreciated!

@OliverSalzburg I MAY
auto-playing videos on a mobile device?
3:33 PM
in ad banners!
@JGrindal Delete them
@OliverSalzburg but when I get rid o the lock files, it still has the same issue.
that's wrong in so many ways
@OliverSalzburg "No matching version found for @angular/cli@^5.6.0"
3:34 PM
@JGrindal Yeah. That doesn't exist
They only have 1.x and 6.x
@KevinB no, why? It's muted.
Maybe the version was unpublished?
it's still taking up potentially limited data and eating up battery
@OliverSalzburg but why does my npm -v @angular/cli say 5.6.0?
@JGrindal Because that's not what you think it is
3:35 PM
i'm going to go out on a limb and say it's because you have version 5.6.0 of @angular/cli installed?
You have npm 5.6.0
That is npm -v
ohh right.
The rest is ignored
ah, well that would do it.
npm show @angular/cli is what you want maybe
Or npm ls
Depending on what you need
3:36 PM
@KamilSolecki yes but every time I create a new instance I generate a new cart ID, so every time I empty the Cart.items, I should create a new ID again. And yes, it's the same that empty a create an instance, but I did that approach for give a sense to the class. Its like create a simple object literal (imo)
@KevinB i have to do it, do you know what the issue could be?
@AngelLuis oh wait now I understand what you are doing
then its ok
oh, ubuntu 18.04 is out now
But well I'm starting to understand that classes are only "syntactic sugar"
ha ha, when I first read the title of this HNQ I thought the guy was trying to escape from Alcatraz: How to transport personal belongings while swimming long distance?
3:44 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum It was posted in Tavern and someone provided me the link to an extension they use to do it
friday.rlemon.ca/wip okay this is now officially a monstrosity
it takes forever to load
Climbing picture from yesterday cc @Loktar cause u know where it is don't yell at us
why was that flagged?
What that got flagged??
3:47 PM
Come on guys....
lmao nice @Jhawins
@Jhawins would love a link if you got one
@Loktar you mean my pic got flagged?
3:47 PM
wtf kind of flag was that
@Jhawins not sure why this was flagged... I invalidated it and it's no longer flagged
yeah your pic was flagged.
@Jhawins very briefly
but I was saying nice for climbing up there lmao
That's my buddy
3:48 PM
friggin monkey man
I thought it was you lmao
@rlemon lol, nice
My arms look good in mine
dude I wont climb more than 5 ft.. because that's double my height ofc. /s
3:48 PM
@Loktar afraid of heights?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 18 hours ago, by bro
@Jhoverit At the bottom of this page, "formatted link to a tweet".
@rlemon only things that are REALLY high, but I do suck at climbing
My buddy is like 4" shorter and a lot lighter than me so I jus try to keep up
Same one I was in that pic over the river with!
3:50 PM
And guess he isn't 4" shorter than me but he seems tiny to me lol
@Jhawins he live in Omaha?
how Can I do smth after removing a object with jquery?
Yea works at Rolloff
3:50 PM
@user5339049 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
ah damn dude, so you have to leave him :/
that sucks
He drove my car back to Fort Wayne for me last weekend tho
im using remove()
that's the problem when staying in some other state too long, Cat misses all her friends
@user5339049 put your something on the next line
3:51 PM
luckily for me... I don't make friends!
doesnt work
Removing is synchronous
Yea it sucks tbh but we are all car guys, the drive isn't the end of the world and Tasha has family here. So I have to come back anyway
he executes it before the dom is deleted
yeah that's true
man I miss the hell out of Omaha
3:52 PM
Maybe it would help us help you if you provided us with a fiddle reproducing the problem
Still love MI, but wish I could transfer the city here lol
Gonna try to get him and Tasha's friends to drive out to us and go to Cedar Pointe.. He won't mind taking them at all hahaha
@Loktar Where the steaks are easy and the women tough.
Faulty USB shorted my motherboard
Yea everybody says Omaha sucks but everybody just wrong
3:53 PM
Omaha is like living in a real city minus all the things that suck about a flagship city
@user5339049 in the most basic example, it works as expected.
so you'll have to show us what you're doing
hi there
@Luggage haha
tried to to a get request with http/angular module
@Jhawins yeah man, it's a real gem that's for sure
SO MANY big companies there too..
3:53 PM
We don't have authentic mexican food in Fort Wayne tho. @Loktar did you ever eat on Q street haha
Sooo much REAL mexican food here...
haha dude we used to call that little Mexico
tons of the signs are in Spanish even
Yea we race from Africa to MExico down 24th
I get the result as json

than in map() i parse it to json; and than in do() I create a list of resources... and return it to an observable..
I went to a boxing club there believe it or not lmao
I was the only white dude there
3:54 PM
but the observable gets only the return from map() but not from do()
we ran like 2 miles around that whole area, was cool, but I didn't go back, felt odd idk
Lmao wtf. Yea most my friends hang around that general area most of them aren't white
I don't speak spanish, and they all did
I do
Yea sometimes it gets weird when they expect me to speak spanish like all my friends
3:55 PM
haha I bet
And I just an like "STEAK. TACO. 3 STEAK TACO"
dude you even go to California Taco?
If my pipelines would stop randomly failing that'd be mighty fucking great
did you and I ever go?
er wait, yeah we went with Adam right?
Didn't we go one time
3:55 PM
@BenFortune code or physical?
god man I miss that place...
@BenFortune just part of getting old... :(
Yeah that's it tho. I go to the hole in the wall $1.50 taco places usually
@Luggage LMAO omg.
@BenFortune you didn't build them over an indian burial ground, did you?
3:56 PM
he better not have :/
@ssube They always fail authenticating the registry, but if I retry the job it's fine
@Loktar they opened this new place Los Compayes and the heat through the winter has been space heaters lmao
So you go in order and the old owner guy brings out a space heater to your table bahaha
@BenFortune do you have more than one runner?
LOL wth, is it also cash only?
3:57 PM
$1.50 tacos tho and good af. I buy the meat to make at home
No they take cards lol
@ssube It's the gitlab.com shared runners, I think there's 9
I have no control over them
My fat fiend ordered 12 asada tacos there the other day haha
Friend* but fiend works too
Taco Fiend.
3:58 PM
Are 'steam-in-bag' frozen vegetables pre-cooked?
It's sad I can't say for 100% if they are, even though my wife makes them quite a bit

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