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Mazel tov, first home?
12:22 AM
first owned yeah
Its an exciting process no doubt. The wait moving in is killer.
@Mosho awesome, congrats man!
thanks ^^
I'll be moving into a rental next week
which is a fair bit nicer even
12:43 AM
I fucking did it
@KendallFrey Who's mom is it this time?
Took a couple weeks
Did you ever solve the 1/x = 0 issue
12:58 AM
sup great value wii guy.
1:15 AM
@SterlingArcher yup
@KendallFrey good you've earned a laser cutter gif imgur.com/gallery/YBIHjmX
the software I develop for actually interfaces with types of those burntables.
Dammit now I'm hungry for swiss cheese
of course, for HVAC, you'll never use metal that thick, so I can't say the ones I'm farmilar with are that fancy, but the premise is the same.
1:20 AM
I AM an expErt iN CAM becAUsE i OWn a 3d PRIntEr AND mY brOthER BuILT a Cnc roUteR froM SCrAtcH.
back in '76 my brother used to carve fittings from sheets of metal with rocks.
Back in 29 we'd just get Jesus to magic the metal into shape.
Not 1929
jesus worked with wood you noob
29 AD? Damn, Jesus spent his final days with Carl Sagan talking about Venus' atmosphere and shit?
@SterlingArcher What young boy hasn't?
1:26 AM
An amputee?
@hilli_micha Just get your mom to do it
@KendallFrey If I was an amputee I'd have to dig her up, damn dude.
1:58 AM
@KendallFrey @rlemon random alien project coming along
not actually attached to the legs just resting on them hence the gap
only 120 or so more hours left lol
Shit, is that 3D printed?
Whew, that's a whole-lotta fillament
I see he's got a prosthetic
haha yea
that angle looks like she's missing a leg eh?
1:59 AM
I meant the alien
ooh hah
yeah I need to glue them on
Question, did the Alien shit a battery?
kind of paranoid about doing it since I'll have to get them perfectly lined up
How tall is it gonna be?
@hilli_micha originally it was for scale
2:00 AM
@Loktar Shoulda added a socket to slot things into
about 1130 mm or so, or 3.7 ft
@KendallFrey yeah đŸ˜’
my next large print whatever that is I def will
That's the Shadow Brokers' toolset. That dude won't live to sell it.
2:34 AM
Another stupid question
Anyone here have experience with the jasmine test runner
are your jasmine tests running? then you better go catch them!
2:56 AM
@Loktar goddamn. Do you have a picture of that rack of titles and consoles?
some older pics
^ that one is relatively new
"I would be impressed but I have a girlfriend and a PC" lol imgur comments
lol yea
dat jealousy
3:39 AM
Java is weird. (Writing an android client)
3 hours later…
6:29 AM
6:40 AM
Yo, I got question, I can assign a member using toaster.sprite.filters = [blue], but can't get it working when I do let count = toaster.sprite.filters.push(blue). count equals 1 but the array is unchanged...
6:52 AM
@Mikhail snippet / gist / context / more codes please
damnit why am I still awake
/me goes to bed
shit @SterlingArcher is too ??
So that problem bar in VSCode I had trouble with yesterday evening is called the "inline zone"
It is closed by hitting ESC
It's 1 minute past 9 and I already learned stuff
thanks :P
I couldnt figure it out either
7:21 AM
sup guys
hey guys
anyone here have experience with reactJS?
do you know any good data layer library that I can use with react?
why are u trying that JS?
One of our guys also dug up something quite interesting about the AngularJS build system. They are running custom code with Closure Compiler during their build to patch how their error reporting works
So they're applying a patch onto the AST during the build to control how the error reporting works in dev vs production
That is elaborate and quite WTF
I am looking into js-data.io not sure how it will go with react
7:32 AM
why do you want to use reactJS?
because I am creating my application with react
@Traitor lewl Haile, how many reincarnations will you have :P
im having an identity crisis
it'l settle down
@Sisir ok
I can fix that
7:42 AM
Im gonna go full-mvc on this webapp project
see If I like it better than MVVM
MVC is great except debugging
use chrome and press F5 if the thing is not updating
it's the only issue it has
HMR brotha
what is HMR?
7:46 AM
Hot Module Reloading
So that you dont have to rebuild and refresh everytime you change something on the dev server
it will do it for you
oh okay
is it a plugin for VS?
nah, webpack-dev-server
probably others have it too
It's middleware, to be precise.
@MadaraUchiha btw, does HMR clear cache?
@KamilSolecki I can't seem to reproduce outside of the context of a larger code base. Any idea why assignment of with [my_object] works but push doesn't add the item to the array (although the return code on push, is as expected)...
push has return codes?
@KamilSolecki Badly? I'm not sure.
7:52 AM
The new length property of the object upon which the method was called.
Mosho might be of more help on that front
I've been hitting my head against a wall for like 3 hours...
It will be easier if you just show us an example code
wont keep us guessing what actually you are trying to do
I tried to make minimal example but the problem didn't appear
well, then the problem is somewhere else
7:54 AM
but also on the line where I can't seem to use .push, although the =[something] works...
What type is toaster.sprite.filters even?
@Mikhail can you at least show us the part of the code that (you think) fails?
It's an array with a length of 1 after you push the element into it, but when you access it with [0], you get undefined?
Looks something like this:
7:58 AM
jsData looks good.. Going to give it a try..
@OliverSalzburg No, it returns 1 when I do, push but else the array appears to be 0, and the first element isn't defined.
It shouldn't return 1 in the first place
Asked Cortana "Find Doomsday Machine 501 Remix"
since as oliver said, arr.push() has no return value
she opened "Find Nude Women" in Edge on Bing :/
8:04 AM
@KamilSolecki it does
It returns the length
my bad
@Mikhail That doesn't really answer my question
And I said that I doubt it has "return codes"
Yeah, it shows up as 0 and the first element isn't defined...
And you are checking this right after you're pushing into the array or a couple lines later?
8:08 AM
right after
Here is what it looks like: pastebin.com/raw/30PT6K7J
new_length equals 1, and check_new_length equals 0
I see
Well done on posting the /raw/ pastebin link btw. Nice
I should just post a 500 point bounty entitled "debug my code"
but the assets are too hard to load
Are you creating this array at another location?
I'm still not convinced someone didn't mess with the "type" :P
not too far away
Writing a custom VPN is fun :D
8:12 AM
@Mikhail What are you running this on? Browser?
@OliverSalzburg Chrome
I can not imagine a situation where the length of an array would not match the result of a .push() call on the previous line. Except the length or push properties have been redefined
Given that you can't reproduce in isolation is another hint at this
hello, i have an html input with datalist options. Is possible to avoid sending of an input that isn't in the datalist options (without javascript) ?
We do everything with JavaScript here
How dare you ask that question?
FYI, I do everything with C++
8:19 AM
@Mikhail Can you show the code where you create the array?
sorry its ugly because I don't know JS
the weird thing is that the assignment operation "works"
someone got pluralsight codes in here
Check that out
That's why it's not working
You can also see them use .filters = [foo] all over their example code
Because .filters on the DisplayObject is just a wrapper around their private _filters property
anybody familiar with vuejs?
8:28 AM
Wait, so how do they expect you to remove filters?
@AbhishekPandey hello again
@Mikhail By removing all of them and adding back the ones you want to keep in a new array
I guess
I have no idea about this library
thats sad
But this is the reason for what you're observing
Hope it helps
It does, but I need some sleep.
at least I know I'm not crazy
8:29 AM
@towc I won't ping you this time :D
you just did ;)
but I'm here to help
!!welcome Abhishek
@Abhishek Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
I know :D
are you familiar with vuejs?
I'm using routing, and I want to use 2 layouts for 2 different components
8:34 AM
@AbhishekPandey xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
@Neoares ??
@OliverSalzburg is he familiar?
because I'm not sure
what happens with abisheks?
there's a ton of them
@AbhishekPandey that's it?
what have you tried, where are you stuck, what's your mother's maiden name?
@OliverSalzburg thanks
$day ="<script>document.writeln(val);</script>"; - You can perform this action again in 1 second. - retry / edit / cancel
I cannot compare the $day any where
8:38 AM
^ lol
any solution
TIL document.writeln is a thing
so what correction i have to do
@towc I'm new in vuejs, banging my head
8:40 AM
bang harder
@towc It's bleeding now :D
Q: How to pass data from Javascript to PHP and vice versa?

kavoir.comHow do I pass have a Javascript script request a PHP page and pass data to it? How do I then have the PHP script pass data back to the Javascript script? client.js: data = {tohex: 4919, sum: [1, 3, 5]}; // how would this script pass data to server.php and access the response? server.php: $to...

!!tell RAJMOHAN mcve
@RAJMOHAN If you would like assistance, please create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example
For your next web project ;)
8:46 AM
Q: Sort object of objects does not work

André BastosI am facing an issue trying to order an object inside my main object. I need to have the object with the key "net_packets_*" always at the end of my object. So this is generated automatically and for the types br-wlan and lte0 everything works fine because "net_packets" becomes after "net_br-wla...

Hello guys. Can anyone tell me how can I set an option in <select> programmatically in typescript? I was trying set a new index forselectedIndex of my select elem but it's not working :/
Hi! I'm having a issue with a object of object and i tried to rearrange the elements order but when i assign the variable it gets the initial order.
@AndréBastos You've already been told how to solve this
And i tried
but in the end when i assign the variable
nice, the hackathon prize was an rpi 3b
8:47 AM
it gets like the original order
and i dnt know why
everythins is ok before ther assign
oh man
this things make tihs chat awesome
I'm thinking about leaving it to the family who hosted me. Their son is studying aereonautical engineering at uni and is into hardware
Object properties don't have a fixed order. You can't place them in a specific order. — JLRishe 18 hours ago
18 hours ago, by Madara Uchiha
@AndréBastos JavaScript objects have no order.
> Object properties don't have a fixed order. You can't place them in a specific order. – JLRishe 18 hours ago
> Object properties don't have a fixed order. You can't place them in a specific order. – JLRishe 18 hours ago
8:49 AM
I told you the solution
Ok but i tried to rearange to somehow put "net_packets" always in the end and i create a array with the keys and then pass it to a new object "ordered" and that new obejct is assign to my original var
I give you an advice..
..and look where that's got you
!!tell AndréBastos mcve
@AndréBastos If you would like assistance, please create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example
8:50 AM
you can not just ask for a "net_packets" variable or things like that
make an abstraction of your problem and create an example
Ok I will write the jsfiddle
!!tell AndréBastos thanks
@Neoares Command thanks does not exist. Did you mean: phanks, hans (note that /tell works on commands, it's not an echo.)
your creator hasn't given you the blessing of gratitude
Holy wow Go is a fantastic language :P
8:59 AM
@ShrekOverflow you seem very excited today ^^
@KamilSolecki Hadn't coded a major project for quite a while
@ShrekOverflow Have you watched this? It was quite nice: blog.golang.org/concurrency-is-not-parallelism

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