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12:00 AM
No, we're about to fall asleep
here there's no difference between the states
@Neoares gracias!!
@SterlingArcher thanks bae !!!
and thanks @towc, tomorrow will be an awesome day
@hsimah Adjacent states? I can see your position, but different regions in the U.S. certainly do have differing cultures.
😀 gn
gn :)
12:03 AM
I'm in Australia. Everywhere I go is effectively the same.
Maybe that, except with way more banter.
Ugh I need more comfortable headphones
ohai kendall
How was having a life?
12:10 AM
@hsimah I dunno, Vic vs Queensland is pretty different
@KendallFrey never again
I imagine Kendall spends his Saturday Nights partying at Tim Hortons
Like the rest of Canada.
with a moose
12:11 AM
@hilli_micha not anymore
You better follow that up with something equally Canadian then that doesn't involve Kerbal Space Program
Does "I go to bed on time so I will be refreshed the next day" count?
That's worse tbh
@KendallFrey that's pretty clever actually
also really easy to implement with a web api, turns out :P
12:14 AM
I have a question for everyone here - I have always bundled my front-end code on my local environment and then pushed it to production. I recently started with a new company and they have a build server for that - which I believe is ridiculous. I have google'd and google'd and have found nothing to support a build server for front end code. My question being - do you have experience with this? What are your thoughts?
@hilli_micha FYI, I have a little plaque of this on my wall
Whew, you really do know how to party lol
Any and all input is greatly appreciated
That wasn't in reference to the partying, lol
Doesn't have to be, I know a party man when I see one.
12:16 AM
@Derek I've always treated build output as something an automated tool would deploy. Often that means a build server uploading successful builds.
I don't know why front end code would be different
@KendallFrey even with front end code? I can understand back end, but why front end? Also, jenkins breaks when we push custom files up that are too large
What makes you think front end code would be different?
I honestly can't think of a reason right now.
You are already compiling your code when you're testing it on your local machine
That applies to all code, not just front end
We use a build server to do all the building of front and back ends
12:19 AM
@Derek in these things, it's usually better to be safe and late than the alternative
it means there's a level of control over build tool versions, it runs all the automated tests, stores the built code in packages and notifies the team when it is ready to deploy
FYI, I've never done any nontrivial bundling of web front-end code, my day job is in desktop/server
a few more seconds before deployment go a long way to making sure all tests pass on the right machine and there's less screwups in the company
@towc In some situations, safe and late are mutually exclusive ;)
the build service kicks off on commits to branches, too. so it is done in the background as we work.
12:20 AM
fine :P
Though it might take my convoluted humour to think of that
What build service do you use?
it's just a small VM running somewhere in Sydney so it's no big deal to use
in some situations, your mom doesn't have flaws
well I, um,
12:21 AM
take it or leave it
deal or no deal
why is my internet being slow
I'll pick the burger
gosh, I spent so much in the UK
between food, transport, and stuff
Honestly I suspect that Kendalls mom is a really nice lady. Something just tells me.
Come to Canada, I'll take you to the best burger place ever
Okay, so new question, is there a better way to handle a situation where there are front-end components (vue, react) in 1 private github repo, that we need to use in another? currently, we are bundling the private repo we need, then referencing it in package.json via a file:\\ type pointer
12:23 AM
@hilli_micha lol she's the sweetest lady that takes care of us so well :P
@Derek git submodules?
I've been staying at one of my higschool mate's parents' house for the last few days
You can just publish it to a local/private npm repo.
he had to leave for uni courses, again, but I talked about life with his parents
turns out mine REALLY didn't want me to be happy
they have 4 kids, and treat them so well :3 Not as in "they give them a lot of stuff", but as in "teach them to be human and get the most out of situations"
@Luggage how would we do that?
I almost started crying of happiness when I saw them baking cookies
12:25 AM
Did your parents not bake?
and the mother helping them out in such a nice way, still letting them experiment, but still guiding them in the right direction
@KendallFrey not that I can remember
fresh baking is so nice
I don't think I saw them much up until I was a teenager
I actually don't know how to use a private repo with npm, but the docs probably do. Even without a proper private repo, you can always npm install with a git url, instead.
the main family activity was watching TV
12:26 AM
I can't imagine how that would be
at one point my father tried making some fun family activities to teach my sister and I about culture and have some parent-kid time
abandoned it very soon after
and now I see that he was actually trying to parent, so I have so much more respect for it
Parenting is hard
Which is one of the reasons it's not on my radar
only takes a minute
12:28 AM
@Luggage Becoming a parent is easy, but that's different
Well, for most people
then we started talking about grades and academia. I loved the way she handled it, she's absolutely great
a minute and someone willing cries
omg don't i'm gonna cry now too
the father is teaching physics at oxford, and she comes from germany and now works in one of the best libraries in oxford, as a librarian
I listened to her talk to her kids when they told her how their days went
it was great, I'm still on the verge of crying, thinking about it
So, I'm basically endgame in Terraria, I'll need something new to do this weekend. What should it be?
12:30 AM
and my parents still told me "why not a 10?" when I got high grades
Morrowind playthrough
become a father
@Luggage lmao
adopt me
12:31 AM
Usually @Loktar gets the adoption requests around here
either way, if I end up like my colleague's parents, current me will be really really proud of future me
So you're gonna affect the past?
if I'm bored, we'll see
I'm still coming out of shock from the passport fiasco
will be even harder to fall asleep this time :P
I'm just laughing in the end
and now I'm crying because of the kids
@towc passport fiasco?
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An awkward day, by @towc.

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12:38 AM
Legendary wall of text.
@monners niice!
tl;dr: I'm fucked up, so I think I made badger+copy + other-slovak-girl upset, but I probably didn't, and in the meantime I spent maybe 10 minutes sure that I had lost my passport
Damn, sounds stressful
I feel stressed out just reading that
I had to apply for a 24-hour emergency passport once, that wasn't fun
what had happened?
tl;dr mail service fucked up, delayed the "guaranteed" delivery
it ended up arriving the next business day after I left
12:42 AM
I just committed some crimes and I need a passport like yesterday.
what's your budget?
I'll need 50 years for a research team to make a time machine, then we can go back to yesterday and bring you the passport
The other thing that sucks it was a new passport for the trip, because the old one was too close to expiry
@KendallFrey so you went back for it?
So I went to the passport office 3 or 4 times in the span of a few months
they were delivering the passport
12:44 AM
@towc lol no, I was already out of the country with my replacement
Oh, and I had to turn in the replacement once I got back, so add another trip to that
@KendallFrey If you still need more terraria you could try make an event farm for monies. Or try starbound, it's fairly similar gameplay wise but with more story
@david I already have pretty much all the endgame stuff set up, this was just a fresh playthrough
tl;dr what has starbound got that terraria doesn't?
you have a ship and can travel between worlds
12:46 AM
i have been playing empyrion
different worlds === different biomes, different resources
you need to farm, grow crops and cook them to eat
You can do that with Terraria too, kinda
or you die of hunger
that right angle is somehow important
yeah you can play on multiple worlds in terraria too, but it's not a core gameplay aspect
in starbound you need to go to higher 'tier' planets to advance
12:47 AM
So it's effectively like biomes in Terraria?
it also has pokemon... you can make orbs to capture mobs and use them as pets :P
yeah it's very similar to terraria
I already own Terraria, so... :P
I may have to buy myself Rimworld soon
yeah but you've finished it and wanted suggestions for something else to play ><
all i had to go on was 'he enjoyed terraria enough to finish it' so i suggested something similar
If I wanted to play something like Terraria, I'd play Terraria
I'm that kind of gamer
a jerk?
12:49 AM
Starbound is decent
but I preferred Terraria
i'm not that kind of gamer... I really like seeing different developer's take on similar themes
I've heard things about "cuphead"
I remember when Terraria was getting shit on
since it was just a "2d" minecraft
i probably preferred my terraria playthrough, it felt more polished
12:50 AM
and they even stole graphics (from Final Fantasy or something? can't recall)
but starbound was fun too
atm i'm really enjoying dungeons 3
and the new astroneer update was neat
man I hated Dungeons so much
@KendallFrey dwarf fortress much?
never played 2 or 3 though
All games are a copy of something recent. It's evolution. You can't see it change.
12:50 AM
@Loktar i never played 1, enjoyed 2 because i got it for free
I hated it since they were trying to make it seem like Dungeon Keeper
and it was nothing like it so I was annoyed
the narrator is... an acquired taste
yeah 3 is very much more like an RTS
War for the Overworld is great though if you like Dungeon Keeper
at least the campaign
yeah I might have to give it a try
12:51 AM
does the astroneer update have anything big in it?
I also got Dungeons 2 for free iirc might as well install it
@Loktar I have added it to my wishlist
thanks for the suggestion
yeah np, it goes on sale pretty often for like $7-$10 ish
@Luggage the biggest thing astroneer added for me was hope. They're moving in a cool direction. You can now store soil in canisters and refine it into compound/resin. They fixed up a LOT of the crazy physics bugs, there is some automation stuff going in
ah, ok..
12:53 AM
It feels like they're back on their feet after all the shit that happened recently
with a dev dying and stuff
so driving a rover isn't like piloting a basketball?
no, it's much much better
well, it's still a little bit like piloting a basketball but that's just because it's weirdly tuned, not because it's broken like it was before
where they would fall into the world or spin around each other and fly into space
a more sophisticated basketball
yeah... i guess :D
having said that... my rovers still all fell into the planet so i'm not playing it anymore
easy come, easy go
12:56 AM
but they only did that because saving/loading is screwed, not because of bugs during play
1:08 AM
1:19 AM
I wonder if that graph has correct proportions Kendall. I assume so but it is pretty weird.
@towc What about it?
@Loktar Oh I shit on it for that too :P
I just had a realization, is Kerbal Space Program legitimately a Canadian thing?
nah, Mexican
Because I have another really old friend who is Canadian and I just realized, I saw him playing that game a metric fuck ton when it first came out.
He has 1,181 hours logged on it..
1:26 AM
Having 1000 hours in one game is something I can't imagine
I only have roughly 600 in KSP
if you work on mods, it's not hard to hit
I don't think he's worked on any mods, nothing in his workshop I think he just legit loves that freakin game
i have 2 games with over 1000 hours on them ><
both free... dota2 and path of exile
2:09 AM
anyone experienced with heroku and jawsdb addon?
@intangibles Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
yeah it is pretty easy to hit 1000 hours in a video game
It's not
Imagine putting that 1000 hours into something else
2:18 AM
Would've been depressed.
hah, like he'd listen to advisors
2:40 AM
@KendallFrey try over 5k 😒
couple of old friends of mine have over that in Dota2
it's kind of absurd honestly
no pls
> 5,664 hrs on record
last played on Oct 22
Dota 2
him and another guy play it every fucking day
and they aren't pros lol
damn that is a lot of dota2
and not much of anythign else
heh yea
I don't even know how you could play it so much
I love games but man I get sick of games after 2 weeks (except a choice few)
dota was different for me because i was playing it with people i used to go to highschool/uni with
who live in a different city to me
2:45 AM
ah, yeah that's understandable
sort of like how WoW was for a lot of people too
Hi there.. Just new to this room!
@AminuKano Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
when it was dota time it was sort of a "okay, time to stop playing games and do some dota"
> 5.3 hrs on record
last played on 12 Oct
Wallpaper Engine
Mate needs to get back into Wallpaper Engine
2:46 AM
> Secret of the Magic Crystal
> 3.1 hrs on record
@CapricaSix thanks.. Noted!
Three more years till I can play Stanley Parable again
@phenomnomnominal haha
hmm, this can't be right
> Portal
> 1.1 hrs on record
i finished that
yeah it's like a 4 hour game
@david steam didn't always track time though
maybe you played it a while back?
It also doesn't track time when you're not connected to the internet, IIRC
yeah that's probably what it is... portal came out a long time ago now
Omg lol..
2:51 AM
one of my favs, the lead actress is gorgeous.
Porn star too iirc
oh man, he made a more generic version
Hi! are there anyone can help me with inserting openquery from sql to mysql? I can do select query but insert query returns error:
OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "MYSQL1" returned message "[MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.5.44-MariaDB-log]Cannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since BINLOG_FORMAT = STATEMENT and at least one table uses a storage engine limited to row-based logging. InnoDB is limited to row-logging when transaction isolation level is READ COMMITTED or READ UNCOMMITTED.".
@david I like the ripoff better
the daddy dj thing is supposedly the original that he 'sampled'
2:53 AM
> Text WANTED to 71777 for ringtone
lol been awhile
@Loktar I think the Swedish versions are better :/
lol so old school
so old school I already had kids though
look at that phone she's using damn
@Loktar damn, that one's an instant HS flashback
Again, Swedish version is better
I just don't like music with lyrics, I think
2:59 AM
lyrics are fine as long as i can't understand them
@david Well yeah that
that reminds me of youtube.com/watch?v=QhHPEAoxc88 which I discovered today
this is amazing
3:24 AM
> that reminds me of youtube.com/… which I discovered today
reading that like that made me lol
3:38 AM
oh man basshunter was the shit
the chick in the now youre gone video went on to be miss norway but was kicked out because she had been in porn
ignoring the borderline racist intro this is pretty good: youtube.com/watch?v=7EnKzsf14pQ
2 hours later…
6:04 AM
Second date went great. She took me to a bartending competition, and it was so cool
Q: Shorcut to storing incremented values in array?

user37this is my code currently: let array = [`1 (1).jgp`,`1 (2).jgp`,`1 (3).jgp`,`1 (4).jgp`,`1 (5).jgp`,`1 (6).jgp`,`1 (7).jgp`,`1 (8).jgp`,`1 (9).jgp`,`1 (10).jgp`,`1 (11).jgp`] //rest of the code Is there a more efficent way of storing the data? I have tried: for (i = 0; i < 12; i++) { let...

How did get upvotes
they're using back ticks with concatenation
It is hilarious in lots of ways
He asks why array is not defined after using let in the loop to redefine a fresh array with a single element every time
6:11 AM
i have a guy on my team who uses concatenation, interpolation and string builders interchangeably in the same function/class
it's insane
I think we all have that guy sometimes 😂
!!afk sleep
I have a situation where Infinity * 0 equals NaN
^ more so that is the real situation...
6:37 AM
@Jhoverit duude,
@KamilSolecki Jhoverit is afk: sleep
don't stay up that long :P
7:05 AM
!!welcome @SagarV
@@SagarV Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Is there anyway to use Angular Group animation in AOT build?
getting error recursion not supported
@deostroll 👍
7:19 AM
Does anyone know what would take longer to draw on a canvas, a blue rectangle using the fillRect function, or an image using drawImage() provided they were both the same size
run a benchmark
im not sure how, I'm not good at using the developer tools lol
thanks ill look at this
in Node is there a syntax for "as" when using require? e.g. the equivalent of import { foo as bar } from './file'
7:37 AM
@Luggage Amazing. cc @towc
@joshhunt const bar = require('./file').foo
hmmm ok, that doesn't work so well if you have multiple imports but I guess it will do
@joshhunt const {foo: bar} = require('./file'); if you want to be fancy
But I hate this syntax, it's very confusing.
ah true, I forgot that syntax was a thing. But yeah you are right, kind of confusing
what do you think about es6 modules coming to node?
7:56 AM
@towc man that was entertaining!

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