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2:01 PM
I'm still stuck on typescript :\ I feel like there needs to be better resources for this
same thing as friday?
The package.json kopy.io/SdhBZ

 ERROR in [at-loader] ./node_modules/@types/react/index.d.ts:3516:19
        TS2320: Interface 'ElementClass' cannot simultaneously extend types 'Component<any, {}>' and 'Component<any, {}>'.
      Named property 'refs' of types 'Component<any, {}>' and 'Component<any, {}>' are not identical.
and it's using typescript version 2.5.3


[at-loader] Using typescript@2.5.3 from typescript and "tsconfig.json" from C:\x
How about an actual question?
man, it's 10am and I already have to poop
gonna be a long morning
@BenFortune webpack can't seem to compile react..
2:10 PM
lol :D
That is typescript complaining about types mismatch. It's stopping webpack, but it's not webpack's fault.
it's either your code that has a real type issue, or just a mismatch in versions between react and @types/react
@Luggage I suspect he has multiple versions of something
yea, or multiple react's. I have seen that as use this webpack config to prevent it:
alias: {
    // force single react version, I forgot what broken library made
    // me do this, but I just do it now
    react: path.join(__dirname, 'node_modules/react'),
No idea if that is your problem..
@Luggage I've tried deleting the @types folder but that doesn't seems to fix the problem
That just stops typescript from being able to type-check
ohh, doesn't. yea.
I gotta go deal with work right now, good luck. I may be able to help if you still have issues later.
2:17 PM
This guy reported on github github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/issues/11922 and seems to have fixed it but in my case it's not what I expecting to be..
@Luggage Just quick question, I've "@types/react": "^16.0.18" dev-dependencies while "react": "^15.6.1", in "dependencies". Does it have to be the same?
@BasheerAhmedKharoti It should ideally be the exact same version, yes.
Else you might run into unexpected compilation failures due to type mismatch.
Having said that, 16 and 15 are (I think), exactly compatible, so 16's types should work with 15.
@MadaraUchiha lemme give it a try
2:36 PM
@MadaraUchiha Yup that was the issue
New 'Do Not Kill' Registry To Allow Americans To Opt Out Of Being Murdered https://trib.al/HNCveTp
@KendallFrey I love how it's opt-in instead of opt-out, kind of poetic.
Quintessentially American
Hi everyone
Anyone available to help me?
@KendallFrey psh not really
2:40 PM
!!welcome Andre
have you seen our healthcare law
@Andre Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
!!welcome @AndréBastos
okok sorry
2:40 PM
!!welcome @AndréBast
so I have a object with another object inside And I cant sort it, so I need to reorder in way to for some keys a obejct always come in the end
!!undo x2
@Loktar do you know we failed at pinging, right?
@Neoares I did on purpose though :p
can you understand me?
2:41 PM
me too hehehehe
I post a question
@AndréBastos If a key doesn't have an order, how can it be sorted? — evolutionxbox 3 mins ago
@AndréBastos JavaScript objects have no order.
@Loktar You still pinged though, which still makes you an asshole
yep, that's the joke!
I know but how can i force to always come in the end?
2:41 PM
you can not sort an object
@AndréBastos keep an array of keys in the order you want to look them up in.
the order of the object will reflect the way of what id displayed
use that array to look them up in the order you need
Im a little stuck in a way hoe to do it
I understand I need to go to the specific keys I want but what more?
you need an array which contains the keys of your outer object
you order it
and in the end I convert to object again?
and i dont lost anything?
2:45 PM
you keep both the array and the object
I need to pass this as a option to dygraph.. a lib
so let's asume this:
Im confused, sorry
Neoares lets talk in private?
my_object = {
  obj1: { ... },
  obj2: { ... },
  obj3: { ... }
and you want order obj2 -> obj3 -> obj1
you need this array
['obj2', 'obj3', 'obj1']
2:47 PM
then you loop that array, and acces to the objects with their index
@Mosho yeah I linked him the Map form MDN
ah you mentioned it
carry on
I need to go through each object and "order" inside
not outside
is a obj of obj1
@towc If you ever need a clean, simple breakfast.
Just add some toast and you're golden.
@AndréBastos what?
you have an object with only 1 object inside?
See my question
Q: Sort object of objects does not work

André BastosI am facing an issue trying to order an object inside my main object. I need to have the object with the key "net_packets_*" always at the end of my object. So this is generated automatically and for the types br-wlan and lte0 everything works fine because "net_packets" becomes after "net_br-wla...

2:50 PM
> Jeff - I added Jordan in case you cannot attend in person. Jordan has done an exceptional job of representing the team in your absence for past demos.

Let us know if you need visitor's passes.
I have a image of my obj
Gosh that's awkward considering I will be gone from the company
Poor customer is going to flip when they find out
@SterlingArcher Does...does he know...lol
@Trasiva they dont 😂😂😂😂
@SterlingArcher You leave in like...four days, right?
2:51 PM
Yup haha
I hope you told your superiors :P
That's a bit abrupt for them
and our fucking demo was rescheduled for the 1st that I WORKED ALL GOD DAMN WEEKEND ON
!!tell examplepls AndreBastos
@Neoares Could you please give us an example on jsbin.com or jsfiddle.net, with the minimal amount of code necessary to reproduce the problem?
2:51 PM
@Mosho I told them a week ago
A: Creating a Blob from a base64 string in JavaScript

EndlessCouldn't avoid not posting the minimalistic method without dependency or libraries. It requires the new fetch API. Can I use it? var url = "" fetch(url...

Holy shit, never thought of doing this
@SterlingArcher pretty tight
@Neoares Command andrebastos does not exist. (note that /tell works on commands, it's not an echo.)
aren't you supposed to give a month
2:52 PM
@Mosho nope, 2 weeks is standard
I give up with @cap
@SterlingArcher woah wait?
you didn't give a 2 weeks?
He did...
I did lol
That email is from the customer
He just didn't tell the people that don't need to know
2:52 PM
ahh lol @SterlingArcher
I don't need the be guiltshamed by the customer for 2 weeks
I thought that was your kink?
man, is my face ever red
meh I'd tell them to keep them in my network, but most likely closer to the last day
I put in an offer on a house last night
today they tell me they have 2 other offers
2:53 PM
@Mosho good luck man
tell them you'll toss in some tasteful nudes
2:53 PM
Yeah season isn't even slowing down here as much
Cat got her license like a month ago, already has a listing, and buyers
it's slowed down a little
not common for October
@Mosho only slightly.
things aren't going for 90k over list
I'm not buying, but I do see the listings going up then sold like 3 days later
2:54 PM
@Mosho I like the floors and backsplash in the bitchen
which is part price increasing part realtors thinking they hot shit
nothing is sitting unsold (in my area at least)
eh fuck it
wtf is a bitchen
2:54 PM
an awesome kitchen
bitchen kitchen
Kendall I worked 24 hours over the weekend I don't need this D:
bitchin + kitchen
I don't like that it's in Waterloo
Kitchener > Waterloo
2:55 PM
it's a really nice area
More like Bitchener (because it's Bitchin)
I'd be okay with that name change
> where do you live?
wanted to clarify so people don't assume I'm calling people who live there bitches, I mean it could totally go that way too
2:56 PM
Bitchener? I hardly knew 'er.
well, it used to be Berlin
some people want to go back
Bitchener is a decent compromise
true story
@Loktar did you listen to the new VoM yet?
the result of which is our outstanding Oktoberfest
@Mosho Kerlin is more Canadian
2:56 PM
@SterlingArcher no I don't think I ever have
who is the most canadian here?
@KendallFrey you have a point
I didn't recognize the name when you said it before
@Mosho they got their way with New Prussia
wtf is new prussia
2:57 PM
@Neoares depends on how you classify it. if heritage, me. if mannerisms, Kendall
I might be renting this one
@Mosho somewhere that doesn't deserve the name obv
the house, not trailer
> MovieCore
3 days ago
I've never closed Pornhub so quickly in my life..
2:58 PM
@SterlingArcher heh I'll check it out, have never heard of these guys
@Loktar you've never heard of Veil of Maya?!?!
my dude
Ok @Lokar , in order. You need to listen to: Mikasa (their best song ever), Overthrow (holy shit dude), Whistleblower (hnnggg) and Fracture (djent gone wild)
2:59 PM
Sterling posts their stuff all the time.
Dude has PIPES
So does Unix
i gotta scrum
@rlemon idk, what do you need to have a lot of canadianness
2:59 PM
!!afk im gonna scrum
!!tell SterlingArcher quote get scrumlord
@Trasiva Command quotes does not exist. Did you mean: quote (note that /tell works on commands, it's not an echo.)
@Neoares I revert back to my previous statement

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