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2:00 PM
@FlorianMargaine yea and others.
they didn't get so many votes
I expand everything
@CJRamki In college still... Engineering
@JuzzCoding your Major CSE ?
2:05 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar LOL
whats gooooooood
@CJRamki i don't thinkJavaScript is a scissor though
its rather the omitrix
@AbhishekHingnikar what about php with mysql
@JuzzCoding Hello
2:07 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar Shall i ask you one thing?
@CJRamki ask
@CJRamki still just a templating engine with storage
@rlemon ^
@Gamex Hi.
@AbhishekHingnikar If I want to use ajax in my page means, I should call any js file?
@JuzzCoding Very busy
2:09 PM
@qwertynl lol
I'm going to leave, bye @all @AbhishekHingnikar, @Gamex
Bye dr...@JuzzCoding
@CJRamki Bye
@Gamex Nah. :P
@AbhishekHingnikar Shouldn't you be studying right now ?
@FlorianMargaine ohh yea. I worked at a bar... served. I have some interesting stories from there.
2:11 PM
@JuzzCoding whats going now
@CJRamki Cya
never a good ID bust :/
@dystroy I got my exams stripped off
well assignements and stuff 8-)
all i have to do is impress some microsoft employees
towel whipped some guy in the forehead because he was trying to pour his own drink. the rest of the bar erupted in laughter and the bouncer kicked him out.
that is probably my funniest
@AbhishekHingnikar Hu ? Like : they didn't see you the whole year so they didn't send you the exam invite ?
2:12 PM
@rlemon Hahaha
!!> Math.random()>Math.random()
@rlemon false
@dystroy No I don't have to write the internal and mid-sem exams or have to submit any assignments
all i have to do is Impress the crap out of some microsoft employees. looking for talent
I wonder how evenly distributed the true/false would be from Math.random()>Math.random()
:D .. and i think some IE only websites should be awesome right ? lol
2:17 PM
@rlemon what makes you suspect it shouldn't tend to a 0.5 ratio ?
@AbhishekHingnikar Does our HOD want's that just to take up our college to some Height...?
Q: Discussion about design patterns for Javascript widgets in combination with server side HTML generation

RengersI've been working on websites built with PHP and Javascript for quite some time now. On every website, the HTML page is generated on the server (using PHP in this case). However, many times there are 'islands' of rich interaction that need to be done in Javascript. Now, no matter how structured ...

He's looking forward on my presentation in front of the Microsoft People, I hope kamal told you this... but your team is supposed to give one aswell @JuzzCoding
@AbhishekHingnikar he's a bitch.. i asked him what happened today in college.. but he told me nothing
Said... kuch nai hua
@JuzzCoding Very upset
2:20 PM
@Gamex Kinda :\
@dystroy iirc Zirak proved that Math.random isn't evenly distributed
@rlemon source ?
ugh. i'll have to dig through the transcript.
if I can't find it ask him when he returns next. he did fancy graphs and everything
and it was @Esailija that proved this iirc
and even made a better random function
Zirak also had one
I think it was from tinker.io which blocks me now
2:23 PM
If you change to >=, you reverse the values
That's just a precision bias, it's small
(but yes, it might matter)
I was using Math.random>.5 for array shuffling
Zirak had a great little proof that it wasn't giving me evenly distributed shuffling
Snailmail sucks.
@ThiefMaster Indeed
but my nexus 5 comes tomorrow !
somebody sent me a preview version of an album end of last week. still not here today...
maybe someone saw what it was and preferred to keep it for himself :D
2:28 PM
It's strange, I don't get any bias when storing the result of Math.random in variables :
@dystroy he had more maths in his I didn't understand
lots of maths and pretty graphs === I'll take your word for it
@JuzzCoding lets rape him ?
@rlemon Math.random()>Math.random() is actually the answer to making an unbiased coin flip from a biased coin.
In fact there's no visible bias in the link given by @FlorianMargaine
I'll trust the many articles I saw saying it was ok. Or this : stackoverflow.com/questions/1062902/…
well like I said before, Ziraks proof was because I Was using Math.random()>.5
2:29 PM
Q: Developing a JavaScript library

keldarI am slowly learning to master JavaScript and particularly the art of self-executing/invoking functions. I have developed a simple JavaScript plugin and I think I have followed the correct standards. It is pretty basic in what it does, it is to store information on a oData BATCH request, which p...

At least, it's practically equivalent
@FlorianMargaine Seems good enough to me
!!choose "buy nexus5" or "wait till 5s is available"
@AbhishekHingnikar wait till 5s is available
@AbhishekHingnikar Let him do whatever he want's to. If he's the same way, i quit working with him.
2:32 PM
you guys can read the discussion starting from here if you're interested in random() chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/3864389#3864389
I also implemented a chat today, but its completely hard-wired with goph so idk if you guys will like it
New kid: "paypals API is inserting a comma and decimals in $amount" Me: "yeah, that's just what it does. Use this to decide it" new kid: "but why is there a comma now how is that possible"
@FlorianMargaine The discussion is too long, but I guess the problem isn't in Math.random but in how he keeps the results or compute the mean or bias
Note for new chat systems retain at least basic functionality on mobile. Unlike SO chat
2:36 PM
idk why I made this but I did
I like it
takes way too long to load
@Jhawins Basic functionality is available on mobile... VERY basic.
@rlemon Yeah. Thought it was just for me
@Jhawins My chat system doesn't work on IE or Firefox but it does work on Chrome on my Nexus. Is that OK ?
2:38 PM
Firefox should be supported
But yours is a different kind of "chat", isn't it?
@SomeGuy Thanks for your help on the CSS for Firefox :)
What CSS?
How much does a kinect sensor for windows costs?
@SomeGuy The one of dystroy.org/miaou
@SomeGuy it paints the entire frames before loading
loops over the entire canvas
so yea... horribly slow
but if you make it smaller it doesn't scream bloody murder
and once it gets going it should be ok
2:42 PM
@dystroy You sure it was me? I don't remember helping
Guys ? anybody owns a kinect ?
@rlemon Yeah, I saw the code after you mentioned it
@AbhishekHingnikar Y U NEVER GOOGLE?
frames.push(new Noise(height, width, w, 1)); // add the one here to get colourful noise
@SomeGuy well... you did say it should work on FF, so I guess you volunteer
!!google Kinect Windows
2:42 PM
@SomeGuy can't find one :P on microsoft stuff
also ground price is faster :P
@Ryan nah, I think this has crossed the line to "minimal" functionality. Not even basic.
@Jhawins Fair enough, I guess
!!google walmart india kinect
2:43 PM
Whoa wait you can edit on mobile! Since always?
also the indai store says ^
@rlemon we don't have wallmart
!!google India kinect not Walmart
2:44 PM
that isn't what their store locator says
the xbox one costs 9990 should be same
or almost the same
How much does it cost?
@JuzzCoding if you are thinking of controlling devices of home with microsoft technologies go with kinect
that might be done before but sure will deliver a really kickass product if u can create it that is but knowing kinect & arduino or ninja box it should be relatively easier or you can always use intugine but their api is shit
I control my house with a potato
@AbhishekHingnikar ^_^
2:46 PM
@Jhawins Yeah. Only your last posted message, though
@SomeGuy i went their
went to reseller
Yeah, that's minimal for sure haha.
!!Should I correct Abhishek's grammar?
@SomeGuy Of course not
2:48 PM
Hey guys, can CSS be used along with Java?
Alright, I think I have an (for you guys) easy to solve problem; I tried posting it to SO (stackoverflow.com/questions/20098533/…) but it did get buried :). Maybe someone could help?
@JuzzCoding Can a car be used along with a toaster?
Java isn't a markup language. so no
@seph ew, <frameset>
@SomeGuy Depends. Do you have Windows or Linux installed?
2:51 PM
@rlemon yeah, I know. Can't change that though :(
use of frames is discouraged, and if you are going to use them use iframes
@JuzzCoding you want to style your java app using CSS ?
burn in agony... burn in pain ... burn in the desert with no rain... thou thoughts are evil, satan is in your soul ...you are a devil ... destruction be your goal !
Is there really no way ?? :O
2:52 PM
@JuzzCoding There most certainly is a way
well @JuzzCoding you can make your own SwingCSS parser
or find some markup that java uses ...
@rlemon Unfortunately, this is how the site has been built, and I cannot use iframes either.
check the comments
GiveawayFreeStuff.com is available. for only C$2,764.33*
2:57 PM
Ps learn javascript, learn html5,learn css3 hate java forever, make applications that look and feel better !
hate java forever lol
all praise web standards!
I hate Java to an extent.. but still haz to learn it.. @AbhishekHingnikar U might know the reason behind that.. -_-
@seph not sure if this works with frames, but you can gain a reference and invoke script on another window by using window.opener - developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Window.opener
People still learn visual basic
3:03 PM
@seph are you doing this locally when you see the issue?
@rlemon no, this is on a server. the frames are all on the same domain.
ok your issue is that .top is a stupid name
frames.top === frames
it is a self reference loop
@rlemon thanks, that did the trick :x
Gotta admit that top is a really stupid name for a frame...
@seph yea it confused me for a bit.
lemonmeme.com/demos/frame_test had to make a small demo just to see what in the hell was the issue.
3:17 PM
@rlemon hehe, well sorry for the trouble and thanks for taking your time
does anyone use indexedDB?
I hate frames.
everyone does
Communicating between them is even worse.
Have fun with that
3:26 PM
I really suck at inheritance
this is annoying
!!info pizza
@rlemon you have to supply an argument?
@Jhawins Command pizza, created by rlemon on Fri, 18 Oct 2013 18:30:41 GMT, invoked 9 times
3:27 PM
but I should change that
I really suck at inheritance that sounds like... you don't like Sex or something
@rlemon How would you do it as a /learn command?
haha well that came off wrong!!!
I came quite right...
3:31 PM
Either I'm too tired to remember anything, or something is wrong with Caprica.
in Sandbox, 49 secs ago, by Jhawins
What the hell
Does anyone know if it's possible to properly remove // and /* */ comments from source code without writing a full blown parser?
I was messing around with that last night, thinking it'd be really easy, and it turns out to be pretty difficult, actually.
@Retsam Why ? Don't you rather want a minifier ?
this article actually does an excellent job of outlining it
@dystroy Nah, I wasn't trying to minify, I was messing around with tracking subclasses across require.js file
3:41 PM
@Retsam I think one of the editors I used had that
@rlemon Ah, yeah, that looks like a pretty good resource. Though it looks likes they basically punt at the end on the string issues.
    This is really difficult to parse comments out from

//* <- don't treat this like an opening comment
annoying = '//This isn\'t a comment block /* neither is this */'; //But this is
return/*is this even legal?*/annoying;
That was the most evil test case I could come up with.
if you find that in your own production code, turn away from the computer, grab your keyboard, and start forcibly stabbing it into your crotch.
By the way, there are many javascript parsers, you don't need to write your own
because if anyone handed me that I would hit them in the nuts with their own keyboard.
@dystroy Yeah, I know that, this is just me screwing around for fun.
3:47 PM
I wanna do this to someone
@Retsam I like the last line.
@rlemon Well, each individual element of that is fairly not-evil. The only really "evil" thing in there is the return/**/nonsense
!!eval (130 * 3 /*reason*/) + (530 * 3 /*other reason*/) / 3 + (260 - 1060) /*de moneyz!*/
@Jhawins 120
@retsam good for that kind of stuff I suppose ^^
3:50 PM
Good morning
dammit wrong browser
@Jhawins Using variable names is a much less insane way of doing that.
When you're gittin' around, do you have to push everytime you commit? For instance, I have a half working new feature but I don't want to push it yet, but I want to access it on my work computer and put mine away
@Retsam Can't in /eval though. I meant specifically explaining something in this room it helps.
3:52 PM
Ah, I suppose that's true.
i am facing too much problem
to using cordova camera
3:54 PM
A camera? O.o
@RUJordan I have a coworker who does that; commits and pushes them so that he can switch computers when he goes home.
yes I am able to take multiple images using cordova. and able to save inside my sd card folder .
mhhh any hint on whats best to download something from SoundCloud :P ?
now i also want to write timestamp on my image
there are some tools you find via Google, but maybe someone has some experience and advice ?
3:57 PM

... download code.
and i also able to write name on photo using canvas
but I see that is already in your question / answer
selfi tip: don't hold the camera directly in front of you like a tool!
photo editing abilities thanks to your camera position === none
3:58 PM
yes his is also bad
It was a parody of him, wasn't it?
not in bathroom
@rlemon I don't take selfies. I take Swelfies. Cause I lift. :P
you both suck.
Hi! Is my edit ok?
3:59 PM
@BadgerGirl no rather a fork
but i am enable to customize inside my code.
how the hell am I supposed to cut you out and put you in a funny scene with that damn phone

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