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8:00 PM
@RUJordan i mean javaScript might lose me as a fanboy to c#
@mikedidthis sorry for bugging, I have done this and it works now it redirects me on that popup window to redirect_url is there an wasy way to redirect that to origin widnow? I did not googled it at all it would be great if you can point me :)
i am js fanboy :-/ but holy hell C# is awesome ! // oh and yes .net is making me happy so far !
I'm just joking man haha I'm not really a C# fan. I didn't enjoy it in college
@RUJordan I never enjoyed anything at college
@DušanRadojević is the origin url a constant?
8:01 PM
they taught us C++ without even mentioning templates :-|
I think REDIRECT URI is what you need to set to where ever it should go.
You right. I was taught jQuery dynamic element creation INSTEAD of how to do it in vanilla.js
Ugh. Might be buying a MBA*. SV has infected me. (*AND INSTALLING MINT)
I didn't even know it was so easy to make an element in raw js
8:03 PM
@mikedidthis yeah it redirect to that url just inside of popup window :) I will ask mister google :)
@DušanRadojević oh I see what you mean now. instagram.com/developer/authentication under serverside explicit flow maybe?
Sadly all I have done with instagram is grab a users pictures.
@SomeKittens Air ?
y u no chromebook* ? * ( stay with it )
@AbhishekHingnikar I'm literally on a chromebook right now
Just doesn't provide the dev experience I need.
can't u install mint on it ?
Too many edge cases with crouton.
8:06 PM
@mikedidthis thanks
@mikedidthis I have written an importer for pixter :-|
so same :D bt seriously instagram's api is really senseful
and sorry @DušanRadojević i got a lil bit busy
Q: Object inheritance

jackwilsdonI have written some example code to test object inheritance, but I'm not sure if it's really the best way for an object to inherit another's functions (like Java's extends). function Class() { console.log("Created class"); // The base class } Class.prototype.test = function() { console....

some comments... seriously?!
		var s = document.createElement('p').style, // 's' for style. better to create an element if body yet to exist
			v = ['ms','O','Moz','Webkit']; // 'v' for vendor
!!s/comments/people are idiots/
@rlemon some people are idiots... seriously?! (source)
8:10 PM
Wait, @SomeKittens you're getting a macbook air?
you should get a boat
is there a way to grab url from popup window > close that window > load grabbed url in main browser window?
I love the outlook web app
window.parent.location.href = window.location.href;
parent may be top
@ThiefMaster I'm pretty sure documentElement always exists
8:14 PM
been a while since I dealt with popups
well i was mostly talking about the guy describing the variable naming thoughts..
@ThiefMaster i know ;)
@ThiefMaster Took longer and more chars to describe the variable than actually creating a variable that speaks for it'self
@RUJordan I need a mobile development machine. I have an old netbook and a chromebook. Netbook is nice except for the complete lack of power. Chromebook Ubuntu (crouton) is just too finicky.
The Chromebook is FANTASTIC at anything Chrome. It's less than stellar at anything else.
@rlemon window.opener.location = window.location.href; worked for me, big thanks for tip!
8:20 PM
yea I couldn't remember what that property was
What could cause a setInterval counter to start delaying events? For example:
setInterval(function() {
	counter.innerHTML = count;
}, 1000);

Triggers calls `startDayCycle();` when count >= 10

startDayCycle starts another set interval to loop through an array of "times of day". However, the timing gets all messed up. Should I just have (in the original interval) a function call every count % 10 == 0 (10 seconds)?
@SomeKittens I have an 11", 2gb ram, 64GB solid harddrive and I LOVE it. I develop everything I do on it outside of work
@RUJordan Are you using OSX or Linux?
Mavericks update I believe I'm running
Oddly, OSX has less support for the programs I like.
Really? I got ST3, FileZilla, Terminal, MineCraft, GBA Emulator and ChromeCast. It's got it all xD
8:27 PM
No Pithos or guake
stackoverflow.com/questions/20106171/… I hate it when people post comments as answers
I don't even know what those are
TotalTerminal is iffy, Pianobar has half the features of Pithos
@SomeKittens get an mbp ?
The new MBP are actually incredibly thin
@AbhishekHingnikar More expensive.
I used a fully-featured MBP at my old job. Meh.
8:28 PM
Like, almost MBA redundant thin
@SomeKittens insanely powerful though
the new one*
store.apple.com/us/mac/compare there is a non retina p aswell :D [ clearly destroyed by the mba at lower price [: ]
@rlemon seen the super man eddy link in the Grooveshark footer? supermaneddy.com
@SomeKittens my new terminal is secure shell
@FlorianMargaine ?
will that work on windows :D
It connects on ssh... so dunno
@SomeKittens if you choose secure shell, you definitely need to learn tmux if you don't know it
8:38 PM
@mikedidthis :( same age as me
I wonder what happened
:( * 2
I am looking for some standard terminology - wondering if you guys could help?
@rlemon damn :(
@ColinE sure, fire away people will chip in.
and it was his friend too
thanks :-)
@rlemon suggest me a good book on C# ?
8:42 PM
Is there a standard name for the various JavaScript object creation patterns?
/cc ^ @KendallFrey
e.g. where you create an object via a constructor function and use prototypical inheritance?
facebook.com/andres.t.rodriguez.77 and this looks like the guy @mikedidthis
@AbhishekHingnikar I haven't read book in years
vs. object creation using closures for private state and functions
8:43 PM
Though I like Wrox books
c# in depth
then if you have issues you can just ping @JonSkeet
I was hoping there would be simple names for these patterns, e.g. 'prototype inheritence pattern', and 'closures and information hiding pattern'
and pray he replies ?
he is pretty good with us peasents
+1 for C# in depth. You should read JonSkeets re-implementing linq ~45 post blog series msmvps.com/blogs/jon_skeet/archive/2011/02/23/… it is amazing
Anyway, back on topic. Answers to my JavaScript questions please :-)
8:46 PM
@rlemon But never comes on chat, except when he gets a hat for it.
yea.... yea :(
why is the chat so under appreciated?!
Because of people like you.
I'm not the one wearing the banana hammock
That's... disturbing.
I'm not the one who posted the picture of it.
8:47 PM
@ColinE @BenjaminGruenbaum maybe a good person to ask, but he is currently afk.
@mikedidthis BenjaminGruenbaum is afk: meeting
@CapricaSix No need to repeat other people
okay @ColinE lemme read :D
thanks @mikedidthis @ab
8:49 PM
@rlemon I had forgotten about it. You hadn't. What does that say about your sexuality?
does that helps ?
also @FlorianMargaine is a good one to ping about coding style
@KendallFrey nothing. It just says how comfortable with your sexuality I am.
@AbhishekHingnikar MDN is a great resource, and explains the concepts well. The thing I am struggling with is the name for some of the standard JS patterns.
I am guessing that many of them are not named?
not officially
8:50 PM
I know some are very much attributed to Crockford or Resig
The lack of name is a bit of a shame. It makes it harder to talk about the in general terms
@rlemon That doesn't even make sense. You just don't want to admit that you fap to it.
I know you fap to Abhishek too.
@KendallFrey Who was it that showed me this the first time?
No idea.
8:53 PM
I ama start to code so much from tomorrow :D
@Esailija would also be a good person to ask.
ok - thanks all. I'll go for a simpler question next time. Or at least one that might actually have an answer ;-)
@mikedidthis ask what
12 mins ago, by ColinE
I was hoping there would be simple names for these patterns, e.g. 'prototype inheritence pattern', and 'closures and information hiding pattern'
13 mins ago, by ColinE
Is there a standard name for the various JavaScript object creation patterns?
8:56 PM
Eddy Daniel Vasquez - http://www.supermaneddy.com/ @grooveshark #weWillMissYou
creating a chart layout template is harder than I thought. Now I find I have forgot ton that bootstrap row need to be there.
Haaaa fixed the SHIT out the game.
holy fuck.... I just pushed my experimental dev branch to the live site.... O_O
it was up for 2 minutes.... 8 people saw it. :/ and it links to another server all together :/
'Experimental dev branch' is the codename for 'live site' here.
now I have ~8 people stuck on the wrong server with a bunch of shit that breaks
9:06 PM
that's what I call my clearcase view - LOL - and it don't go nowhere
solution: setup a http redirect on my server to point to the main website.
hope people refresh
fuck I've never done that before (pushed to the wrong spot and made stuff that isn't supposed to be live, live) .... mini heart attack over here
@rlemon We've all been there :)
Hope it's a 301
I took the database offline on my dev environment to test a switch case statement for db failure - went to lunch - and a manager decided to push my changes (couldn't wait) and took the entire website ordering system offline for 3 hours (lost like $40k in sales) and I got blamed for it.
codepen.io/RUJordan/details/dcwLC The moon now revives you if you are dead, and I also added a (finally) successful raiding feature :3
9:12 PM
told my boss what happened: he started laughing hysterically. He thinks this is the funniest thing in the world.. watching me scramble to fix it and shit.
+1 for at least telling the boss instead of hiding it.
I barely even know who my boss is.
we don't have a very clear "reports to" structure
Try reporting to the receptionist and working your way up
... ^ LOL
9:18 PM
Report to the CEO - everyone will think you're some super important rockstar
!!s/ist/ist's ankle/
@SomeKittens That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
Except the CEO.. he'll be like.. Who are you?
@SomeKittens Try reporting to the receptionist's ankle and working your way up (source)
@RUJordan No, he'll be like "If this guy's telling me all this, he must be important!"
9:19 PM
@RUJordan Nah, we all know each other
I report to a guy who thinks he's my boss - its very annoying
@jbolanos If you report to him, he is your boss. Just don't report to him
Haha that's good
@KendallFrey He's just the lead, his authority ends at releasing the code
...I'm ssh'd into the same EC2 instance as my coworker, and we're both trying to git.
9:21 PM
I like my boss. Our company president also works in our office and he's such a nice guy (non-profit charity, he's not like.. Donald Trump President lol)
this is literally the exact opposite of what git should be.
we have very few employees. my direct boss is the owner and ceo
@jbolanos I think he's your boss, if your authority ends at reporting to him
@Esailija had an answer about that... check my SO most upvoted
I also just got promoted to Director of IT (no pay increase)
9:22 PM
Yeah we only have maybe 22 full time employees here
Naw - I just mostly keep him posted on what I'm doing - technically, we all report to the director
@rlemon grats man
I'm sooo tired of contracting though - I wanna find a FTE and be like 'I'm going on vacation, bitches"
I'm the only IT person. He said "well I guess that means you are the Director"
@FlorianMargaine ?
9:23 PM
A: How to count the no of open brackets and no of close brackets

Florian Margainevar expression1 = "count(machineId)+count(toolId)"; var expression2 = "count(machineId)+count(toolId))"; if (matches(expression1)) { alert("Matched"); // Triggered! } else { alert("Not matched"); } if (matches(expression2)) { alert("Matched"); } else { alert("Not matched"); // T...

it's on client side - who gives a shit
Still the same - parses the code but doesn't execute it
Do they call you Director Lemon?
Unless I misread your link - which is highly possible since I quickly went over it.
9:26 PM
@RUJordan no they just say "hey you!"
I'm the Grand Vizier of the Holy Button Pushing.
it used eval
In our company, I give the CTO advice on his code.
but on server side it's no problem to throw in a module
9:26 PM
(This is the 3-person company)
Doesn't nodejs provide something like a vm module for this purpose btw? I'm not sure what it's for
I worked at a startup that had no female employees yet. The women's bathroom was close to our side of the building and the men's bathroom was way over on the other side on the otherside of a card access door. For 6 months no one stepped foot in the women's bathroom. I decided to change the sign and made it a co-ed bathroom. I became Director of Potty Assignment.
purpose is not to execute code
but to see what syntax errors it has
Google Closure
what's a closure? :D
9:29 PM
!!google google closure
Then my answer does exactly that, doesn't it? The code isn't executed
.. damn
nothing to see here
!!youtube green day Novocaine
9:31 PM
@rlemon did you ever decide on a fun raffle name?
I bought rafflemon
it had three stars on the sidebar
I hate designing user registration systems
sounds jamaican
or like pokemon
I wish someone would merge some of my pull requests already, so I can add some others
lol is it a Jamaican raffle site?
jk, i like it!
If you would like some help, let me know
@rlemon PHP or Node?
9:37 PM
@Shea @FlorianMargaine is the only regular who can do that
@rlemon should have commit access (hint hint)
@Shea php
I love looking at peoples git activity. 9/10 people tend to have a heavy commit part of the month, then next to nothing the rest of the month (or reverse) and repeat almost every month lol
Word hard, rest, recharge, repeat.
let me look over the code after work (40 minutes) then I will commit it
@SomeKittens if you can verify the codes integrity I will trust your word as well
@RUJordan Generally that's how often I get a free weekend
I'm very confident with PHP auth. I've made many
9:41 PM
Do you do "hobby" coding after work?
@Shea well I just really wanna make sure I understand the relationship between the openid table, the bio table, and the actual user auth table.
I remember reading a really clear cut article on it like a year and a half ago. Wish I could find it
@RUJordan bro. all I do it code (when sober).
<!-- Y U NO FILTER -->
<div ng-repeat="(property, filterDefinition) in availableFilters | filter:showHideFilter ">
@FlorianMargaine got a new one for you:
@RUJordan If I've got the energy for it.
Bro, do you even Lisp?
9:45 PM
It's pretty simple when you get the hang of it. User auth serves to get an openid key, so that you do not need to store usernames/passwords in the cookies.
Dat ActionScript Tho
@Shea yea I just was looking for a general overview of how the relationships should work. I don't wanna write a retarded system (that would work probably) then open source it just to get laughed at.
@rlemon you've never coded hammered? O:
(the laughing will probably happen anyways.)
@RUJordan all the time. but not all I do drunk.
@SomeKittens true, sometimes work just kills me
Haha you crack me up @rlemon
youre a funny ass dude
9:48 PM
You'll be alright. Just keep usernames/passwords out of the cookies, and use something longer than the standard 32 char auth token. Or use more than one auth token.
@RUJordan I try... ohh how I try..
That's why Twitter is always getting hit with spam. They use a simple 32 char token, and don't even use browser finger prints.
Ha :P
Theoretically, anyone can just generate a bunch of random md5 hashes, and eventually get a logged in user.
I think before I make another feature in my game, I need to comment and re-organize the code. Maybe make a few functions that handle div html changes so that I don't have to keep remembering to update it
9:53 PM
@rlemon Thtop making fun of me.
!!afk alcoholism beers
@RyanKinal Apricots are people too!
@Shea *SHA-1
Having a thpeech impediment thuckth. Trutht me.
That was perfectly typed out.
9:55 PM
comments are over rated
your code should speak for itself.
My code doesn't even have a mouth, let alone talk.
@KendallFrey i'm sofa king, we taded
@KendallFrey log it as a feature request and send it to the arch team
problem solved
> Let's see... SomeMethod should be refactored for better efficiency uh-huh, Allow user to create custom app themes sure, Code needs a mouth WTF?
I would assume my code is easy to read, it's not that complicated. But as the file gets bigger I want people to know how to track how these functions are being called
10:02 PM
> Find All References
All of my variable names are complete sentences describing what they're for
var thisVariableIsAnIterationCounterForTheWhileLoopImAboutToInstantiate = 0
That's not a sentence
Damnit, you noticed
It's... noun clause? or something
guys, can someone point me to a decent angular.js - intro?
10:04 PM
var flagForWhetherOrNotTypingACompleteSentenceForEachVarIsAWasteOfTime = 1
Be a badass and encrypt each of your variable names.
main {
    background-color: #BADA55;
Be a ninja and name all your variables using only zero-width characters.
e41BFUIE93423dbiuB2fewBBUFI3829FHwj57RIEV = true;
return !flagForWhetherOrNotTypingACompleteSentenceForEachVarIsAWasteOfTime
10:05 PM
@phenomnomnominal "badess"?
@KendallFrey what's a zero width character?
@NinjaEcho find zero width space
The zero-width space (ZWSP) is a non-printing character used in computerized typesetting to indicate word boundaries to text processing systems when using scripts that do not use explicit spacing, or after characters (such as the slash) that are not followed by a visible space but after which there may nevertheless be a line break. Normally, it is not a visible separation, but it may expand in passages that are fully justified. Usage In HTML pages, the zero-width space can be used as a potential line-break in long words as an alternative to the <wbr> tag. However, the zero-width spac...
That would be a challenge
10:09 PM
Little fact: the chat inserts zero-width spaces for text wrapping
What a bitch.
Did I say chat? I meant bot
@FlorianMargaine If you merge patch-1 and patch-2 doesn't have the same changes as patch-1, then merge patch-2, will it overwrite patch-1?
(For PRs)
posted on November 20, 2013 by Victor Rodriguez

In my search for OSGi perfection :-) one of the goals is to make the transition from development time to runtime as seamless as possible, this means no surprises at runtime (avoid NullPointerException, ClassNotFoundException and other Precambrian creatures). This can be materialized as being able to have the same classes available in runtime and devtime, which in this case is accomp

//holy shit we're going raiding.
//same shit as the hunt, just with gold
//cause raiding.
function raid() {
> cause raiding
Q: A way to make input text sizing function more elegant?

Kris HollenbeckSo I have this jQuery function I wrote up to set the size of an input based off of its data. In this case I have already figured out the widths for each character based off of a 12px font size for Helvetica. So not super flexible or anything. But I would like to know if there is any good way to t...

10:15 PM
@Shea it will overwrite if the same line of code is written in both, yes
Ok, so not if all branches effect different files?
@Shea btw, you know what would be a great 1st PR that wouldn't make me hesitate to merge the other PRs? Tests.
$$domain test.com
@Shea The domain test.com is not available
For @BenjaminGruenbaum because <3 (gotta give credit where it's due :D)
    //bad ass element creation function thanks to @BenjaminGruenbaum on SO JS chat
    //you rock bro
    function elm(name,props,style){
10:17 PM
Yeah if they effect different files I don't see why it'd overwrite
@RUJordan BenjaminGruenbaum is afk: meeting
@AndrewJackson domain thisoughttobedfsfsfsfsdf.com
@Shea The domain thisoughttobedfsfsfsfsdf.com is available
@Shea you know what I mean
No, because I'd say I put more time into testing them than making them
10:18 PM
And anyway, make a pinned post and RFC
I mean automated testing
Unit tests, integration tests...
And good night
Goodnight @FlorianMargaine
@FlorianMargaine I'll figure it out. I've always done it the hard way before.
So, I found out that if you're prone to getting shocked by doorknobs, touch it with the back of your hand first instead of grabbing it. Even the the most electrical-sensitive person it doesn't hurt at all.
Why does getting shocked on the finger hurt many times worse than the back of the hand? Is it nerves or something?
@RUJordan More nerves in the fingers
I have to touch doorknobs with the back of my hand. I can't stand electrical shocks after being electrocuted by a pool motor with an exposed wire that got hit by water. Worst pain of my life besides my broken knee
10:35 PM
I got scared real bad once. It was quite shocking
Doesn't electrocution imply death?
^ That's what I thought
It varies by dialect.
10:39 PM
Huh, I didn't know that. I've always heard it as both a cause of death AND just a very bad shock
electrocution = death by electric shock
Oh, yeah, we're all right. "injure or kill someone by electric shock."
electric + execution = electrocution
@BenjaminGruenbaum It's been 20 years. You can't just waltz back into my life like this.
10:40 PM
Regardless, it was a VERY bad shock (pool motors are no joke, especially when you combine the electricity with water)
Amps and stuff
!!google define electrocution
Interesting, OS X's dictionary says it means to injure or kill
10:45 PM
!!electrocute SomeKittens
@monners That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@CapricaSix I guess the electric chair doesn't count as electrocution.
!!define electrocute
@RUJordan electrocuted simple past tense and past participle of electrocute
@RUJordan electrocute (transitive) To cause death from immediate complications resulting from electric shock.
Well these are all conflicting definitions.
10:49 PM
@RUJordan You're all just figments of my imagination anyways
I'm i'm an imagination I've severely misjudged my imaginative life path
No, I misimaginated your imaginative life path.
11:04 PM
Who here has managed asset pipelines with S3 before?
Q: Internet Explorer - various issues with common websites

HighTechGeekWindows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit | Dell Core i5 laptop, 4GB RAM Internet Explorer 10 (upgraded to 11 - problem persists) TROUBLESHOOTING: IE 10 - Advanced/Reset/Delete Personal Settings - problem persists Update to IE 11 - problem persists IE security settings - Reset all Zones to default le...

!!youtube rasin brahm
11:22 PM
aww one of mah fishies died
it's ok, he was food for another fishy
but still.. aww
!!code or netflix or game
@rlemon game
cool, cool cool cool
actually I changed my mind.
!!code and netflix or netflix and code
@rlemon code and netflix
What fish?
Was it a guppy?

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