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12:00 AM
Those guys are so often fodder for the more assertive swimmers
12:17 AM
On average, how many hours would you guys say you spend reading about software development on your own time per week?
12:28 AM
It depends
5-10, depending on how liberally you define 'on your own time'
And what you define as "reading about software development"
12:54 AM
I mean actively learning about concepts beyond your current comfort level
100% of the time.
You know you're on the right career path when you don't know how to do almost any task you're expected to do.
Occasionally I take time out to do the odd bike ride... strava.com/activities/95734156
Bit off suffering is good for the soul
Is there a native jQuery function that does the following?

jQuery.fn.getPrev = function() {
var $el = $(this),
$prev = $el.prev();
return $prev.length ? $prev : $el;
1:11 AM
@fbynite $el.prev(), obviously
!!google jquery prev
@SomeKittens jQuery is not defined.
@monners I haven't done serious biking in a while
@Shea, Thanks for hint, and I did search. prev() will return null if there is not a previous element. If there is no previous element, I just want the current element. Which is what the code does I posted.
1:17 AM
@SomeKittens there's something about being in so much pain it doesn't matter anymore that just sorta takes you to a happy place
Plus standing on the top of a mountain you've just climbed is epic
That explains Mexican food.
Ever heard of Outward Bound?
I've heard of Homeward Bound though
!!wiki Homeward Bound
Homeward Bound may refer to: Film and television * Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, a 1993 American remake of the 1963 film The Incredible Journey * Homeward Bound (1923 film), a film starring Thomas Meighan * Homeward Bound (1980 film), a TV film starring Moosie Drier * Homeward Bound (2002 film), a TV film featuring Devon Gummersall * Homeward Bound (TV series), a 1992 New Zealand series starring Karl Urban * "Homeward Bound" (Private Practice), an episode of Private Practice * Homeward Bound (Australian TV series), 1958 Australian television series Literature * Homeward Boun...
@monners It's one of those survivalist adventure courses.
Yeah, just looked it up
1:21 AM
Summer after 9th grade, I went three weeks on a 30ft boat with 15 people.
My school did stuff like that. Sounds unpleasant
@fbynite I don't think it has it, you'll just have to look in the docs.
@monners Some parts were incredibly unpleasant, some were absolute top-of-the-mountain moments and all were lifechanging
@rlemon now I am
got a new truck today woot woot
aand I forget what I was going to say
1:47 AM
Q: jQuery: Refreshing an element

shmuliI'm using this accordion-like script: jQuery(document).ready(function () { jQuery(".content").hide(); jQuery(".heading").click(function () { jQuery(this).next(".content").slideToggle(500) }); }); But then I add this line in order to reload the element after the content div...

I'm having a bit of trouble with this...
Noone's in the jQuery room...
wonderin' if any of you might be able to help on this...
@shmuli Create a JSFiddle example
i'll be right back in 2 then...
Q: Running grunt on dependencies

ParrisI have 3 projects all using grunt. Project a depends on project c and b Project b depends on project c Project c depends on nothing Project a and b both require a step that compiles project c (which is a style repo that contains global styles for our org). I am attempting to run grunt post i...

A: jQuery: Refreshing an element

SomeKittensYou've got a syntax error here: document.getElementsByClassName(transition current).reload(); getElementsByClassName expects a string to be passed (not to mention that the above isn't syntactically correct even if it did expect two arguments). You're trying to pass two variables (which you ha...

@SomeKittens: here's the jsfiddle before refreshing the page...
2:02 AM
See my answer.
wrong fiddle..
here it is... jsfiddle.net/8uPGJ/1
@SomeKittens: checking the update...
Still has the problems I mentioned in my answer.
I see
so i guess what I'm looking for is the jquery way to refresh an element...
by the name of the class...
that's what i was attempting...
What do you mean 'refresh an element'
i have a single page html site
2:10 AM
You talking about targeting elements that have been added dynamically?
and i'm using the isotope jquery plugin
so basically, it builds data onto the page dynamically...
so i need to resize the page to fit the elements...
so i want to refresh the links associated with these posts...
that would refresh the page and set it to the appropriate size using the isotope plugin
did that make sense?
so in simple pseudocode, i want to...
1. display the entire block of text on the page...
2. hide the "content" div...
3. display it on click...
4. refresh one particular element (so that the page can be resized to fit the open or closed accordions)...
The page should resize automatically
it doesn't
@SomeKittens: so i want to resize it by refreshing the category...
here's a demo of the plugin to give you an idea...
@SomeKittens: basically, after the accordion script, i want to refresh the current menu item...
On the demo, the page resizes automatically
Part of our API isn't ready, so I'm making requests to a .txt file :(
2:25 AM
@SomeKittens: yeah - that's built into their plugin...
No, that's how web browsers work
@SomeKittens: that's why i want to refresh the element...
@SomeKittens: so that i can still get that functionality from their plugin...
@SomeKittens: you're saying that's how web-browsers work.. but i haven't been able to do this otherwise... why would that be?
@SomeKittens: oh, let me clarify... i want the div to expand with the content...
@SomeKittens: I'm using a div as a border...
@SomeKittens @SomeKittens @SomeKittens
blissfully ignores help vamps
2:31 AM
@SomeKittens Just like they ignore your advice, amiright?
don't think so
!!welcome shmuli
@shmuli Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
!!tell Shea innotspeakingtohim
@Shea Shea says he's not speaking to you
2:36 AM
@SomeKittens: Reading your blog... you're a great writter...
reminds me of writings from ed weissman
a guy who hangs out on hacker news...
aka edw519
3:01 AM
hi all, I have develop online html game with simple javascript.
i wanna check the other players move and i am doing it with time interval
is there any other way to do it efficiently
3:16 AM
@ManishMahajan requestAnimationFrame
@SomeKittens You have a blog?
I don't update it anymore
@SomeKittens You're lazy?
Will attempt to start writing on a regular basis in 2014
No, started working on my startup, ate a lot of time
@SomeKittens Should I keep pinging you until you do?
3:26 AM
Starting in 2014
is anyone try work though freelancer?
@jesse I've worked as a freelancer
feeling good?
I want to have a try
I hated it. Got burnt by a client pretty bad
3:28 AM
I've never worked fully as a freelancer, though I am working as a contractor now (but will be hired full-time in Jan)
^-^ the payment is little.
Also am technically a contractor for the bootcamp I teach at
At least as a contractor you're dealing with businesses (typically)
Yeah. Never contract for individuals
3:31 AM
I had a client break contract and leave me in a really tough spot financially because I refused to travel to her events and take photographs (not in contract) and write her content for her (also not in contract). Exit clause penalty? "I'll see you in small claims court"
The word bitch springs to mind
also 'absorbent'
So yeah, @jesse pick your clients carfully and make sure you have a contract that'll crush a violating party with minimal legal expense
yeah, I will be careful, and I prepared adequately
3:37 AM
@SomeKittens I saw that dude speak a little while ago, he strikes me as a bit of an asshole
He makes really valid points, but just in a douchey way
Designers face the same problem lawyers do to an extent. The process often isn't tangible to the client, just the result.
So they're like "You drew a circle, I ain't payin' you nothin'"
Q: Real time HTML tester

kyle kHere is a simple webpage that I wrote to test HTML code in real time as typed, The page is very simple and does not contain many features, I wan't to know if I should add extra features to it or if I should keep the page simple and easy to use? What will provide the best user experience? <!DOCTY...

@phenomnomnominal Not really related, but somewhat: True anonymity technically only exists at Starbucks (a public network)
Doubt it, you think they're not tracking MAC addresses?
MAC addresses can be spoofed
3:50 AM
Not mine. I'm not important enough to track, and not boring enough to stand out as an anomaly interesting enough to warrant tracking (which basically means I watch just the right amount of porn to stay off the Gov's radar)
I'm just saying we're dumb to think we're anonymous
^ I agree
You think the government tracks people that don't watch porn?
UA strings are almost always unique
They don't even need that
3:53 AM
No, but they have a lot of options
When you go to a website, you might have hoped on 10 or so different nodes in between. This creates a trail of foot prints
Breadcrumbs if you will
Go to a proxy? It wouldn't be hard to watch the foot prints leading up to the proxy, do a little math, and get a good idea of which one was you leading out from the proxy.
@KendallFrey 0 rows returned
@Shea Nark!
3:56 AM
@Shea Except if the traffic to the proxy is encrypted
@SomeKittens What about Helen Keller?
And you're a sick bastard if you think she watched porn.
@copy That only helps to protect other people from reading what you're sending. That encrypted data still has to have an address, which means it still leaves a foot print.
When I talk to my teacher I say Mr. Doe for instance, what is that called? The Mr. Doe ?
@BrandonGelfand His name
No, I know that
4:04 AM
Is it his title?
I can't remember...
I would call Mr. the title and Doe the surname.
Ok, thats what I was thinking
4:29 AM
@SomeKittens: just went through recoding... every post... Great stuff!
4:41 AM
can someone help me on this
Q: organizing an angularjs app that uses ng-boilerplate

loveshI have an app that requires user to register, log-in and once logged in he can view any content. I am using ng-boilerplate for my app. The hierarchy of my app is like this src ---app ---section1 ---section1.tpl ---module1.js ---section2 ---section2.tpl ---module2.js --...

@SomeKittens This isn't a bad idea, but I don't want to work on this, or I'm going to end up writing this entire block, because it's so dirty.
Object.keys( demAFKs ).forEach(function afkCheckAndRespond ( name ) {
	var pinged = new RegExp( RegExp.escape('@' + name) + '\\b', 'i' );
Why would it loop through the entire demAFKs object, when we can just just find all words starting with @, and loop through a much smaller list, checking to see if they're set?
I didn't write it.
I know, just saying. Wth....
I guess it's fine though, it's not like we'll ever have 1,000 users AFK at one time
So if there's 100 users AFK right now, I just made it create 100 new RegExp objects, just by typing @someoneyoullneverfindonthelist
4:53 AM
Q: Facebook like button renders beyond screen canvas

Lucas BI'm having a issue with Facebook Like Button. When I click Like, the iframe is being rendered outside of the screen size, see by yourself: Before clicking Like After clicking Like I use the default like button code, provided by Facebook <div class="fb-like" data-href="https://facebook.com...

5:20 AM
If i have a domain name pointing to google APP. then I wanna use a custom domain in github page. Is that possible?
5:41 AM
Does anyone have some ideas on traversing a kd-tree?
@VSH specify your issue?
!!tell vsh wiki kd tree
I'm mostly looking for ways to speed up the search. Ideas mostly.
!!/summon 19132
Perhaps people have some ideas on recursion with respect to keeping track of nearest points along a search path.
@JanDvorak :( :(
5:46 AM
@VSH Use cloud services.
The basic structure I'm using looks something like this. Perhaps there are better recursive structures? Nearest(point, node) {if... else if ... else...}
Mostly I'm looking for some ideas that help visualize what is going on inside a recursive search function.
The BOT is not working :( :(
@SomeKittens What happened to Cap 6?
Is she grounded?
Was she naughty?
Ask @rlemon
Nah, @rlemon is always such a sourpuss
See what I did there?
5:54 AM
Thanks for helping to think about this. :)
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Oops, what's fuckable still doing in there?
Should prolly ditch that command after findcommand
Server error (status 500) occured (message probably too long)
6:01 AM
@monners If you try to kill -9 Chuck Norris's programs, it backfires.
I don't get it
Home time. Out.
6:14 AM
Javascript does have some nice ways of doing recursive calls using callback functions.
Q: Trying to customize wordpress drop down categories

clestcruzI'm having some problems on how to display the categories that i want in wp_dropdown_categories. Here is an image of the drop down - http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh140/testament1234/customizeddropdown_zps8d2fe3c7.png Here is the code for the dropdown - HTML: <?php wp_dropdown_categor...

wtf chrome ?
@AbhishekHingnikar Hai, GM
@AbhishekHingnikar What's the problem?
6:18 AM
@Shea can't u see the font clarity ?
Also, where's your pron tabs?
@AbhishekHingnikar Which version of IE?
Yeah, IE is a bit sharper
@AbhishekHingnikar Inbox 1.6K???
@JanDvorak i never read em
6:20 AM
That's just the anti-alias. It's a little different in all browsers
Its the spam account
@Shea my ass chrome is making my eyes bleed
@AbhishekHingnikar so why do you keep it open?
the crispiness of graphics is gone
its sclaing up and down
@JanDvorak was checking for mails by MicroDicks
IE is usually correct in some ways. However, its most likely an issue with the code style.
@VSH IE uses viewports in human units ( on any 15" monitor the sizing will be same for Microsoft websites )
Chrome Uses resolution :P
6:25 AM
Take error/warning seriously in chrome/firefox.
@AbhishekHingnikar IE version?
!!/summon 19132
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@TheLittleNaruto Registered; need 0 more to execute
6:27 AM
@CJRamki 11
@AndrewJackson die
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@JanDvorak there ? my command is not working at all. :(
!!/summon 19132
thank you shea
6:29 AM
imgur.com/gallery/tNM52 // Read past the first half-dozen
My attempt to use IE11 lasted about five minutes. That's about the time needed to find out it doesn't have an adblock addon, nor a userscript addon, nor native userscript support.
> Is it bad I was laughing at the original pictures before it even got to the satirical ones?
Good question
@Shea yeah, probably
Come on though, that KKK one was funny
6:37 AM
My favorite was dynamite-man
@Shea :-)
@AndrewJackson live
@Shea And on this day, you shall paint eggs for a giant bunny.
@AndrewJackson learn summonCapToSandbox "<>!!summon 1"
@Shea Command summoncaptosandbox learned
6:44 AM
@AndrewJackson summonCapToSandbox
!!summon 1
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@CapricaSix That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
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6:45 AM
!!summon 1
hyy all
@AndrewJackson invocation $$
@CapricaSix I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Caprica Six
7:04 AM
@AndrewJackson invocation hey stupid bot
@Shea Invocation pattern changed to hey stupid bot
hey stupid bot listcommands
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@AndrewJackson invocation
@SomeKittens Invocation pattern changed to ``
@SomeKittens Invocation pattern changed to ``
7:07 AM
@JanDvorak Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
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use : [
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,	779092	//Shea
,	829835	//rlemon
,	851498	//Florian Margaine
,	1216976	//SomeKittens
I've got a full digit above everyone else
7:08 AM
!!user 1000000
@SomeKittens not really a win
In fact, I'm the oldest one here
If you Google "winning", the first result is to a dictionary, and the rest are Charlie Sheen
I'm a relatively recent addition to the world of coding.
7:11 AM
@CapricaSix That guy should get a prize
!!google winning
...why am I helping vamps
I've lost control of my life.
@SomeKittens because you love the preciousss rep?
7:24 AM
I'm not getting any upvotes.
these are terrible answers. I need to do something interesting.
anyone have beer?
Then because you love the feeling of satisfaction of others?
@Shea Can't find user Shmiddty in this chatroom.
Hello people. Remember this question of yesterday ?
Q: In node.js, How do you check whether a given string of code is syntactically correct in the most lightweight way?

SkepticalImagine that I accept a piece of code from a user and want to just check whether the given string is a valid JS or not? Just from the syntax perspective. function checkCode(x){ // Logic } // returns a boolean, whether 'x' is syntactically right or wrong. I don't want solutions with eval, sinc...

,	1216976	//SomeKittens
,	1585400	//Shmiddty
@SomeKittens If it makes you feel better
7:34 AM
@Esailija made a good answer yesterday but I just made a new one. Do you think there's a danger in mine ?
@dystroy Nice answer
@Shea I'm still wondering if there's a case where it might be dangerous but I don't find any one (I'm "pre-coffee right now though).
@dystroy If mismatched parentheses don't break out of the constructor (they shouldn't, but you never know IE), then it should be safe. The function never gets executed.
Should be fine, because it's supposed to run server side on Node
7:45 AM
!!> a +
@SomeKittens "SyntaxError: syntax error"
SyntaxError: Unexpected token }
@SomeKittens Is that unexpected ?
@dystroy Yeah, it says right there: "Unexpected token"
@SomeKittens Yeah, I noticed that too... Is that a bug, or a potential security flaw?
7:46 AM
Seriously though, I'm surprised the token that's unexpected is end bracket.
@Shea Nope, that's JS itself, run it in your console.
!!>function blah () { a + }
@Shea "SyntaxError: function statement requires a name"
@SomeKittens "Unexpected token }" simply means "unexpected end of function body" here
@Shea "SyntaxError: syntax error"
Ah, that explains it
Unconventional though.
7:48 AM
@CapricaSix "SyntaxError: syntax error" isn't helpful...
Reproduce SyntaxError: Unexpected token }, and you may find your security flaw
!!> new Function("}")
@JanDvorak "SyntaxError: syntax error"
@Shea Oh that does give SyntaxError: Unexpected token } in Chrome
@CapricaSix That's just FF not being helpful
@dystroy I would have to look at the inner workings of V8, but let's remember that Chrome and Node are on the same engine
@Shea I know. But I still don't see any security (or even performance) flaw. And I'm now past second coffee.
7:56 AM
i have no clue how to fix 8.1 blurry text
Theoretically, one with a lot of knowledge on it may be able to escape it with Unicode, but then does the code run once it's escaped?
maybe a nvidia update will be helpful
@Shea I don't see what you mean. Apart if there's a zero byte bug in V8 (and I don't think so even if I saw one in alert in chrome).

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